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Wizard Post Number 7
« on: October 12, 2016, 01:47:25 AM »
Hey guys, girls, others, denizens of the internet and random purveyors of the IW forums. I bring to you, today, a Wizard Post to amaze and astonish even the most cynical and jaded amongst you. The announcement that I will make today (more on this below) will change the way you see the world, and indeed, perhaps, the way the world sees you as well. Do not lightly tread, here, amongst the footprints of giants, for the paths are dark and treacherous and will seek to lead you astray. For you, though, noble traveler, who dares to journey where even the gods fear to go, rejoice, because today you will find within these words a map that will lead you to destinations hitherto undreamt of.

The Wizard's Grand Announcement!

For those who read the warnings of the previous paragraph and chose to dismiss them out of hand, let me say again the truths I am about to impart are not to be taken lightly. Do not shrug this off as some mad fancy of a foolish charlatan, but consider well the note of caution in my tone. Not all secrets are meant for the eyes of the masses. Sometimes the greatest wisdom is the wisdom to know when one is not ready. For the intrepid, and the courageous, and the foolish, by all means, read on. But when all is said and done do not say I did not warn you, for you were warned, do not curse my name as doom falls upon you from the heavens, but rather look inward and know who is truly to blame for your fate. The spider merely weaves her web, it is the fly that chooses to alight upon it.

Without further ado, my announcement, forthwith.

Today. I announce to you, the people of the Infinity Wars forums, that next week, at more or less this same time, I will be posting a Wizard Post that may or may not contain relevant information, that may or may not be important to you. In other words, I am announcing, that at a later date I will have an actual announcement.

Oh, what's that you say? Disappointing? Not what you were expecting? Hmm. I see.

Well that brings us to our next segment.

Merlin Draws Inspiration once more from Drew on how to do a Weekly Post!

That is to say, I made a post with an announcement about nothing and no actual other information in it other than meaningless words that droned on (forbiddingly!) about nothing. Next week I might draw even more inspiration, and simply not post a Wizard Post at all.

Then again, I did announce this week that I would have an announcement of some flavor or other next week, so maybe I should go ahead and stick to that since I did say that I would, didn't I?

Then, on the other hand, it really is so very hard not to be inspired by our beloved CM, and, great as he is, it is difficult for me to choose not to follow in his pioneering footprints. Who am I to question the minds of geniuses? If his posts are not to be weekly, well then, I ask you, who am I to upset the natural order of non information? 'T would be almost a sacrilege to post again next week, when one considers it thusly, and if anyone knows my character they know that I, certainly, am no blasphemer.

Well, with that said, I have to take my leave. Questions, perhaps, remain. Will I post next week? Will I not? Perhaps we will never know the answers to these deep and unresolved philosophical dilemmas.

Or, more terrifying still, perhaps we shall.
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Re: Wizard Post Number 7
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2016, 04:30:34 AM »
I hope you will do 'Quick update for communication's sake' topic, we should take example from professionals after all  :)