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General Discussion / Balance - After RISE 9-19-2013
« on: September 19, 2013, 02:13:17 PM »
The release of RISE set out to solve some issues, it also set out to balance the factions. This set has done this in several different ways but has also created issues at the same time. This thread exists to address some of these issues.

We all have things we can contribute to a thread like this, I just wanted to lay my foundation for it. Whether you agree, disagree or want to play off of certain suggestions...that's what this thread is for. Starting a discussion.

Things that are imbalanced
- Spells are too powerful, most don't have counterplay.
- There isn't enough positional requirements on spells.
- Specialized spells don't have enough incentive. (i.e. Rift, Vandalize, AA missile etc)
- A few characters are too powerful, but most are not powerful enough.
- The methods of how morale is attacked should be changed.

Balancing Spells (Reducing Power)

Winds of War - Cost: 5 - Deal 5 damage to all characters on the battlefield.

Assassinate - Cost: 6 - Destroy target character that hasn't moved to another zone this turn. (Note there is no longer a need to attach a resource reduction to it)

Fight! - Cost: 2 - Target character on the battlefield you control and target character an opponent controls deal combat damage to each other equal to their power.

Lethargy Stone - Cost: 6 - Purity: 1 - Not Unique - No attack restriction - Sacrifice a character you control, Exhaust: Opponent loses 4 morale.

Mass Death - Cost: 4 - Sacrifice a character on the battlefield: Destroy all characters in a combat zone. Your characters are locked to the zones they were in at the start of the turn. (Remember: If the character is not a legal sacrifice target when this spell resolves, it fizzles)

Reflective Shield - Cost: 7 - Pre-emptive. The next time you take damage this turn, prevent it. Your opponent takes that much damage instead.

Note: This will prevent the first time you take damage. Not the 2nd, 3rd, etcetc times you'll take damage in the same turn. This creates new forms of counterplay USING the card or playing against it.

Sinister Corruption - Cost: 4 - Target character you control loses all subtypes. At the end of each turn, the opponent loses 4 morale.

Siphon Structure - Cost: 0 - Pay X: Deal X damage to opponent's fortress. Your fortress is repaired by X.

Word of Command - Cost: 2 - Target character on the battlefield moves to the assault zone or the defense zone this turn. Draw a card.

Fear - Cost: 0 - You may pay X when playing this card, if you do, select X characters on the battlefield. These characters retreat back to the support zone this turn.

Note: It's like demon of fear's effect, which is powerful but requires choice. Aside from being a far more balanced form of control cost/effect-wise, I was also against the fact this card spooked your own army lol.

Stumble - Cost: 2 - If a character moved to another zone this turn, it is returned to the hand.


Stumble - Cost: 2 - Return a character from the field to owner's hand. This character costs 5 less to play.

Exhaust - Cost: 2 - If a character on the battlefield did not move to another zone this turn, the character moves to the support zone and becomes exhausted on the next turn.

Burning Prejudice - Cost: 5 - Target character in play and all other characters with the same name are returned to owners' hands. The cost to play these cards is reduced to zero.


Burning Prejudice - Cost: 5 - Target character in play and all other characters with the same name are immolated. Immolated characters take 5 damage at the start of each turn.

Daode's Protection - Cost: 2 - When you control a descendants of the dragon character in the defense zone, all characters you control get +0/+4.

Note: This effect fizzles if there isn't a DoD character in the defense zone when the spell resolves.
Note: Daode would be changed in the same way.

Repair - Cost: 5 - Purity: 1 - Your fortress is repaired 5 damage at the end of each turn for 5 turns.

Yuanshi's Wrath - Cost: 3 - If you control a descendants of the dragon character in the defense zone, deal 4 damage to all characters in play.

Note: This spell fizzles if it doesn't meet the requirements when it resolves.
Note: Yuanshi would be changed in the same way.

Balancing Spells (Other Adjustments)
Dark Blast - Cost: 5 - Deal 12 damage to the opponent's fortress.

Awaken - Cost: 4 - Raise target character in your graveyard into play. It gets -2/-2. Remove this ability card from the game.

Raise Dead - Cost: 5 - Raise target character in a graveyard to play. The character type becomes Undead. Remove this ability from the game.

Wholesale Slaughter - Cost: 3 - Each player sacrifices 2 random characters. This can only be played if you control at least 2 characters during the planning phase.

Lanstead - Cost: 4 - Pay 2, sacrifice an artificial character on the battlefield: Create a 2/2 construct character for each 2 power of the sacrificed character (Rounded down).

Shrine to the Heavens - Cost: 1 - Untouchable - Exhaust a character you control: Shrine to the Heavens becomes 2% more complete. At 100% completion or higher, you win the game. Pay 12: Sacrifice this location, any player may use this ability.

Balancing Spells (Increasing Power)
Called Shot - Cost: 5 - Destroy target character that moved to another zone this turn.


Keep it the same at 4 cost.

Deflect - Cost: 3 - Preemptive, Target Character gains untouchable this turn. Draw a card.

Rift to the Old World - Cost: 4 - Destroy target location, Draw a card.

Vandalize - Cost: 4 - Destroy target artifact, Draw a card.

Chalice of Madness - Cost: 6 - The maximum hand size for players is 2. At the start of each turn, before drawing a card, each player must discard a card.

Hellmouth - Cost: 5 - Pay 4: Create an 8/8 Flying Demon character.

Veroria, the Lone Keep - Cost: 6 - Only characters with flying and one non-flying character can attack you each turn. You lose 4 morale each turn. Pay 4: Sacrifice this location to draw 2 cards.

Pyr, Fortress of the Flame Dawn - Cost: 4 - Pay 2: Create a Flame Dawn Aspirant and put it into your hand. (Flame Dawn Aspirants are 4/2 characters with Charge.)

Call the Crusade - Cost: 5 - Create 3 Flame Dawn Aspirant tokens. (Flame Dawn Aspirants are 4/2 characters with Charge)

Eaten by Zombies - Cost: 6 - Kill target character in a combat zone. If a character dies this way, it raises from the graveyard under your control at the start of the next turn. This character gains Slow.

Breeding Grounds - Cost: 2 - Exhaust Breeding Grounds and Two target beast characters you control: Create a 6/6 beast character.

Resolve of the Dragon - Cost: 4 - Pre-emptive, if target character were to die this turn, instead it lives and is exhausted for this turn. Draw 2 cards if the character is moved this way.

Lingbao's Will - Cost: 2 - When an opponent's character dies or a character you control blocks and survives, your opponent loses 4 morale.

Note: Lingbao would be changed the same way.

Unfazed - Cost: 2 - Preemptive, You cannot lose morale this turn. Draw a card.

Tribal Medicine - Cost: 1 - Preemptive - Heal up to 10 damage from target non-artificial character.

Anti Air Missile - Cost: 2 - Kill target character in a combat zone with flying. Draw a card.

Cleanse the Land - Cost: 2 - Destroy target location, draw a card.

Extended Operation - Cost: 1 - Target character you control on the battlefield is moved to the support zone. This character gains +3/+3 permanently at the start of each turn until the character is moved out of the support zone.

Zom-b-gone 4000 - Cost: 2 - Destroy target undead character on the battlefield. Draw a card.

Character Changes Continued on 2nd post...

Suggestions / {Suggestion} Promotion!
« on: August 20, 2013, 03:54:24 AM »
This might sound over the top about we have an option to promote our characters?

What I mean is...allow an un-exhausted character to be moved from the battlefield to command, but only when there are enough spots to hold it (Three Max of course).


1. To get characters with abilities to a safer spot if there is an open slot.

2. To dodge spells.

3. To replay characters that have "Comes into Play" abilities by spending their resource cost again.

4. Much more...

- Risk/reward element where you have to pay the resource cost to redeploy a commander.
- This keeps the commander zone a viable part of the game, the entire time.
- This is an added means of counterplay versus removal.
- "Comes into play" characters gain additional viability.
- Other characters in your deck that can fit as great commanders can also take up that post.
- A limit of 3 commanders still prevents the mechanic from getting out of hand.

- This might be a bit too powerful for "Comes into Play" characters.
- I can assume programming that is gonna be desync city for a couple weeks lol.
- It's a large change and makes the commander zone have an even greater effect on the game.

TLDR - Be able to promote your non-exhausted battlefield characters to the Commander zone. What do you guys think?

Suggestions / {Suggestion} - More Doubling Tweaks!
« on: August 18, 2013, 03:21:20 AM »
There are so many possibilities for improving cards that are slightly too strong or slightly too weak.

Minor Increases in Green
Moderate increases in Blue
Minor Decreases in Red

Conscripted Militia - +3/+3 instead of +2/+2.
Field Engineer - 5 health (It's currently this way, just card reads 2).
Yobo, who Nobody Likes - 7/7 instead of 8/8

Aleta, Immortal Caretaker - +0/+5 instead of +0/+4.
Brings life by passing - 0/5 instead of 0/4.
Caretaker of the Young - 4/5 instead of 4/4 tokens.
Killaroo - 5/9 instead of 4/8.
Mammoth - 11/11 instead of 10/10
Pack Leader - 9/9 instead of 10/10
Skraar - 15/15 instead of 16/16

Agent Coyle, Mechborn - 7/7 instead of 6/6
Airborne Scientist - 5/5 instead of 4/4
Aleta, Tinkerer - +3/+3 instead of +2/+2.
Genesis Construct - 9/9 instead of 8/8.
Lucca, Combat Mechanic - +5/+5 instead of +4/+4 and 7/7 instead of 6/6.
Overloaded Soldier - +3/+3 instead of +2/+2. And 5/5 instead of 4/4.
Unending Drone - 2/3 instead of 2/2.
Unmanned Aerial Destroyer - 10/11 instead of 8/10.

Battlefield Scavenger - 0/3 instead of 0/2.
Beast of Burden - 7/9 instead of 6/8.
Magic Siphoner - 2/7 instead of 2/6.

Aberion, the Hammer of Dawn - 9/9 instead of 8/8
Aerial Commando - 7/6 instead of 8/6.
Flame Dawn Purifier - 9/9 instead of 8/8.
Harbinger of Light - 9/9 instead of 8/8.
Knight of the Flame Dawn - 7/7 instead of 8/8.
Vicious Ransacker - 8/5 instead of 8/4.

Balanced Warrior - 7/7 instead of 6/6.
Ghost of the Ancestors - 3/5 instead of 4/4.
Jialan, Guardian of Life - 1/12 instead of 4/6.
Jinhai Militia - 2/7 instead of 2/6.
Meditating Monk - 4/7 instead of 4/6.
Xi, who Honors the dead - 4/9 instead of 4/8. Tokens 3/5 instead of 4/4.

Hell's Gambler - 7/7 instead of 6/6.

Winds of War - Deals 5 damage instead of 6.
Angelify - +5/+5 instead of +4/+4.
Cannon Fire - 5 damage to two targets insteads of 4.
Virus of Avarrach - 5/5 zombies instead of 4/4.
Breeding Grounds - 6/7 instead of 6/6.
Hellmouth - 7/7 instead of 6/6.
Undisturbed Necropolis - 5/5 instead of 4/4.

Feel free to suggest that I am insane or suggest other tweaks or agree with any adjustments.

General Discussion / RISE Foil Check-In!
« on: August 17, 2013, 10:17:48 AM »
List the amount of packs you've opened + the foils gotten!

I'll go first...

88 packs.

Aleta, the Immortal Traveler (Plat Foil)
Heaven's Bell (Plat Foil)
Gather the Weak (Plat Foil)
2x Dark Blast (Plat Foil)
Called Shot (Plat Foil)
Splitter Bot (Plat Foil)

Ratio --> 12.57 to 1. (Fairly Average I guess)

General Discussion / v0.91 - RISE card list
« on: August 17, 2013, 05:27:17 AM »
- Total Shown RISE cards: 100
- The doubling effect and all other changes as of v0.93 have been updated.

Jotaro made a spreadsheet version of the list


Aleta, the Immortal Traveler - Cost: 5 - Morale: 5 - Unique Character - Human - 6/16 - Rare
If Aleta is in the graveyard for 6 consecutive turns, she returns to play.
Exhaust: Create an Unlimited Character of your choice. Pay the resource cost of the chosen character, plus 1.

Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter - Cost: 4 - Morale: 12 - Unique Character - Human - 4/10 - Legendary
Pay X+1, Exhaust: Recruit a character that costs X or below.
Exhaust, remove another character on the battlefield you control from the game: Recruit a character costing X + 1 or below, where X is that character's cost.

Jubalia, the Messenger - Cost: 8 - Morale: 15 - Unique Character - Angel - 10/10 - Rare
Flying, Untouchable

Tech Knight - Cost: 3 - Morale: 4 - Unlimited Character - Human - 6/7 - Common
At the start of the turn, if Tech Knight is in your support zone, it heals all damage.

Yobo, who Nobody Likes - Cost: 3 - Morale: 0 - Unique Character - Human - 8/8 - Uncommon
If Yobo would die, he leaves the game instead and you gain 10 morale.

Called Shot - Cost: 6 - Ability - Uncommon
Name a zone in play other than the Command Zone. Kill target character if that character is in the zone named.

Deflect - Cost: 3 - Ability - Rare
Target character gains Untouchable this turn.

Recycle - Cost: 1 - Ability - Common
Shuffle target card in your graveyard back into your deck. Draw a card.

Vandalize - Cost: 6 - Ability - Common
Destroy target artifact.

Total Factionless: 9


Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter - Cost: 4 - Morale: 10 - Unique Character - Human - 9/10 - 2 Purity Legendary
Pay 6, Exhaust: Choose a character. Agent Coyle cannot use abilities until the end of the next turn, when that character dies. Opponents do not see which character was chosen.
Pay 10, Exhaust: Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter transforms into a 20/20 unstoppable, flying dragon.

Armored Landcrawler - Cost: 4 - Morale: 6 - Character - Beast - 6/11 - 1 Purity Common
Armor: 2 (Armored Landcrawler takes 2 less damage from all sources.)

Hunted Dragon - Cost: 6 - Morale: 10 - Character - Dragon - 20/20 - 1 Purity Epic
Flying, Unstoppable
When you play Hunted Dragon, your opponent gets a new card called "Hunt for the Dragon" which costs 1 with the ability "Kill target dragon in a combat zone".

Protector of the Dead - Cost: 3 - Morale: 6 - Character - Beast - 8/8 - 1 Purity Uncommon
You cannot lose more than 2 morale when a character you control dies.

Rakarl - Cost: 5 - Morale: 10 - Unique Character - Beast - 10/12 - 1 Purity Uncommon
If Rakari is in a combat zone, all characters your opponents control get -2/-0.

Sydern - Cost: 3 - Morale: 10 - Unique Character - Beast - 14/14 - 1 Purity Rare
Your base amount of resources does not increase each turn. Sydern cannot be chosen as a commander.

Tusked Behemoth - Cost: 5 - Morale: 7 - Character - Beast - 6/7 - 1 Purity Common

Brutality - Cost: 2 - Ability - 1 Purity Common
Target Character gets +8/+0 until the end of the turn.

Growth - Cost: 5 - Ability - 2 Purity Uncommon
Increase your base resources by 1.

Never forget the Fallen - Cost: 7 - Ability - 2 Purity Rare
Create a 6/6 beast character for each beast you controlled that died or was removed from the game in the previous turn.

Unstoppable - Cost: 1 - Ability - 1 Purity Common
Target character becomes Unstoppable until the end of the turn.

Ruins of an Ancient Civilization - Cost: 7 - Location - 1 Purity Uncommon
Whenever a character deals combat damage to your fortress, that character is removed from the game. It returns to play at the end of the next turn.

Ancient Egg - Cost: 2 - Artifact - 1 Purity Rare
At the start of each turn, Ancient Egg's age increases. Sacrifice Ancient Egg: Create a random beast character. The abilities, power, and health of this character are random, but are more likely to be better the higher the age.

Total Warpath: 13

Genesis Industries

Cannon Fodder - Cost: 0 - Morale: 1 - Character - Artificial - 0/2 - 1 Purity Common

Genesis Scavenger - Cost: 3 - Morale: 6 - Character - Human - 7/7 - 1 Purity Uncommon
Whenever Genesis Scavenger deals damage, he gains 4 materials. At the end of the turn, if Genesis Scavenger is in your support zone, he uses up all the materials he has and repairs your fortress 1 health for each material used.

Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot - Cost: 8 - Morale: 8 - Character - Artificial - 13/14 - 2 Purity Rare
Pay 6: Remove Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot from the game. At the end of the turn, it returns to play.
When Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot leaves the game, a copy of this card is created. Return Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot to play at the start of your next turn.[/color]

Kinetically Overloaded Drone - Cost: 1 - Morale: 4 - Character - Artificial - 0/1 - 1 Purity Common
At the end of each turn, Kinetically Overloaded Drone gets +2/+2.

Mega Unit 02 - Cost: 13 - Morale: 15 - Character - Artificial - 32/32 - 2 Purity Epic
Shield 1 (This character loses its' shield effect instead of dying. Shield charges are restored at the start of the turn.)
Pay 4: All other characters in a combat zone take 3 damage and become immolated, taking 5 damage at the end of each turn. Play this ability only if Mega Unit 02 is on the Battlefield.

Shrapnel Launcher - Cost: 5 - Morale: 8 - Character - Artificial - 4/12 - 1 Purity Uncommon
Pay 2, Sacrifice an artificial Character on the battlefield: Target Character in a combat zone takes 4 damage.

Splitter Robot - Cost: 4 - Morale: 6 - Character - Artificial - 10/10 - 1 Purity Common
When Splitter Robot dies, create two 5/5 artificial construct characters. (Each cost 3 morale)

Tygris, the Architect - Cost: 5 - Unique Character - Human - 3/7 - 2 Purity Legendary
Pay 2 (plus any extras), Exhaust: Create a character. You may choose the size and abilities this character has. You pay additional costs for each ability.

Controlled Temporal Anomaly - Cost: 2 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
Remove target character from the game. At the end of that turn, that character returns to play.

Zom-b-Gone 4000 - Cost: 2 - Ability - 1 Purity Common
Destroy target Undead character on the battlefield.

Lanstead - Cost: 6 - Location - 1 Purity Rare
Pay 2, sacrifice an artificial character on the battlefield: Create X 1/1 construct characters, where X is the sacrificed character's power.

Low Orbit Ion Cannon - Cost: 5 - Artifact - 2 Purity Uncommon
Pay 3: Deal 10 damage to all characters in your opponent's combat zones. This artifact is exhausted for 3 turns.

Shield Generator - Cost: 5 - Artifact - 3 Purity Rare
You cannot play cards. At the start of your turn, sacrifice a character for each Level of Shield Generator, if you do, its Level increases by 1 and characters you control are invincible this turn. If you do not, sacrifice Shield Generator. (Note: This card starts at level 1)

Total Genesis Industries: 13

Cult of Verore

Grotesque Brute - Cost: 5 - Morale: 6 - Character - No Character Type - 12/12 - Rare
Cannot Block
Pay 5: Grotesque Brute is invincible this turn.

Hellcaller - Cost: 4 - Morale: 5 - Character - Human - 4/5 - 1 Purity Uncommon
When you play Hellcaller, search your deck for a demon character. Your deck is shuffled and that character is put on top of it.

Hellkeeper - Cost: 3 - Morale: 5 - Character - Human - 4/5 - 1 Purity Uncommon
When you play Hellkeeper, two 6/6 flying demon characters, which cost 0, are shuffled into your deck.

Subjugated Dragon - Cost: 11 - Morale: 0 - Character - Dragon - 22/22 - 1 Purity Epic
Flying, Unstoppable
If Subjugated Dragon would die while on the battlefield, instead it is removed from the game and creates four 6/6 flying demon characters.

Verore Kidnapper - Cost: 5 - Morale: 6 - Character - Human - 4/5 - 1 Purity Uncommon
When you play Verore Kidnapper, remove target character from the game. When Verore Kidnapper leaves play, that character is returned to play.

Verore Magic Siphoner - Cost: 3 - Morale: 5 - Character - Human - 2/6 - 1 Purity Common
Whenever you use an ability card, Verore Magic Siphoner gains +8/+0 until the end of the turn.

Dark Blast - Cost: 5 - Ability - Magic - 2 Purity Common
Deal 15 Damage to the opponent's fortress.

Siphon Structure - Cost: 3 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
Pay X: Deal 2 damage times X to the opponent's fortress. Your fortress is repaired by this amount.

Sinister Corruption - Cost: 4 - Ability - 1 Purity Rare
Target character loses all subtypes. At the end of each turn, its controller loses 5 morale.

The Perils of Command - Cost: 5 - Ability - Magic -1 Purity Common
Kill target character in the command zone.

Word of Command - Cost: 2 - Ability - 1 Purity Common
Target character on the battlefield moves to either the assault zone or the defense zone, and becomes locked to that zone.

Lethargy Stone - Cost: 6 - Artifact - Magic - 2 Purity Rare
Characters you control cannot attack. At the end of each turn, each opponent loses 5 morale.

Total Cult of Verore: 12

Flame Dawn

Flame Dawn Purifier - Cost: 3 - Morale: 5 - Character - Human - 8/8 - 1 Purity Common
When an undead character dies, if Flame Dawn Purifier was the last to deal damage to it, that character is removed from the game.

Harbinger of Light - Cost: 5 - Morale: 7 - Character - Human - 8/8 - 2 Purity Uncommon
When you play Harbinger of Light, return target character on the battlefield to the support zone.

Herald of Dawn - Cost: 1 - Morale: 3 - Character - Human - 3/3 - 2 Purity Uncommon
When Herald of Dawn comes into play, the first character you play next turn will gain Charge.

Mark 1 'Brimstone' Battle Tank - Cost: 6 - Morale: 10 - Character - Artificial - 12/12 - 1 Purity Rare
Pay 5: Deal 8 damage to target character in a combat zone. You may only play this ability once per turn.

Protector of the Dawn - Cost: 6 - Morale: 11 - Character - Human - 8/10 - 2 Purity Rare
When Protector of the Dawn comes into play, characters you control gain Untouchable this turn.

Resolute Knight - Cost: 5 - Morale: 7 - Character - Human - 8/8- 1 Purity Uncommon
Two Lives (This character has two lives. If it would die while it still has an extra life, it loses a life but stays in play.)

Torch Bearer - Cost: 1 - Morale: 2 - Character - Human - 2/2 - 1 Purity Common
When Torch Bearer comes into play, your opponent loses 3 health.

Vanguard Knight - Cost: 2 - Morale: 0 - Character - Human - 8/5 - 1 Purity Common

Bloodbath - Cost: 8 - Ability - 3 Purity Epic
Move all your characters into the assault zone. Move all opponent's characters into the defense zone. Your characters attack twice this turn.

Ferocity - Cost: 3 - Ability - 1 Purity Common
Target character on the battlefield gains +2/+0 and attacks this turn.

Unfazed - Cost: 2 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
You cannot lose morale this turn. Remove Unfazed from the game.

Aberion's Banner - Cost: 3 - Unique Artifact - 1 Purity Rare
Whenever a character you control attacks alone, it gets +5/+5 until the end of the turn.

Total Flame Dawn: 12

Descendants of the Dragon

Agent Coyle, Immovable - Cost: 4 - Morale: 10 - Unique Character - Human - 6/10 - 2 Purity Legendary
Agent Coyle, Immovable gets +0/+2 for each other character you control in play.
Pay 13, Exhaust: Agent Coyle, Immovable transforms into a 30/30 flying, unstoppable dragon.

Disciple of Mian Monastery - Cost: 4 - Morale: 8 - Character - Human - 3/3 - 1 Purity Common
Each turn that Disciple of Mian Monastery ends in the support zone, he gains +3/+3.

Gao Han, the Stalwart - Cost: 3 - Morale: 6 - Unique Character - Human - 6/10 - 2 Purity Rare
If Gao Han is in play, he is in the Defense Zone. Gao Han cannot be moved from the Defense Zone.

Infected Monk - Cost: 3 - Morale: 2 - Character - Human - 6/8 - 1 Purity Common
If Infected Monk dies while it is not Undead, it returns to play and becomes Undead.

Jialan, Guardian of Life - Cost: 4 - Morale: 10 - Unique Character - Human - 4/6 - 1 Purity Rare
As long as Jialan is in your Defensive Zone, if your health would be reduced below 1, it becomes 1 instead.

Ju-Lin, Who Rewrites History - Cost: 7 - Morale: 0 - Unique Character - Human - 0/4 - 2 Purity Epic
Cannot Deal Damage.
If Ju-Lin would die or be removed from the game, instead he returns to the support zone and loses a Chapter. At the end of each turn Ju-Lin is on the battlefield, he gains a Chapter. When Ju-Lin has 6 Chapters, you win the game.

Kung Ji, the Glorious Strategist - Cost: 4 - Morale: 10 - Unique Character - Human - 8/12 - 1 Purity Uncommon
Whenever a character you control blocks, that character moves to the back of the Defense Zone. At the end of each turn, every character in your combat zones heals 2 damage.

Soldier of the Wall - Cost: 2 - Morale: 4 - Character - Human - 3/10 - 1 Purity Common

Spirit of the Ancient Guardians - Cost: 4 - Morale: 2 - Character - Spirit - 4/4 - 1 Purity Uncommon
Flying, Vigilance
When Spirit of the Ancient Guardians deals combat damage to a character, that character dies.

Rally - Cost: 5 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
You gain 25 morale. Rally is removed from the game.

Repair - Cost: 5 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
Your fortress is repaired 25 damage.

Resolve of the Dragon - Cost: 4 - Ability - Magic - 2 Purity Common
If target character would die to a non-sacrifice ability this turn, instead it lives and becomes exhausted for 2 turns.

Heaven's Bell - Cost: 4 - Artifact - 2 Purity Rare
Exhaust: Move a character you control from the support zone to the defense zone.

Total Descendant of the Dragons: 13

Sleepers of Avarrach

Hehkeem, the Corrupted - Cost: 7 - Morale: 6 - Unique Character - Undead - 10/10 - 3 Purity Rare
When Hehkeem, the Corrupted comes into play, all undead characters with cost 3 or less in your graveyard are put into play.

One of Many Exhumed - Cost: 4 - Morale: 3 - Character - Undead Beast - 8/10 - 1 Purity Common
When One of Many Exhumed dies, put the top card of your deck into your graveyard.

Risen of Avarrach - Cost: 2 - Morale: 2 - Character - Undead - 6/4 - 2 Purity Common
If Risen of Avarrach is in the graveyard for 3 consecutive turns, it returns to play. You only lose 1 morale if Risen of Avarrach dies.

Zombie Scavenger - Cost: 1 - Morale: 3 - Character - Undead - 2/2 - 1 Purity Common
Whenever an undead character you control dies, Zombie Scavenger gets +2/+2.

Awaken - Cost: 4 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
Raise target character in your graveyard into play. It gets -1/-1.

Fear - Cost: 2 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
All characters in a combat zone retreat back to their support zones.

Feast on the Dead - Cost: 5 - 1 Purity Common
Gain 3 morale for each character in your graveyard. Remove Feast on the Dead from the game.

The Virus of Avarrach - Cost: 14 - Ability - 2 Purity Epic
Kill every character in play. For each character that died this game, a 4/4 undead character will be created at the end of the next turn. These characters do not cost you morale when they die.

Undead Corruption - Cost: 2 - Ability - 1 Purity Uncommon
Target character becomes undead. If that character dies, it comes back into play under your control. (v0.881 this card only targets opponent characters. It's still worded this way though)

Undisturbed Necropolis - Cost: 6 - Location - 1 Purity Rare
At the end of the turn, Undisturbed Necropolis creates a 4/4 undead zombie character for each enemy character that died the previous turn.

Tome of the Dead - Cost: 3 - Artifact - 1 Purity Rare
At the start of the turn, Tome of the Dead gains 1 chapter. At the end of the turn, if it has 3 chapters, Tome of the Dead is destroyed and all characters on the battlefield die, and go into your graveyard.

Wall of the Dead - Cost: 6 - Artifact - 1 Purity Uncommon
If your fortress would take damage and you have at least one character in your graveyard, prevent that damage and remove the top character in your graveyard from the game.

Total Sleepers of Avarrach: 12

The Exiles continued on Reply #2.

General Discussion / 2013 Core-only Top 15
« on: August 06, 2013, 01:47:14 PM »
2013 Core Set My Top 15 Cards - This list refers to CORE cards and their impression on the game before RISE comes out. Feel free to add to this list or suggest adjustments for what cards made a stronger impression for you.

(Note: This list is subjective and done for the lulz before RISE changes balance in front of our eyes. Feel free to suggest any cards you believe should be on the list.)

Honorable Mention - Invincible Defender and Flame Dawn Aspirant - These unlimited characters are not only viable, these characters are stronger than several regular cards and makes a strong case for Flame Dawn's successful aggression and DoD's successful defense.

#15 - Secluded Constructor - This is on the list because CORE genesis is not playable without it. The faction is so reliant on this cards' mechanics to function that a turn 2 Fight! could simply decide the game right then and there if they aren't holding reinforcements in their hand. Although when given the chance to work, it creates some of the most incredibly powerful characters. The burst potential of splashing Flame Dawn for offense or DoD for Defense is why this card makes the top 15.

#14 - Winds of War - Currently the strongest AoE in CORE. This card hits everything in the Assault, Defense and Support Zones. Not only this, the spell has a midgame pricetag and is available to all decks. Three damage is enough to kill more than 70% of characters by itself and every new player starts with 3 of them.

#13 - Pack Leader - Warpath would not be viable without this card. The amount of Anti-AoE and sheer power that this card generates allows Warpath to dominate the mid-late game as long as the opponent isn't threatening with Lethal on the board by turn 5.

#12 - Demon of Fear - This is the most efficient flyer in the game. Not only this, the effect allows itself to dominate the mid-end game battlefield defensively or offensively. To top it all off, the card is only 1 Verore Purity. Given that most every other Verore character is TERRIBLE for cost efficiency, at least you can depend on this astronomical anomaly.

#11 - Knight of the Flame Dawn - This card is currently the strongest aggro commander in the game. Why? At a pricetag of 2 you get 4 power which is a 2:1 ratio which is amazing. And then you also get 4 toughness which is the sweet spot against most forms of damage and AoE. Right in the commander slot it can deploy as though it had haste. GG @ this common.

#10 - Assassinate -This card used to not have a drawback to it, so everyone ran 3. Even with a severe drawback to using it...everyone still runs 3 in a deck. It's that good. Killing any character no matter where it happens to be zone-wise is priceless and irreplacable. Every new player also gets 3 of these.

#9 - Paladin of the Flame Dawn - This card has an amazing pricetag and allows Genesis some viability in CORE. The reason why it is #9 is the passive death immunity, without it...Knight of the Flame Dawn would easily take this spot away from the Paladin. With the amount of removal in the game this card does well. Being one of the only counters to Mass Death in the entire set without RISE coming out makes this one of the most valuable rares in CORE.

#8 - Fight! - Currently the strongest single target removal spell in the game. Strangely enough, it doesn't find itself in a control faction. Any regular size commander negates most of this spells drawback as a commander doesn't have resources invested into it. Not only this, the damage allows itself to kill almost any commander as early as turn 2 and eliminates Paladins and other death immune things easily. To top it all off, the spell costs 4 less than assassinate and doesn't cause you to lose resources when you use it. The only reason this isn't higher on the list is the faction the card is tied to. Control will find it hard to splash 1 warpath just for this single card.

#7 - Stumble - Currently the 2nd strongest single target removal spell in the game with its' very low pricetag and effect allowing itself to hit cards costing up to 7. This card can also be used to save high value characters on your initative to allow them to dodge spells. Best used on characters like your own Coyle Firestarter.

#6 - Skraar - 8/8 Haste, Unstoppable for 7. Not only does this card provide an amazing offensive boost and synergize with Pack Leaders, this card is currently the best defensive card in CORE. When RISE comes out, this card will still be the best defensive card while being one of the best offensive cards. Only reason this card isn't placed ahead of Firestarter is that 2 Warpath Purity tough to synergize with other factions where 2 FD purity can benefit highly from a DoD or CV splash. Expect this card to be even better when RISE comes out as more cards mean more synergy.

#5 - Daode, Sage of Strength - Better known as Sage 1, this card's +0/+2 buff it gives every other turn is extremely powerful given the large amounts of AoE damage any deck can put out. This card is a hard counter to AoE and is currently the best DoD commander in CORE with Zunshen in a somewhat close 2nd. In fact, AoE is so prevalent in this game that this single card not only gives DoD viability, it's viability surpasses Warpath in CORE and synergizes well with Verore Control.

#4 - Coyle, Firestarter - Currently the best offensive character in the game. 2nd place going to Knight of the Flame Dawn as a commander or Skraar in the hand. Having 4 power, charge and the ability to attack three times at 7 cost means that your opponent always has to defend against this when you have 7+ resource. Even if its not in your hand. Using Calamity to setup Firestarter is just one of the many combos that give Flame Dawn a viable endgame if their dominant early game and powerful mid game fail them.

#3 - Mass Death - Currently the strongest spell in CORE. This may also be the strongest spell when RISE comes out too. The only reason this isn't Number 1 is because only a 2 Purity Verore deck can run it. Even then, this card has been such a percentage altering crutch that more than half of high victory decks run 2 Verore for just this card. Currently the only counters to this card are hoping the other player didn't draw it, hoping they revealed it miserably in a tell and don't have extras, or running Shrine.

#2 - Martyr Golem - This is currently the most versatile character in CORE. Unknowingly took the role of being a counterspell to AoE due to how it works. The character can heal itself given that the opponent isn't doing everything in their power to wipe it out. Dropping this when your opponent uses Winds of War while you are playing Flame Dawn generally results in a win. Dropping this with a high attack power defender functions like a one-sided mass death. This card used to protect characters from the command zone, which was God Tier for awhile.

#1 - Calamity - This card counters everything unless you die before you get the resources to cast it. This is rated higher than mass death because ALL decks can run 3. Including the decks that run 3 Mass Death. This card is the reason why Genesis Viability is screwed, given they build their army up to only be torn down. This card destroys Warpath Viability too as any push that doesn't result in a pre turn 10 kill is tough to recover from unless your hand is filled with Skraars. Not only this, the spell will counter almost everything in RISE too. The only shining glimmer of hope is that GI and WP will receive a couple cards that should be able to deal with Calamity head on.

Suggestions / {Suggestion} - New Merged Deck Intro
« on: August 06, 2013, 09:24:12 AM »
This helps players who aren't familiar with all of the cards (new or old).
This utilizes animation and results in a cleaner UI for Merged.
This makes the selection process feel more like a draft.
I've suggested this before but I've decided to GIF it a seperate thread.

My suggested Commander Mockup regarding Merged Games.  8)

Game Rules / Infinity Wars: Rules Glossary (v 0.91)
« on: August 04, 2013, 11:01:48 AM »
Infinity Wars: Rules Glossary (v 0.91)
(CTRL + F is a good idea)

Ability (Card): This is a card that causes an effect and is moved to the discard pile/graveyard afterward.

Ability (Character): This refers to the effect of a character. The abilities of a character can either be passive, activated, triggered, persistent or turn based.

Action Log: This tool located on the right side of the UI while in a game will track the actions you have made in a turn as they resolve.

Affix: This refers to a buff, which are passive abilities that a card can have. Usually generated by passive character abilities. (Examples: Untouchable, Vigilance, Charge, Flying)

Alternate Win Condition: A way of winning the game outside of a Health or Morale victory. Currently Shrine of Victory and a certain RISE card are the only cards that can generate an alternate win.

Ante: Refers to risking ownership of cards to obtain other cards from players doing the same thing. These cards usually exist outside the actual playable deck and the winner gains ownership of the ante cards at the end of the game (or series of games).

Artifact: These are cards similar to locations, except they do not have a limit to the number you can have in play. Unless they are Unique Artifacts, which still allow for 3 in a deck but cannot play one while a unique artifact of the same name is in play.

Attributes (Card): Anything that helps define what a card does. Card type, Resource/Morale Cost, Purity, Effect, Power, Health, Abilities, Buffs, Rarity, Set, Name, and even Artist are card Attributes. Also see Stats.

Attack (Action): Refers to the action of characters in the Assault Zone during the Resolve Phase. Attacks are done from left to right in which characters trade damage with opposing characters in the defense zone from left to right. Both characters will lose health equal to the power rating on their opposing characters. Characters are attacked until they reach 0 health or less, which they go to the graveyard/discard pile. When there no legal characters to defend with, an attacker will hit the player's fortress directly.

Base Resources: Refers to the maximum amount of resources a player has available to them each turn. Each turn increases your base resources by 1 and in hyper that value is increased to 2. Base Resources has a soft cap of 10 that is exceeded by Epic Mode games or Card effects/abilities or the Trading Post. Base Resources and Max Resources refer to the same thing.

Battlefield: The battlefield refers to both player's Support, Assault and Defense zones.

Block: When a character can legally defend an attacking opponent by being the left-most character in the defense zone. A blocker will continue blocking attackers as long as the block is legal or when the blocker dies. Kung-Ji, the Glorious Strategist allows characters to rotate their Left-to-Right defense each time a successful block is made. If a character is flying or cannot be blocked by the left-most defender in other ways, the next legal defender available will block. If no legal blocks can be made, the attacker will strike the player's fortress directly.

Bounce: The action of returning a card to the controller's hand. Morale is not lost when a character leaves play in this way.

Buffs: These are passive abilities that enhance a card positively. Usually seen on characters although locations and artifacts can have these buffs also. (Examples: Untouchable, Vigilance, Charge, Flying)

Buff (Stat increase): This refers to increasing the maximum health or power of a character.

Card: The digital format for displaying the attributes/stats of characters, abilities, locations or artifacts.

Character (Card): These are permanent cards with attributes that stay on the field until they are removed from play in a variety of ways. A character has Power and Health. Power allows a character to deal damage to a fortress when there are no legal blockers or deal damage to a character when it is a legal blocker. When health reaches 0 through damage, the character is sacrificed or if an ability causes the character to die, the card is removed from play and placed into the graveyard/discard pile.

Charge (Buff): This passive character ability allows a card to be moved to assault when it comes into play. Note: Some effects that bring a character into play when it is not deployed from the hand will not trigger the Charge effect.

Combat Zone: This is the combination of both player's Assault and Defense Zones.

Concede: Accepting a loss and forfeiting the game before it actually ends.

Consume (Buff): Whenever a character with this buff kills or sacrifices another character, the Consume Buffed character is healed by the toughness of the character killed or sacrificed then gains +X/+X where X is the level of consume the character has.

Create: This is an action of an ability that generates cards with specific effects. The cards are "Created" and put into the game in different ways. The cards can be put directly into play, into your hand, or even into your deck or graveyard.

Commander: Players can choose up to 3 starting characters that determine the contents and playstyle of their deck. These characters are commanders. The purity of the commanders determine which cards (and commanders) can go into a deck. These cards also start in a special "Command Zone" which allows you to utilize activated abilities and deploy the characters as though they have haste.

Command Zone: This zone houses the three commanders a player or AI has chosen for their deck. These commanders start in this protective zone. Commanders can use activated abilities and even "start or end of turn" triggers in certain cases. Characters are also able to be deployed to the battlefield as though they have haste if you can play their resource cost.

Combat: Refers to the interaction between an attacker and defender. Both characters deal damage to each other equal to their power. Damage recieved will reduce health. Health at 0 or below means a character will die. Abilities that trigger or interact with Combat will happen here.

Combat Zone: This refers to the Defense and Assault Zones of both players. Only characters can use these zones.

Control: Refers to ownership of cards. A player that has control of a card can use their effects and interact with the cards during the planning phase of each turn. Cards played from the hand or put into play by an effect will come into play under the caster's control.
Note: Ownership only refers to control of the card in the game, not to the actual ownership of the card itself.

Cult of Verore: This faction is represented by purple cards, this faction focuses on powerful controlling spells that buy time for late game demon cards.

Cycle (Cards): Shuffling a card into your deck and drawing a card.

Damage (to Health): Whenever a character attacks, the card will deal damage equal to their power. Abilities and effects of cards can also generate damage. Damage will reduce health of characters or reduce health on a player's fortress. When a player has taken enough damage to their fortress, such that their health is 0, that player will lose the game.

Damage (to Morale): Whenever a character dies, is destroyed or is killed (all mean the same thing) then the player takes morale damage equal to the resource cost of the character. Currently Artifacts and Locations do not cost morale. Morale is also not lost when a card is sacrificed, explodes, returned to the hand, discarded from the hand, shuffled into the deck or removed from the game.

Desync: The result of information broadcasts not being in sync with each other results in both players seeing something different during resolution. If this should happen, obtain a copy of your output log file in your installation directory and email it in a bug report. Puffy those puffy desyncs in my opinion.

Die: When a card "Dies", the card is moved from play to the graveyard. When a character "Dies", this will result in a morale loss equal to the cost of the card unless a card effect states otherwise. Usually "Die" refers to a living character that was killed. Also see Kill or Destroy.

Debuff: Refers to buffs that have negative effects on cards.

Deck: Games are played with cards placed face-down in a single stack. Each player will control one deck. Games are normally played with at least 40 cards in a deck. Each turn, cards are drawn from a deck.

Defend: Characters can be used to stop damage to your fortress from attacking characters. Placing characters in the defense zone allow them to block from left to right as long as the blocks are legal. A blocker will continue blocking unless it is destroyed or is not a legal blocker. If you are using Kung-Ji, the Glorious Strategist, defenders will take turns blocking. If you have no defenders, then attackers will strike your fortress directly in combat during the resolve phase.

Deployed: The act of playing a character from your hand to the battlefield or playing a character from the defense zone to the battlefield.

Descendants of the Dragon: This faction is represented by teal cards. With its' defensive playstyle, the faction boasts defense, morale destruction and effective alternate win conditions.

Destroy: When a card is destroyed, they are moved from play to the graveyard. When a character is "destroyed" will result in a morale loss equal to the cost of the card unless a card effect states otherwise. Usually Destroy is used for the death of inanimate or unliving characters, locations or artifacts. Also see Die or Kill.

Dodge: Causing a player's spell to miss, fizzle or have no legal effect. This is due to movements, lack of movements, ability plays, initiative timing, or simple mindscrew as a phase transitions from Planning to Resolve.

Draw (Cards): Refers to taking cards from the top of your deck into your hand. 1 card is drawn at the start of each turn. In Hyper Format, 2 cards are drawn at the start of each turn. Abilities and effects can also cause cards to be drawn to the hand or discarded from the hand.

Draw (Game Result): When both players fulfilled the victory requirement, the game is a draw. When both players fulfill the defeat requirement, the game is a draw. If a player has fulfilled the victory and defeat requirement, the game is a draw. A drawn game does not result in a win or a loss.

End of Turn Phase: After the Resolve Phase has finished, end of turn effects trigger and Victory/Defeat checks are made. Players do not win or lose until these checks are done.

Exhaust (Debuff): When a character, location or artifact come into play, the card is normally in an "exhausted state". When a card is exhausted, the card cannot use abilities or be moved into the combat zone. When a card is exhausted in the combat zone, the card will move to the support zone. This debuff fades at the start of your next turn unless the card states that the "exhausted state" will last longer (2 turns, 3 turns, indefinitely).

Explode: This action causes a card to sacrifice itself to produce an effect. Explode can also be the result of a trigger causing this effect. Explode is different from "being destroyed", "dying" or "getting killed" as these effects will cost morale. See "Sacrifice".

Epic (Game Mode): This game mode changes starting health and morale values to 100, up from 50. Resources are not capped in this mode, allowing resources to pass the soft cap of 10.

Factionless: Cards that are not tied to any faction. This means any deck can use them because they have no purity requirements. Just note that if a factionless card is used as a commander, the card will also yield no purity towards deck building.

Fetch: Refers to any card that searches your deck for a card and brings it to your hand or into play.

Flame Dawn: Faction represented by red cards, the faction focuses on speed and early to mid game lethality.

Flying (Buff): When a character with the Flying buff attacks, the only legal blockers the opponent can use are characters with the Flying Buff or the Ranged Buff (Can block flying characters). If no legal blockers are in the defense zone, the character with the Flying Buff will deal damage directly to the opponent's fortress.

Fortress: A representation of the player's health value. This value starts at 50 in most games and 100 in epic mode. These values are currently capped at those values, which means a player "Repairing their fortress" cannot increase it beyond the health that the fortress started with. When a player's fortress receives damage from a character attack or damage from a card effect or ability, the health value drops. When this value reaches 0 or lower, the affected player loses the game.

Genesis Industries: Faction represented by blue cards, the faction focuses on unity and synergy to create nearly unstoppable forces.

Graveyard: Also referred to as a discard pile. Ability cards that are played or Characters that leave play by Dying (Destroy/Kill), being sacrificed or exploding will be moved to this seperate Face-Up pile of cards next to your deck. Cards and effects/abilities can interact with the Graveyard to move the cards to your hand, your deck, into play or from the game.

Hand: A randomized group of cards drawn from your deck. Five cards are drawn at the start of a game. One card is drawn to the hand at the start of each turn, two cards on Hyper Mode. Cards and effects/abilities can allow you to draw cards from the hand, discard them to the graveyard, remove them from the game in your hand or even return cards from outside the game to your hand. As of v0.86, your hand has a limit of 8 cards.

Haste (Buff): A card with haste does not exhaust when Deployed. This means a character can move to the combat zone on the same turn it is deployed. This also means a card can use any activated abilities it has on turn turn it is deployed.

Trading Post / Zin's Bazaar v0.91 (With RISE Updates)
« on: July 30, 2013, 07:29:27 AM »
Cards I have to Trade

3x Aleta, the Immortal Traveler
3x Aleta, the Immortal Traveler (Plat)
1x Aleta, the Immortal Traveler (Plat Foil)
2x Martyr Golem (Plat)
2x Martyr Golem
2x Radariah, the Untouchable (Plat)
2x Shikana, Who Demands Tribute (Plat)

1x Skraar
1x Skraar (Plat)
5x Sydern (Plat)
1x Sydern

1x Mega Unit 02 (Plat)
2x Aleta, Immortal Sorceress
1x Grotesque Brute (Plat)
3x Rita, Shadow Priestess (Plat)

2x Aberion, the Hammer of Dawn
1x Agent Coyle, Firestarter

8x Jialan, Guardian of Life (Plat)
6x Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity (Plat)

1x Hunted Dragon
1x Nysrugh the Hungry (Plat)
2x Hehkeem, the Corrupted (Plat)

1x Called Shot (Plat Foil)
2x Calamity
1x Reflect

4x Mass Death (Plat)
3x Sinister Corruption (Plat)

1x Bloodbath (Plat)
1x The Virus of Avarrach (Plat)
7x Untapped Wilderness
1x The Dragon Project
1x The Hellmouth
1x Great Wall of Jinhai
1x Lethargy Stone (Plat)
2x Undisturbed Necropolis (Plat)

2x Ancient Egg (Plat)
3x Shield Generator (Plat)
1x Lethargy Stone (Plat)
1x Aberion's Banner (Plat)
1x Heaven's Bell (Plat)

Cards I'm looking for

Various CORE Plat cards...

Jubalia, the Messenger (Plat)
3x Devil of Despair (Plat)
LoL x Inter-dimensional Phase Bot (Plat)
Inter-dimensional Phase Bot (Plat Foil)

3x Protector of the Dawn (Plat)
1x Heaven's Bell (Plat Foil)
2x Coyle, Immovable (Plat)
1x Coyle, Primal Hunter (Plat)
1x Tygris, the Architect (Plat)

General Discussion / Full Campaign and Tutorial Reward List - 7/18/13
« on: July 01, 2013, 06:47:51 AM »
The following is a list of the current rewards in the Tutorials and the 8 campaigns in each of the 5 factions. These are subject to change, although they are confirmed as of 7/1/13.

1st Tutorial Reward
3x Assassinate
4x Defense Golem
2x Grave Rob
3x Wealthy Noble
3x Winds of War
28x Conscripted Militia

2nd Tutorial Reward
1x Mortar Cannon
1x Cartographer

3rd Tutorial Reward
1x Rift to the Old World
1x Firebolt

Complete the Following Campaigns: Genesis 1, Warpath 1, Verore 1, Flame Dawn 1 and DoD 1.
Reward: "Choose your Faction" Starter Deck


20x Unending Drones
1x Unmanned Aerial Destroyer
2x Airborne Scientist
1x Bad Bot
3x Defense Golem
2x Genesis Construct
1x Mortar Cannon
1x Overloaded Soldier
2x Secluded Constructor
1x Wealthy Noble
1x Anti Air Missile
1x Assassinate
2x Cannon Fire
1x Extended Operation
2x Firebolt
1x Grave Rob
1x Rift to the Old World


18x One of Many
1x Pack Leader
1x Mammoth
1x Jungle giant
1x Defense Golem
1x Wealthy Noble
1x Loyal Soldier
2x Killaroo
2x Caretaker of the Young
2x Bring Life by Passing
2x Field Engineer
1x Hunt
2x Fight!
2x Tribal Medicine
2x Grave Rob
2x Firebolt
2x Assassinate

Cult of Verore

2x Battlefield Scavanger
2x Beast of Burden
3x Defense Golem
2x Field Engineer
1x Verore Brute
21x Verore Death Worshipper
2x Assassinate
2x Death Ray
2x Firebolt
1x Grave Rob
1x Heat Wave
2x Lightning Blast
1x Rift to the old World
1x Winds of War

Flame Dawn

1x Aerial Commando
21x Flame Dawn Aspirant
2x Flame Dawn Footman
1x Flame Ram
2x Knight of the Flame Dawn
1x Loyal Soldier
1x Mortar Cannon
1x Vicious Ransacker
2x Wealthy Noble
1x Assassinate
1x Burning Prejudice
2x Call the Crusade
2x Exhaust
1x Fiery Resolve
2x Firebolt
2x Stumble

Descendants of the Dragon

2x Balanced Warrior
3x Defense Golem
2x  Field Engineer
2x Ghost of the Ancestors
2x Glorious Warriors
17 x Invincible Defender
2x Meditating Monk
Mortar Cannon
Pilgrimage Monk
2x Vanilla Warrior
Grave Rob
Rift of the the Old World
Sage 1 Spell
Sage 2 Spell
Sage 3 Spell
Winds of War

Individual Campaign Rewards

Reward: Genesis 1
1x Secluded Constructor

Reward: Genesis 2
1x Extended Operation

Reward: Genesis 3
1x Secluded Constructor
4x Unending Drone

Reward: Genesis 4
1x Overloaded Soldier

Reward: Genesis 5
1x Cannon Fire

Reward: Genesis 6
1x Cannon Fire
4x Unending Drone

Reward: Genesis 7
1x Airborne Scientist

Reward: Genesis 8
1x Airborne Scientist
1x Anti-Air Missile
1x Bad-bot
1x Unending Drone

Reward: Warpath 1
1x Pack Leader

Reward: Warpath 2
1x Caretaker of the Young

Reward: Warpath 3
1x Breeding Grounds
4x One of Many

Reward: Warpath 4
1x Mammoth

Reward: Warpath 5
1x Fight!

Reward: Warpath 6
1x Fight
4x One of Many

Reward: Warpath 7
1x Brings Life by Passing

Reward: Warpath 8
1x Brings Life by Passing
1x One of Many
1x Pack Leader
1x Tribal Medicine

Reward: Verore 1
1x Death Ray

Reward: Verore 2
1x Heat Wave

Reward: Verore 3
1x Death Ray
4x Verore Death Worshipper

Reward: Verore 4
1x Verore Brute

Reward: Verore 5
1x Beast of Burden

Reward: Verore 6
1x Battlefield Scavenger
4x Verore Death Worshipper

Reward: Verore 7
1x Rita's Thrall

Reward: Verore 8
1x Beast of Burden
1x Reflective Shield
1x Rita's Thrall
1x Verore Death Worshipper

Reward: Flame Dawn 1
1x Flame Dawn Footman

Reward: Flame Dawn 2
1x Flame Ram

Reward: Flame Dawn 3
4x Flame Dawn Aspirant
1x Stumble

Reward: Flame Dawn 4
1x Aerial Commando

Reward: Flame Dawn 5
1x Stumble

Reward: Flame Dawn 6
1x Call of the Crusade
4x Flame Dawn Aspirant

Reward: Flame Dawn 7
1x Call the Crusade

Reward: Flame Dawn 8
1x Flame Dawn Aspirant
1x Flame Dawn Footman
1x Flame Dawn Knight
1x Vicious Ransacker

Reward: DoD 1
1x Glorious Warrior

Reward: DoD 2
1x Balanced Warrior

Reward: DoD 3
4x Invincible Defender
1x Lingbao's Will

Reward: DoD 4
1x Pilgrimage Monk

Reward: DoD 5
1x Balanced Warrior

Reward: DoD 6
1x Glorious Warrior
4x Invincible Defender

Reward: DoD 7
1x Meditating Monk

Reward: DoD 8
1x Invincible Defender
1x Meditating Monk
1x Daode's Protection
1x Jinhai Militia

New rewards for Sleeper campaign if anyone was after em :

Sleeper 1: Risen of Avarrach
Sleeper 2: One of Many Exhumed
Sleeper 3: Endless Horde, Fill the Graves
Sleeper 4: Zombie Scavenger
Sleeper 5: Endless Horde, One of Many Exhumed
Sleeper 6: Infectious Zombie
Sleeper 7: Feast on the Dead
Sleeper 8: Endless Horde, Awaken

Bug 1 - Tutorial arrows pointing to the "Rewards" tab are off since the new tabs were added to the store.

Bug 2 - Completing a scenario on your first session with your account causes the player to reaccept the eula agreement. This will repeat itself until you relog.

Contents of the "Choose your Faction" decks used from Kira's thread several of us pitched in the information, hope it helps.

General Game Discussion / Patch Update 0.860
« on: June 19, 2013, 06:01:06 AM »
Infinity Wars Patch 0.86.0
June 19th 2013, Version 0.86.0
Balance Changes
In this patch, we have only one balance change: Aleta, the Traveller. Aleta has been a tricky card to balance. Originally, we added the additional cost to Aleta, the Traveller that she needs to discard a card in order to use her ability. However, in practice this only made the card more narrow that we wanted, while fuelling some very dominant strategies involving powering out easy Unending Drones or Endless Horde. We're changing her ability to instead cost an additional resource. While we're still concerned about her power level with this change, we're erring on the side of not over-nerfing her. We'll have our eye on Aleta very closely in the next couple of weeks.

Aleta, the Traveller no longer discards a card, but rather charges the player 1 extra resource.
Name Changes
The Descendant of the Dragons now have proper names for all their cards! While in our hearts we'll all know them as Sage 1, Sage 2 and so on, they were all long past due. The name changes are as follows:

Dragon of Wisdom → Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom
Sage 1 → Daode, Sage of Strength
Sage 2 → Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity
Sage 3 → Lingbao, Sage of Discipline
Sage 1 Spell → Daode's Protection
Sage 2 Spell → Yuanshi's Wrath
Sage 3 Spell → Lingbao's Will
Rallying General → Zunshen, the Rallying General
Vanilla Warrior → Jinhai Militia
Great Wall → Great Wall of Jinhai
Shrine of Victory → Shrine to the Heavens
Bug Fixes
Our primary focus for a while now has been (and continues to be) fixing bugs. We thank everybody for their efforts in reporting bugs!
Returned the functionality where if you had a legal deck selected already (including through the deckbuilder), the game would not ask you to choose your deck. We're working on a system where the game will more intelligently determine if you need to select a deck or not.
Disabled the reconnection system until it is complete.
When invited to a game, it'll use the same popup as the rest of the UI, and thus won't have issues clicking "through" it.
Fixed many hosting and joining game issues.
Health and Morale bars now get redder as they approach 0. Additionally, a floating number appears to better show the loss of health or morale (we particularly found that players would not realize their morale was at dangerously low levels)
Fixed the issue with Candit causing a de-sync message.

Hooray, Candit no longer Desyncs players and we get to see if the new Aleta, Immortal Traveler changes bring a more balanced approach to the variety of decks using her ability.

The health and morale signifiers when players take health or morale damage works great already (due to previous testing). What do you guys think?

Deck Building / Competitive "Budget" Style Decks
« on: May 30, 2013, 09:27:49 AM »
Generally deck contructions that consists of some uncommons and the rest commons, the following decks are setup to be competitive and functional as well as being rather solid decks to use if the "Pauper" format were adopted.

You can use to pull the names of most of these cards. The following include a few decks specific to a faction and two dual faction decks. Note there ARE other extremely strong dual/triple faction decks that can run this format that weren't covered, these are just a few. And that's just with core set cards. I'll also added links to these decks that go to where the decks and the cards (and what they do) can all be viewed on one screen!

Disclaimer: Just because these decks are viable, it doesn't mean they are perfect. These decks can be tweaked in different ways depending on how you play the game. The important thing is that you can make many viable decks with just Commons and Uncommons even with the base core set (which will triple its' 120 base to 360 with the next two expansion sets before the game is officially released)

Easy as 1,2,3
The deck focuses on quick attacking as Flame Dawn normally does. Turn 1 aspirant, Turn 2 Knight, Turn 3 Yobo etc...It's an easy deck to learn with very potent and powerful results. If you have the Starter deck and/or have cards such as Coyle, Firestarter or Aberion...don't use them in command, they are far better when played from the hand.

Knight of the Flame Dawn
Yobo, who Nobody Likes (Can substitute Flame Dawn Footman if you don't have this)
Sacullas, the Final Hammer

Characters (22)
16x Flame Dawn Aspirant
3x Flame Dawn Knight
3x Sacullas, the Final Hammer (Swap in more aspirants if you can't get more of these)

Abilities (21)
3x Assassinate
3x Firebolt
2x Rift to the Old World
3x Winds of War (Optional) (Aspirant is the only one with <4 toughness, mid-late game tradeoff)
3x Exhaust
3x Stumble
2x Call of the Crusade
2x Burning Prejudice

Candit's Dogs
Character Light, Spell heavy Verore deck that controls the board.

Candit, Head Researcher
Beast of Burden
Beast of Burden

Characters (12)
3x Candit, Head Researcher
3x Beast of Burden
3x Defense Golem
3x Loyal Soldier

Abilities (26)
3x Assassinate
3x Firebolt
3x Winds of War
3x Death Ray
3x Heat Wave
3x Lightning Blast
3x Reflective Shield
3x Explore
2x Rift to the Old World

Locations (2)
2x Veroria, the Lone Keep

Defense Budget
Standard DoD deck using Xi and not using the sages.

Xi, who Honors the Dead
Rallying General
Glorious Warrior

Characters (24)
12x Invincible Defender
3x Xi, who Honors the Dead
3x Vanilla Warrior
3x Ghost of the Ancestors
3x Glorious Warrior

Abilities (20)
3x Assassinate
3x Firebolt
3x Winds of War
3x Sage Spell 1
3x Sage Spell 2
3x Sage Spell 3
2x Rift to the Old World

Warpath deck set to launch a deadly assault with Pack Leader by turn 6. Powerful mid-game deck.

Wealthy Noble
Caretaker of the Young
Pack Leader

Characters (29)
3x Brings Life by Passing
3x Mammoth
3x Pack Leader
3x Caretaker of the Young
17x One of Many

Abilities (11)
3x Assassinate
3x Firebolt
3x Fight!
2x Hunt

Imbalanced Warrior
Deck inspired by Devs, it uses the Synergy of Balanced Warrior with Secluded Constructor and Defense Golem to produce a powerful character rather quickly.

Balanced Warrior
Secluded Constructor
Defense Golem

Characters (31)
3x Balanced Warrior
3x Secluded Constructor
3x Defense Golem
3x Bad-Bot
3x Ghost of the Ancestors
3x Wealthy Noble
12x Unending Drone
1x Yobo, who Nobody Likes

Abilities (14)
3x Assassinate
3x Firebolt
3x Cannon Fire
3x Sage Spell 1
2x Cleanse the Land

Cult of Pure Beatdown
This deck uses Flame Dawn to attack and Verore to pave the way with spells offensively for characters to punch through.

Knight of the Flame Dawn
Yobo, who Nobody Likes
Candit, Head Researcher

Characters (24)
15x Flame Dawn Aspirant
3x Sacullas, the Final Hammer
3x Beast of Burden
3x Knight of the Flame Dawn

Abilities (26)
3x Assassinate
3x Firebolt
3x Winds of War
3x Death Ray
3x Lightning Blast
3x Heat Wave
3x Stumble
3x Exhaust
2x Rift to the Old World

If anyone else wants to add their "Budget" style decks (Basically a deck with mostly commons and some uncommons only), many people new to the game can pick up tips to what makes up the base of a decent deck. (Then people can tweak the decks by adding their rares etc to it)

General Discussion / New Cards each Week: Week 1
« on: May 29, 2013, 03:37:48 PM »
Each week there are cards added via the new quest system. Complete the starter quests once to have access to the weekly quests. Complete these regular quests and BAM! new cards acquired through token redemption.

Week 1: Yobo, who Nobody Likes and Zombie Scavenger

The cards may undergo changes, but are captured in their original form.

Any discussion about these cards or Yobo's atrocities are welcome.

Here are the two cards in Avatar GIF form!

Yobo, who Nobody Likes

Zombie Scavenger

Game Rules / {Rule Clarification Request} "Comes into Play"
« on: May 20, 2013, 03:10:11 PM »
When a card "Comes into Play" this generally means a card entering the field in any way from anywhere. Going to the graveyard, leaving the field or going back into the deck is considered "Leaving play".

When a card is "In Play" this generally means any card that is on the field and not in the graveyard or deck.

"When Deployed" means whenever a card is played from the hand or command zone.
Certain cards need to be clarified.

A card with the "Comes into play" trigger should trigger whenever...
The card is moved "in play" from the graveyard
The card is returned to play from being removed from the game
The card is played from the deck using an ability.
The card is played from the hand using whatever resource cost or cards are played to allow it.
The card is played from the command zone to the support/assault/defense zone.

A character with "When Deployed" for a trigger should trigger whenever...
The card is played from the hand using whatever resource cost or cards are played to allow it.
The card is played from the command zone to the support/assault/defense zone.

What's the point of the thread?
At the moment triggered effects are usually triggering when deployed and not when the card comes into play. I know it sounds like nitpicking but it's kinda misleading when a card comes into play and doesn't trigger when the card says it should.

If anything below is supposed to function differently and I have it completely wrong, feel free to set me straight.

Clarification List
Candit, Head Researcher - When this character is Deployed, Draw 2 Cards.
Cartographer - When this character is Deployed, search your deck for a Location and put it in your hand.
Hehkeem - When this character is Deployed, all of your characters gain Unstoppable until end of turn.
Lucca, Combat Mechanic - When this character is Deployed, all your artificial characters gain permanent +2/+2.
Demon of Fear - When this character is Deployed, you may pay X. If you do, then move X characters to the support zone.
Sacullas, the Final Hammer - When this character is Deployed, Deal X damage where X is the number of deployed characters under your control.
Pilgrimage Monk - "Pay 3, Remove Pilgrimage Monk from the game for 3 turns: At the end of those turns, Draw 2 cards and Pilgrimage Monk returns to play with permanent +2/+2."
Rallying General - When this character is Deployed, reduce damage taken by your characters by half (rounded up) until end of turn.
Unending Drone (Worded like Wealthy Noble) - At the start of each turn, if Unending Drone is Deployed, this character returns another Unending Drone from the graveyard to play.

List does not include new cards.

Not everything is perfect, look at MTG for example lol. Good god the rules thread for MtG woulda been jam packed if the Internet existed for everyone during Alpha-->Ice Age.

Suggestions / Exhaustion Graphic
« on: May 17, 2013, 09:11:17 AM »
The problem with multiple turn exhaustion isn't that the effect is clunky, its just the implementation of the exhaustion art. There should be a number telling you how many turns the exhaustion effect is in place for. The "watch graphic" is a terrible place holder but this picture basically gives you an idea. You'll see a 2 on Sage 1 as his effect exhausts for 2 turns, a 3 on Dragon of Wisdom as his "death effect" triggers and much more. Being able to track this will convert a mechanic from looking clunky to looking great.

Other debuffs such as "Locked to zone" and "Immolated" could have their own graphics.

Now only if these debuff graphics had better art, doesn't get the idea lolol.

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