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Suggestions / Ai Characters
« on: May 16, 2013, 04:36:57 AM »
Well to start this thread I must unfortunately confess a deep dark secret. I love Yu Gi Oh. Not just the card game but, the show. I find it hilarious having such over the top characters dressing in costume for their theme decks basically trying to role play a card game like its life or death (which it is about half the time). Some of the games even go as for to have an avatar for the opponent at the top of the screen with various reactions both verbal and physical to the game as things happen. Would anyone else want a few ai fights in Infinity Wars that have avatars at the top of the screen along the lines of Phoenix Wright with them having over the top reactions and commenting in speech bubble at certain points in the match? If so, what types of people/decks would you like to see. Remember to be over the top and that puns are always a huge plus. I'm not exactly sure what forum to put this in as its mostly about creating characters for fun so sorry if this topic is misplaced.

I like to imagine for Genesis a cross between Cave Johnson from portal and J. Jonah Jameson from Spiderman. When he brings out a human character he might yell something like "(insert name) in my office now" or "Get out their and earn your pensions!" He would also be somewhat flippant when they die with phrases like "Oh look another orphan. You monster" and  "Well now I won't have to pay their severance package." He would brag about the costs of his artificial units and when they die say stuff like "That costs more resources then you make a turn" and "I'll be billing you for that" or maybe "I knew I shouldn't have outsourced it!"  He might have special sayings for certain cards like Overloaded Soldier "I have no Idea what is in those tubes but, man does it work" or "Well we threw a lot of science at a wall and here is what stuck" when he brings him out and "Out of all the ones who didn't survive testing, he's one of them." when he dies. Upon summoning Airborne Scientist he could say "Wait we let who have a gun?!"  Whenever Unstable Bombot explodes he might say "My only regret is that it can't explode twice." Upon victory he might say something along the lines of "Now that's what I call a hostile takeover!" When he is losing he might make comments about his stocks plummeting.

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