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General Game Discussion / Infinity Chore
« on: February 13, 2015, 10:15:02 PM »
So we can all agree that although we love Infinity Wars. When you're trying to save up IP for the next set or what have you it can get a bit grindy.

My irrelevant question for you today is "What do you do to pass the time while grinding?"

I may be in the minority but when I have the ability to do something while playing a game I do it. Because just playing a game and doing nothing else makes me feel lazy.

I have turned grinding bots into an art form. And by art form I mean drinking game. I personally do a basic fd/gi deck vs. the WP bot because it will almost never defend and I will always win on turn 5.
1. Everytime you hit for more than 50 damage at once take a drink.
2. Everytime the bot actually defends or kill something take a drink
3. Everytime you don't do the max amount of damage possible take a drink.
4. Everytime you beat a bot and end the match too early resulting in not getting full IP drink a shot.
5. If you somehow manage to lose to the bot go to bed. Because you're probably really drunk.

My grinding sessions haven't been very productive lately.......

General Game Discussion / Elite Four
« on: February 12, 2015, 06:01:14 AM »
State who you want the elite four for Infinity Wars to be. I place no restrictions on the criteria you use to decide your choices. I vote for me 4 times

General Game Discussion / The Making of Greatness
« on: February 05, 2015, 09:46:21 PM »
Alright, so this thread will have more of a point than a lot of my most recent ones. To put it simply. In Infinity Wars (and potentially other games if you want) what do you think makes up a great player? This is a very broad topic. Feel free to discuss actual physical features as well as "intangibles" (things that can't be measured. Courage, persistence, etc.)

I'll start us off. For as arrogant as I make myself out to be I don't think I'm a truly great player in IW by really any means. I'm not the best at deck building, I'm not the best at being patient and letting things develop like I should. Hell, I'm certain I don't even work the hardest at being great at the game.

One thing that I do possess, and a lot of other really good players possess is the ability to judge risk vs. reward very fast. We can tell you that you should do x because it'll give you the best overall advantage in both the short term and long term. This also pertains to the ability to read ahead of the game. Like if I do this that leaves me open for that next turn, etc.

This ability isn't something most people are just gifted with though. The ability to read ahead is gained through experience. Whether that be from having a lot of prior tcg experience (my case) or just playing the hell out of the game until you do get the concepts. Part of that experience is learning the cards and strategies front to back. A lot of it just flat out comes down to putting the time in.

As an example, I remember it was about my 3rd month playing. By that point I thought I knew the game extremely well, and was starting to make meta type deck and climbing the ranked ladder. I was doing testing in random normal matches. Up pops Adorabear (with her damn rainbow party of medals) and she's using a Zombie Scavenger or some just weird deck, and here I  am with a meta deck. Thinking oh this'll be good I can finally beat her. Believe me when I say the phrase "Get Rekt" has never applied more than that game. It felts like she had a 6th sense. Just dodging everything I threw at her and making pushes at just the right time. That was when I really came to the realization I had to practice more.

So while mine is boring and long winded. I still think the ability to judge risk vs. reward as well as the ability to read ahead are part of what makes a player really great. The best way to gain those abilities and master them is just through flat out practice and study of the game.

General Game Discussion / Winsanity for Stretch-a-Goat
« on: February 03, 2015, 09:33:09 AM »
It's a scientific fact that 83.999% of goats have had complaints of not being able to reach a satisfying length that they need to perform their goatly duties. Well worry no more you tiny goat. Because I have unearthed the ancient chinese art of goat stretching!

In the beginning we tried alternative methods to get the desired effect.

However PETA wasn't a huge fan, especially when we "assaulted" the goats with Barry White and red mood lighting.

We later tried to move into the field of robotics, but the goats complained of overbearing urges of world domination as opposed to their old urges of eating trash.

FINALLY, through a little determination and a lot of alcohol and crying we obtained what we had spent the last 2 decades trying to achieve. We had finally the stretched the goat. (now trending worldwide)

So as you can see we have truly completed God's grand plan. We have reports of goats reaching lengths of up to 10 ft. (They died soon after, but it still counts ok)

For the low low price of $2999.99 and the short short time of 5 years you can finally get rid of that tiny, useless goat you have now and have the long and strong goat you've always dreamed of. Act now and receive a Winsanity autograph ABSOLUTELY FREE.

(Props to SDSakuragi, Mik1o, and NatoPotato for originally posting those images during the Order preorder)

General Game Discussion / Winsanity Here!
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:11:08 PM »
"Don't let madness corrupt you. A wise man once said, but it is impossible not to be corrupted when you're as dark as Winsanity himself."

I wage war
That's never been seen before
Is sanity worth fighting for?
I'm not really sure

A calamity?

Winsanity you speak as if it makes people impaired;
What a world we live in where people take another persons thoughts and creativity and push them aside because they see Winsanity in their eyes;
Winsanity, I think of it as a creativity within me;
Winsanity resides inside of everybody at the back of their minds;
Running from your thoughts? Why hide from the beautiful individuality in your mind. Shut down the people who hide from the artist inside;
I know you may think there is nothing to hide but i see inventiveness behind your eyes;
If people think your creativity sounds Winsane then do the world a favor and curse their name.

That is all

General Game Discussion / Adorabear is Player of the Year 2014!!!!
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:01:14 AM »
Alright, so it's time to vote vote vote. Once again the criteria you should be thinking about are playing ability, deck building ability, and what they have done for the community.

Feel free to use the thread to discuss who you think deserves it the most. The poll will be ending 7 days from now and then I will give something nice to the winner. So good luck everybody, and think carefully before voting. You only get 1!

General Game Discussion / Player of the Year Nominees!
« on: January 24, 2015, 08:44:10 PM »
Little late for this, but I think it would be a fun thing for the community to do to kind of honor each other. So I'm opening up Player of the Year nominations. These will be for the 2014 year.
I will give the thread about a week or so for nominations. Then start another thread with voting for the nominees after that, and depending on the results from there I might cut down and have another vote or we might just decide the winner.


Criteria: It's really a personal opinion about why you think someone deserves to be named Player of the Year, but some criteria you might consider would include
Playing Abilitiy
Deck Building Ability
What they do for the community: This can include streaming, helping new players, helping with lore, anything that could potentially raise morale of the community.

Format: The format for nominating will be easy. Please just state who you are nominating (in bold would be preferred) and why you think they deserve to be named Player of the Year.

Only 1 nomination per user

Only 1 nomination of the same person please. Leave the bandwagoning for the actual voting :D

Current Nominees:

General Game Discussion / Most Fun/Biggest Achievement
« on: January 23, 2015, 05:43:48 AM »
Winsanity here with your usual topic that doesn't really matter but it'll be fun anyway :D

So as the title suggests I think it would be fun to share either the most fun moment we can remember having or our biggest achievement in the game. Do both, do one, troll me. All replies accepted. I shall start us off by bragging about my biggest achievement  :-*

My biggest achievement for me would have to be when I won Buffalox's tourney right before the Order release. A lot of people got frustrated with the tourney because it just kinda of dragged on, but for me it was the first time I really felt that I could stand up to the best in the game. I played about 4 or 5 "big name" players and somehow managed to win all my matches. (although Merlin claims he was drunk :P) The giant prize pool from that tournament sure didn't hurt matters.

So share your stories of fun and achievement :D

General Game Discussion / GLHF and GG
« on: December 18, 2014, 06:11:45 PM »
So after reading another topic and hearing that some people actually take glhf or gg in a mocking way my interest has been peaked.
I say glhf and gg regardless of the game. Regardless of who I'm playing or what decks we're using I'll just always say it as a formality. (unless I know the person, then we'll just talk anyway)
However, it seems like some people actually will take this the wrong way. I can understand how if someone says gg after steamrolling you it can seem like they're mocking you.....and sometimes they might be, who knows.
Glhf has always seemed pretty basic to me though. It lets your opponent know you're really there, and looking forward to a good match. It also lets them know you're probably down to chat some during the game if they want to (I personally like talking to my opponent while playing, some don't) But again, somehow people will take this to mean "You're gonna need need good luck to beat me" or something to that effect. Which seems a bit crazy to me, and goes to show just how cynical the world is now.

So I ask you, the community. Do you say glhf and gg? Do you only say one or the other? Do you only say it sometimes? This is a simple topic that actually interests me greatly believe it or not, so I would enjoy some feedback.  ;D

As an add on to this. What does it take for you to say wp to someone? And how does it make you feel when you get one from your opponent? Also, how do you respond when your opponent does say it?
For me, to say well played to someone it would either be when they just read my moves perfectly , and it felt like they controlled my movements the whole game, or if they made an amazing move towards the end that I didn't see and they pulled the game out of nowhere. Also applies for close games that my opponent just played very well.
I always feel good if my opponent says well played to me, gives me a sense of satisfaction that I was able to make the correct moves. I'll generally respond with a thank you, and then try to do a lead in to discussing the game if they want. Although that could be construed as me being an ass too. I'm such an unintentional ass *sigh*

Special Events & Tournaments / The Factionless Cup (Cancelled)
« on: December 14, 2014, 07:37:19 PM »
The Factionless Cup
January 17th-18th
32 Riftrunners, Double Elimination
1 Champion

It is with great regret that I must say I will be cancelling this tournament. I am very sorry to all those who were going to participate and those who donated. (donations will be returned)

Guides / An Intro to Tempo
« on: December 02, 2014, 07:46:51 PM »
This guide is intended for new and intermediate players in attempt to get them to understand a point that is complicated in both gameplay and deck building. This guide is also written hoping you know what board advantage is and why it is important. As a lot of board advantage and tempo concepts overlap.

So you're finally getting the hang of the game. Went through the campaigns, played some of the weekly decks, and now you're ready to build your own decks. You make a deck and it seems like you just can't keep up with your opponent. They're always either putting a ton of stuff on the field before you have a chance to set up, or just destroying everything and it feels like you can never get anything going. Now why is that? Welcome to the world of tempo.

Tempo, in the world of IW and most card games, means the pace of the game more or less. You've probably had that feeling during a game that you need to push more, or pull back, or need to get some kills in or you'll be overwhelmed. That's tempo. If you're familiar with american football stall would be the equivalent of a team running the ball a lot in order to slow down the pace of the game. While a rush deck is the equivalent of a spread out no huddle offense that tries to score as fast as possible. Midrange would be the more typical mix of the two.

Why is tempo important?
Tempo is important because it lets you decide how fast or slow you would like the game to develop. You need to be able to determine on the fly what type of tempo you need to play for what deck your opponent is using, what deck you yourself are using, and also to be able to adjust as to what is happening in the game at any one time. The battle for tempo is one of the most important things that happens in any one game. If you can get your opponent caught in your tempo then there's a very high chance you're going to win.

How to set tempo
I'll be defining some very simple ways to set tempo in a game. There are more advanced and tricky ways that you will learn the more you play.

Fast Tempo
You will generally try to set a fast tempo if you are playing an aggro or aggro-control type deck. Midrange will probably aim for a faster tempo once they can get their setup going.
The best way to set a fast tempo is to shoot for a fast early game. Haste and Charge cards are generally best with this. Another important aspect of a fast tempo is keeping board advantage. If it's taking you 2-3 turns to set up your attacks early then on then you probably aren't in a fast tempo. It can also be achieved by having a strong early game setup in your command zone. A fast tempo will generally try to gain the advantage, and just never let it go. The downside to a fast tempo is that if it falls apart it is incredibly hard to come back from. Especially if you are against a deck that is playing for a strong late game, such as most decks with a slow tempo.

Slow Tempo
A slow tempo game is generally set for decks aiming for a strong late game. So straight control decks, or stall decks. Midrange decks will potentially try to set a slower tempo for the early part of the game so that they can try to get their turn 5-9 stuff set up properly.
A slow tempo can be achieved through many ways. One of the best ways is to straight up stop your opponent's early game threat. If someone trying to set a slow tempo can break their opponent's fast tempo then the fast tempo is going to be scrambling to try to get it back, and that's where mistakes are made. Another way to get a slow tempo is area of effect cards in the midgame, Mass Death for instance. Taking out a lot of your opponent's characters at once will hurt not only their in game morale, but their real morale as well. They'll begin to feel disheartened and get desperate.

Variable Tempo
I've explained the 2 most basic types of tempo. Though one of the most important things as I mentioned is being able to adjust your tempo as needed. Sometimes pullbacks, and things of that nature, are needed in order to try and maintain tempo. You need to be willing to sit back a few turns to be able to set up that big move, and not just charge ahead all the time. Slow tempo has an interesting issue where the other player just won't play into it sometimes, and while it is an advantage in the sense that the opponent is playing to your tempo. You also need to be able to create a faster tempo at some point to apply pressure to the opponent and get them to feel threatened.

I'm not gonna give you a list as to what tempos do best against other tempos and all that. Because the truth is that it's not always the case. A fast tempo might wipe a slow tempo one game, and then get completely caught up the next. This is why being able to adapt to the tempo is SO important. You need to be able to see what kind of pace the other player is going for, and use that as a way to determine what you yourself should be going for.

So the next time you're building a deck. Be sure to keep what tempo you want to go for in mind. Because it really is one of those things that a lot of people don't think about that makes a big difference.

General Game Discussion / Show Off Your Medals!
« on: November 21, 2014, 10:59:40 PM »
So I know some people have been wondering if we're ever gonna be able to see other people's faction medals and all that, or if they're just useless. While I can't speak for the future. right now they ARE useless. So I figured I would give a space for everyone to show off their faction medals and win count and all that other fun stuff no one else ever gets to see!
So just take a screen cap and crop it. Then post it to the thread so we can all wonder at your achievements!

Non-IW Discussion / IW Puns
« on: November 21, 2014, 08:54:57 AM »
We ended up throwing around a ton of puns tonight in global. And adora had the great idea that someone should type them up and start a pun thread for fun. So here I am. If you have any funny or witty IW puns feel free to post them :D Try to keep them fairly family friendly. As I don't wanna get in trouble

Baby, I'm a primal hunter
You make my brain go zomborg
I wasn't mechborn yesterday
Baby did you mind splitter me? Cause you've had me top deckin all night
Caretake my young
Hey, you wanna see my skraar?
Baby my wife just died. I need you to bring life by passing
I'm an overloaded soldier because of you
Did you know I was banished from school because my clothes were inappropriate?
Your ferocity has me exhausted
Her ferocity has everyone feared

Be warned: Potentially adult type puns

Deck Building / Winsanity's Massive Post of Decklists I Use
« on: November 20, 2014, 08:03:37 PM »
Prepare for the wall of text known as me posting a bunch of decks. I will start with my ranked decks, and they will get less viable as I go down.
Note: I know almost all the decks have martyr golems in them. They aren't 100% necessary in any of the decks. Just nice additions.

Ranked Decks: There's 2 decks I have been running in ranked lately. Genocide has been less viable lately because basically no one is playing angels in my ranking bracket.


Genocide is a deck that me and Merlinix worked on to defeat the mounting angel decks at the time. Specifically BioSol. It can potentially have a slow start and take time to build up. Which is what the swarmers are for. This deck can win in a variety of ways. Whether it be with the war machine tokens, or through using Lucca tricks, or even through a shikana/word of command combo.
This deck DOES have a problem dealing with stall. Mainly because it is made to kill characters and capitalize on that and they run very few of them.
All in all I am very proud of what this deck accomplished. And while it is tricky to use it is also extremely effective.

FD/GI Rush

My current ranked deck is much more simple. While at first glance it may not appear it would be that effective and would get killed by aoe. In actuality It excels in defeating stall. It can outrush stall decks, and just overwhelm them with fast power. In the case of Mill decks it could potentially run into trouble depending on the build. Sometimes the aoe can in fact overwhelm the deck.
The name of the game with the deck is actually value. Getting 2 for 1s and clear shots for damage. It's rare for games with this deck to go over 10 turns, but in case they do you can drop a calamity and build back twice as fast as anything else.

Midline Decks: These decks are either previous ranked decks or decks that are stronger than your average fun deck, but not quite up to ranked level in my opinion.

Yolo Deck

This is a fairly basic 2 lives deck. I used this when mill and 3 CoV were EXTREMELY popular. It basically never loses to stall, because you get so much value out of everything. Pump resolute knight when you can, and then try to move in with a fast finish. This deck is very susceptible to being outrushed though which is why I don't advise it for ranked.

Basic GI Rush Deck

There's not a ton to say about this one. This deck shows off why GI is so good, and I use GI in a lot of my deck builds. They have speed, value, high stats, destruction, flyers. More often then not this deck will just overwhelm the opponent. An 11/11 turn 2 is very hard to deal with, and it just gets more destructive from there. There's the trusty overload/constructor combo to make huge stuff. It's just an extremely solid deck.

Bio Swarmer Deck

At first glance. You probably see a swarmer deck and think it can't be very good. But I built this like a week ago, and it has come to surprise even me. If you can maintain field control with this deck it's midgame is SO strong that you can have the game over by turn 8. While it is very tricky to use and having to know which bug to use when this deck will surprise a lot of people.

Super 2 Lives Much Fun Yes

So this is a different version of the 2 lives build. It's a more straightforward version that uses few tricks. It's more stable than YOLO because it uses less combinations. That being said. It is a very good deck and I highly recommend it. It doesn't start quite as slow as YOLO.


Mostly a standard 3 exile build. Took out as much rng as possible (besides gambler, he's just fun) and all in all I've been very pleasantly surprised with how the deck has performed. Cressil is always a huge threat, and Demonize is really just a great card for a ton of situations. Descension is always a big play when it happens. A good mix of hand manipulation/rush and just plain big scary stuff.

Fun and/or ludicrously expensive decks: These are decks I play when I just wanna have a blast. They can make for some crazy moves, and some of these do have good winning percentages, but some of them ARE probably too expensive for a newer player to try out.

Super Coyle Burial Dragon XXXplosion

The one, the only, the original big ass dragon coyle thing deck. This deck has a lot of different ways to achieve victory. You can use Fight to get your command dragon in the grave early and bring it back 5 turns before it was supposed to come out. Then after you get enough stuff in the grave you can bring out the hulkers and do crazy things. I actually consider this one of my most fun decks to play. Just because there's so many things to do with it. At a 4 coyle count (I've also since added Martyrs) it is expensive, and I wouldn't actively search these cards out unless you just REALLY wanna play it.

Dragons of Exile

This is my newest creation involving giant dragons. Hunted Dragon can be one hell of a thing to deal with sometimes. If you manage to use corruption on it turn 2, by turn 7 you have a 40 atk dragon ready to spread hellfire. The demonize work great against splitters, or big stuff you just wanna get rid of. Skraar is a great turn 7 pick to fake out your opponent into using one of their kill a dragon card. This deck has a lot of Haste, and is able to attack hard, and attack often.

We Want You!

Yes I finally made an Evellee deck. Your first resources you want to use to get noble and brings life of course. Deck has a huge weakness of being super weak early game and susceptible to rush, but it works it works very well. Use Evellee to get multiples of strong unique creatures out and watch your opponent die slowly on the inside.

Well that's it for my decks. I hope you guys enjoy using them, and feel free to offer me any advice on them that you wish.

General Game Discussion / What Do You Love About IW? <3
« on: November 13, 2014, 07:52:42 PM »
As I'm sure a lot of people do with any game that you play a lot, I get burnt out or frustrated with Infinity Wars every once in a while. When that happens I like to remind myself what it is that I love sooo much about the game that keeps me coming back. So the question is simple. What do you love about Infinity Wars that keeps you coming back for more? I'll start us off.

I love the community more than anything, and that's saying a lot. It's rare to have a community in an online game that is both supportive, and just genuinely fun to be around. What's even more rare is the fact that you can have genuine debate about cards and mechanics without it immediately devolving to name calling and shouting. I also love that IW offers an environment for people who want to play card games competitively online. I know there are other games for it as well, but IW offers the complexity you NEED to foster true competitive play.

So that's enough of me for now. What do you guys love about it? I don't know if I used the word love enough in this post or not >.>

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