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{Bug} Action List Transmission
« on: March 17, 2013, 04:51:58 PM »
Unlisted Bug Report Video covering the dreaded "Other player took more than 10 seconds to respond with their action list" error.

The Bug report addresses the error wording and the way the game cuts to black when displaying the message...and fades back in when the other player reconnects and you are spamming "Continue".

Seems like this is server latency generated on one side or the other. In this case WWK's ISP was kicking him in the nuts.

As soon as the other player regains his connection to the game, the action list transmits to the other player which allows the turn to continue. When you spam the "Continue" button after this turn starts transmitting, the game fades back in a certain number of frames with each click.

Tis a strange beast. And this does seem like a latency issue on the client side too (which means I don't think it's the games' fault). So there doesn't seem like a normal way to fix it other than "NOT" having the players' screen fade to black when displaying the error.

Making the error message more "user friendly" with the player like "The other player has lost their connection, click Continue to resume the game when the player has reconnected" can go a long way too.

That way they know it's not a game bug disconnecting them from the game (and is most likely ISP related) and the other player will know they don't have to close IW to get out of being stuck.

Other Thoughts: If you guys had a forum group for "Bug Reports", more people would probably be inclined to use it. I mean...we are beta testing...right? =)
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