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Just some notification for player that haven't log into the game yet.
Just log on the game today and saw the news of the upcoming of the 1st official Infinity War tournament cup with qualifier beginning on July 6-PST. For me I'm excited about it but I do feel that its a really early tournament especially since newer player have just join the game. But I wanna know what you guy think about this.

There have also been a notification of bonus double IP and Exp during certain timezone(3 pm-8 pm Sat PST, 11 pm Sat- 4 am Sun GMT, and 9 am- 2 pm Sun AEST) with the IP cap double as well. This would really help out more newer player gain more pack faster and I better hope that no one should be complaining bout the Daily IP cap for now.

Just wondering if when the "Rise" expansion is release, will there be a option in store to buy a box/ bundle of booster packs? I'm pretty sure once the new cards are release tons of ppl will be throwing their money away to get their hands on some of the new cards, and it would be nice if we can buy bulk of packs at once for a small discount as an incentive.

Oh and just one more question. Will the "Rise" expansion be part of the current standard booster pack or will the expansion have a separate booster pack?

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