Author Topic: Selling some cards! (Updateded 4/2/2017)  (Read 764 times)

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Selling some cards! (Updateded 4/2/2017)
« on: March 28, 2017, 01:59:42 PM »
Well, hello i curently selling this cards, the price is negocitaed, awaiting offers.
Cards i have now:

Alternate Alt Cards: Negociating the prices
1xMartyr Golem Alternate Art
1xGold Champions Herald Alternate Art
3xChampions Herald Alternate Art
1xThe Calamity Alternate Art
1xPlatinum Lilariah, The Rebel Alternate Art

1xLuca Ascended
1xRazhiel The Solitary

Gold Cards
1xTitan Of The World
1xXi Ascended
1xStriker Of Solace
1xDiseased Zombie
2xSleeper of Avarach
1xInfectious Zombie

1x Strikes when stuck
1x Swift hunter
1x They Who rampage
1x Infested Scanager
1x Decimator
1x Duke rushignton The Third
1x Monk of the second moon
1x The Imprevious
1x Resolve of the dragon
1x Wealthy noble

And tons of normals for few cents

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