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Suggestions / Re: Create-a-Card!
« on: January 10, 2014, 03:53:46 AM »
Card Name - Wisdom of the Dragon
Ability Cost: 4 - Purity: 2 - Look at your opponent's hand.
"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."

Card Name - Verore Influence
Ability Cost: 8 - Purity: 3 - Take control of an opponent's character. Move this character to your support zone. You can only play this ability if your morale value is higher than your opponent's.

Card Name - Scrapyard
Location Cost: 3 - Purity: 2 - Exhaust: Shuffle a non-unlimited artificial character into deck.
"Reuse, Redistribute, Reinvent"

General Discussion / Re: Lethargy Stone
« on: January 10, 2014, 02:42:33 AM »
Why doesn't lethargy stone mill cards? This fixes problems while making the card the morale clock you've always wanted rather than a burn card that is too powerful or not powerful enough.

1. Milling cards still results in the end result of getting a morale victory.

2. The morale damage isn't instant meaning that it isn't "just an efficient (or ineffiicient) form of burn". This means a control deck would need to effectively stop an opposing deck long enough to see results.

3. This fixes the stalling issue the control deck creates as the morale victory comes through milling the deck. And doesn't come from a player at low morale milling themselves through regular card draw.

4. Adding in milling cards means you can add in counterplay such as cards that add graveyard cards back to your deck.

5. Milling itself has counterplay as a deck that wants to use this to win will have trouble against resurrection/zombie decks.


Lethargy Stone - Cost: 4 - Artifact (not unique) - 1 Verore Purity - Pay 4, Exhaust: Target Player mills 3.

General Game Discussion / Re: Forum Avatar Images
« on: January 07, 2014, 11:20:05 AM »
I haven't been as active on these forums lately, but probably will be again lol. Here's a few.

Tech Knight (Card Size)

Unfazed (Card Size)

Unfazed Avatar

General Discussion / Re: Damage over time effects in game
« on: October 28, 2013, 06:12:54 AM »
Very thourough Report there. Thanks for the clarification on some of the Mechanics. I'm certain the Developers will appreciate a free testing Log for this as well. ;)

The most interesting Part about this is Princess Hinreki's Ability to poison Characters that attacked her through 'Fight'. This definitely makes her a lot more viable Choice against WP Builds.
The only Question is, if it's intended...

I think the ability to poison is intended with fight, as they enter combat with each other. As long as people know not to fight her, it's good for them, as she is not a target as it won't do anything.
Actually I'll go further to say the dodging of damage also is intended on Hinreki because when she engages in combat with another character, she instead retreats and poisons the target. Fight! Purely starts a fight. And that's what she does in combat.

Suggestions / Re: Hunted dragon is really not being hunted
« on: October 27, 2013, 04:25:13 AM »
I don't feel it's overpowered, certainly not with the increased resource cost on the new patch (up to 7 wasn't it?).

If you dedicate 15/40 cards for a specific combo it should be a hard combo to counter.
It's an interesting solution to slow it down a turn. The combos still happen, they just take a turn longer.

General Game Discussion / Re: Forum Avatar Images
« on: October 26, 2013, 05:32:35 AM »
I dont think I saw a Daode yet ^_^
Daode, Sage of Strength

Daode's Protection

Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity (Better Version!)

Yuanshi's Wrath

Lingbao, Sage of Discipline

Lingbao's Will

Sage 1
Sage 1 Spell
Sage 2
Sage 2 Spell
Sage 3
Sage 3 Spell.

Suggestions / Re: Balance Suggestions
« on: October 26, 2013, 05:10:30 AM »
Lightmare does listen to fans.  Lightmare does weigh and consider our discussions on these forums.  So let's start a balance discussion, get an idea for what kinds of changes should be made, which cards are too strong and which ones might need a buff.  This is just a foundation, so feel free to say whatever cards you disagree/agree with or nitpick certain ones that you have comments on.  At any rate, let's give Lightmare something to think about - something from our perspective.  Here it goes.


Wealthy Noble - Increase cost to 2.

This card is auto-include.  If your opponent is not playing DoD, then it's basically a Time Walk.  Card is insane and needs a cost nerf.
Or maybe Increasing your max resources by 1 for 2 turns. This way you get a boost even if the card is killed, but you lose the boost even if the card is still in play for 2 turns.
Cult of Verore.

Grotesque Brute - Pay 4: If Grotesque Brute is in the assault zone, it becomes invincible this turn.

This way, you can make it invincible AND drop Mass Death on the same turn.  The change on the wording of the text ALSO allows you to block with it, but NOT have an invincible blocker.
I don't think this is gamebreaking. I've seen more Mass Death + Resolve combos (Paladin or Fiery Resolve on a char). It's a good combo but not a bad thing to have in a game. I would like it if Invincible and Consume could be more readily available for blocking. Instead of removing invincibility or blocking or consuming, the character should be LIMITED TO ONE BLOCK PER TURN.
Verore Brute - Decrease cost to 3 and change the stats to 7/7.

Verore decks almost always rely on the other faction for their characters, which is not necessarily good but also not really a great thing either.  This buff would make Verore Brute more usable.  Lowering the cost makes it usable in far more decks.  Lowering the stats to 7/7, it makes it so that you'd really want to build around it at least somewhat to be a worthy inclusion and prevents it from being autoinclude.
Might have to do 6/6. This still keeps it out of WoW and Yuanshi range and that's good for a 3 cost card.
Verore Kidnapper - Change it so that if Verore Kidnapper is destroyed (rather than leaves the battlefield), the removed character returns to play.

Important thing here is that 5 is quite a bit for a card that can be "conveniently" killed through mass damage when he's not really one you want to use in combat.  We don't want him to be countered by Calamity, Temporal Anomaly, etc.  The big one is Calamity - if either player uses Calamity and one the players had used Kidnapper, then Kidnapper becomes so completely awful, because any threat post-calamity is a good threat, especially if its free.
I don't agree. You'll see verore players actually USING those cards with the kidnapper to effectively turn the card into an amazing kill spell.
Siphon Structure -Change name to Siphon Life.  Allow it to target either a character OR a player.

Verore is the death faction...but they don't have that many options for killing, do they?  Well anyway, this change would be great because it's still not ideal to pay 10 resources to kill a Bromich for example, but it opens up more utility for the card.  Allows it be used in far more roles than it is now.
Verore has many options for killing. This would sound balanced if you didn't realize it would make the card a really cheap assassinate that heals you when you think of its' range and killability of anything with low hp in the command/support zones.
Word of Command - Change it to lock the character to that zone for 3 turns.

The current 1 turn is far too short.  (It sees virtually no play right now.)  3 turns would be great because then it deals with the problem card "for a little while."  If you happen to follow up with Mass Death or Veroria, then great!  But if not, then their threat is going to come right back at you!  Also, it allows for easier combos of Word of Command into Called Shot on the next turn and things of that nature.
Completely disagree. At the WORST, this card gives any character you have haste at a cheap cost of 2 with ZERO drawback and dodgability against mass death etc. At best it kills a character you move to the right zone at the right time. The only thing it doesn't have is the Fire-and-Forget removal aspect of making a card completely useless for an abnormally ridiculous amount of turns at 2 cost.
Descendants of Dragon.

Balanced Warrior - Decrease his cost to 2.

His "benefit" is equally as good as it is bad.  So, if a player can use him effectively, they should be rewarded for it.  Thus, a cost reduction (or a stat increase) is useful here.  I think a stat reduction is more interesting because it increases the likelihood of a player using him with defense-buffing cards.  A stat buff might make players play him simply for the raw power (which is fine, but not ideal).
I'd go for making him 2/2 for 2 if that was the case. It'd make Imbalanced Warrior decks start off quicker too which could be scary but not gamebreaking.
Monk of the Mian Monastary -  "Monk of the Mian Monastary enters the battlefield with 1 counter.  At the end of each turn, it gains +1/+1 for each counter on it, then double the number of counters on Monk of the Mian Monastary.
Not a fan. I'd rather him just build up his power while hes in the defense zone instead of the support zone. It'll open him to more removal and death possibilities but it also encourages defensive play with DoD rather than passive play. Even in an aggressive deck you can then time your movement to assault to beat the opponent's face.
Meditating Monk - If Meditating Monk's power is 20 or greater, it gains flying.

Problem with a non-flying character is that even if he gets huge (by the opponent not wanting to attack into your wall many times over), they can still chump block this guy.
Weird ability but hilarious when you think of the meditation and transcendence aspect of it.
Flame Dawn.

Aberion's Banner - Reduce the cost to 1.

This card is pretty situational as it is.  Reducing the cost to 1 makes it much more convenient to play and opens up new archetypes and more interesting lines of play.  The decks that already used Banner would benefit somewhat but this would only be a tempo bonus thus I think it is fair, since Banner has the built-in drawback of attacking with only 1 character at time.  Thus, you will often have LESS damage output by trying to use Banner, as a result, the card could really shine as a tempo-card regardless of whether you wanted to build around it (Radariah/Hungry Devil/Devil of Despair/etc.) or not.
Cost of 1 feels too low. It already shines when you build around it. The problem is that its not amazing with the way you regularly play Flame Dawn, which is ok because cards should be allowed to have those niches.
Aberion - Increase his base stats to 10/10.

He needs a stat buff.  A cost decrease or haste would be inappropriate - he serves as Flame Dawn's lategame card, thus a stat-buff increases his strength where he is strong.
Increase to "Bromich" Strength is appropriate at the very least lol.
Burning Prejudice - Allow it to target any character in play, rather than simply the combat zones.

Burning Prejudice should serve as Exhaust's bigger brother.  But this minor buff adds some additional layers of depth to a card that is two purity and costs two more than Exhaust, so it is balanced.  This would allow someone to use Burning Prejudice on a Yuanshi in command to prevent him from Wrath'ing the field next turn, for example.  It opens up more utility for the card.
Wait a second, I thought Burning Prejudice DID target any character in play? If it doesn't anymore then they've made a mistake.

Ferocity - Reduce the cost to two.

This card has a lot of interesting potential utilities (Mass Death + Ferocity to dodge your own Mass Death and attack through it, dodge Death Ray, use on an opponent's character and block that character to kill it), but at 3 cost, its too high priced to actually be a worthy inclusion for these uses.
Interestingly enough this would make it as good as the nerfed version of Word of Command. (See what I did there?)
Flame Ram - Reduce the cost to three.  OR Increase damage to 20.

Flame Dawn can deal 10 damage at 3 cost with Kali, and 10 base + way more with each extra attacking character Bromich at 4.  As someone who has tried to make Flame Ram work time and time again, it is simply awful in a rush deck.  It is a terrible blocker and if it becomes blocked, it does nothing, and if it actually gets through, it only does 15.  And that's it - the card's entire "special" effect is just a little bonus damage.  In exchange for its numerous drawbacks.
I've suggested this. A player should be rewarded for risking a glass cannon like a 3 cost Flame Ram over a safe card like Kali.
Vicious Ransacker - Change stats to a 9/3.

Just a minor change, makes him slightly more fragile but also closer to Kali in terms of damage output.
Not needed. The damage increase to the Support zone was needed and it got it in my opinion.
Genesis Industries.

Splitter Robot - Increase cost to 5.

Splitter Robot is incredibly efficient, and as Moomin and others have pointed out, it essentially invalidates Badbot (although many choose to run both, but still).
Originally during testing we were able to sacrifice Splitter Robot from the command zone allowing 5/5s to hit the field right off as well as producing an insane sacrificial advantage right off. This produced a meta dominant deck in the test server before RISE came out. I didn't decide on this but the decision was to prevent the splitter from triggering in command but reduce the cost by 1 to keep it competitive with other cards.

It's efficient but think of it this way....Bromich is a 10/10 for 4 and DoD has 12/12s for 4 and their effects are about as good as the 5/5 split. Splitter is also worth increased morale (unless sacrificed). If anything, Bad-Bot needs a redesign. Imo "Exhaust, Sacrifice: Give an artificial character +10/+10".

Genesis Scavenger - Increase stats to 7/8.

That way, it can absorb a hit from a Knight of the FD and live.  GI needs some form of early game and I think Genesis Scavenger can suit that role.
At the very least it should do this.
Kinetically Overchaged Drone - Change it to receive +2/+2 each turn it is in a combat zone, while it receives only +1/+1 for being in a support zone.
Out of all the changes suggested to this, its alright. I still like the "+3/+3 at the end of turn if it moved to a different zone this turn" lol. But yours sounds easier to use (but still deadly if a deck isn't prepared with removal).
Overloaded Soldier - Change the subtype to Artificial.

Shrapnel Launcher - Reduce the activation cost to 1.
On the test server we had no activation cost. This was balanced given that you had to sacrifice artificials for a static effect that only targetted the combat zone. Especially because chump blocking was usually a better option in some cases.
Dragon Project - Add "You may activate Dragon Project multiple times in a single turn.  If you do, sacrifice it at the end of the turn.
Interesting. I'd rather the location "exhaust for 3 turns" if you choose to multi-activate. It's a good concept.
Tygris, the Architect - Increase the BASE cost of the characters by 1.  Decrease the cost of ADDED ABILITIES by 1.

Orion should set himself further from Tygris by being more efficient.  Tygris should become more efficient through adding extra abilities to these characters.  Puts each in a better position where they belong.
It would definitely make him very powerful but GI is more about utility through ability rather than raw power which is why it would work. They definitely still gotta make abilities show up somehow so that opponents know what they are up against.
Controlled Temporal Anomaly - Remove preemptive.

This card is Stumble, except in GI, and it removes buffs, and has a million other uses.  Card might be too good with preemptive - i.e., not enough room for counterplay since it is preemptive.
The card was originally designed to counter cards like Calamity which have very little counterplay. With the change to Stumble and Exhaust and Word of Command, this card should stay the way it is but get a cost increase to 3 or 4 to retain the design but be priced at the power it is at.

Chalice of Madness - Reduce purity to 1.

This card would gain so many interesting uses at 1 purity.  It would still have a high cost of 6, but it becomes much easier to combine with Unending Drones, Reanimator strategies, discarding Aletas, and so forth.
At the very least. Reducing the cost to 5 and removing the unique rule wouldn't make it gamebreaking either.
Dehumanize - Allow it to target the battlefield, rather than combat zone.

This is a 5-cost card which also gives the player a million guys to chump block with, or fly over and help their clock.  So, it should be easier to use (by targeting anything on the battlefield).
I've not been sure of what purpose this card has had given its' weird drawback. It has unique uses that can be beneficial but it doesn't justify the cost. Should cost 2 (Its currently like death ray but has a worse drawback) or drop to 4 and hit battlefield.
Demonic Corruption - Increase the cost to 3 and add "If that character dies, return Demonic Corruption to your hand.
That's cool, just hope it doesn't desync things, probably change to "if that character leaves play".

Rakarl - Decrease his stats to 10/10.

His ability is ridiculously powerful.  A minor nerf is useful so that he becomes slightly less auto-include and also easier to deal with via damage-based removal, since this guy can single-handedly murder a FD rush strategy (aspirants become so sad).
Warpath does have some really good 5 cost cards. Making him have the same stats as Pack Leader makes sense given that he basically gives your characters AND your fortress armor: 2.
Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter - Increase the base cost to 6.

Tusked Behemoth is a vanilla 12/14 for 5.  Agent Coyle is a 10/14 with haste, a Called Shot ability, and can turn into a dragon for only ten cost!  I would definitely argue that that these 3 abilities jusify moving his cost to 6.
A buff was needed for coyle, I'm not sure what they were thinking given that Jungle Giant was far more deserving of haste given his current stats and ability. Six sounds like a good idea given Warpath's general cost curve.
Brutality - Increase the damage bonus to +10/+0,
Personally would rather +6/+6 or +7/+7 given Warpath's offensive AND defensive prowess in battle (and to help unstoppable work) but +10/+0 is balanced too.
Caretaker of the Young - Add "Tokens created this turn become exhausted next turn."

Breeders need to be slowed down, but should still have late-game potency.
Slowing it down for one turn is a fair suggestion.
Ruins of an Ancient Civilization - Decrease cost to 4.  Increase purity to 2.

This makes it an effective anti-aggro card.  Since the characters do have to deal combat damage to you directly, it only slows down the aggro player and doesn't really solve any problems, but at 7 cost, it's comes out too late to ever make a difference.
This card would definitely be nasty at cost 4, but locations SHOULD have the strength of Verore Keep and not be put to shame by the power of artifacts (which don't have limits on being in play and number mostly).
Sleepers of Avarrach.

Fill the Graves - Increase card count to 7.  Allow it to target either player's graveyard.
I'd love it to be able to mill directly again too. Should also be more cards that do this or an effect similar to it too. Personally? I'd want Fill the Graves to allow you to search a deck for 3 characters and put them into the graveyard. Maybe that might be a bit powerful?
Wall of the Dead - Increase to 2 purity...because this card is ridiculous.
It is a pretty good counter against direct damage and unwasted haste (Hunted Dragon) decks. At cost 6, I would rather see this card be a location lolz.
Undead Corruption - Increase cost to 3, allow it target either player's characters.

Adds more utility to this card - you can use it to protect one of your own cards by ensuring that it'll return if (when?) they kill it, allows for more use with enters-the-battlefield effects, and just makes the card more usable.
It was originally cost 2. When I saw this come up in testing, I immediately broke it into pieces as you could corrupt your own subjugated dragon and sacrifice it in the same turn from command pretty effectively. Amusing enough, I did not suggest the change to it. The change I suggested was to target the Battlefield and keep the cost instead of keeping it "opponent only".

Suggestions / Re: Hunted dragon is really not being hunted
« on: October 26, 2013, 04:16:17 AM »
I brought this up at the start of RISE testing as it was one of the first cards to from the new set to test. Interestingly enough, I'm seeing arguments that were made against me and for me made by different people across the board.

I specifically made a deck that abused this at the very start of RISE testing and had tried to challenge other testers to make a deck to counter it. Interestingly enough the best counter was an all-in Flame Dawn deck (due to the lack of control this deck has because of all the protection it substitutes in). Although the All-in Flame Dawn deck took a strong hit in the recent changes which means we are seeing this problem again.

Hunted Dragon used to be at 1 purity with no "Give the opponent cards if they are in the commander zone" clause. Even though my initial suggestions weren't taken, us testers did compromise on an increase to 2 purity and the commander zone clause for the Hunted Dragon. Here were the two suggestions I made. (Either one works)

1. Hunted Dragon at 3 purity.

Logic: This card is generally at the strength that a mono-faction card like "Hidden by Clouds" could aspire to be but never was. This also removes the option to play Fiery Resolve and Ferocity (on opponent's initiative) on it. This alone is more than enough to keep it balanced, enough so that you could even remove the commander clause on the card. It's ok if a player uses Deflect on it, as mass removal (i.e. Mass Death, Calamity), Spirit of the Ancient Guardians and even the card Hunt can still get through it.

2. Hunt for the Dragon actually Hunts.

Logic: When you get a "Hunt for the Dragon" card, it would have the same effect as Hunt as Hunt ignores untouchable and takes till the end of the 2nd turn to trigger. This way the card actually Hunts, just does it at 1 cost and only targets a Dragon (anywhere). A logical counter for it would be Fiery Resolve before the 2nd turn trigger, which is ok. Deflect and Ferocity would not dodge here although a player using the dragon knows that after it's been out...its going to die. Although they'll still get at least a turn or two before its gone, which is also ok.

I did get a compromise with the increase of purity from 1 to 2 and the Commander card giving effect. The question is...was it enough?

General Game Discussion / Re: Forum Avatar Images
« on: October 23, 2013, 05:42:14 AM »
Still waiting on Hunted Dragon myself. I have the card and if given instructions on how to get it's animation to someone to make the avatar, I'd be happy to help with that.
Sorry, I've been very focused in on other games at the moment and should be ASHAMED lolz.

Hunted Dragon

Aberion, the Hammer of Dawn

Even took the liberty of getting their sync perfect to the frame.

Suggestions / Re: Gank mode
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:47:26 AM »
It would be pretty cool to have a game mode which was kinda like king of the hill. You could have like 8 players (or more if possible) in a free for all situation with the only goal being survival for X turns. The catch being that new players can join the game during the game and you can rejoin if you die but the aim is to stay alive for a certain amount of turns without dying. Things will be crazy and free-for-allish until certain players get close to winning in which case everyone will have to gang up on them to take them out. AOE board nukes would have to be nerfed to only nuke adjacent players or perhaps youself and a player of your choice or something like that. But I think it would be pretty fun :P
We are talking about a card game, not a first person shooter xD.

General Discussion / Re: Balance - after patch
« on: October 13, 2013, 09:35:54 PM »
Here's my balance thoughts:

I think the change to Winds of War really opened the floodgates on token decks. Maybe this is okay, but other things need to be done to control these decks if this is the case. I also think the drop in damage from WoW had other unintended effects, like making Paladin and Syphoner look even better. I would suggest upping the damage back to 6 but keeping it hitting only the combat zone so it can be dodged. Maybe put the price back to 6, but maybe leave it at 5. Not sure and would have to test it more. Also, Fire Bolt to 5 damage seems good to me, Fire Bolt is one of the few ways to take down enemies outside of the combat zone, and since characters who stay out of the combat zone just got a lot better, I'd like to see it improved a bit to keep them in check. At some point I think Martyr Golem should be looked at again as it is really pretty crazy strong, and with mass damage taking a hit it is no longer as necessary to have a really pushed anti-mass damage card the way it once was. My current suggestion is to lower is stats to 5/10, so it doesn't help absorb combat damage as well anymore. At 14 health it is almost guaranteed to absorb two hits from characters, but at 10 it will only absorb 1 hit more often.
I agree with a change to winds of war. At first I thought 5 damage for 5 that hit battlefield would have been a good idea, but now that I've seen combat zone only in action....6 damage for 5 would keep it threatning and still reward the opponent for dodging or slow playing against it.

Firebolt at 5 would be ok, but then it would outperform lightning blast almost completely which is silly...maybe Lightning blast could be 5 (10 to artificials) which would shock a splitter bot for sure... 

I disagree with a martyr change, if one occurs...his cost would need to be reduced to cover the difference in stat loss.

Flame Dawn:
Seem like they're in a pretty good place. No longer kings of the mountain, but still quite playable if you're clever about it. Their 3 purity card, Bloodbath, is pretty useless now, though, since you won't be beating much of anyone in the combat zone by the time it comes online. I suggest reducing its cost considerably, maybe to 5 to start with, though I think it will still be weak for a 3 purity card even at that price point. I'd also consider returning Burning Prejudice to its previous effect but upping its cost to 6, since I think the game really benefits from having some sort of unsummon power, and with FD in general slowing down and losing its early game unsummon this seems like a fair place to put it. This would also help with the insanity that is token decks right now, and since 2 purity FD will no longer be ubiquitous, I don't think it'll force 8every deck to build around Burning Prejudice.
Burning prejudice doesn't stop token decks as they resummon everything on the next turn. It DOES kill GI pump, Unlimited Characters and specialized character focus decks. 3 types of decks that don't need to be obliterated as token decks could mostly care less about getting bounced.

Bloodbath should keep the same cost but give all your characters the "Two Lives" ability. Makes attacking twice actually happen too.

Stumble and Exhaust could actually drop down to 1 for stumble and 2 for exhaust given their current effects. Burning Prejudice should cost 4 given its current effect.

Descendants of the Dragon:
Some of the big winners in the latest patch, these guys are really solid now. With commanders and support zone characters getting harder to take out, the sages, who were already incredible, have gotten even better. Still, DoD overall lacks offense and so suffers a bit against late game decks and morale decks, which is good. Yuanshi is the best counter against token decks right now, so that gives them a boost as well. I'd suggest maybe dropping the sages down from 4/6 to 3/5 as a minor control on how strong they are. Combined with raising Firebolt to 5 damage, this would make the sages a bit easier to counter, which is really necessary considering how good they are. The one other change I'd suggest is to have Infected Monk reset its stats when it dies. Not only does this make more sense with how the card is worded (as opposed to how Resolute Knight is worded), it would also be a nice balancing change to SC+Infected Monk, which is currently pretty crazy. Otherwise, though, I like where this faction is right now. One other minor change: maybe give Soldier of the Wall the ability to block flyers. This would at least give it some kind of place in DoD's lineup, since right now it is just a really meh card.
Yuanshi is the best counter against token decks but Daode is also the best counter against AoE. It's very interesting especially with the change to fight. I agree with Soldier of the Wall, would be great for him to block flying. And it would be great to also give him Vigilance as long as Wall of Jinhai was in play.

Cult of Verore:
I really like the direction this faction is headed. Making the characters better and the spells worse brings out what was interesting about the faction. Mass Death is still great at 6, but feels much more fair. Hellcaller and Hellkeeper are much more playable now. Demon of Fear is still insanely good, and I really think it should go to 2 purity or else get a nerf of some kind. Compare it to Harbinger of Light. Perils of Command has a place now that it isn't just a crappier version of Fight!, but I'd like to see it drop in cost to 4. It's a card that is often a completely dead draw, so it needs to be slightly better when it isn't, and anyway commanders just got safer and generally better as the game has slowed down. I think Word of Command could go down to cost 1. Compare to the new Stumble. Candit I think can go to 5/5 or 4/5 like Hellcaller and Hellkeeper so she at least doesn't die to Yuanshi's while still sitting in command.
Word of command is worlds better than stumble hands down. It gives haste or vigilance to any of your characters with no drawback. It could also provide a kill when moving something to offense or defense depending on their positioning. Just because it doesn't eliminate a card completely, doesn't mean it should cost 1.

Agree with everything else. At the moment, mass death is still powerful at 6 similar to how calamity is still powerful at 11.

Genesis Industries:
These guys are really strong. Secluded Constructor was always amazing, but now that they don't have to worry about Stumble returning buffed guys to the hand he's gotten even better. The drop to 4 life was necessary to keep it under control, but it still seems too good. I'd add an exhaust clause to it, personally, because it still takes over a really good faction and makes other tactics mostly not worth playing with GI. Aside from SC issues, the faction appears to be in a really good place. The slower pace of the game has really benefited this faction and makes all of their cards better, and the new Agent Coyle, Mechborn is crazy strong. Even though it didn't change, Temporal Stasis is now one of the best counters to SC, since it resets buffed cards, and overall looks very strong as a tempo card with a lot of other utility when compared to the new Stumble and Exhaust. This is a bit of a problem because you don't really want the best counters to a faction to be in that faction. I'd like to see Low Orbital Ion Cannon change to target only the enemy's support zone instead of only the enemy's combat zone. Alternately, let it pick one zone whenever it triggers: support, attack, or defense. Then up its damage. This is because the game badly needs a way to sweep the support zone, and it seems to me like if IW is moving away from full board sweeps (a move I agree with) then the best answer is a targeted support-only sweep. Right now, this card is the best candidate for that, though I hope that going into Infection we see some more cards that specifically target support only.
Interesting thoughts. It would be awesome for LOIC to be a 10 damage "called shot" to a zone. I exhausts for 3 turns after you've had the 5 cost card in play for a turn and put 3 more resources into it.

Even though GI got some balanced adjustments downward, they've also had their hard counters wiped out. No more Stumble or Burning Prejudice to reset GI stats; No Fight! to kill Tinkerer or SC or any other commander the deck is built around; Not to mention no WoW hitting those unending drones.

Now the best faction. The biggest issue here is that they can make tokens all day for free and still play out Skraar, Rakarl, Pack Leader, and all of their other big cards. Improving token hate in other factions is a step in the right direction. Maybe also reduce Caretaker of the Young's health to 5 so she can be taken out by the new Firebolt. If Firebolt doesn't get a buff, make her 4 health instead. Or maybe make her power cost 1 resource so at least you can't make a bunch of tokens and play a Pack Leader on round 5. Maybe reduce Pack Leader's buff to +2/+2, which, combined with my suggested increase to WoW's damage, will make her tokens vulnerable to WoW even with one Pack Leader out. Once tokens are fixed the faction as a whole can be reassessed, but I think it will be in a good place.
Caretaker of the Young's ability should create 2/2 beasts. Keep in mind that these still trade evenly with aspirants and drones and these are baby beasts. Let the stronger beasts come out of the breeding location.

I know my suggestion for fight was to take away YOUR commanders as targets for your Fight! but still allow it to hit any one of theirs. This way you had to use the card on something you invested resources into. But the current iteration is still a fair effect for its cost.

I love the change to killaroo. Nuff said.
Sleepers of Avarrach:
I really haven't gotten to test these guys out much yet because they keep de-syncing my games. I think Necropolis, Book of the Dead, and Virus of Avarrach are all top offenders. I've submitted bug reports so hopefully this will get taken care of soon and I can test them out more thoroughly. On paper they look good though, especially Tome of the Death which is now one of the strongest board sweeps. Also, they make a lot of tokens and token decks got a huge de facto buff this patch, so at the very least I doubt they are too weak anymore.
Tome of the Dead and Fear are really powerful control options at this moment. Their character game still kinda feels weak given that their abilities are undoing their effects. The strategy is to use half of the effects and not use the other half. Not exactly something that works well going 2+ purity.
It's hard to judge an incomplete faction. Offhand I'd say that consume is really great now that tokens are a thing, so that bodes well for them. Princess Hinekri still needs to go to 2 purity. Chalice of Madness needs to not suck. If flame dawn is losing unsummon effects, maybe those effects should land in Exiles come Infection? This would make them good against SC decks, which will give them an important place in the meta. All in all, I'm happy to leave them more or less where they are and wait for Infection to finish them as a faction.
This looks like a solid splash although Wholesale Slaughter gets countered by token decks and FD which both are a bit popular atm. Devil of Despair countered control decks but we see a lot less of them around now. Right now Exiles are the answer to a problem that exists but is no longer dominating every inch of your normal game.
I like the changes and think the game is headed in a good direction. The only major issues right now are 1) that token decks need to be fixed either by increasing anti-token cards in power and number or by making it harder to keep making tokens forever for little or no cost; 2) that characters who stay in command/support need to be rebalanced around the fact that they are now harder to get rid of, and/or we need some better options for taking out commanders/support chars; and 3) SC and buff cards in general (like Disciple of Mian Monastery, who I haven't tested much but who I'm keeping an eye on for possible overpoweredness) are a little too strong now that unsummon effects are gone from the game.
The changes to WoW, Stumble, Exhaust, Reflective Shield, Mass Death and Burning Prejudice really shows everyone how many decks these cards restricted from existing. I personally welcome that change even though there just needs to be a few minor tweaks to it (mostly cost reductions and up the dmg of WoW to 6 keep cost at 5 and keep it combat zone). But I definitely think these changes solve a lot of problems.
Aside from these three issues this balance patch has me really excited about the direction the game's competitive balance is headed. Keep up the good work!

General Game Discussion / Re: New player perspective
« on: October 12, 2013, 10:20:21 PM »
As a new player, I don't understand what purpose morale has in the game. As an alternate win con., I think the very idea circumvents the idea of interactivity. The fact that you shouldn't play your hand because you'll lose the game goes against the very principle of TCG's...

And how exactly does a man yelling make zombies or robots feel the need to not only run, but abandon fighting altogether?

It just doesn't make sense to me, mechanically or otherwise...
Actually its more along the lines of "You've got to play your hand smarter". Rather than unloading everything you have and not caring about any decisions that are made. It puts value in the cards that you play, since card advantage doesn't have as much value in this game than board position does. Great tradeoff in my opinion to choose what you play (Infinity Wars) than praying to the RNG gods (Other Card Games).

General Discussion / Re: Balance - after patch
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:05:01 AM »
Invite Beta Balance First Impression

Flame Dawn Aspirant
Glad the change to Aspirant was reverted back to a 4/2 as this card was (and still is) a very balanced Flame Dawn card among many other flame dawn cards which needed adjusting.

Other Flame Dawn Changes
Fiery Resolve change was much needed for awhile and so was the Ransacker. Stumble, Exhaust and Burning Prejudice were too powerful. I'm not sure if this nerf goes too far, guess we shall see!

Verore Characters
I'm very glad Verore Characters are being priced better given they usually had to pay a premium based on their faction which didn't make much sense. Players simply used characters from other factions while using Verore Spells. Change to Candit contradicts the value placed on Card Advantage as you've essentially increased the cost of card advantage by reducing Candit's stats.

Verore Spells
As other spells have lost power, all of the changes here were needed. The change to reflective shield is kinda weird though. It doesn't reflect it to the other player's fortress but instead reflects it to the characters? It's interesting and could work against some characters and could be very devastating when used back to back. Sounds fun and definitely makes character healing a bit more important to have.

Descendants of the Dragon Changes
Awesome and agree with almost all of them. Repair and Rally are needed changes if they are to keep their splashability.

Ao Shun change is a good one, although I suggest he only be Exhausted for 2 turns instead of 3, I would love if the opponent played with their hand revealed whenever he is on the battlefield but hey =)

Xi may end up being a little too powerful when shes able to bring out 3/3 flyers for 1 cost (as this can mean 10+ tokens in a single turn). Given the way that tokens work, I suggest that when these Ghosts (and maybe even all spirits) die...they are removed from the game. Because...they are ghosts...which makes sense. And its also balanced that way.

Resolve of the Dragon and Lingbao's are solid abilities now. I like it.

Genesis Industries changes
I agree on the Phase Bot change, although the reduction in stats should translate into a reduced value while on the board. An 8 cost 10/10 that is 8 morale lost feels a bit high. Maybe 6? (Token should also cost the same, not less.)

Kinetically Overloaded Drone was powerful early game when fueled by Tinkerer Aleta. Mid-Late game this card is a dead draw. Although the change to stumble and burning prejudice means that this card's stats aren't getting reset. In fact, FD won't completely invalidate GI's ability to acquire stats. So I can see the strength of making this choice.

Mechlord's change was much needed to not make GI so incredibly immobile. Splitter Robot's change is for the better as I would rather have an amazingly efficient artificial character that cost a bit more morale than an inefficient artificial that doesn't. It's a choice that people will make when they build their deck and a lot of the time the Splitter is sacrificed to buff others which doesn't translate into lost morale.

Even though GI seemed like they lost power, the environment which hard countered them (almost every faction) is wiped out or watered down significantly. Unending Drones are not going to easily get wiped off the board from support, Pumped characters aren't going to get returned to the hand and Fight! isn't going to result in an instant Warpath win vs GI.

Although LOIC may have been nerfed a bit too much. Keep in mind this has about the same cost and purity of Mass Death and gives the opponent ample time to prepare for it. Going from 10 to 6 seems a bit too far for a 2 purity card like this, especially since it exhausts for 3 turns. Did the reasoning have to do with Pauper mode? (Which it is a bit powerful in pauper)

Hehkeem, the Corrupted now returns all characters under 3 cost, and not just undead. We felt that the undead-only clause of this card was preventing players from coming up with interesting deck ideas, so we're removing it.
Would quote this for extreme irony as the card is still 3 purity and doesn't open any other factions for inclusion. ALTHOUGH, this doesn't rule out Conscripted Militia and about half of Factionless characters though.

I really like the change to Killaroo as it not only improves the character based battlefield options Warpath SHOULD also improves its splashability. I can see DoD splashing Killaroo for defense or FD splashing it for offense!

Other Warpath Changes
Agent Coyle seems a bit too powerful. Maybe it just looks powerful but at this moment it is an extremely efficient haste character even without his ability. Although when compared to Spirit of the Ancient Guardians, a 4/4 Flying Vigilance 1 purity DoD card that has a permanent Hunter Coyle feels a little more balanced.

Matriarch, One of Many and Skraar are great adjustments. The change to Matriarch's healing makes so much sense as it did feel quite underwhelming before.

Hidden by Clouds
The change to Hidden by Clouds seems ok, but I still wouldn't run it in my Warpath decks. It may be the largest character but since it doesn't have unstoppable, it can't get through. Since it doesn't have flying, it can't get through. Since it doesn't have haste or vigilance or charge or shield, its susceptible to any control method before it gets a chance to block or attack. This may sound interesting but the only powerful high cost character I would pay 12+ for is Mega Unit 02. Why? Not only does it have the protection, it also blows up the battlefield as it epically wrecks you the bang for your buck. When I think of what a 3 purity character should be, I think of Mega Unit 02 (which isn't 3 purity), I don't think of Hidden by Clouds.

Warpath Outlook
Overall Warpath gets a huge buff because many of the spells from Flame Dawn and Verore which nullified any viability that GI or WP had are no longer a huge threat to the factions. Since the factions are no longer hard countered by these mechanics so ridiculously, you'll not only see more competition between the may actually see the factions be represented more.

Factionless Changes
Yobo and Called Shot are needed tweaks and Assassinate has some PUFFY awesome art (which translates into an OP buff lulz). Grave Rob change was also very much needed. I forget who suggested it, but props to you (or several of you). Evellee change may be going a bit too far. Will have to test it to see...

Winds of War
Winds of War feels like it was hit too hard. But this may actually turn out to be a good thing in some ways as now it has defensive AND offensive mindgames built into it. You can retreat all of your forces on a turn you drop a WoW that hits none of your guys. You can do this while your Martyr Golem and Mortar Cannon are laughing at your opponent.

Although a lower amount of support destruction means that Shrine has far less for counters. I know when I did my suggestions I had Shrine in mind because I knew how much Shrine would get even if WoW did 5 damage to support (which now it doesn't). Then again my solution of "Pay 12 to destroy it" felt clunky. I don't mind if Shrine does well, I just don't want it to dominate because as of right now there is no card in Infinity Wars that can get rid of the Shrine or even reduce/reset the percentage.

At the same time, a player cannot "dodge mass death" only to find themselves getting WoW'd instead. Which makes the change to WoW an interesting nerf to Mass Death.

Mortar Cannon
Mortar Cannon gets a reduction in health but the change to winds of war has resulted in a net buff due to its' hp being out of Yuanshi and Firebolt range with WoW not being able to reach it in support. Even though Flame Dawn will definitely be getting stopped earlier, they may whip out the mortar cannons and Sacculai for the win. Which isn't a bad thing given FD will have to try something to squeeze in that last bit of damage.

Jubalia the Messenger
At cost 6, this will be a very solid card. Even more, given that spells were reduced in power. There are some counters but overall this will be a very nice finisher card for most decks.

With the change to WoW, you could still double WoW it on turn 10 (even though thats huge card loss)...but you cannot WoW + Yuanshi no matter where Jubalia is...

LOIC can no longer one shot Jubalia. Although any pumped flyer can easily swoop in and block for a kill.

Warpath decks must add Hunt now. Given that this card is going to be effective in any deck and the decrease in power that most kill/aoe/fight cards have already gotten, Hunt is actually looking pretty solid now. Hasted Killaroo with Brutality could always surprise. It only takes one pack leader to give him enough toughness to survive and 2 to kill Jubalia and live. Could also see other decks splashing Killaroo for these reasons.

DoD will have Spirit of the Ancient Guardians easily and even Xi tokens make decent blockers. Verore still has Mass Death. 2 Verore + DoD has both. All decks could have Calamity. All decks could block Jubalia with Jubalia xD.

Overall Jubalia has a decent buff given that decks cannot have lethal on the board by turn 5 as easily as it once did. Even if an aggro deck is ahead, Jubalia may end up having to block. Generally a card like this is very good against a heavy spell deck or a heavy ground force with no air support.

Suggestions / Re: "Adjacent targets"
« on: October 10, 2013, 05:32:38 AM »
"In the same zone" always seemed to make sense for Infinity Wars, not sure on the "Adjacent targets". Then again it IS a grenade.

General Discussion / Re: Balance - After RISE 9-19-2013
« on: September 30, 2013, 12:40:53 AM »
I would not call 5 damage more "only".... It's a 50% increase.

Zero power is a pretty serious drawback.
It's 100% less power than Kali gets for the same cost.

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