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Just a humble little ad - I found that the only factions i ever play in this game are GI and FD, so having purchased 63 pre-order packs, im happy to give away ANY order plat that is not GI or FD, including plat legendary Coyle Devine Demonic.

I want plat-up my 3P GI deck in exchange, so im currently looking for plat:

1x Aleta Tinkerer
1x Splitter Bot
2x Shield Generator
2x Controlled Anomaly

As a bonus, im also looking for 1 Plat/Foil Omnitron. I have a plat omnitron myself, so i can add it, and we can just see what adds up  :)

Leave a post or add me in-game and hit me up with a message

Here are the cards that were presented to us during 29th Order reveal stream, for those who missed it  :D

DISCLAIMER: Just as Teremus stated multiple times, cards are still being tested and are subject to change. Those cards shouldnt be taken as factual final versions.

New champion mechanic:

You still can have multiple champions in command, champion mechanic affects deployed.

UPDATE: continuation of cards:

Suggestions / Sandbox mode
« on: November 28, 2014, 02:38:47 AM »
(Sorry if this has already been suggested, my search brought up nothing)

So, after finding myself spending lots of time looking up videos/streams of gameplay and detailed articles just to understand how specific card works in action and with what strategies before risking getting it, i realized, why not have a training sandbox mode?

In this mode you would be able to build a deck using all cards that exist in IW and then test it against AI. Those battles would give no IP/XP and no challenges progression. Perfect to test out specific cards and strategies, especially if they require expensive epics and legendaries. Im sure it would be of massive help to people who want to come with unique interesting tactics, but cant due to cost of cards just to test it and risk of strategy ending up useless.

What do you think?

General Discussion / Exiles and GI's artificials
« on: November 23, 2014, 04:04:19 AM »
Am i the only one here who is weirded out/confused about how exile cards work on artificial characters? How can one create flesh demon out of a robot(demonize)? How can one deHUMANize a drone? How can one eat metal to become stronger(consume effects)? Is there any lore explanation about how does this happen? [Edit] - this is in no way a balance discussion, just looking for possible lore explanation.

Its like trying to eat a toaster or turn said toaster into an evil midget monster...  even though there is one exception (fallout players will know)

Cult of Verore / Lets talk about Hubris of The Strong
« on: October 14, 2014, 12:55:48 PM »
Before i begin, let me clarify that i have absolutely no problem with insta-death cards in this game. Most of them are working as intended, and can be bypassed/predicted, and in majority of the cases have corresponding cost. If you dont know how to deal with them, you deserve whats coming for you.

However, from all of my time playing this game so far(im rank 1185, which im sure isnt big, but at least shows im not a newb, i hope) i havent seen a card that screams "OVERPOWERED" as much as this card - Hubris of the Strong. This card has just 3 cost, bypasses shield, and makes any big units you have on the battlefield completely useless by permanently turning them into 1/1. In a nutshell, its Assasinate that costs mere 3 and that bypasses shield. Yes, it works only on cards on the battlefield, but thats where your most hard-hitting and healthy units are most of the time, and there is no way you can predict its coming because of its extremely low cost. If this is not unabalanced, then i dont know what is.

By creating this thread, i just wanted to hear what others think, and im very open to feedback. I really tried my best to see reason, but by myself i just cant find a valid argument for this card not to be called unbalanced. If this stamement doesnt change, i dearly hope this card will be balanced somehow or even removed from the game.

PS: Please, if you vote No, explain why. I might be wrong, and my suspicion of being so is why i created this thread in the first place, just please give a proper argument to help me.

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