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Thank you for quick reaction!

to Heart:
it's not exactly an extension to the post you mentioned, cause it's not about badly/strangely distributed card selection that is offered during draft. After the last patch Ascension cards have completely disappeared from drafts.

General Game Discussion / Re: Some common cards disappeared from drafts
« on: August 11, 2014, 09:03:10 PM »
Ehm, yes, you're right. After checking what cards are in Ascension I'm confiming I saw none of them in drafts

After drafting like 10 different decks and playing lots of matches since new patch I noticed absolute absence of certain common cards (quite powerful ones I should say) that were present previously in abundance. Please correct me if you drafted them or saw during rift run games (preferrably drafted yourself as there is low chance that somebody still has deck gathered before patch)
So commons that 'might have something happend to them'
1. Flame Down Commando
2. Support Drone
3. Hulking Sniper
Most of the decks I drafted contained either  Flame Down or Genesis Industries (or both), so none of Commando/Drone cards were seen. I'm less sure about Hulking Sniper cause I didn't draft Warpath at all since the patch came out. But in my games they (snipers) were absent (along with drones and commandoes)

Edit: as second commenter pointed out there are no Ascension set cards in drafts, not only 3 which I meantioned initially
Anybody knows why is that?

No there were no acid rain played. Also not only creatures moved to graveyard but 1 artefact. I had 1 token creature generator card the name of which I don't remember as I don't have it in my collection (she generates 1 token 2/2 each turn and can suc a creature for 5 life). Together with Orion, Master Acrhitect, which I also used for generating new creatures
I didn't observe anything like this afterwards, so might be my lack of experience in the game to recognise what really killed them. But I never played the same combination of cards either

I'm unsure is it a part of rules or a bug (tried to google it first and search through forums but didn't find anything relevant)

In one of my practice games I had Rita, Shadow Priestess in my support zone and most of here tokens upon creation were moved into graveyard. Also some of my other cards appeared on graveyard while I'm 100% sure they were not killed by a removal or some property of a card.
Does anyone have any insight on why it should behave this way?

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