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General Discussion / Re: Disappointment with demonborn
« on: June 16, 2014, 02:04:13 PM »
I kind of get what this guy is pointing across cause he was such an amazing card with the flying ability even though he still have the function to give him flying but at the cost of 4 resource for each Demonborn. In a match don't you have to consider wasting 4 resource to give one character flying for one turn to combat another flying type character is a bit much if your opponent has quite a few on the battlefield. However in some cases he can be useful when giving him flying against another deck that is weak to flyers.

Try adding different forms of removal instead of trying to block flyers with Demonborn to me it a little costly considering the amount of flyers that can be put forth and created onto the battlefield makes Demonborn pretty weak.

My overall view is Demonborn is a good card but I don't like that it will cost 4 resource each Demonborn to enable flying for one turn not to mention +1/+1 buffing for each demon is slow paced. Also I get what you are on about WWKnight it is just Demonborn was way better of a card with flying ability fully available and not cost you to give it an ability would be ok if it was 2 resource to enable flying for one turn.

General Discussion / Re: Omnitron card
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:34:08 PM »
Yeah, but if you make it a character, it would be a nerf as you couldn't search for it via Aleta's Discovery, thus requiring you to get, and run, more than 1 to make it easier to draw into hand.

yeah I just that card give you the feeling that it was a Character but never mind I still wanted to open up a discussion about this card because to me it look like it need to be polished up since it being the second triple purity card for the GI faction which we don't see much off.

General Discussion / Re: Omnitron card
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:15:04 PM »
Just for your information about artifacts, there are more artifacts with way lower costs then the mentioned ones.
Take a look at Junkyard(2), Mechanism(1) and War Machine (2), non of them is unique, so there you've 9 artifacts in round 5.

It is true, this card has to be the center of your deck and the rest of your deck has to be built around it. So aletas discovery is a must-have in this deck.

I am aware of this I was just making a point for the much higher cost Artifact cards so people could see what I was getting at

Wouldn't Option One be far too OP? Its not difficult to bring out 10+ units, and its effect remains virtually the same with 10/10 flyers being produced every turn, just that it's +5/+5 buff is reduced to +3/+3. Not to mention if you have Lanstead it's pretty much over for the opponent, as you can possibly trigger Omnitron on Turn 8.

 Your phrasing for Option 2 is slightly ambiguous, i'm unsure if you mean sacrificed characters during all your turns over the entirety of the game, or just sacrificed characters in your previous turn. Nevertheless, it still feels too easy to trigger it seeing as Secluded Constructor doesn't exhaust, so you could spam it on turn 10 with any fodder you might have.

Its meant to be a hard artifact to trigger, so i'm fine with its current mechanics. Though needing about 10 artifacts seem to be a bit too much, seeing as it would be too difficult without building your deck entirely around omnitron, so reducing the cost from 20 to 18 or so would be viable i believe. Not to mention any artifact hate cards would likely render Omnitron being worthless in your hand.

Option two you can always raise the cost of the card to 30 etc.. also option one yeah it probably would be a bit much however that can be improved on so that it may require certain cost Artificial Characters or more than 10. However I did come up with another one what about (Cost is reduced by 1 for each Artificial Character in your grave. Each turn you can pay 8 resource to remove two Artificial Characters from your grave to create two 10/10 Artificial Characters with Flying, all Artificial Characters gain +3/+3.)

Omnitron's description is actually innaccurate. Its cost is reduced by 2 for each artifact you control rather than just 1, making it much easier to play than it seems. Also, it creates the fliers and applies the buffs as soon as it enters play (fliers also get the buffs, making them 15/15) and then does it again at the start of each turn rather than the end (so the fliers will be 20/20 by the time they attack on the next turn).

Did not know that thank you for your input this will help a lot of people beside me really appreciate it and yes I see your point with the buffing this why I wanted everyone to have a look into this card it got so much potential would have liked it to be a Character that creates.

General Discussion / Omnitron card
« on: June 15, 2014, 09:58:10 AM »
Lets have a little discussion about the card.


Purity: Triple GI
Type: Unique Artifact
Cost: 20
Card Rarity: Epic

Omnitron's cost is reduced by 1 for each Artifact you control.
At the end of each turn, Omnitron creates two 10/10 artificial characters with flying and all artificial characters you control gain +5/+5.

My view

This is quite the card I would say being able to create Artificial characters each turn and give them +5/+5 each time as well not sure never tested this card out if I do I will know but for now personally I think it needs to have a change for reason I will but below.

1. Omnitron requires there to be Artifacts in played to reduce the cost to me that going to be pretty long to pull of because cards such as low orbit ion cannon, shield generator, luftkrieg xi, anti-airarray all come at a cost of 5 to play. Can to really continue to waste 5 resource each turn to increase your Artifact count for this card in a competitive match not to mention you need at least 10 or more Artifact just to decrease the cost to minimum of 10.

2. You have to be able to draw this card as well because you may end up not even draw it from your deck with out the help of Aleta's Discovery however you may need that card just to increase the number of Artifacts you have in play.

Suggested Changes

Option 1: Change what is counts to reduce the cost of the card such as (Omnitron cost is reduced by 1 for each Artificial Character you currently control)

Option 2: Change Omnitron to be an actual Artifical Character instead of an Artifact I think GI would be good to have at least 1 Artifical Character with triple purity.

Purity: Triple GI
Type: Unique Character - Artificial
Cost: 20
Moral Cost: 15
Card Rarity: Epic

Attack: 0
HP: 30

Option 1, Description
Omnitron's cost is reduced by 1 for each Artificial Character you control.
At the end of each turn, Omnitron creates two 10/10 artificial characters with flying and all artificial characters you control gain +3/+3.

Option 2, Description
Omnitron's cost is reduced by 1 for each Sacrificed Artificial Character made during your turn.
At the end of each turn, Omnitron creates two 10/10 artificial characters with flying and all artificial characters you control gain +3/+3.

Option 3: Change Omnitron to include both Artifact and Location cards in order to reduce the cost.

General Discussion / Re: Tygrugh's cost is not working correctly
« on: June 15, 2014, 08:34:51 AM »
Tygrugh's base cost is 7, and is "increased for each card in your hand"

However, in reality, this isn't working as intended.  I attached a screenshot to show evidence.  If you look, I only have 1 card in my hand at the beginning of the turn (after drawing -- had empty hand before that), and yet his cost is 12.

Also, this isn't a bug that shows up only sometimes.  It's been something like this for every game I've played with him, although the cost isn't always the same (10, 11, 12 -- all with one card in hand at beginning of turn).  It must be incorrectly basing his cost off of something else

Very disappointed as well was looking forward to using him but couldn't get him out into the field because of the cost not changing enough for me to play him but here why from what I did to figure it out.

1) The cost goes down when you lose cards from your hand that works (BUT he is also counting your opponent hand as well that why the cost goes back up)
2) Go against puffy you will be able to use him
3) Go against a player or AI you cannot because he is counting your enemy card amount.

Really wanted to try him out as well cause he look like a card that would be such a pain to go against if played very well.

General Discussion / Re: Demonborn
« on: May 02, 2014, 07:33:14 PM »
The problem is the flying.

Exiles are designed to be weak at air.

Now they have the best, most cost efficient flier in the game. Going from worst to best at so,ething is terrible way to balance a faction

Don't exile need at least a flying type card at some point and also exile is still weak even with the flier since it may be a case Demonborn may end up being the only exile flying card in the game for now. Down grading this card to me seems weird it would be the one core card all types of exile decks could add in to have a way of gaining a chance to stop flying type cards. In addition if this card does need a change why not make it so that only demons played from the controllers hand and command zone can buff the card because as you said it is the most efficient flier that is very true. However as it stand and this is my entire opinion exile is far to weak and one of the least played factions because of the cost to the user in moral is insane I like exile but I would never play a pure exile faction because of the cost I would only run a one purity and combo it with other factions.

As to what you also said exile is meant to be weak to air well if that how the faction is to be that fair play but there being weak to air and there is being Unable to combat against it. Exile need a card like Demonborn is how I see it doing this faction a lot of good and maybe see more of it being played in the game rather than it being updated and making exile the most costly faction to play.

I am voting this card only has a change to how it is buffed rather than it being down graded or have another update making more exile costly cards. Note: no one has to agree with me but I could not sit here and not cast my view against those who want this card to nerfed or raised to have higher cost.

Deck Building / Re: Exiles / Dod / Zombie deck - How can I improve it?
« on: April 28, 2014, 09:12:45 PM »
Keep in mind when reading this that it is meant to be constructive criticism.  I wrote it and realized it sounded a little harsh, but it isn't meant to be.

What's your goal with this deck?  To me, it seems like you just tried to put good cards from three different factions together in a deck.  I would try to figure out your strategy.

A good place to start would be to figure out whether you're going for a damage victory or a morale victory.  You don't have much removal or direct morale reduction cards, but it seems like a mostly defensive deck, which doesn't lend itself well to dealing fortress damage.  Figuring that out will help you decide what you want to do more specifically.

As the other person said you have put three factions together to get the best cards all in one only making it more difficult to use so I would suggest ether your doing two faction deck or a straight 3 purity of one of the factions you chose. To me it looks like your better of doing DoD and Exile since you have some very good cards to use and combo with the DoD sage, also keep in mine 56 cards a bit much I don't get why people go so over the top it makes it much harder to get the core cards you need. Limit your deck to at least 40 cards while doing this deck Martyr Golem will be one of your trump cards as well.

This is doesn't work mate because it will only count Sacullas doing 2 damage when all the cards come back into play by Temporary Mass Reality Shift however it does work with Controlled Temporal Anomaly the damage will be 24 each time so switch Mass reality for Controlled Temporal.

Deck Building / Re: Zombie Drones deck
« on: April 21, 2014, 09:00:34 AM »
Unending drone deck to me are not very common mostly because I see it as something quite hard to pull off when doing pvp but I would suggest you make it two GI and one Sleeper cause you will need infested scavenger in command so that unending can quickly get its +2/ +2. The one problem I will also say about the Infested Scavenger is that it also works in favour of your opponent as well so if they raise cards from the grave instant +2/ +2 unless that some sort of bug but I think it was the balance change that made it do that.

Secluded Constructor
Infested Scavenger
Dead Feaster

In addition maybe cutting down on the Unending drone as well 15 a little to much if your Constructor gets killed off which most of the time it does you put yourself in a terrible situation. So I would suggest add a couple more one purity cards ether from GI or Sleepers for a bit of power encase that happens.

Cards to replace or add in your deck:
Risen of Avarrach to Scouting Drone
Avarrach Has Risen to Mechanism
Anti Air Missile to Fear this will be a great way to ensure a kill with the called shot card
Deflect stop your opponent from kill your card with abilities
Extended Operation buff up a target card in the support zone
Cannon fodder favourite card of mine great for quick block or buff it while in support zone
Controlled Temporal Anomaly use it against your opponent or on your own card Lucca to recast the effect

Cards to consider:
Unstable bomb-bot
Infectious Zombie buff him up and rob your opponents cards is always a nice thing to do

Deck Building / Re: New Player! Deck Idea! (Genesis/DoD)
« on: April 19, 2014, 12:54:06 PM »
I love GI decks so hopefully I can help you out here to improve your deck and if you don't mind cast my opinion as well. The deck you are making is the morale version with GI and DoD that is going to be pretty hard to pull of though I am no expert so here a version I made up on the spot.

(Alternate Version if I was to make this kind of deck)

1- Unending Drone (Start the chain of raising drone from the grave early)
2- Secluded Constructor
3- Kung Ji, the Glorious Strategist

Main Cards
2x Secluded Constructor (Having 2 more will help if Secluded gets killed off)
8x Unending Drone
8x Invincible Defender
3x Defence Golem (To stop flyer or use as a HP source for Invincible Defender)
2x Unstable Bomb Bot (Handy card to mass kill all character on the field)
2x Balance (Can be used for Defence Golem to give him same Attack as his HP or any other card)
3x Daode's Protection
2x Lingbao's Will
3x Glorious Warrior
2x Anti Air Missile (Low cost and can deal with some Flyer type)
2x Assassinate
3x Extended Operation (Will buff up cards in the support zone)

Additional Information - I just tested the deck as well the one I made on the spot it does pretty well but may need to be improved still so I would look into the cards such as what I put below. However the deck is still reliant on the Secluded Constructor which put it in a bad situation not to mention flyer decks would be the biggest problem for this kind of deck as well that is why it best to have defence golem and anti air missiles.

Cannon fodder (Good card to combo with Mechanism and Extended Operation has no cost)
Infected Drone (Alternate card to use as an attacker or supply source, best used with Aleta)
Lucca, Combat Mechanic (Will up all Artificial characters)
Mechanism (Low cost and buff up character next to it each turn)
Spirit of the Ancient Guardians (DoD best removal plan for a card that posing big problems)

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