Author Topic: Small Collection for Sale, Great Pickup!  (Read 605 times)

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Small Collection for Sale, Great Pickup!
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:13:18 PM »
Hello everyone, I have a small collection of unlocked cards I am looking to sell. Notable includes are

3x Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter Base
2x Agent Coyle, Firestarter Base

2x Hunted Dragon Base
3x Prophest Karani Base
1x Demon of Gluttony Base
2x Subjugated Dragon Base
2x Vasir the Chained Prince Base
7x Dark Wish Base
1x The Calamity Base

5x Demon of Fear Base
10x Annihilate Base
6x Mass Death Base
3x Summoning Stone Base
2x Paladin of the Flame Dawn Base

A multitude of Uncommon and Commons great for trade fodder.

I would consider this a great pickup and similar in value to a DLC bundle that is listed on the Steam Store Page. As such I would like an offer somewhere in the 20$-40$ dollar range. Steam Wallet Gift card or PayPal Friends and Family donation would work as form of payment.

Please feel free to contact me via message or reply on the forum, Thanks for taking a look and have a great day!