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General Game Discussion / Re: How to Save IW (The oversimplified version)
« on: November 20, 2016, 05:56:29 PM »
"We're a small indie company, this integration is too much work for us"

We also don't want to be tied to Steam. We have our own infrastructure, and we should think about our mobile users that don't have access to Steam.

Yep, I remember these discussions when the team was asked to add achievments in Steam. This is why I don't believe for a second they might do this.

I just wanted to share this thought because, to be honest, this would be like a dream come true for me. Add any decent and original gameplay to the real money trading feature, and I would play puffy out of this TCG. If Faeria or Spellweaver took this route, I wouldn't ignore them. And if IW would did it, I could probably lose my job by spending all my time on playing the game and trading cards.

General Game Discussion / Re: How to Save IW (The oversimplified version)
« on: November 20, 2016, 04:22:52 PM »
I just had an absolutely random idea that I decided to share here. Not because I think it will be used by the developers, but because I think this is a real 'million dollars idea' and it is just a matter of time before someone will use it in conjunction with a digital TCG.

Three weeks ago Steam Dev Days 2016 happened, and for a number of reasons one particular video from this event has caught my attention. This video:

Valve tries to create an additional level of monetization for the developers through significant improvements and expanding of Steam Marketplace. Developer of any game can use Steam API to add in-game items that can be given in the game, but  traded or sold through Steam.

And my random thought is that it's an ideal solution for a digital TCG that wants to have trading, real money trading, and an auction house. Merge your game with Steam, duplicate every card that players receive as a Steam item that they can sell or trade through the Steam Marketplace. All these deals are protected by Steam, developers (and Valve of course) have their cut from each deal, and if you look at games like Counter Strike or Dota 2, they have thousands, if not millions deals every single day! Here is the income for the developer, isn't it?

And the system works in a way that the players themselves adjust the prices because  Steam Marketplace works as a giant auction house. Have an unique or nearly unique card? Be free to charge $100 for it. Or sell thousands of your commons for 5 cents each.

Plus the visibility at the Marketplace is a promotion for the game on its own, at least at this stage, because not so many developers use this feature right now. It's something about 30-40 games.

LM won't do this, this is way too much work for them, plus they don't like the very idea of dependency from Steam, but I think the first TCG that will use this system, had a real chance to caught attention of millions players who use Marketplace. And the genre itself is perfect for this system: sell boosters for direct income, duplicate cards as Steam items, allow players trade their cards away and spend the money to buy even more boosters. If people buy freaking skins for their guns or other purely cosmetic stuff, I'm sure they will gladly pay for something that they actually can use to play, i.e. cards. And if this isn't a fastest and cheapest way for new players to find and buy cards they need, I don't know what else it might be.

General Game Discussion / Re: Rebellion Launch - Pack Openings
« on: November 13, 2016, 08:18:13 AM »
Spliterlite appears to be the rare uncommon

From 150 packs I have 8 of those including 1 plat-foil. Right in the middle between Entangling Wilds (4) and Placebotron (13, inc. 3 plat-foils).
After looking at my collection, I did notice something odd. Rare and below doesn't seem to matter, the Rarities have been messed up. I have more Gabrielle's than I have Splitter Lites.  :o
Hm. In each rarity (common, uncommon, rare) I have between 4 and 13 copies of each card. For an example, I have 13 Dragon Collars (rare) but only 4 Bombard (common). I don't think it's wrong, for me it's more strange to have 13 Dragon Collars and Daclerius's Edicts but only 4 new Lucca. They have the same rarity but 4 times different amount. That's the RNG for you, I guess.

General Game Discussion / Re: Rebellion Launch - Pack Openings
« on: November 12, 2016, 05:12:31 PM »
150 packs from pre-order.

C = 352 \ 9 foils
U = 222 \ 10 foils
R = 136 \ 3 foils
E = 33 \ 2 foils
L = 7 \ 0 foils

News and Developer Talk / Re: 2 New Halloween DLCs!
« on: October 29, 2016, 12:46:18 PM »
why is this not being advertised in game or even on the opening screen?

I've found that one of them was bought by my friend in Steam. This knowledge has brought me here for the info (because I haven't seen any announcements there), and now I know there are not 1 but 2 new DLCs!

Best advertisement ever!

Proof that the studio still has clear vision of what they want to do with this game, and they have the resources to do that. Which means someone from Yodomare should step in and say what they actually do, what they are planning to do, and what I, as a player, can expect from their actions not in a "bright distant future", but after a week, after a month, after 3 months of their work.

It was like that back when Yodo just appeared on the horizon and Crestmoor made few posts about their plans how to help IW. Since then it's getting worse and worse again.

To be clear - this won't make the game better immediately. This will show that someone is still exist behind the development process, and they have intentions to make the game better, and a plan how to achieve that. At this point I couldn't ask more than that. Naming of any specific "improvements" is pointless if I don't believe that someone there has any intention to listen to them and take them into consideration.

General Game Discussion / Re: Intended Business Plan?
« on: September 20, 2016, 11:28:22 AM »
IMO, Yodo didn't expect it would be THAT hard to help this game to be popular. As everyone else who sees the game in the first time, it is quite easy to be sure that IW already has everything it needs to be the greatest digital TCG ever, and only needs a little help here and there to blow up the market. So, they decided to invest their time and money.

And few months later the reality of the situation is that their money and efforts aren't enough to fix all issues. And now they slowly step away from this project. Same did most of the players. Same did Fabrika although they were actually ruined by this mistake.

I never believed in any bad intentions from LM or Yodo about the game. But in my opinion at this point IW is one of the greatest traps for investment, because at first glance it's so great, but then everyone realease that this project is beyond any help. IW should be bought by someone huge, who is able to restart everything from the square one, keeping only the overall idea of what makes this game great.

As for Drew... I wasn't around lately, don't know what he did or didn't, but I think at this point IW is also a trap for CMs. With all the issues that can't be controlled by CM he is still the one who will be blamed every time, because he is "the face" of the company, that already doesn't give Puffy about the project. And as far as I can understand, LM's bureaucracy is simply stupidly restrictive and turns CM's job in to hell.

General Game Discussion / Re: how lightmare advertises.
« on: September 19, 2016, 09:39:39 AM »
Wasn't here for few weeks if not months, decided to check what's new on the forum... instant regret.

General Game Discussion / Re: New DLC?! :D
« on: June 14, 2016, 06:38:53 PM »
I recently bought both the Calamity & Martyr DLC, I don't think I was awarded the IP/Exp. Boosts correctly. Please fix if it is an issue.  ;D
They are all the same. I bought all three DLCs and I now have 33 "24 Hour 50% IP/XP Booster". Don't care about them anyway, but description for the second and third DLCs is plain wrong and promise more than it actually gives.

General Game Discussion / Re: New DLC?! :D
« on: June 14, 2016, 02:03:35 AM »
We made sure the DLCs were well worth the price! Also, I created the video that is listed in the Martyr's Bounty DLC store page on Steam. ;)

There is possibility you maybe overdid this. Do you know how much does it cost me to buy all three packages in Russian rubles? 885 rubles. With the current rate to the USD it is something like ~$13. For the amount of stuff that in game costs at least ten times more. And it's just meaningful stuff like LP, packs, and tokens. I haven't even tried to calculate the cost of all vanity items.

So yeah... not sure how many Russians might buy it (the game again doesn't have Russian translation, and the Russia's economy in such bad shape that even this amount of money isn't that small) but at the very least I can see an amazing opportunity for speculations if anyone might think that it worth it.

News and Developer Talk / Re: [Weekly Post #11] Update on Desyncs
« on: May 02, 2016, 10:14:49 PM »
Not sure where the game is going with all the latest changes I have seen (and honestly don't care much at this point due to complete disappointment in the future of the genre) but nonetheless, I'm glad to see that at least from the technical point of view the game is finally getting better.

If it was up to me I dont think id ban any cards but if cards must be banned in order to please the crowds I would limit it to 3-5 commander choices that could widely be considered too OP. That would probably mean banning from command the 3 strongest Aleta's and maybe banning Splitter and Bromich and zombie Hehkeem from command and maybe banning Zuza from the deck. And that would be it.
This is exactly what I expected to happen with drafts.

Its also worth noting that shrinking the card pool creates more boring and more OP decks. The smaller the card pool the easier it is to stack your deck full of consistent cards with solid stats. IMO rift is a fun formate because you win games based on skillful use of suboptimal situational cards like redirect, ethereal fusion, purify etc etc. Winning via the essentially brainless spamming of hordes of splitter bots or hordes of beasts or hordes of zombies is not what makes rift a fun format.
This is funny because one of the reasons to ban Tinkerer was the fact that she is too consistent for drafts and her effect is too reliable (maybe not exactly these words but something similar was said about her long time ago). And now we have draft pool reduced by a good chunk of cards, and another chunk's rarity is rebalanced in order to bring more consistency in drafts!

As much as I loved drafts while played them, I feel like these changes are way too much. Not a particular change or two but the whole idea of rebalancing cards' rarity in the name of one format.

What happened with the idea of 'TIPPING THE SCALES'? Almost three dozens of cards change their rarity all over the place - IMO it doesn't look like 'tipping' at all.


And the ban list... I understand the idea that too many 'bad' or useless cards can ruin draft experience but is it really needed to ban so many cards? Just because chances to get synergy from Best Fiends in draft aren't that high is the good reason to ban them? What's wrong with Shirazius the Cruel? In which way this card is bad for drafts? Purify? Is it too bad or too good?

Cultivating the experience is one thing but these changes look like 'overcultivating' if this is a real word (I'm sure it isn't but you get the idea). Drafts should have bad and mediocre picks, it's part of the learning aspect of the format to know what to take and what don't. Ultra niche cards like Ultra Unit or Enyah - I agree. Situational cards like Explore and Grave Rob? Why? We have way to utilize them if we don't need them in a match, it's named 'Overcharge'. Not optimal for the format cards like Shirazius or Best Fiends? No way they should be removed. Just because they aren't as good in drafts as in constructed doesn't mean they should be removed.

Just my two cents.

News and Developer Talk / Re: [Public Beta Environment] Patch 1.5.0
« on: March 24, 2016, 03:32:42 AM »
I was so glad to translate these patch notes in Russian, and read about all the cool fixes and changes... until I started to read comments.

I'm not a big spender and not a collector per se but I'm with TheRealTuna here. 2 cards like gold Martyr Golem for sure might look like a drop in the sea of 60 thousands of other cards. But they aren't drops in a small pool of those cards that really worth something in this game. Worth as collecting material not just for gameplay. Collectors don't care about these 59,998 other cards because they worth close to nothing in this game. But with this tempo even the previously rarest cards in the game would also worth nothing...

If this is your way to 'fix' trading and economy of the game, I'm not interested in IW anymore. Amazing gameplay only the half of the deal for me. Without the economy that allows me to return my investments, I see no reason to spend any money in that game. Plus without protection of my previous investments I also don't feel safe to make any new ones.

General Game Discussion / Re: Stuff Yodo has done for us
« on: March 02, 2016, 10:43:03 AM »
How many of you already forgot all the doomsaying that was on this forum just few months ago? How many of you are ready to say now that the game will fail in the nearest future as it was said at that point? For this achievement alone Yodo1 deserve at least some gratitude. At least from me.

Can they do what they do better? For sure, there is always room for improvement. But to say they did nothing (or almost nothing) good for the game is just... are you for real? Game's coma is better for you than what we have now?

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