Author Topic: Sacrifice IS a kind of death  (Read 1902 times)

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Sacrifice IS a kind of death
« on: August 29, 2015, 12:50:11 PM »
My last opened thread was about the same topic as this, but I did some new thinkings about it, changed my mind and it's not necessary to read the old thread and so I open this new one.

Yesterday I read in the Wiki of IW (
A card is moved to the Graveyard when this effect is applied to it. This effect does not count as killing, dying or destroying the card and does not check Invincibility, Resolve or Morale Damage upon resolving the effect.
I deleted the word dying because I think it's wrong. With this motivation I tested out nearly every card that has "die" or "dies" in its text* and checked if a sacrifice triggers the effect (I used the old Rita for it).

I've found that there are only some exceptions. Those I call bugs. If the actions are intended the textes have to be corrected. Here they are:
1. Resilent slime: No tokens are created upon death (probably because a sacrifice works on all lives of character at the same time).
2. Primal rage: The character's values are set to X/1, but then is immediately moved to the graveyard.
3. Fiery Resolve: It does not protect from sacrifice.

Beyond that I found two other bugs that relate a similar kind of dynamic:
4. Engine of Reincarnation and Boyos ablities do not trigger when a character is sacrificed that is immediately removed from the game like Yobo or the tokens of the Engine.
(Btw. I didn't know the tokens are removed upon death because there is no hint to that. I'll post a suggestion in the suggestion part of the forum for that.)
5. The texts of infected purifier/devil read "When [...] would die [...]". So the transformations are no deaths. But e.g. Boyo's ability triggers. I guess the system just sees it as death.

Suggested corrections:
1. Sacrifice could just cost 1 life.
2. The character survives and does not die. (Notice again the "would" in the text!)
3. Change the text from "die" to "be killed".

4. Just fix it ^^
5. Change the text or fix it :P

* These are cards I tested:
Never forget the fallen
Assimilation bot
Splitter bot
Battlefield scavanger
Blood Crazed Initiate
Resilent Slime
Subjugated dragon
Infected purifier
Adorable monkey
Echo of the battlefield
One of many exhumed
Undisturbed necropolis
Engine of reincarnation
Infected devil
Zombie Scavanger
Two face

I haven't tested:
Ritual of summoning
The Dod Avatars
Undead corruption
Nysrugh the hungry

P.S.: Either nobody understands the structure of the forum or I don't or why is this part of the forum nearly not used? :P

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Re: Sacrifice IS a kind of death
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2016, 05:30:15 AM »
in regards to boyo, or yobo whatever. (keep in mind i'm exhausted as i write this)
Sacrifice dose not trigger morale abilities.
Ex. boyo has a morale cost of 120, sacrificing himwill save you from death.
sacrifice is a seperate mechanic from dying, death, killed, etc.
In most cases it should not trigger on death abilities. With a few exceptions. E.g. bloodthirsty cultist. (i think that's the name)
fiery resolve shouldn't worked on sacrificed chars.
i've lost my train of thought, in essence sacrifice is more along the lines of a voluntary death. it negates 2lives, morale cost, invulnerability. etc.
the char is not killed, but dies in a seperate mechanic form.
sadly the text in this game often does not add up to the actual mechanics.