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Updated Official Trading Tier List
« on: March 20, 2017, 02:21:53 PM »
Hey everyone!

I have created a new and updated official trading tier list, updated from the original post found here. Just a quick disclaimer, this list is mainly based on my vast experience as a trader as well as the input and validation of several other big name players. This list, along with any trading guide in an open market economy like IW, should be taken with a grain of salt. Players, particularly those new to the game, should use this list as a way to verify card values and avoid getting scammed but in the end all that matters is that both parties are happy with a trade. A special thank you to NTL, Dogeee, ES, Newport5000, and Drewmb10 for their feedback and help with verifying this list.


Special Case
Martyr Golem *****

Martyr Golem is of especially high value because he is a factionless legendary that is used in multiples in many different decks.

Top Tier:
Agent Coyle, Immovable    *****
Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter *****
Marina The Selfless *****  (Recently changed, could go down to mid tier)
Klore, the Rapier Centurion ****
Sol, Angel of Vengeance   ***
Martyr of Life ***
The Defiant Hermit ***
Agent Coyle, Soulseller **

Middle Tier:
Yagron *****
Agent Coyle, Mechborn *****
Agent Coyle, Ascended ****
Agent Coyle, Zomborg ***
Agent Coyle, Divinedemonic ***
Agent Coyle, Alpha One ***
Die Another Day **
Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter **
Xi, Martyr of Peace **
Martyr of Death *
Gao Han, Champion of Warding *
Vasir, The Demon Prince    *

Low Tier:
Aberion, Champion of Force *****
Agent Coyle, Hellbringer *****
Liand, The Fearless ****
Martyr of Chaos ***
Tygris, the Architect ***
Princess Hinekri ***
Agent Coyle, Firestarter *

Top Tier:
The Calamity *****
The Last Sleeper ****
Dragon of Autumn Wind ****
Malignant ***
Dark Wish ***
Undeath Wish ***
Oblivion **
Omnitron **
Daclerius, The Law **
Avatar of Lingbao *
Nix, the Justiciar of Dawn *

Middle Tier:
Syn, The Hope of Dawn ****
Prophet Karani ****
Hungry Abomination ****
Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote ***
Tygrugh, the Insane ***
Mega Unit 02 ***
Enyah, of the Endless Possibilities ***
Hidden by Clouds ***
Azael (Currently Purchasable Deck) ***
Avatar of Daode ***
Avatar of Yuanshi ***
Stampede ***
No More Heroes **
Flux Capacitor **
Titan of the New World **
Zombie Abomination **
Karckk **
Regicide **
Call the Warpath **
The Humans are Dead **
Equilibrium *
Surprise Defense *
Hunted Dragon *
Agent Coyle, Assimilator *
Voracious Goliath *
Corrupted Celestial Dragon *

Low Tier:
Subjugated Dragon ****
Peaceful Garden ***
Grimmish, The Persuader ***
Celestial Dragon ***
Shrine to the Heavens **
The Strength of Unity **
Demon of Gluttony **
Patient Zero **
Mega Unit 01 **
Vasir, Chained Prince **
Hilderic, the Fist of Dawn **
Ju-Lin, Who Rewrites History **
Mega Unit 03 **
Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom **
Avarrach has Risen **
Nysrugh, the Hungry *
Dragon of Summer Flame *
Ultra-Unit *
The Dragon Project *
Aberion, the Hammer of Dawn *
Bloodbath *
Ireul, Vanguard of Ruin (Previously Purchasable Deck) *
The Virus of Avarrach *
Vis, the Furious *
Nysrugh, the Insatiable *
Ruins of Veroria *
Silfurstar, the Fallen Crusader *
Mecha Dragon *

Special Cases
Paladin of the Flame Dawn *****
Tome of the Dead ****
Mass Death ****
Annihilate ***
Descension ***
Heavenly Wish ***
Humble ***

The above rares are all especially valuable and are a level above top tier. What separates these from regular rares is how essential they are to their purities. If you have the purities to run the above cards you will almost always want 3 copies in your deck. Because they are such essential staples, they trade for much more than other rares. It's not uncommon to trade 2 regular rares for one of the above cards. As an additional note, stockpiling these cards is a fantastic way to grow your collection. Personally I have about 10-20 of each of the above cards, and still continue to trade for more whenever I can.

Top Tier:
Summoning Stone ****
Hehkeem, the Corrupted ****
Taiga, Combat Reconstructor ****
Skraar (Previously Purchasable Deck) ***
Rita, Mistress of Shadow ***
Unstable Bomb-Bot ***
Lucca, Rebellion Leader ***
Omnimind ***
Demon of Dark Bargain **
Aleta, Immortal Sufferer **
Cassial, the Selfless **
Death Blast **
The Impervious **
Ixxi, The Annoying *
Logrithmatron *
Emberstarter *
Calvary Paladin *
Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity *

Middle Tier:
Lilariah ***
Gao Han, the Stalwart ***
Counting The Days ***
Disruption Sphere ***
Tyra, the Burden of War ***
Aunissial ***
Angelify ***
Cresill, the Mad ***
Lingbao, Sage of Discipline ***
Lanstead **
Dehumanize **
Granthar, the Elder Ape **
Alearem, The Fate Twister **
Matriarch **
Mechanism **
Apparition **
Kali, the Flaming Blade **
Kali, the Purifier **
Nature’s Wish **
Jinhai Dojo **
Melosia, Champion of Dispair **
Bromich, Field Commander **
Eagle-Eye **
Dark Vision **
Tulio, The Duelyst *
Bromich's Banner *
Struggle for Power *
Kali, Ascended *
Devil of Despair *
Deflect *
Protector of the Dawn *
Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot *
Lilariah, The Rebel *
Ritual of Summoning *
Zuza, Angelic Siren *
Proctul, the Sniper *
Tactical Retreat *
Orion's Grave *
Heaven's Bell *

Low tier:
Great Wall Of Jinhai ****
Terror Moose ***
Jialan, Guardian of Life ***
Recurring Nightmare ***
Decrepit Crystal ***
Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus ***
Untapped Wilderness ***
Sinister Corruption ***
Shifting Stone ***
Aleta, Immortal Sorceress **
Jubalia, the Valiant **
Subdues the Meek **
Shield Generator **
Aleta, The Immortal Traveler **
Decimator **
Fiery Wish **
Cottontail VX 1600 **
Ex, the Oppressor **
Ancient Aether **
Cyber Infested Dragon **
Pyr, Fortress of the Flame Dawn **
Phalanx Commander **
Super Infectious Zombie **
Aleta, Immortal Searcher *
Aleta, Immortal Survivor *
Demon of Fear *
Varyus, Master of Choice *
Aberion's Banner *
Precautionary Measures *
Shockwave Giant *
Misery Stone *
Gabrielle, The Torch in The Dark *
Swarmer Broodlord *
Daode, Sage of Strength *
Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer *
Aleta, Immortal Caretaker *
Timestopper *
Dragon Collar *
Quest for Balance *
Purge the Unworthy *
The Great Fortress of Xia Han *
Volitile Genome *
Xac *
Caretaker of the Swarm *
Force Against the Law *
Spawn, Fierce Companion *
Ancient Egg *
Brimstone *
Chalice Of Madness *
Cheryl, The Forward Scout *
Crystal of Madness *
Engine Of Reincarnation *
Grotesque Brute *
Irial *
Jubalia, the Messenger *
Junkyard *
Mark I Brimstone Battle Tank *
Never Forget the Fallen *
Orion, Master Architect *
Orion, Master Engineer *
Pras, The Traitor of Dawn *
Radariah, The Untouchable *
Raise Dead *
Rampant Virus *
Rita, Shadow Priestess *
Shikana, Who Demands Tribute *
Shirazius The Cruel *
Sydern *
The Demon Wastes *
The Hellmouth *
Undisturbed Necropolis *

Uncommons worth noticing
These are almost as asked for as some rares, sometimes more than low tier rares. They are also especially valuable as golds.

Spirit of the Ancient Guardians
Xi, Ascended
Yuanshi's Wrath
Tibat, The Mad Monk
Controlled Temporal Anomaly
Scouting Mission
Splitter Robot
Eucalyptus Tree
Helix Worm
Intimidating Rally
Sacullas, the Final Hammer
Guns of Goliath
Higher Calling
Lucca, Ascended
Mysterious Box of Wonder
Blood Arrow
Chain Lightning
Overcharged Storm
Evolving Parasite
Infested Abomination
Infected Devil
Uncontrolled Rift

Common(s) worth noticing

Survival Swarmer

Change Log:
4/7/17 - Added a note to marina because she was recently changed, Martyr of Death moved down to mid * from mid **.
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Re: Updated Official Trading Tier List
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 02:48:27 PM »
Is firestarter really still that bad? I feel he's at least more useful than Liand, he can clear a bunch of defenders. 7 damage a turn isnt something many things can survive for long.

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Re: Updated Official Trading Tier List
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2017, 03:01:15 PM »
This list looks pretty solid to me. Thank you for putting this together:)

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Re: Updated Official Trading Tier List
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2017, 03:33:15 PM »
Is firestarter really still that bad? I feel he's at least more useful than Liand, he can clear a bunch of defenders. 7 damage a turn isnt something many things can survive for long.

It's not so much that he's bad (because he's really not), but more so the fact that so many copies exist out there and most people don't really need to trade for him.

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Re: Updated Official Trading Tier List
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2017, 07:21:20 PM »
Been away a lot of time from trading, but i think Martyr of life should be higher, propably *****. Dark Wish 2nd best epic (after Calamity), Klore +1*, Sol +1*, Divine Demonic top tier with ***, Soulseller on top of the middle tier, Alpha too. I can see Martyr of Chaos in middle tier,
I would put at least +1* to Undeath WIsh, Oblivion, Omnitron, Avatar of lingbao. Nyx can go on top of the middle tier, i think Tygrugh deserves more, top tier or at least on top of the middle tier. I would put No more heroes, the humans are dead and voracious golath on bottom tier.
Hehkeem might deserve to be special case rare. I think devil of despair, cresil deserve top tier, Eagle-Eye higher in middle tier, Zuza, Proctul slighly higher, last time i checked, mechanism was turned to an uncommon. Raise Dead definitely middle tier, come on you can trade that card for almost any rare, tinkerer, daode, caretaker, super infestious zombie, sinister corruption, untapped wilderness, kyrallic, "new" rita at least middle tier, give more * to demon of fear, -1* to aunissial,

Remove Kung Ji and Kidnapper from uncommons and add CTA, Eucalyptus Tree, Splitter Lite, Mad Monk, Spirit of the Ancient Guardians, Fear, Infested Abomination, Harbringer of Law, Mysterious Box of Wonder.

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Re: Updated Official Trading Tier List
« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2017, 04:40:20 PM »
Updated to include an expanded list of noteworthy uncommons. Thank you again to NTL for helping me with this.