Author Topic: Selling my collection or just cards  (Read 756 times)

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Selling my collection or just cards
« on: July 12, 2017, 03:52:25 PM »
 Hello everyone selling my whole collection or some cards. Here is what I have got left now:
3 AC primal
6 Hermits
1 Foil Tygris
1 Agent Coyle Soulseller
1 Aberion
2 AC Firestarter
6 Klores(2 Platinum)
4 AC Immovable (2 Platinum)
6 Liand (2 Platinum)
2 Ac Zomborg (1 Platinum)
1 AC Hellbringer( Platinum)
3 Hinekri
10 Yagron(6 Platinum)
1 AC Ascended
5 AC divinedemonic( 2 PLatinum)
11 Sols(1 Platinum)
5 Die Another day(3 Platinum,1 Foil,1 Gold)
5 AC Alpha One( 1 Platinum)
7 Martyr golem

Some Epics/Rare highlights:
Gold Hunted dragon
Titan of the new world( 1 Foil and 1 plat)
Gold Stampede
AC Assimilator Gold/Plat
Omnitron(1gold and 1 plat)
PlatFoil Voracious Goliath
19 Dark Wishes
Foil oblivion
Foil Ireul
Foil Nix
GoldFoil Vis
Foil Last Sleeper
Gold Virus of Avarache
Gold AC Symbiote
Gold Nysrugh
Foil Tygrugh
Gold Equilibrium
GoldFoil Worf
Foil Enyah
Platinum Silfurster
Platinum normal Art Calamity
Gold Aleta Tinkerer
Gold Aleta caretaker
Foil Rita shadow priiestess
Foil normal art mass death
Alternate Art Mass Death (1 Foil/1 normal)
Foil Lingbao, sage of discipline
Gold yuanshi, sage of ferocity
Aleta immortal sufferer(1gold/1 plat)
Gold Great Wall of Jinhai
Foil Varyus

Taking Offers on cards :)

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Re: Selling my collection or just cards
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2017, 03:56:33 PM »