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Suggestions / Bounty Hunter, Demon Hunter, Spec-Op
« on: April 09, 2015, 04:20:22 PM »
Most of us know these cards are terrible. Even if you assume you can make use of their abilities, they're now that useful, and 12/8 probably isn't going to get rid of whatever it is that's giving you trouble. However, I do like the idea of an anti-support character. Here's some ideas for changes that could be made to them.

I haven't contemplated how balanced any of the following are, but here are some ideas for them:

1. Cannot be killed by X Sub-Type.
A character with this not only can't be killed in combat, but by effects as well. I don't know if Fight! would count for this. If a character like this would die I suppose it would just be left with 1 HP instead. Perhaps its max HP gets reduced as it dies so that over time it does eventually die out.

2. Increase the damage from double to triple, or quadruple against a sub-type it's strong against.
Really basic this one. Doubt it'd be all that useful though.

3. Takes reduced damage from X Sub-type.
Whether it's a general X less damage or halving damage from a given-sub-type, it would let that character survive better when pit against a lot of the characters it's good at killing.

4. CARDNAME has +X/+X while fighting Y subtype and heals up to X damage it takes from combat
Effectively, a strong Bloodthrist that only activates versus certain subtypes. Bloodthirst level would be pretty high, like 6 or 8.

5. If CARDNAME does damage to a character with X sub-type, that character dies.
This may or may not include Fight!

I feel the need to restate these aren't meant to be final, but a starting point. I'm also fully aware the Hunters aren't likely to be changed any time soon, but it's a suggestion in case they decide to make any more of these for some reason.

Suggestions / Singularity
« on: January 16, 2015, 04:39:05 AM »
For lack of a better word. The idea is that you can only have one copy of a Singularity (Or better word here) X card in your deck. Uniques still have whatever their restrictions are and maybe these have those for the sake of copies obtained through some contrived means, but you can only have one copy in your deck regardless of anything else.

I dunno, it's something that came to mind.

Fan-Art & Fan-Fiction / The Strongest Fish in the Sea
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:22:42 PM »
A long time ago, there was a world with glorious oceans. In this ocean lay a goldfish. This goldfish was unlike any other, for it was not only much, much larger than the rest of them, but it had been recorded over thousands of years of history. During certain days of the week, it would send out a message through a dream that would reach not but the most power hungry and greediest of all mankind. Its message was simple, offer me a sacrifice and you will be rewarded.

Its name, was Puffy. Over time, Puffy grew into a curse, and a swear that people would use against each other. It didn't mind, however, because it would eventually send out a message for sacrifices. People often tried to find it, as they did. They didn't go mad, or die, but Puffy would just run away, as he was focused on staying alive. He wasn't interested in a fight, he was interested in watching men already half-nuts simply respond to his call.

Then the Calamity hit. Whatever it was that split the world, it created an infinite number of dimensions. Puffy survived, and now lives on in every single dimension there is. His purpose is still clear, to send out a call for power and wealth to the mad and get some nice sacrifices to make up for being a swear. People would try to kill him, but surviving the Calamity made him immortal, and he would eventually come back. Supposedly, an Aleta had seen Puffy in the past, and knew he could control the oceans. Even a creature like Cthulhu would end up having to bow down to his power. Which Aleta? It is unknown, though some theorize it is the Immortal Traveler, who jumps through rifts spreading the legend. The Legend, of the Strongest Fish in the Sea.


I was randomly thinking to myself what it would be like to make a card out of Puffy, or maybe even an entire faction. Then this came to mind. I don't think I'll be writing many of these, but I thought I'd jot it down for amusement sake. Who knows, maybe somebody will make a challenge based on making a card of Puffy. I know I want to now.

General Discussion / Remember that deckbuilding gimmick?
« on: January 09, 2015, 06:46:04 PM »
A long time ago in ye olde Infinity Wars, there was a deck builder. This deck builder isn't like that one we have today, because it showed you the exact order you placed cards into. You had to manually click on a button to make it order itself by costs and whatnot. As it was later found out, this was useful, because cards would resolve based on what order you put them into the deck. They later changed the deck builder to what it current is, which doesn't show that... or so we thought. Fast forward to now, where in the interest of figuring out whether Flame Dawn Fanatic will block Tactical Retreat or now, I found out it will do either one based on which card you put in first into the deck. That's right, that gimmick is still in full effect. Naturally, you would think it would be a lot hard to figure out what came in what order, and you might be wrong. When I view my decks in the load deck screen, I've noticed they aren't ordered the same way they are in the deck builder. I tested it, and it will show the order you place cards into the deck. However, after having my game crash it seems to have placed them in some order again. However, it will at least show it that way if you modify your deck again.

Will you guys find this useful? I have no idea... But for anybody trying to use tactical retreat alongside Flame Dawn cards you rarely see anyways, here's something about how a few of them interact:

If Flame Dawn Fanatic is placed first, it will go back to your hand and Tactical Retreat will check afterwards. Seeing the Fanatic missing, it'll gain 50%. However, if the Fanatic is placed later in the deck, it'll deck, see a Fanatic, not gain 50% and then the Fanatic will bounce back to your hand.

Pyr will not stop Tactical Retreat at all. However, if it is placed first in the deck the Aspirant Spawned will get buffed by tactical retreat as 8/2 the moment it enters the field.

Still doing more testing on this issue.

Edit: I removed a Fanatic but left two others and replaced it. All three worked the same way, so card order in the deck is based on the first copy you place in it. Will test if a different premium counts as a separate card.

Edit 2: Yes, a premium does count as a different card in the deck builder.

Flame Dawn / Bloodbath Observations
« on: January 07, 2015, 03:49:32 PM »
I recently decided to get my hands on Bloodbath. *cue laugh track* Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all night.

Joking aside, here are some observations I've noticed while actually trying to use this thing:

1. It's actually really powerful when aimed right. Yes, you're likely not going to successfully attack the fortress, but I've fun into a few instances in normal where I managed to pull off just that. The result was a massive hit to the enemy fortress and a few dead characters.

2. It works pretty well with flying. My deck wasn't heavy on flying characters, but those that did benefited the most from Bloodbath. Yes, anti-flying seems to be getting more common, but if you have a clear shot it's pretty good with flying. Speaking of...

3. It combos with Shikana. There's already the infamous Shikana-rocket, where you give charge to Shikana, but due to Shikana now activating at the end of the turn, Bloodbath had a combo open up. Now, if you Play Shikana on turn 7, when play Bloodbath on turn 8, you'll have Shikana try to smack the fortress twice, even if you didn't feed her. It also puts your opponent's entire deployed zone in defense. This both means they won't be attacking and that they will be vulnerable to Shikana wrecking everybody.

4. Multistrike and Two Lives characters have interesting interactions. I would think that a character, after losing the first life, would continue attacking. It would seem to me that's why Duelist was invent. However, for some reason, upon dying the first time, it quits attacking.

5. Where it place characters is strange. It might be based on play order or something, but if you don't manually place characters in the assault zone then it would seem to place everybody in there based on order you played them. Characters you leave in assault don't seem to move, but characters may end up inserted between them.

Does any of this make Bloodbath remotely viable? I have no idea. I'm just throwing out some observations. It's not like many other people are looking into this card.

Suggestions / Suggestions for Phalanx Commander
« on: January 05, 2015, 03:40:01 AM »
I was considering making this a poll, but then there's the issue of polls in general. Having recently obtained Phalanx Commander and seen the results of putting two int he same defense zone, I figured I'd make this topic.

To begin what I think went down when making Phalanx Commander the way it is and was. The thing with Phalanx Commander. When Ascension came out, a nifty card called Phalanx Commander joined the ranks of DoD's arsenal of rares. It's ability is as follows: When Phalanx Commander is dealt combat damage, he distributes that damage evenly among all characters in your Defense Zone. (Rounded down) As far as I know, this never changed, but the mechanic of the effect did. For some reason, Phalanx Commander redistributed the damage as Effect Damage, not Combat Damage. Why is a bit of a puzzle. The working theory is that they didn't want Phalanx Commander to proc another Phalanx Commander and cause them to indefinitely loop. Unfortunately, this meant that it would not proc Invincible Defender, but I guess it made up for the game not crashing when two Phalanx Commander inevitably tried to redirect the damage between each other indefinitely.

Then came Order, and Noble Protector was introduce. Its effect as of now is as follows: Characters in the same zone as Noble Protector cannot take non-combat damage from effects your opponent's control. This became a big issue for the defense zone. Phalanx Commander was considered distributing opposing damage, but it was not combat damage, so Noble Protector negating it, rendering Phalanx Commander Invincible so long as Noble Protector was in defense. To fix this, Phalanx Commander was changed to spreading combat damage.

This, however, turned out to be a mixed blessing. It prevented Noble Protector from making Phalanx Commander outright Invincible, but it also means Phalanx Commanders can freeze the game if they share a defense zone. It opened up new options, like using Phalanx in the Assault to activate one in defense which both independently activate Invincible Defender for 8 morale damage each, 16 with Lingbao's Will. However, it also meant that two Phalanx Commanders in defense would freeze the game.

Thus, I decided to make this thread to give ideas for how to fix this issue. There is, of course, the option of changing Noble Protector in the process, but Phalanx Commander needs to change or it will continue to freeze the game. Even with Unique, there are ways around that without making it a champion, but that wouldn't make any sense either, as that appears to be more of the Overseers' gimmick. Here's some ideas though:

1. Make it non-combat damage again. This would likely require modifying Noble Protector, but at least we won't get crashes.

2. Make it so that Phalanx Commanders cannot activate each other. Suli and I were in a game and I asked him to attack with Phalanx, have another in defense and play Lingbao's Will to add on to his four Invincible Defenders. The results was me going from 100 to 36 morale, or a 64 morale hit. As much as I loved watching that, this would fix crashes, as the Phalanx Commanders wouldn't make a loop in defense. It would make that combo a bit weaker, but it'd be a sacrifice in the name of not crashing the game.

3. Make Phalanx Commanders activate only once per instance of combat. Phalanx Commander won't activate again when it spreads damage to itself. Maybe each Phalanx Commander can activate once in a given instance of combat, but not more. For example: The first one gets hit, which spreads the damage. The second one activates, spreading the damage again. However, the first one would not re-spread that damage until that particular instance of combat was done. A character with multistrike would have more than one instance of combat. This is my personal choice.


4. Make Phalanx Commander bounce into your hand when another tries to share the same space. Basically, make it similar to how champions are. If two Phalanx Commanders somehow end up in your defense zone, then one (or more if applicable) of them will end up back in your hand. This way, even though the two could crash the game if they shared space, they won't be able to, so crash prevented.

5. Make Phalanx Commander Unique and increase the purity. As it stands, simply making it Unique will still give the option of using cards from the Sleepers Faction and other like it to pull more than one out and move around. However, increasing the purity alongside making it Unique could at least make it rarer an issue. Evellee and Enyah could still give ways to pull too many of them out and Raise Dead or Infect might also cause some issues, but they'll be less frequent an issue at the least.

General Game Discussion / Bug Reports
« on: September 17, 2014, 04:19:12 PM »
Wasn't there supposed to be a way to submit the output log? Because I was going to attach it with a recent bug report I sent in related to using Zombie Abomination, Enyah and Intervention, but I didn't get a prompt to upload the output log. I've attached it to this post, but for some reason the bug report didn't prompt me to do so... Is this intentional? Does it automatically attach it or something?

The Exiles / Spontaneous Combustion
« on: September 11, 2014, 03:56:32 PM »
I'm surprised this doesn't have a thread yet.

Exile 3

Deal 12 damage split randomly between all characters your opponent controls on the Battlefield.

Note: Evidences suggest an archaic wording used in this image for battlefield, current wording: Deployed. This was taken from Infinite Network

I was started brainstorming what I'd do to certain cards if I ever managed to mod this game. This was a particularly interesting one in my mind. The first three I thought of last-night. All of the following are 4 resource and have Exile 3:

1. Your opponent gains control of target character you control on the battlefield. That character then dies and deals 6 damage to adjacent characters and to one other random character. (The art is of a random demon Spontaneously Exploding. The character not only does character damage, but inflicts any morale cost that comes with the character. Realistically, there's not way to put this between characters, so it'll only do 6 damage to the single character next to it and then 6 more to some other random character. If there is only one available character to damage, then it will take another 6 damage. It's still 12 damage, but you have a better chance at aiming this. Battlefield means Assault/Defense/Combat, so there is that.)

2. Random character in chosen deployed zone and both adjacent characters take 4 damage. If there is only one adjacent character, 4 damage is dealt to a random other character. (12 damage, still somewhat random, but now you choose which zone gets hurt. This will basically hit three characters in a line, or two characters at the edge and a random outlier, which can result in it appearing to be three characters next to each other anyways. Targeting a character may or may not also be an option. A second hit, like idea 1, is possible, but only comes from a given zone having especially few characters in it.)

3. Choose an opponent's Deployed Zone. 2 damage is randomly dealt 6 times to the characters in that zone. (Not too different from the current version, but will probably be great against Nobles and BLBP that hide in support all day, or against decks with a knack for low HP cards in general. However, this is still restricted to one zone.)

4. Your opponent sacrifices target character. It may be played for an Exile cost of X - 1, where X is the cost of the character sacrificed. If it already has an Exile cost, choose the lower value. (I'm not too sure where I'm going with this idea, but it's generally a way to make your opponent waste resources keeping high-cost cards available. Sacrifice sniping may be weakened to only be death, which then inflicts morale-loss, and what zone the character is in may need to be altered. The Exile cost may also need tweaking.)

5. Your opponent gains control of target characters you control in their support zone, exhausted. At the end of the turn, the character dies and does damage to the controller's fortress equal to the morale cost of the card. (I don't really know if this is a good idea or not. However, I feel more ideas is better than less ideas.)

Flame Dawn / Aberion
« on: August 29, 2014, 03:04:01 PM »
Given what I've read, Aberion has two main problems.

1. Assault Zone Invincibility is not that hard to deal with. You can outright chump block this character, just remove him from the Assault zone, or even just have a beefy character in front of him that can just shrug off a few hits.

2. He's too slow. As an 8-cost character, his stats are that of a 3-cost, and by the time you can play Aberion, you've probably either won, or lost already. Furthermore, as an 8-cost, the amount of power you would get out of playing more characters would generally outweigh Aberion.

Some suggestions to fix him include:

1. Give him charge. It wouldn't really fix his obnoxious cost or his stats, but it would at least allow him to be invincible that one time.

2. Give him Unstoppable. This would not only make him good against chump-blocking, but more in-faction Unstoppable would help bring out Baldo for once, as each individual attack would actually account for 1 resource less that you have to spend on Hilderic.

3. Give him Multistrike. This doesn't really fix anything as far as I can tell, but it's an option.

4. Lower his cost. Plain and simple.


General Discussion / Reality-Shifters (Self-Removal Faction)
« on: August 28, 2014, 09:03:09 PM »
Since the Overseers got 23 cards when they were initially release, I decided I'd make a faction that had a similar structure to it, but focused on using Removing from the Game on itself in some way. Of the Overseers initial push, 15 where characters, 1 was a location and 7 were abilities, 8 were common, 8 were uncommon, 5 were Rare, 1 was Epic, and 1 was Legendary. I'll do my best to mirror the initial release of Overseers in terms of how the cards were spread across rarity and typing and hopefully not make anything too OP. This is more of a suggestion, but I guess it goes in this card discussion board, if not, please move. I feel this is one archetype that's missing and could be used as a hard counter to removal-heavy decks, though I'm not sure what it would lose to... I'm not completely sure how to balance morale, so bare with me if they're unusual. Artwork is somewhere between Cyberpunk and Steampunk.

Legendary: 1

Agent Coyle, Phase-Master
4-Cost, 9-Morale, 2-Purity, Legendary
Unique Character - Human

When CARDNAME is removed from the game, he comes back in the same zone at the end of the turn and gains +3/+3 permanently.
If CARDNAME is deployed and you have no cards in your graveyard, he evolves into a 20/20 Flying Unstoppable Dragon.

Note: Buff stacks similarly to Pilgrimage Monk.

Epic: 2

Rift Creator
8-Cost, 15-Morale, 3-Purity, Epic
Unique Character - Human

CARDNAME's cost is increased by the number of cards in your graveyard.
When you deploy CARDNAME, remove all cards from the game that your opponent controls until the end of the turn.
When a card you control or in your graveyard is removed from the game, CARDNAME gains +2/+2.
It is said that there was one that managed to obtain the ability to create its own rifts between worlds.

Phase Dragon
12-Cost, 9-Morale, 2-Purity, Epic
Character - Dragon

Flying Unstoppable
If CARDNAME is removed from the game, it comes back in the same zone at the end of the turn.

Rare: 4

Clarity, Shifter of Time
4-Cost, 7-Morale, 1-Purity, Rare
Unique Character - Human

Pay 3: Remove the top card of your deck from the game. If CARDNAME is deployed at the end of the turn, the card removed by this effect is added to your hand.  This can only be used once per turn.

Explode-able Shift-Bot
5-Cost, 8-Morale, 2-Purity, Rare
Character - Artificial

When CARDNAME dies it is removed from the game. When CARDNAME is removed from the game, any characters it did damage to this turn die.

Harnessing the Rifts
4-Cost, 1-Purity, Rare

In addition to playing CARDNAME, removes any number of cards from your graveyard. Heal X damage, where X is the number of cards removed by this effect x2. Remove this card from the game.

Phantom Space
5-Cost, 2-Purty, Rare

Pay 6: Remove all cards in your graveyard. At the end of next turn: Return any of your cards removed by this effect to their original zones if CARDNAME is under your control.

Uncommon: 6

3-Cost, 6-Morale, 1-Purity, Uncommon
Character - Human

A character killed by CARDNAME has its text is removed and is removed from the game.

Reality Pulse Master
3-Cost, 6-Morale, 1-Purity, Uncommon
Unique Character - Human

Pay 3: Remove Reality Pulse Master from the game. Deal 4 damage to target character on the battlefield. CARDNAME returns to his original zone at the end of the turn.

Rift-Power Drone
3-cost, 6-Morale, 1-Purity, Uncommon
Character - Artificial

Remove target character your control from the game: CARDNAME gains power and health equal to the power and health of the removed character. This can only be used while CARDNAME is deployed.

Reality Pulse Bomb
3-Cost, 1-Purity, Uncommon

When you play this card, remove it from the game. When this card is removed from the game, each of your opponents take 4 damage.

Mass Reality Distortion
5-Cost, 2-Purity, Uncommon

Remove up to 5 cards from your graveyard. Create a 3/3 Remover of Space for every card removed this way. Created Tokens have no text.

Time-Distorted Shift
5-Cost, 2-Purity, Uncommon

All characters are removed from the game. Return them to play at the end of the turn.

Common: 7

Shift Clone
2-Cost, 3-Morale, 1-Purity, Common
Unlimited Character - Human

When CARDNAME is removed from the game, create a copy in the support zone at the start of the next turn, exhausted.

Remover of Space
1-Cost, 3-Morale, 1-Purity, Common
Character - Human

When you deploy CARDNAME, you may remove from the game, a card you control in play, a card in your graveyard, a card in your hand, a card from the top of your deck or a character your opponent controls. Removed card returned to its original zone at the end of the turn.

Reality Shifter
3-Cost, 5-Morale, 1 Purity, Common
Character - Human

Remove target card you control from play: CARDNAME gains +2/+2. This can only be used once per turn.

Reality-Shift Bot
3-Cost, 5-Morale, 1 Purity, Common
Character - Artificial

If CARDNAME is removed from the game while deployed, all characters you control gain +2/+2.

Reality Flux Cannon
2-Cost, 2-Purity, Common

In addition to playing CARDNAME, remove a card from the game that you control or in your graveyard. Deal 8 damage to target character.

Trash Warp
3-Cost, 1-Purity, Common

Up to 3 target cards from any graveyard are removed from play.
In order to keep the place tidy, they warp garbage to other world without a second thought.

3-Cost, 1 Purity, Common

Target a deployed character you control. That character is removed from the game and another target characters gains the stats of the first character. The first character is returned to its original zone 2 turns later.

This is not necessarily the final version of anything, but is designed to be a general concept for comments and whatnot. How "balanced" anything is was sacrificed for the general concept, though I made an attempt at balancing this.

Genesis Industries / Symbiote Prototype
« on: August 23, 2014, 01:56:15 AM »
I couldn't help but notice they added a card to replace Splat for "Experience the Best Old." Interesting how it suggest there's going to be a new version of that quest. Your thoughts on the card?

Sleepers of Avarrach / Agent Coyle, Zomborg
« on: August 07, 2014, 10:08:51 PM »
This guy is weird. Using stat altering cards are almost ignored in his early stages as turning into a new form resets his Max HP and power to that stage's set numbers, but keeps any damage on him. However, when he turns into a dragon he does still keep stat alterations like most other Coyles do. However, before, when he got to his final form, he would be a 20/10 dragon if his stats weren't altered. That's not the case anymore. Now he turns into a 27/15 dragon because he now keeps the stat buff to his original 4/4 form, just his 11/9 form counts as a +7/+5 buff which is carried over to his dragon form.

I'll probably be testing Immovable and using Undead Corruption on Firestarter at some point and looking into them as well.

The Exiles / The collective list of Exiles suggestions
« on: August 06, 2014, 11:02:05 PM »
Exiles Reconstructed:

Exiles to sacrifice:

This post of mine:

Above post is targeted discarding. So will this one. Feel free to open spoilers to read extended thoughts on each change.

However, I want some people to give me info on how the Exiles are supposed to be, like what the usefulness to some cards are, in case I get them wrong. Feel free to make your own suggestions as well.

Anyways, some of these ideas are going to be copy/paste, some will be new. Here we go!

Demonic Disciple
1C. 1M. 1P. 4/4
Unlimited Character - Human, Common
Exile 1
Pay 1: Demonic Disciple is sent to your hand. If you pay the Exiled cost, Demonic Disciple transforms into a 6/6 demon. (1 Cost, 6 Morale, Does not keep bouncing effect. Might alter morale a little bit.)

Demonic Disciple Alternate Effect Idea
1C. 1M. 1P. 4/4
Unlimited Character - Human, Common
Exile 1
Pay 1: Demonic Disciple is sent to your hand. If you pay the Exiled cost, Demonic Disciple transforms into a 6/6 demon with Consume1. (1 Cost, 6 Morale, Does not keep bouncing effect. Might alter morale a little bit.)

Suffering Verorian
I have nothing to alter about this card at the moment.

Reckless Abandon
1C. 2P. Ability, Common
Discard a card from your hand, Pay X - 3 where X is the cost of the chosen card: The discarded card gains Exile 3. If this card already has Exile, the lowest value is chosen. If the card is in your graveyard next turn, remove it from the game.

Reckless Abandon Alternate Effect Idea
1C. 2P. Ability, Common
In addition to playing this card, discard one card and pay X, where X is the cost of the card discarded. Destroy target character that costs X or less.

Waste Chucker
1C. 2M. 1P. 4/4
Character - Demon, Common
When you deploy Waste Chucker, discard a card. Waster Chucker gets +X/+X where X is the cost of the original card. If the card is in your graveyard next turn, remove it from the game.

Waste Chucker Alternate Effect Idea
1C. 2M. 1P. 4/4
Character - Demon, Common
When you deploy Waste Chucker, discard a card. Deals X damage to a character in play. (Alternatively, directly to the fortress) If the card is in your graveyard next turn, remove it from the game.

Gather The Weak
I have nothing to suggest.

Infested Abomination
2C. 5M. 1Exiles/1SoA. 5/5
Character - Undead, Uncommon
At the end of the turn, if Infested Abomination is in your graveyard, each opponent takes 2 damage. If Infested Abomination is discarded: Deal 5 damage to each enemy fortress.

2C. 1P. Ability, Common
Exile 0
All cards on your selected field in the deployed zones, and all cards in the opposing field are randomly shuffled. All characters get -X/-X where X is the number of cards in their controller's hand.

Scramble Alternate Effect Idea
2C. 1P. Ability, Common
Exile 0
All cards on your selected field in the deployed zones, and all cards in the opposing field are randomly shuffled. All characters take X damage where X is the number of characters in that zone.

Hell's Gambler
2C. 4M. 1P. 6/6
Character - Demon, Common
Activate: Hell's Gambler has an even chance to get -4/+4, +4/+4. -4/+4 and +4/-4. This ability can only be activated once per turn.

Hell's Gambler Alternate Effect Idea
2C. 4M. 1P. 6/6
Character - Demon, Common
Pay X: There's an even chance for target character to take 2X damage, Hell's Gambler takes 2X damage, target character gets -X/-X or Hell's Gambler gets -X/-X. This effect can only be activated once per turn.

2C. 1P. Ability - Magic, Uncommon
Target character in a combat zone is transformed into a 5/5 demon with Consume 2. All other text is removed.

The Demon Wastes
2C. 1P. Location, Rare
Pay X, where X is the cost of the card chosen, Exhaust: Target character gets -X/-X.

Mark of the Demon
Nothing to suggest.

Nothing to suggest.

Demonic Corruption
Nothing to suggest

Ritual Master
2C. 5M. 1P. 0/4
Unique Character - Human, Common
Pay X - 1, where X is the cost of the card discarded, minimum 1: All other characters you control gain +1/+1. If target card has Exile, it gains Exile 0, the lowest value is chosen.

Crystal of Madness
Nothing to suggest.

Infected Devil
Nothing to suggest.

Consuming Swarmer
Nothing to suggest.

Unstable Demon
Nothing to suggest.

Wheezer, Demon of Smog
Nothing to suggest.

Mind Splinter
Nothing to suggest.

Wholesale Slaughter
3C. 1P. Ability, Uncommon
Exile 0
Each player sacrifices 2 random characters.

Wholesale Slaughter Alternate Effect Idea
3C. 1P. Ability, Uncommon
Exile 0
You may target a deployed character. Each player sacrifices 2 random characters. If you targeted a character, then its controller must use it as one of the 2 sacrifices.

Wholesale Slaughter Alternate Effect Idea
3C. 1P. Ability, Uncommon
Exile 0
You may target a deployed character. Each player sacrifices 2 random characters. If you targeted a character, it cannot be sacrificed by this effect.

Demon of Solitude
Nothing to suggest.

Devil of Despair
3C. 12M. 2P. 4/4
Character - Demon, Rare
Consume 3, Untouchable
Cannot be killed from non damage sources. Discard one card: Sacrifice X characters you control, where X is 1/2 the cost of the discarded card rounded up. Activate this ability only while deployed. This effect can only be used once per turn.

Devil of Despair Alternate Effect Idea
3C. 10M. 1P. 5/5
Character - Demon, Rare
Consume 3, Untouchable
Cannot be killed from non damage sources. Discard one card. Pay X, where X is the cost of the card discarded: Devil of Despair gets +X/+X. If this card has Exile, it gains Exile 2, the lowest value is chosen. Activate this ability only while deployed. This effect can only be used once per turn.

Frenzied Monstrosity
3C. 5M. 1P. 8/9
Character - Demon, Common
Discard one card: Frenzied Monstrosity deals X damage to itself and gains X power, where X is the cost of the card discarded. Activate this ability only while deployed. This effect can only be used once per turn.

Frenzied Monstrosity Alternate Effect Idea
3C. 5M. 1P. 8/9
Character - Demon, Common
Discard one card. Pay X, where X is the cost of the card discarded: Frenzied Monstrosity becomes invincible until the end of the turn. If this card has Exile, it gains Exile 2, the lowest value is chosen. Activate this ability only while deployed. This effect can only be used once per turn.

Frenzied Monstrosity Alternate Effect Idea
3C. 5M. 1P. 8/9
Character - Demon, Common
Discard one card. Pay X, where X is the cost of the card discarded: Frenzied Monstrosity has a second life until the end of the turn. If this card has Exile, it gains Exile 2, the lowest value is chosen. Activate this ability only while deployed. This effect can only be used once per turn.

Nothing to suggest.

Demonic Mercenary
Nothing to suggest.

Alpha Demon
Nothing to suggest.

Spontaneous Combustion
Nothing to suggest.

Nysrugh the Hungry
Nothing to suggest.

Hungry Devil
Nothing to suggest.

Princess Hinekri
I would suggest something but as a backer card, I can't really do that.

Cresill the Mad
Nothing to suggest.

Demonic Presence
Nothing to suggest.

Chaos in the Ranks
Nothing to suggest.

Nothing to suggest.

5C. 7M. 2P. 14/10
Character - Demon, Uncommon
Discard one random card: Splatterer gains Plunder 2 until the end of the turn. Activate this ability only while on the battlefield.

Hungry Abomination
Nothing to suggest.

Chalice of Madness
Nothing to suggest.

Tygrugh, the Insane
Nothing to suggest.

If I were to suggest anything, it would be nerfing this card. However, I'm not entirely sure if that's necessary or not.

Vasir, the Demon Prince
10C. 15M. 2Exiles OR 2CoV. 22/22
Unique Character - Demon, Legendary
At the start of each turn, if Vasir is on the Battlefield, each player may sacrifice a character. If they don't, that player loses 10 health.

Agent Coyle, Hellbringer
8C. 11M. 2P. 7/7
Unique Character - Human, Legendary
Can Evolve, Exile 5
Pay X - 3, minimum 1, Discard a card, Exhaust: Hellbringer gains power and health equal to that card's power and health. Hellbringer also gains Consume 3 until the end of the turn. If this card has Exile, it gains Exile 1, the lowest value is chosen. At the end of the turn, if you have no cards in your Hand, Hellbringer evolves into a 20/20 Dragon with Flying, Unstoppable and Consume 3.

The Exiles / Exiles just got a little bit more interesting
« on: August 06, 2014, 07:28:04 PM »
Not sure that this is a bug or not, but oh man, this is interesting. So, since cards now stay in your hand until their effects resolve, you can now end up discarding a card you're going to use when using the Exiles and their bizarre random discard mechanic. The thing is, the card still goes off. Say I use Ritual master with Recycle being the one card in my hand. Ritual master is set to go off first, and he does, ditching Recycle. Recycle then activates and does its effect, putting a card back into my deck and drawing one for me. This also means that if it's an ability with Exile, you will not only use the card up this turn, but if it has Exile, you can use it again next turn by paying the Exile cost. This means that Reckless Abandon can be used with any ability card to effectively use it twice and all normally Exile-able cards can be used twice in-a-row when discarded other ways if the RNG cooperates. Yes, I know... RNG. But still. Just remember, you have to have it get discarded before it would normally activate.

Remember though, this is probably a bug. Would be fun to pull off two uses of Descension with only one card though, or to use Spontaneous Combustion two turns in-a-row and wreck the playing field if a bit randomly.

Game Rules / Fiery Resolve and end-turn sacrifice
« on: August 03, 2014, 12:01:43 PM »
Fiery Resolve prevents characters from dying to sacrifice. Naturally, I started wondering how this interacts with Overclock. In theory, a 2GI/1FD has the potential to double the output of a given character permanently using Fiery Resolve. However, as the exact order of card resolution is a bit sketchy, I'm asking somebody who can do this to test it out and say the results. I can imagine there being some ridiculous MU2 decks if this works.

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