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General Game Discussion / Re: Oppression / Foundation art spoilers
« on: April 20, 2015, 06:21:23 PM »
anyone have better quality pictures of the artwork would love to turn one into a wallpaper just need a much higher quality version using those gif captured as gif again is awful quality.

Can use the screenshots but would also like to see if people have other quality pictures of them to work of from and possible other little pictures of the new cards yet to be seen never know xD.

General Game Discussion / Re: Oppression / Foundation art spoilers
« on: April 19, 2015, 10:02:54 AM »
Those alien eyes on that CoV card but nice artwork look forward to see more of them and get the cards themselves when available hopefully in a couple months time we can get to pre order the cards.

Beast of burden to me is a much better improvement as well it fits the faction more compared to before but I also get what stranger is on about. Don't now if this is how you also see it but Beast of Burden the name makes you think of an insane beast with power however the art gives you a lesser perspective of the beast to the name. Really the beast looks like a dog and doesn't fit the name but more of a name of the hounds of verore but never mind still outstanding artwork none the less and I want to see more give me more.

Any previews of artwork done for the fifth set I would love to see what designs are going to be added to infinity wars.

Cost is what it comes down to can Lightmare really afford to invest in loads of advertisement and ensure that the outcome will be a positive one thus generating back what they put into it or lose out.

This game concept, design and appearance is great which is very rare you come across TCG which very good style to artwork and card design and not look boring in appearance. Only thing you find when playing is that players get very bored easily cause it is rinse and repeat I myself cant find the interest in wanting to do matches cause I am just bored. Don't think I have done a match since last year only time I log on is for screenshots.

Personally I do feel that Infinity wars is lacking something in its gameplay that makes you want to keep going what it is lacking I cant put into words. For me its one of those game I really like but cant muster up the want to actually play cause I find myself just getting bored fast don't now if anyone else feels the same.

General Game Discussion / Re: IW Wallpapers
« on: April 06, 2015, 08:28:53 AM »
Great job, very nice work.  I do have a request, more a modification really, if you still have the original file with layers and such.  Just the same but just white background and Omnitron in the corner?  <3  Dunno why but I love minimalistic wallpapers.

which corner are you referring to because Omni is already set in the bottom right corner and it is no problem changing it to a white background that is easily done.

General Game Discussion / IW Wallpapers
« on: April 05, 2015, 10:35:07 PM »
Infinity Wars wallpapers, you interested in taking the artwork to your desktop pc and beyond well I hope you can enjoy the fantastic artwork of the artist from lightmare made into a wallpaper.

Simply click onto the link and hover over the image for a set of options and go into more options then all you need to do is download for full size image.

1920 x 1080 Wallpapers

1366 X 768 Wallpapers

Anyone else want to have a go at doing wallpapers for IW post them on this thread would love to see what people can do.

General Game Discussion / Re: Ranked incentives
« on: February 09, 2015, 09:12:00 PM »

thanks for asking the question.

I'm not playing ranked very much because i 'm not very interested to reach top 10 and the queues are too long when you reach top 50.

Also, there is something that is lacking in ranked. I don't know what but this is simply boring to play it.

Agreed with the simply boring part, also though I would join the conversation for this since I have played Infinity wars many months now not all the time just when I feel like it really. However to ranked I do find it very boring to play and I can make nice deck for ranked which popped me up to 1.4k rating easily then I just went no thanks cant be bothered to go any higher its boring. Haven't played after I got my ratting back to that 1.4k during the reset of the ranked leader board.

For me I find that its a match type where the variety of deck ideas, your own combinations and style do not apply because it is a case of this is what works I will use this thus everyone else doing it. So overall you end up with a bunch of people using same deck, same style and same everything lol because it is put into a tier and have a high effectiveness.

Yes that great who wouldn't want to have highly effective deck that what everyone wants to be able to build and use which is fair play but its the same deck type over and over with similar cards used. We have what now over 500 hundred cards to select from is it and out of it something like 100 - 150 maybe is the cards everyone will use in ranked maybe less don't know just a guess.

Other cards should be brought into that variety so that its not that 100 - 150 over and over and instead that sudden discovery where you go wow if I do this with this card and that this outcome. Not here my ability deck I am going to have mass death, lighting etc.. and the next person going yep mass death, lighting and then is becomes tiered someone see they go yep ability deck does super good in ranked I will use that.

Wont rant on any more than this cause I can go on forever with this but me to it is variety and deck variety so not sure if anyone is on the same wavelength as me and understands what  I mean. In addition a problem is some cards are just a card if anyone understand what I mean with that but yea some are just a plain card to me personally all cards should be viable but then power creeping comes along.

The Overseers / Re: Xi Spam
« on: January 09, 2015, 10:57:17 PM »
Needs to be in the deck section mate for future notice this part of the forum is for discussions on individual cards of one of the factions.

Mind if I ask why you need all the different ascended characters wouldn't it be better to have more lucca then kali or are trying to get all three of them onto the battlefield.

Other thoughts I have had is resource ramping is your goal by using noble and brings but really don't need to go to much into that noble is fine for this goal. This way you utilise another factions strength or go for triple purity. Just having to rely on XI shouldn't be a decks only advantage because you will get matches where you will play both your XI they get killed off and your stuck trying to mount an offensive.

Cards you can look into

.Cornicen (Double your numbers.)
.Heavens Assistance
.Grounded Angel
.Fire bolt (Removal if needed)
.Called Shot (Removal if needed)
.Deflect (Possible option)
.Solace gate (protected your support and command)
.Cassial (Overseers maytr golem don't know why her stats where changed back though)

At the moment that all I can think off but you should looking into it a bit you might find things you have missed as for champions herald anyone found her useful ?. I mean she just a switch card in the end haven't you already played resources equal to play her and using here ability. Ether way if she works for you keep her in there.

The Overseers / Re: Serennia - Champion of Life
« on: January 08, 2015, 08:56:12 PM »
Trial deck I made so far which did ok actually vs a 2 cov GI deck against those gluttony demons ended up a draw didn't have anything to stopped buffed up scout drones with over 30 atk did overkill a gluttony with 69/69 xD.

Serennia, Champion of Life
Striker of Solace
Vasir, the Demon Prince

Character Cards
Wealthy Noble x3
Lucca Ascended x3
Cornicen x3
Grounded Angel x3
Zealous Protector x2
Soldier of Purity x2
Harahel, Champton of Virtue x1
Cassial, The Selfless x2

Ability Cards
Siphon Structure x3
Banish x3
Precautionary Measures x3
Higher Calling x2
Guns of Goliath x3
Heavens Assistance x3

Location Cards
Solace Gate x2

Mission Cards
Purge The Unworthy x2

To be improved as well.

The Overseers / Re: Serennia - Champion of Life
« on: January 08, 2015, 07:55:04 PM »
I have used her before in a few decks see how it worked out some wins some losses serennia ent bad but is not good ether the problem is that she is classed as a champion which to me makes no sense.

If you look at it from the point of her effect and usefulness she is average build and effect is to increase fortress health thus also being put in the classification of champion making it much more difficult on your choice of champions if serennia is going to be a focus for your deck. Which the deck she going to be for is a fortress healing deck that what I call them anyway however a deck like that is reliant on Azeal, Cassial, Serennia and possibly Purge you can as well if you want to include celestial dragon but I think its just a waste of space.

Conclusion serennia to me needs to be took off the class of champion and made into a unique character instead it makes more sense to me personally for having her in overseer decks. Because she could be that little trump card you pull to heal yourself just enough to survive another turn etc..

In the end what do I know not an expert just how I see it although I will have a go a creating a fortress healing deck.

Genesis Industries / Re: Luftkrieg a little buff
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:02:12 PM »
I agree dream, I dont play this card for the same exact reason why I dont play reflective shield and that warpath remove from teh game location card. They are unplayable cards because they rely on you being bad at the game. You have to purposefully let yourself get slapped in the face for you to get any benefit, in other words, why not just play something else where you can let your skill shine through instead of playing a passive card that hurts you before you get anything in return.
At the moment, luftkrieg is prohibitively too costly to play. Lazer Ion cannon is strictly better at that point since it does more dmg, more aoe, hits all types, and can be used as a skill shot instead of a passive let yourself get hit first. All for the same cost. If luft cost 4, maybe , just maybe it might be playable in the loosest terms of the word.
I'd rather have the card do massive damage to the first flyer hit to basically guarantee one dead flyer per round, allowing for thoughtful decision making into flyer order/ability for skillshots to matter in this regard.

As it stands now, it makes to no sense to play it. Maybe changing it so it damages flyers first could make it slightly more playable, but ion cannon still outclasses it anyway.

Agreed Iron Cannon much better choice to have and if luft cost was only four it would be a little better but would still come with the same problem of having to take damage for Luft to go I will do four damage back at you now. Leaving you going I paid a cost of five resource for you deal four damage after I lose a huge chunk of characters if they having flying to block otherwise it is a huge chunk of fortress health instead. Overall putting you on the edge costing you trying to defend against flying type characters which may take up to 2 or 3 minimum attacks to kill them off only to have now took damage around 80% if not 100% damage.

I still stand at reversing the ability so it deals the damage first and not after the attack made otherwise the only other option if this would never be changed is to alter the cost down 2 or 3 for an earlier option. Five cost in mid or late game just puts everything in a tight spot cause who going to have a bunch of flyers without them being buffed up to at least six health minimum and not mention have a bunch of them.

Genesis Industries / Re: Luftkrieg a little buff
« on: January 01, 2015, 10:12:02 AM »
Luftkrieg is an ok artefact card but now I would prefer using defence perimeter simply because it can attack before an attack to any creature in the attack zone regardless of flying etc..

However luftkrieg only attacks flying type characters at the time they attack you, sound good don't it but why should a player have to take damage to characters or fortress for luftkrieg to deal damage back.

Don't know if anyone would agree with me but the problem with this card from my view is you take damage then deal damage wouldn't it be better if luftkrieg dealt it damage before you take any damage from flyers. This doesn't make it overpowered it just reverses which damage is dealt first and with omnitron decks I find this card not as good as using defence perimeter due to the fact luftkrieg is way to specific to flyers. Overall it makes it much harder to defend yourself when you take the damage even if you manage to kill the flyers after most cases they will survive to damage you again then you have killed it.

Go go go infinity wars you can do it!

General Game Discussion / Re: Mass Death Alt Art from Ranked Reset
« on: December 19, 2014, 09:16:07 AM »
when was this alt art mass death given out ? was this card only available to people who where in the top 100 on the ranked bored ?

Cult of Verore / Re: Any1 else having fun with rubble?
« on: December 18, 2014, 08:03:48 PM »
Rubble Rubble Rubble as someone said for 2 cost card it is strong I feel it is a yes and no because once you seen what people are doing to it is easy to counter rubble decks.

Hiding you where the first person I vs with rubble deck you beat me cause of that damn mass death, word of command and balance combo plus was also my first time going against rubble. After that match it easy to tell what someone is trying to do and you can adjust your play style and mess up rubble. Haven't lost to a rubble deck yet after having a match with Hiding but it is a very powerful combo to do so not sure if something like this needs to be looked at or leave it.

I will list cards that can mess up rubble cause I feel like doing this lol

Lightening blast, (Early game)
Called Shot, (Mid game with good chance of success)
Fire Bolt, (Early game)
Controlled Temporal Anomaly, (One of the best cards to vs rubble)
Deflect, (Another best card for taking on rubble)
Assassinate, (Ok to use to some degree best for late game if you still around by then)
Word of command, (Good card to stall the game)
Mass Death, (why not play it back at them with your own mass death xD)
Demonize, (That would definitely stop it haven't tried this)

Sure there are other cards that can be effective against rubble. After all this probably jinx myself now and lose to a rubble deck.

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