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Naming conventions
« on: June 18, 2016, 07:57:26 AM »
By giving each faction a prefix and a suffix like word we can create an easy to follow naming conventions to make it more obvious to tell what a dual deck is at a glance. This is helpful for those of us with like 30 decks. Here are some suggestions

Dark-    -Cult

Descendents of-  -Dragon

Undead- -Zombies

Flame Dawn
Flame- -Dawn

Robotic- -Robots

Warpath- -Warpath

Demonic- -Exiles

Angelic- -Order

Also, you can replace one of these words with a character name. My Dark Dawn deck has a Pras, Traitor of Dawn as a commander so I named the deck Traitor Dawn. I also have a Demonic cult I might rename Gluttony Cult given that the Gluttony Demon is the main commander. This point here is just to make looking over your decks easier.

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Re: Naming conventions
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