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General Game Discussion / Backer Avatars
« on: September 18, 2013, 06:37:04 AM »
Am I the only backer whom had hoped that the avatars would be unique, and not just card art? :(

Just wondering.. I'm a bit disappointed because I had imagined something else entirely.

General Game Discussion / Patchnotes, August 23rd 2013, Version 0.91.1
« on: August 23, 2013, 06:22:55 AM »
August 23rd 2013, Version 0.91.1
Update: we've released a new version where clicking on a player's message in chat will bring up their profile, so that it's easier to trade and play against people without the All list

In today's patch, we've focused on fixing a few combos that shouldn't be possible, especially those that involve a character dying in the command zone. They should return back to the command zone if they come back to life, rather than the support zone, which is abusable.

We've also included fixes for chat so that it should be more stable. One of the things we found in our attempts to make chat more stable was that a lot of disconnects were happening because of the sheer amount of information the server would send to every player online, telling them of every other player online. While this was nice when the game had a much smaller player-base, as Infinity Wars has gotten larger we've realized we need to remove this functionality. For now, the game will not list every player online, and instead only list your friends. Players can still add friends with the Add button, and in the future we will be adding functionality to search for players.

We have begun work on a new, far improved campaign screen. This is still very much work in progress, with many of the hallmarks of a work-in-progress screen, but it's a marked improvement over the old campaign, which was a simple list!

And now, a patch log:

- If Nysrugh eats a commander, when he spews that character back out, it will go to the command zone.

- If Infected Monk dies in the command zone, it will return to the command zone, rather than the support zone.

- Secluded Constructor will no longer improperly exhaust after being used on the mac client.

- If Ju-Lin will now properly die to sacrifice effects. Updated Ju-Lin's text to clarify this.

- Ju-Lin will no longer move back to the Command Zone if killed the turn he is deployed.

- Leaving a game in progress will now properly give a victory to the opponent, and the leaver will get no reward.

- Fixed a bug where if a player was AFK for 3 turns in a row, both players would get kicked, rather than just the AFK player.

- Shield Generator will no longer improperly give non-characters invincibility.

- Fixed a bug where Tygris was only costing 1 additional resource to use his ability, rather than 2. Clarified the wording of the popups when using his ability.

- We found that showing your own Trading Post actions to you was time consuming and potentially confusing. Also, sometimes players would skip through every trading post action, since many of them were their own, and skip over what their opponent was doing. Thus, the game will no longer show your own Trading Post actions or end-of-turn discard actions to you.

- Fixed the starting health in some of the quests.

- Puffy has finally gotten his due, and now has his own exclusive avatar. Kaptain Kool is jealous.

- Fixed a bug with the login system that would state the reason for an unsuccessful login was always “Incorrect username or password”, regardless of the actual reason.

- Turned up the visibility of the foil effect while not in-game.

- Fixed a bug that caused Heaven's Bell and Grotesque Brute to not be able to activate their effects.

- Added a logout button.

General Game Discussion / Something awesome just happened!
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:01:27 PM »
Take a look and see for yourself:  ;D

And theeeen...

And theeeen...

And theeeen...

And theeeen...

And finally...

Please tell me that this at the very least put a smile on your face :)

Deck Building / Modified Starter Decks for new players
« on: May 30, 2013, 08:47:04 AM »
This thread takes its first step here and now, but I hope people will embrace the idea and add their own decks to the mix. What I am gonna start off with is 5 decks each starting out with one of the starter decks, and adding a maximum of 1 boosters worth of other cards. I find this within a new player to be able to reach, if I am wrong please tell me, and I will try to change the deck to suit what new people feel would be achievable with a little bit of grinding.

I am not trying to make decks that you could make day 1, without buying anything. What I am trying to do is make a deck that would be somewhat succesful while considering the very limited options of a new player. The thought process I had was opening your first booster, get a good rare, and buy the matching color :)

So, here goes..

Descendant of Dragons (DoD) modified starter deck

Genesis modified starter deck

Verore modified starter deck

Flame Dawn modified starter deck

Warpath modified starter deck

Sleepers modified starter deck

Hope this might be the start of a helpful creative community that strive to have fun, build awesome decks and have some great fun playing cards :)

General Discussion / Cards: Cala, Dragon, Secluded and Martyr..
« on: April 30, 2013, 09:50:34 AM »
Mostly in relation to the comming changes, but also just in generel I would like to discuss and hear everyones opinion on a few cards:

Dragon of Wisdom
Like all 7+ cards this card is indirectly buffed from the stumble and exhaust changes (which I think are awesome by the way). I don't like that the draw mechanic works while the card is exhausted and suggest to change that, so that when it is exhausted/"killed" the draw mechanic doesn't work.
Or it could be a simple draw 1 card a turn, which might even be a buff now that we have a maximum handsize.

Secluded Constructor
3+ cards have been changed and thereby buffed for Genesis. The Secluded Constructor is what many regarded as the reason Genesis even was worth considering before. I personally feel this card to be too strong, and I would like to see it either exhaust on use (would reward having more than one in play at a time) or, the change that I would prefer, to have the Secluded Constructor only able to target Artificial Characters.

A very strong card that I would really like to (also in the light of that it is faction less) cost 11 or 12 resources. This would still have the card being playable, but it would be just a tad more lategame where I feel this card belongs.

Martyr Golem
Another very strong factionless card and rightly so, it is a legendary after all. I might be a bad player, and stupid and stuff, but I don't like how I feel like I have to have 3 of him in every deck I make. Honestly this is likely to change with more cards, but the "Surprice, I just countered your AoE attack" I would like to get rid of, making him not work while exhausted. So that you can at the very least plan around the fact that the opponent has him in play.

There are plenty more cards I would like to tweak and test out, but I dont have the time to write it all out, and I geuss the discussion would be too shallow if we were to included every card in one big thread. So lets focus on these 4 cards, at least for this thread :)
What is everyones thoughts on these cards?

General Game Discussion / Next patch?
« on: March 26, 2013, 08:02:25 PM »
I my self hate these kind if topics. But the waiting game is tearing my guts out :D

Anyone knows when to expect it?

Anyone have notes in what is in it?

Cheers :)

General Discussion / Single Card Discussion: Martyr Golem
« on: March 22, 2013, 03:44:45 PM »
What is it with this card?

What is peoples thoughts?

Is he overpowered, is he (god forbid) underpowered? Is it okay to have a factionless legendary card being so strong, that you gimp yourself if you dont run 3 in all your decks?

Is he gonna get fixed when more cards are comming? Am I missing something and is he really not that strong?

I'm making this thread because I have had a lot of games turned and a few discussions with a friend of mine about this card. So I would like to hear everyone else on the matter. Maybe even teremus? Am I indeed missing something?

My proposed change would be to make the one casting the golem chose a zone he is defending (support, defense or attack - maybe it split only between support and the battlefield). This choice should be able to be changed every turn with an activated ability.

Another change (and I don't want both) could be to have him not working while exhausted? so that you can't play him and the same turn have him soak up a nuke.

Now everyone. Tell me what you think should or shouldn't be done

General Game Discussion / Game down?
« on: March 20, 2013, 09:09:47 AM »
Im stuck trying to download some _ChineseFaction Sage 1 (Static)

Completed 1 of 3 files

Why cant I get my morning fix? :(

Game Rules / Initiative - is it right or wrong
« on: March 09, 2013, 05:53:59 PM »
Hi all

I would like to discuss initiative and how it works. Is there a better way for it to be implemented or is it working as it should, is it balanced? Does it take away from the game or adds to it?

For something that is 50/50 at the start of the game and is so very important at least the first 8-9 turns I think it is just too powerful. What ai personally would like it changed to is a system where it is stiller better to have initiative, but not all deciding whether you win or lose a game.

What I propose is that the initiative is given at random at the start of the match, and shifts every turn. Just as it is right now. But having the initiative only gives you the first card of the turn. Once your card resolves the opponent should get his first card resolved, then you and so on until none of you have anymore cards played that turn.
 If some plays alot of cards one turn, and the other player only plays a few.. When one player has no more cards to resolve, the rest of the other players cards just resolve.

What would this do for the game? Good, bad? I would like to hear what you guys think.. Would also be nice to get some developer input on this one :)

lets have a nice good discussion here an help this awesome game be the best that it can be.


General Discussion / Single Card Discussion: Firebolt
« on: March 07, 2013, 09:12:55 AM »
Firebolts, everywhere!

We are adding a new card to the game: Firebolt. Firebolt is a 2 cost factionless ability card, which deals 2 damage to a character. Since we decided to add this card to the game, we discussed the ramifications to players who had already purchased packs, and turned in backer rewards. Many backers have already been given full playsets of each card, but we don't have the ability to go back and give each players cards based on their backing levels. Additionally, this card is a “nuts and bolts” card, nothing flashy, and something we would like every player to have access to. In light of this, we've decided to give every player currently in the beta three free copies of Firebolt. Enjoy!

(Note: Firebolts will not be immediately given out to the public, as we sort out the logistics of distributing them)

What does everyone think of this card? I can't help but think: "more nuke? :/ was that really needed?"

It also in my mind make cards like Cannon Fire even more useless than it already was. You play 2 for 2 damage everywhere, or you can pay 2 for 3 damage to someone on the battlefield. I know what I would rather take...

Anyway. What does anybody else think of the card? Good/bad addition to the basic set? Changes needed to this or other cards?

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