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Selling My Collection.
« on: May 12, 2017, 01:48:11 PM »
Hi All,

To sum it up:

Enlistment + loss of interest = selling my collection to get whatever money I poured into the game back.

Only listing cards rare and above and premiums of all rarity. Scroll to bottom for premiums. Too many uncommons/commons to list here.

Selling in bulk only.

$50 for all premiums, $100 for all rares and above, $125 for the entire collection (including unlisted uncommons/commons).

Payment by Paypal or Steam Wallet. If you are interested, reply via this forum or PM me through this account or my steam account (Firewind555)

Here's what I have to offer:

(note: no number means only 1 copy)


Defiant Hermit

Agent Coyle Hellbringer

Agent Coyle Mechborn

Gao Han the Stalwart


Agent Coyle DivineDemonic

Die Another Day


Karckk x2

Prophet Karani

Stampede x2

Agent Coyle, Assimilator

Mecha Dragon

Ultra Unit


Subjugated Dragon

Vasir the Chained Prince

Dark Wish


Vis the Furious x2


Avatar of Daode

Avatar of Lingbao

Ju-Lin Who Rewrites History

Patient Zero

Avarrach Has Risen x2

The Virus of Avarrach

Corrupted Celestial Dragon

Hungry Abomination

Nysrugh the Insatiable

Tygrugh the Insane

Azael x2


Enyah of the Endless Possibilities x3


Aleta Immortal Caretaker

Aleta Immortal Survivor

Aunissal x2

Caretaker of the Swarm

Force Against the Law x3

Granthar The Elder Ape x3

Matriarch x2

Shockwave Giant x3


Spawn, Fierce Companion x2

Subdues the Meek

Untapped Wilderness

Ancient Egg x3

Aleta Immortal Searcher x2

Cottontail VX1600


Orion, Master Architect

Orion, Master Engineer x2

Taiga, Comabt Reconstructor x3

Unstable Bomb Bot


Lanstead x2

Disruption Sphere

Omnimind x5

Aleta Immortal Sorceress x3

Apparition x4

Demon of Dark Bargain

Demon of Fear

Grotesque Brute x2

Rita, Mistress of Shadow

Rita, Shadow Priestess x2

Annihilate x4

Dark Vision x2

Death Blast x4

Hellmouth x2

Misery Stone

Summoning Stone x3

Ritual of Summoning x3

Struggle for Power x2

Cavalry Paladin x2



Kali, Ascended

Kali the Flaming Blade

Kali the Purifier x4

Mark 1 Battle Tank x2

Paladin of the Flame Dawn

Pras the Traitor of Dawn x3

Protector of Dawn x2

Terror MOOSE X3

Tulio the Duelist x2

Fiery Wish x2

Aberion's Banner x2

Brimstone x3

Bromich's Banner

Daode Sage of Wisdom

Eagle Eye x2

Gao Han the Stalwart x2

Lingbao, Sage of Wisdom

The Impervious x4

Yuanshi Sage of Ferocity x4

Great Wall of Jinhai x2

Great Fortress of Xia Han x2

Shifting Stone x2

Cyber Infested Dragon x3

Hehkeem the Corrupted

Recurring Nightmare

Super Infectious Zombie x3

Rampant Virus

Kyralic, Origin of the Virus

Decrepit Crystal

Engine of Reincarnation x3

Tome of the Dead x2

Cresil the Mad

Devil of Despair

Ixxi the Annoying x4



Descension x4

Demon Wastes x4

Chalice of Madness

Crystal of Madness

Cassia the Selfless x3

Ex the Oppressor x5

Gabrielle The Torch in the Dark x4

Irial, Champion of Resolve

Jubalia the Valiant x3

Lilariah Champion of Grace x3

Melosia Champion of Despair

Heavenly Wish x4

Precautionary Measures x2

Purge the Unworthy


Cheryl the Forward Scout

Jubalia the Messenger

Radariah the Untouchable

Shirazius the Cruel

Swarmer Broodlord

Varyus Master of Choice x2

Zuza, Angelic Siren x2

Deflect x2


Premiums are in addition to the cards listed above. Eg. I have 2 Oblivions, 1 regular, 1 gold.

Alt Art

Martyr Golem

The Calamity



Enyah of the Endless Possiblities

Caretaker of the Swarm

Cyber Infested Dragon

Genesis Battlesuit

Fortress Golem

Spirit Guard

Jinhai Ambush


Inevitable Dead

Zombie Scavenger


Ritual of Summoning

Fiery Wish

Lingbao Sage of Wisdom

Great Fortress of Xia Han

Chalice of Madness

Radariah the Untouchable


Aleta's Discovery

Beast of Burden

Morningstar Accelerator

Echo of the Battlefield

Invincible Defender


Spirit Armor

Alpha Demon
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