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Martyr of Death
« on: November 16, 2016, 06:11:38 AM »
I've seen this card reviewed as a worse calamity.  Is that really the case?  It has pros and cons when compared to calam;

- Kills characters, so does morale damage and doesn't trigger remove from the game effects.
- Saves you 10 mana (no 9 mana ramp and 1 mana cheaper to play)
- Can be used as a character if calam effect not needed (not efficient mana-wise but more versatile still)
- Waste only 1 turn doing nothing instead of 2

- Kills characters, triggering death effects and cards go to the graveyard

What are you thoughts on this card?  Have you tried it out? Any other pros/cons I missed?
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Re: Martyr of Death
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2016, 06:20:47 AM »
If we are comparing directly to Calamity there are a lot of other things that you didn't mention. Calamity hits one turn earlier, for starters. (9 resource up, play calamity the following turn, Martyr gets dropped turn 10, cannot detonate until turn 11). You almost always need to detonate Martyr WITH priority - meaning the opponent can do things like play Call the Crusade or Scouting Mission the turn you detonate it. Playing it off priority means it can more easily be canceled, say by Word of Command + Death Ray, Humble, Timely Strike, Evict, etc.

Even if you can land the Martyr with no issues it can still be CTA'd, Kidnapped, things like Resolute Initiative can be played, etc, which makes the AoE detonation a very unreliable form of board wipe. The only benefit of Martyr that is reasonable for most games is it triggers morale loss, which, while relevant, can often be triggered in other simpler ways. (Say, Mass Death, Yuanshi's Wrath, Desolation, etc.) On turn 10 if you are playing a board wipe, more often than not, you will lose, or be critically close to losing, if the board wipe should fail. Martyr has a huge element of unnecessary risk associated with it that simply is not present with Calamity.

All in all I believe Calamity is a better general purpose card that fills the same niche as Martyr of Death. Even in the decks that would want to run Martyr, I believe they would also still prioritize Calamity over it, and there is not enough room in a well built deck to have both of them filling the same role simultaneously.

tldr; Calamity is better.

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Re: Martyr of Death
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2016, 01:24:39 PM »
Well, i would add to PROS:
-Can be put into command
-Can be comboed with Awaken or Dark Wish to be in play much earlier (up to turn 3 if you take it to the extreme)
-Can be comboed with your own on death effects (Lingbaos will, Ritual), Hellmouth or prayer to the dragon (and more) the turn you sac him.
-Cannot be prevented by Counterspells

-Can't be searched in your deck with dark vision
-Needs a 2CoV purity while calamity is factionless
-Can't get rid of certain characters (paladins, avatars, 2 life characters and so on)
-Can be dealt with by cards like box, cta and so on.

I can see why people compare martyr to calamity with the board wipe character and the similar costs, but i feel that the comparison to oblivion would be a bit more fitting.