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General Game Discussion / Deck Building & Strategy: Warpath
« on: January 31, 2013, 08:18:28 PM »
Hey gang,

Not posted for a little while but been going through my cards and deck and wanted to start a little discussion. I know a lot of people and there'll be more over time who will be experimenting with a good deck with limited cards, at lower pledge levels not all of us have 1 or 4 of every card to build their decks with. Right now I have enough to dip into any faction but I've purchased only Warpath and DoD full decks. WWKnight's videos do show a lot of rules manipulation and clever deck building that can translate into a good form of attack that is tough to stop.

I'd like to open up the floor to what can be done with a all Warpath deck or at least 2 Warpath commanders. As the faction breakdown goes it is a strong vanilla deck but seems to have an inherent weakness of limited flexibility and tactical options. It lacks flying creatures though it can block flying creatures with a combination of beasts. Most creatures have decent toughness and power and Aleta can boost this. Unstoppable ability comes in several forms to really pound a defence. Weakness wise a morale loss is a real possibility with board wipes or defending against a high power creature, the kind Genesis usually builds with sacrificing. Boosts are limiting and the biggest in the form of pack leader is vulnerable as it must remain on the battlefield. Also low cost cards are lacking a solid defence/offence usually doesn't materialise until turn 4 or 5 by which time your opponent's plan is in full swing.

Anyone got any good combos that are working with a full Warpath deck? Or if you are mixing it with another faction, what is proving effective with Warpath's abilities?

Suggestions / Indie gogo / Pledge Goals
« on: December 02, 2012, 07:33:43 PM »
Hey Lightmare guys and girls,

I was watching a Youtube interview of Chris Roberts, the guy making Star Citizen and the only other man to date (other than you guys) that has made me part with money to help get a game developed. I started thinking back to the Kickstarter campaign and thought that the most tempting thing for me and other players were the add-ons. With this in mind I'd like to propose something for your continued funding:

Bolt-on starter decks.

Lets say for every pledge of $10 or over you have the option to upgrade your pledge with a bolt on for an additional fee. This will give your profile a starter deck ready to play and tailored to a style of play or faction the the Lightmare team beleive to be an excellent deck to start with. While not optimum it will be a step above the standard starter deck and let you develop your play style and begin your games exactly matching your play style as you choose the starter deck you want to use. Some examples could include:

"I see Dead People" This Verora/Avaraach deck will overun your enemies with a core of zombie creatures you can bring back again and again and choice Verora spells like Mass Death to make sure any defence your opponent can muster won't last long.

"Hannibal's Dream" A strong Flame Dawn/Warpath deck with a balance of fast to play infantry to keep your opponent busy while you gather the resources to back them up with powerful Warpath creatures.

"Artifical Malevolence" This Genesis/Verora deck builds and tinkers with it's troops to create virtual death machines all the while employing the dark arts to stop your opponents bringing a challenge to the battlefield.

I feel you have a lot of potential and existing pledgers who can't wait for the game and know which factions appeal and which play style they want to experiment with. Starter decks like this will still give them cards that they want, to make this deck better or maybe use it as a base to change entirely. Many of us don't have the cash for the higher tiers that allow us to have one of every card and make this first deck we want, and also a lot of us will enjoy having a starter deck that's different from the standard play one but still put together by the team and has good strengths.

Let me know what the rest of you guys think.

General Game Discussion / What new faction would you like to see?
« on: November 26, 2012, 10:37:41 AM »
So we know by now that old factions will fade and new ones will be introduced, so is there any faction that you think would be great in Inifnity Wars? Something drawn from history or culture that would blend well in the setting and give a new style of play?

Personally I always like blue decks from MtG and the constant merfolk/sea theme was great so I would enjoy an aquatic race faction that might not do a lot of damage but would be hard to hit and target because of their underwater abilities. Certain rust abilities would be devastating to artifacts and some fire-based spells wouldn't be effective to a creature that is "underwater". It would be a lot more of a guerilla warfare style faction where creatures are difficult to hit (maybe even the fortress? Under the Sea location card?) and would then build up to storm effects or large sea monsters.

Game Rules / Intellectual Property/ Distancing ourselves
« on: November 21, 2012, 09:13:26 PM »
Just wondering what everyone else thinks of this. I've noticed that a lot of the card special abilities are lifted straight out of MtG, Haste, Unstoppable, Flying and so on. Now i don't think those terms are copyrighted under Magic but there's a lot of similarities. Maybe this is good as it will help Magic players learn the game faster but do you think we should think up some new terminology to show this is a new game? Flying i doubt I could come up with something different but maybe "Battle Ready" instead of Haste or some other things like that.

Does anyone know if the abilities are placeholders or if they're planned to release with these terms?

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