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General Game Discussion / To those who celebrate, and those who don't.
« on: November 24, 2016, 03:30:41 PM »
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

I'm thankful for the friends and memories I made in this community, and to those I continue to make. You've all been great over the years.

To many more to come, no matter the venue.

General Game Discussion / Congrats Yodo
« on: November 15, 2016, 08:03:39 AM »

You got someone who is respected in the strategy gaming community to stream the game.

Much better than flaunting tits and ass in our faces. I have respected Ziggy for a long time and his work in the PoE community is unparalleled.

Good man, highly recommend a follow.

General Game Discussion / Sup Nerds
« on: November 07, 2016, 09:19:30 PM »
Anyone caught a Pidgey yet?

General Game Discussion / Insite
« on: August 09, 2016, 07:21:43 AM »
Please, whoever is the content manager for your Social Media.....use spellcheck.

General Game Discussion / I'm unsure
« on: August 01, 2016, 09:50:46 AM »
I'm unsure about something, so where do I ask it?

This seems to only be if I'm unsure of soemthing.

General Game Discussion / Just to get this off my chest
« on: July 25, 2016, 10:56:27 PM »
A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, some of you may recall that I had a very personal struggle with my health that cost me a lot of time away from the community I loved.

At the time, and I hadn't realized this until it was far too late, I had become exceedingly depressed. Caught up in depression, I had built up an almost agoraphobic/hermit nature. I didn't feel like I belonged in society, I hated who I was, I felt like I wasn't good enough to leave my desk. Depression had taken a rather serious toll on my physical and mental health. I didn't see it then, but I know now that it was my approach to being a Community Manager that had caused it.

Dedicating all hours of a day to sitting here because I felt like if I walked away I'd miss a message. Taking all manner of criticism as a personal attack. So much led up to what I had done to myself, and I have no one to blame but my own willingness to let it happen.

I was at 230 lbs, 28% body fat, and depression had a damn firm grip on me.

I'm now down to 175 lbs, 14% body fat, and in the best shape of my life. I feel like I have a much more positive and happier disposition, and I honestly enjoy going to the gym and being outside in the sunshine (despite it being 115 every day, seriously puffy you Arizona.)

I don't know what snapped in my head, I don't know what ultimately showed me I could make this change, but something happened that caused me to want to become a better person and I'm eternally grateful for it.

If any of you, my friends, feel anything near what I did back then....please don't sell yourself short. Anyone, absolutely ANYONE, is capable of making a change to become their best self physically and mentally. It just takes that first step of acknowledging that you can do it. It's an intimidating step, but once you're past it a world of opportunity awaits you as you move forward.

Good luck, and stay positive.

General Game Discussion / Happy Birthday to -
« on: July 20, 2016, 07:04:04 PM »
Pat Boiteux.

One of the coolest, most inspired Artists I've had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with. Thank you for all the hard work you've done for Infinity Wars throughout the years; don't ever stop improving good sir.

General Game Discussion / Uncultivating Cultivation
« on: June 19, 2016, 03:57:22 AM »

Dank kinds.

Greetings friends,

I'll kick it off for you. Many of you know I know exactly what you want, but I'm going to say it in a way that Yodmare need to read. If anyone wants to add to the discussion, feel free to do so in a manner that follows mine.

I'm going to say what an existing issue is, why it's an issue, and how it can be addressed based on what the demographic of hardcore card game players needs. I say "Needs" because it's not necessarily what you think you want, but rather what is proven to work and how it aligns with what you "think" you want.

Remember, every player everywhere knows exactly what they want; they may not know what they really need.

What is Competitive Play

Competitive Play, by definition, is a game mode that places two or more players against each other in an environment that is designed to be played at the highest level of strategic design and thoughtful play.

Generally speaking (if the creator of the game mode is worth their salt) it is deemed "Competitive" by the community due to the rewards and incentives which they are "Competing" for. This means they are purposefully trying their absolute hardest to do as well as possible and win as much as possible for the sake of obtaining whatever these incentives might be.

Does Infinity Wars have Competitive Play

No. There are no clear incentives, rewards, or reasons to place yourself in a situation where you are competing against other players at the highest level of play. Bragging Rights aside, playing Ranked is simply a gentleman's (lol) agreement to hurt each other as hard as possible.

Ranked Play, also by definition, should be the pinnacle of competition that players use other modes to practice in for the ultimate goal of being able to perform at their highest potential to progress up the ladder and gain rewards.

What does Competitive Play look like in this industry?

Hearthstone - Seasons. Pre-determined in length. Rewards showcased very early in the season or (mostly) at the start of the season. Players rise the ranks throughout that Month to put themselves in the best possible position of obtaining these rewards.

Psychological Effect: They see what they're fighting for; they know what they're playing for; they have a clear visual goal of what Rank they want to hit; they will work hard to hit that Rank and the community will respond to these efforts creating community content that is engaging to numerous demographics while having the simultaneous effect of showing incentivization for new players to reach that goal of entering that competition.

It has an excellent ripple effect that will drive new players to enter competition, which feeds the pool of players feeding competition, which feeds the veteran players and breeds competition to rise through the ranks, which feeds community created content.

Ironically, one of the absolute best reasons Hearthstone is so widely played is simply due to their UX interfacing. The graphic and sound effects create such intense and natural immersion and is something Blizzard has keyed in on with their new IP's rather well.

I would take a queue from this, as sound design has always been one of IW's weakest points in a genre where you're getting your pixelated ass handed to you by your competition in this regard. If you really plan to re-launch IW, you have to recognize what the industry around you is doing and what you can offer the players that are already accustomed to such excellent immersive design.

League of Legends - One of the top designs, but an incredibly different psychological design from Hearthstone. Where HS is Visceral and Sense-oriented, LoL is the Adrenaline-fueled blood pumper that a card game simply can't reach. (Prove me wrong, I dare you, make Billions.)

Length of seasons are determined by Patch Cycles, and most players will only ever see Skins for their efforts in Ranked Competition. Now, where does League of Legends differ? The top-end play.

In the client players can always spectate Ranked Matches, to simply watch their favorite Champions be played at a level they dream of obtaining. This fuels their passion, this feeds retention, and will create an unending cycle of Champion Monetization.

Players will fight for what most will recognize as "Silver Sluggers."

Get out of Bronze, distinguish yourself from the insignificant plebs that infest this reality needing to be purged from the earth like the scum they ar - *ahem* sorry, got into character there. Point being, most will only ever play League of Legends competition for the bragging rights, however they ALL know just how high a ladder exists in that game mode. They know how high it goes, and thanks to what Riot created, they have the resources to see first hand what the highest level competition looks like for cash prizes and internet immortality. (Source: Faker/Xpeke/Many others)

What can Infinity Wars do to breed True Competition?

Reward feedback loops. What form these come in, ultimately, is up to Yodmare. You will never hold a candle to many of the other games in this genre (including Duelyst, seriously) unless you clearly show that you're dedicated to breeding competitive gameplay that rewards only the best and brightest in your community.

Your gameplay is heralded as one of the greatest designs in the Digital Card Game genre entirely, your UI and Reward Designs continue to cost you players week after week after week and have for a long (long) time.

Players don't know why they're competing, players don't know what to compete for, and the worst scenario is that new players don't even understand what their goal is as a new player.

Players don't know why they're competing - Seriously. This is just something in this industry. Players need a reward to compete for. It's not enough to "Just have fun with the game" but instead they need to visually understand what they're competing for. That doesn't exist in IW.

Players don't know what to compete for - Once they're at a level where they unlock Ranked Play (something that honestly has little psychological significance) they have no idea what in the world they would do it for. They go into the game mode confused and scared. I'm pretty sure it's self explanatory why that's a terrible thing for the retention of your competitive play.

Players don't understand what their goal is as a new player - Why do they want to level up? What do they want to do once they're max level? What motivates them to enter competitive play? What motivates them to improve? What motivates them to win?

These questions are something you should ask yourself when designing systems. Don't leave it open ended. Design starts at the top and works its way down when it comes to competition. You create the ultimate goal, then work your way down to the gate/barrier that allows people to begin working towards that goal.

Create a vision, then run yourself through that vision from the perspective of a player who just wants to kick ass and feel good about it. Right now there is no feeling good about it, there's just senseless gameplay that results in a bunch of questions and intrigue. Once they're at the point of winning there is literally nothing left for them in IW unless they're one of the very few in the industry who just play to have fun and winning is enough of a reward for them. (Seriously, that's such an incredibly small demographic, don't underestimate how few players feel that way)

Feedback Loop Outline

In order of necessary progression:

  • Realizes they can compete in Ranked Competition
  • Is shown what Ranked Competition can offer them in regards to rewards
  • Is shown the ladder that they are competing against, to provide them a scope of a daunting epiphany that they have a long and difficult road ahead of them
  • Is shown how to begin competing in Ranked Competition and encouraged to prepare themselves (think the concept of being shown the different ranked divisions and where they'll start)
  • Is shown a clear visualization of their progression after each match, giving them a no-bullpuffy mental image of what they need to do in order to reach their desired goal
  • Is offered community highlights/content showing them what high-end competition offers/looks like in IW

Reaches Max Level, told they can compete.


Holy puffy this dude is Diamond IV? Goddam he must be good. One day I'll be there.

I gotta play 10 games to be placed in a division? Alright, well.....let's get started I guess. See how I do.

Okay so I'm placed in Bronze III and I need to win 7 more matches (or obtain X amount of Ranked Points) to be promoted to Bronze II. Got it. Better improve my deck to start doing better.

I wonder what I can trade for to improve my deck? Let's take a look at the collection binder to see what kind of packs I can purchase or what cards I should trade for to get where I need to be so I can improve. Maybe I can grab some of the decks shown in this Front-Page Article about Tournament Winning decks to get an idea?

You have just successfully created a psychological retention loop through smart use of UX interfacing and tangible responses to actions taken by the user. The less information that is included in the UI throughout this process, the less likely it is that the User understands the goal that you want them to see.

How that ultimately turns out is up to Yodmare, but that's an example. I did not dive into specifics for how it should work for IW because that's not my call nor can I be the driving factor for what the Community (I love you nerds) says they want to see in these designs. They're the ones you should be listening to for that.

I'm only here to give you a vision for how you can translate what they "Want" into what they truly "Need" in the end-game. All that is certain right now is that the end-game is a Sausage Festival where the only goal is to compare the size of their Sausages.

You can flesh this out over time, you can gradually improve what competition in IW looks like, but you need to make these players feel like they are heard. This has been an issue in IW for a long LONG time, and some of these players have been waiting for YEARS.

Let them love IW again.

This is what most players look like once they reach Max Level and don't know what to do:

This is what most veteran players will do with every update you push that has nothing to do with Competitive Play:

Cat-Moose Tax:

General Game Discussion / Click Bait
« on: March 30, 2016, 11:22:55 PM »
You're all nerds.


General Game Discussion / Can't be Bullpuffied with which Faction to join?
« on: February 24, 2016, 01:28:24 AM »
Be a Moose.

kthxbai.  8)

General Game Discussion / PM'ing Teremus
« on: January 28, 2016, 07:37:03 PM »
Hi cuties,

So I keep getting PM's asking me to help you with Infinity Wars stuff. I love you, you're a beautiful and sexy human being, but I can't help you.

The new team on the scene is Crestmoor, RikkiTikki, and Chappie.

I haven't been with the team for coming on 3 months now, and as much as I'd absolutely love to help you and put a big gigantic smile on your face at the cost of you providing me cheese, I can't anymore.

Please utilize the new team, they seem to be a great group of people.

General Game Discussion / @ New Publisher/Crestmoor
« on: January 06, 2016, 06:07:29 PM »
Greetings Infinity Warriors,

My it has been a long time since I've typed that introduction for any purpose.

I simply wanted to say hello, welcome to the Infinity Wars Community. I, and the Infinity Wars Team, spent 3 long years creating this vision and this community. Many of these players are my friends, and taught me much of what it meant to be a Community Manager over the course of my stay here.

Please treat them with care. They are fiercely loyal to this game, and only wish it to succeed as you do. I still firmly believe that Infinity Wars is indeed the best mechanical design of the Digital Card Game market, and with the right marketing behind it could stand up to the giants of the industry.

To Lightmare:

Don't be too fancy with Infinity Wars. The game has always had the greatest core design of any DCG in the industry, use that to your advantage. No need to think too big. If I've learned anything about game design in my time in the industry, it's that players will pay for what they enjoy, and I've only ever seen comments about how excellent the core design of Infinity Wars is.

To New Publisher:

Work with Lightmare, and these players. Lightmare is a group of highly passionate people, they have a lot of growth ahead of them, but they love to learn and only want to provide the players with the best product they are able to give.

I'll stop there to leave it short and sweet. I owe finding my true passion in Community Management to these players, and Lightmare.

Thank you.

~Terror Moose

General Game Discussion / This is Teremus, signing off.
« on: November 09, 2015, 07:44:54 AM »
Greetings Infinity Warriors,

For nearly 3 years Infinity Wars has been my life; my pride and joy.

We've shared a lot of history together, all of us. We've laughed, we've cried, we've raged, we've trolled, and we've activated spooky trap cards. Together we took a tiny little indie dream and made it a reality, and I couldn't be happier to have spent my time with all of you.

As of Monday, November 9th I will no longer be a part of the Infinity Wars and Lightmare team. I have accepted a very promising opportunity with a large online game developer/publisher, and it's a great career move for me moving forward.

I am proud to have learned so much in my tenure here; proud to have met the incredible people of the Infinity Wars community, and proud to count many among you my friend. There are so many great people here, and you should all be very happy with the community you helped to create.

Moving forward, Lightmare will be taking care of the communication on their end. I have high hopes that they will make Infinity Wars the game we all know it can be, and they'll need your help to do that. It's up to all of you alongside Lightmare to continue taking care of the Infinity Wars project, and I know together you can do it.

For those who would like to keep in touch with me, I'd love to continue some of the great friendships we have here, so I'll list my personal Twitter and Twitch channels here for you if you're interested in the same.

My Twitter
My Twitch

Thank you everyone. Both for making Infinity Wars become a reality, and helping to show me what a great Community Manager needs to be. I will come back and check in on the forums from time to time, and I may even see you on the battlefield.

Although I won't be a part of Lightmare I will be concluding the Avatar Contest as well as the reports of some of the major recent issues brought up with everyone's recent bugs.

This is Teremus, signing off.

General Game Discussion / Campaign mission hotfix
« on: November 04, 2015, 05:08:34 AM »
Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you a link over to the steam boards in case anyone over here might have the same question, just to make sure everyone is aware this issue was hotfixed.

Please ensure you click the link to read what the issue is, and what the hotfix was. Copypastaing text over here won't relay the info properly.

TL;DR - The Campaign mission that relied on Counting the Days and was broken when CTD was balance-hammered was hotfixed to no longer rely on CTD.

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