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Factionless / Grave Rob - and why I'm running 3x of them now
« on: August 18, 2014, 05:43:22 PM »
So it took me a while, but I'm finally convinced.  Grave Rob is simply worth having in my deck.  How can it help?  Let me count the ways:

1) It can make Aletas go away permanently.  Not a big deal, usually.  Six turns is a long time.  Still, I think one of the reasons I often let Aletas sit in command without aggressively trying to zap them is because I know they're coming back anyway.

2) Tons of Sleeper hate.  As a Sleeper player, there may not be a card in the game I like seeing less than Grave Rob.  It yanks the teeth out of pretty much any triple sleep deck.  I started listing cards this kills and the list was so long I gave up and summarized.  Suffice to say, with 3x Grave Robs in your deck you have a much stronger deck versus Sleepers.

3) Infested Hybrid decks.  Every single one of them runs off the graveyard.  Hate Infested Knights or Infested Abominations?  Grave Rob rips out their teeth.

4) Orion tokens and Unending Drones.  Don't face 'em often.  When I do, some Grave Robbing can't hurt.

5) Xi, who honors the dead.  Five characters is five characters.  Much harder to spawn tokens when they have no fuel.

6) Oblivion.  Unless I'm playing Exiles, this is a card I never want to see played.  No Abilities in the graveyard means no Oblivion!  And I'll add Rita's Thrall here too.  It doesn't justify its own number yet, but with more sacrifice mechanics for Verore it's a good one to be able to make go away.

7) Precautionary Measures.  Grave rob is a -5/-5 to the value added by Precautionary Measures.  And that can make all the difference.

8) The big one - Recycle and Gather Thoughts.  Ultimately, the governing reason to include Grave Rob is the knowledge that your opponent otherwise has the ability to take anything in the grave and put in back in their deck.  Grave robbing is the one certain way to be sure you'll never see that card again.

The Exiles / Just a fun triple Exile deck I've been playing with
« on: August 14, 2014, 04:47:34 PM »
Cresill the Mad
Tygrugh, the Insane
New Guy who gets -x/-x for cards in hand

3x Wealthy Noble
3x Demonic Mercenary
3x Demonborn
3x Alpha Demon
3x Mindbender
3x Hungry Devil
3x Wheezer
3x Infected Devil

3x Firebolt
3x Mind Splinter
3x Spontaneous Combustion
3x Mark of the Demon
3x Grave Rob
3x Descension

Mulligan as many times as needed to get a Wealthy Noble.  Every time you lose a card it buffs the new guy and makes Tygrugh cheaper.  The deck is just a bunch of cheap, beefy demons backed by some solid abilities.  As your opponent desperately tries to prevent the Cresill/Tygrugh combo from going off, you're getting ready for Descension as a game ender.  I've had a number of fun matches with the deck - even the ones I've lost  :D

The Exiles / Lucked into an absolutely brutal Oblivion counter
« on: August 08, 2014, 05:39:40 AM »
So I'm playing my Demon deck against Verore, minding my own business and grinding away at my opponent's fortress even though my stuff keeps getting killed.  Getting late in the game, I've got a few cards out including an Infected Devil and I'm holding a Descension in my hand when, lo and behold, Oblivion!  But it only converts my Infected Devil into a 6/4 Sleeper of Avarrach and next turn I get politely asked by the game if I'd like to pay the exile cost for Descension!  My newly created Demon Dragon ate what was left of his fortress that very turn!  It's the first time I've ever won after getting hit by Oblivion and I thought it was cool enough to share  ;D

Factionless / Collector
« on: August 01, 2014, 08:08:32 PM »
So I was thinking about this guy the other day and I think he has a couple of interesting combos.

Obvious Combo is Obvious
GI Artifact Deck.  He can get to some crazy values while the GI pumps out Mechanisms, War Machines and Junkyards in order to slam down an Omnitron.  And with Junkyard already in play?  He can be an Unstoppable Flier... with a Shield!

Is it Hot in Here or is it just Me?
Flame Dawn.  He works really nicely with Banners and Brimstones.

Ugh.  You Again?
Sleepers.  He has the potential to be really annoying with Tome of the Dead.  You don't want to defend, and here's a cheap attacker who is especially tough while Tome is in play?  Toss in a Decrepit Crystal (or two!) for the inevitable Hehkeem Corrupted and really see some damage.

Warpath.  Not sure if it works, but I might try it.  He's a nice add while building Ancient Eggs.  Heck, he could help get an Ancient Aether or two into play.

Just some musing about a card that I think can have some real value in a competitive deck.

General Discussion / The Card You Hate To See
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:20:37 PM »
You know how you're playing the game and your opponent drops that card?  The one you can't stand?  Well that's what this thread is here to honor - the cards we hate to see our opponent drop!  I'll start things off with one card per faction that I hate to see hit the table:

Factionless: Shikana - Can I outguess my opponent?  I'm about to find out.
Verore: Veroria - Attacking is overrated anyway, right?
Descendants: Lingbao's Will - Pucker up, cause this turn is likely to hurt!
GI: Lucca, Combat Mechanic - The first time, and the second, and the third, and...
Exiles: Descension - Terrifying even when it isn't paired with Recycle or Gather Thoughts
Overseers: Precautionary Measures - GG
Warpath: Prophet Karani - Yay, I'm facing a superfast ramp
FD: Sacullas - I finally got a solid line in place against that rush and now... oh... never mind...
Sleepers: Evolving Parasite - Kill it, kill it with FIRE

What cards do YOU hate to see?

I was thinking about how often 2X/1Y seems to offer the most robust decks and decided I was going to try to build a bunch of triple purity decks to see if there was a way to maximize value there that I'd just been missing - and I discovered something.  Most of the triple purity cards are pretty high up the rarity chain, making the construction of triple purity decks which take advantage of triple purity cards very difficult for new players in all but two factions, the Sleepers and the Flame Dawn. 

Consider this breakdown of triple purity cards by faction:

WP: 3 Epics
DoD: 3 Epics
CoV: 2 Epics 1 Rare
GI: 1 Epic, 1 Rare
Exiles: 1 Epic, 1 Rare
Angels: 1 Epic
FD: 2 Epic, 1 Common
Sleepers: 2 Epic, 1 Rare, 1 Uncommon

Yes, that's right, only two factions have relatively easy access to a triple purity card (and for whatever it may be worth, both of those cards are good cards).  Not only that, but there just aren't very many triple purity cards - fewer than 5% of the total.  I like purity blending decks, but I have to admit I wish there were more triple purity cards at lower rarities to encourage some mono-color play as well.

Deck Building / I hate that decks like this can exist
« on: July 14, 2014, 05:05:13 PM »
I played against a deck very similar to this one the other night.  It uses Recycle and Gather Thoughts to keep bringing kill cards back into the hand, Tome of the Dead and The Calamity as a board wipe and things like Infested Abomination and Siphon Structure to slowly grind away at the fortress when facing armies that aren't particularly morale-vulnerable.  Infest adds insult to injury by killing something and turning it into semi-permanent board presence on your side.

It isn't so much that the deck can't be beaten, it certainly can.  It's that it's win condition involves more or less boring its opposition into conceding before exhaustion sets in.

Frankly, Gather Thoughts should probably be removed from the game after use, like Rally.  Otherwise the Gather Thoughts/Recycle mill can make for long, unfun and tedious matches.

Game Rules / Grotesque Demonic Invincible Question
« on: July 07, 2014, 07:44:46 PM »
So if I have a Grotesque Brute and pay the five resources to make it Invincible, and it has been hit with a Demonic Corruption - does it get +4/0 at the end of the turn or does it take the -2?

I guess this applies to Xi, Ascended too, but for some reason it only just now occurred to me that I think Assassinate has different total costs depending on when you play it.

Normally, over the first ten turns of a match, you will receive 55 total resources (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10).  The reduction can be quite severe with an early assassination:
Turn 6: 47 total resources by turn 10 (1+2+3+4+5+6+5+6+7+8)
Turn 7: 49 total resources by turn 10 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+6+7+8)
Turn 8: 51 total resources by turn 10 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+7+8)
Turn 9: 53 total resources by turn 10 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+6+9+8)
Turn 10: Full.  At this point, Assassinate costs, in essence, 1 additional resource beyond the 6 you spend on it.

That makes a turn 6 assassination a 14 cost card - spread out over five turns.

If I understand it correctly, that is.

It also means that Xi, Ascended can cripple the economy... or provide a free 6/6 flier every turn after max resources is reached.  Does this sound right to everyone?

I really enjoy playing Sleeper decks and have had a lot of success with them.  As a faction, they really work at all levels of rarity and I thought it would be fun to evolve  five Endless Horde decks, one with only Commons, one with Commons and Uncommons, then Rares, Epics and Legendaries.  I will go triple purity at every level but common, where Verore will be splashed.  The goal is threefold.  First, to better understand the synergies of the cards at even the lowest levels, second to provide interesting ideas for players of every level and third to see how newly acquired cards can be added to an existing deck.


Verore Death Worshipper
Risen of Avarrach
Diseased Zombie

20x Endless Horde
3x Risen of Avarrach
3x Infectious Transfusion
2x Drag Down
3x Poison
3x Bury
3x Lightning Blast
3x Hubris of the Strong

This is not a subtle deck.  It is all about getting more Endless Horde on the board and ramping them up in power.  It tries to defend with abilities and attack with characters until your opponent is forced to put stuff in defense that they don't want to.  Turn 1 is Diseased Zombie and poisoning whichever commander is best suited for it.  Turn 2 is the RoA.  Sleepers love them some RoA which keeps returning from the graveyard over and over and over again for a mere 2 cost.  Turn 3 should see the Horde start to appear.  Keep disciplined about resource use and save 1s and 2s to complement turn 4 and 5 Horde placement.

This deck has a hard time getting in morale trouble, with only 53 points of morale loss in the whole thing.  It uses Bury or Infectious Transfusion to quickly get one or two Horde into the graveyard (the initial 4 defense leaves them pretty vulnerable to mass damage stuff).  Infectious Transfusion, Poison and Lightning Blast take down resource ramps.  Hubris and Drag Down are there to help neutralize fliers.  The Death Worshipper is just one more thing your opponent has to deal with at some point, and if it happens to grow into a monster... great!


Zombie Scavenger
Evolving Parasite
Diseased Zombie

16x Endless Horde
3x Evolving Parasite
3x Inevitable Dead
3x Risen of Avarrach
3x Eaten by Zombies
3x Fill the Graves
3x Firebolt
2x Drag Down
2x Rift to the Old World
2x Corrupt Machinery

Without Verore, we lose the Worshipper, Lightning Blast and Hubris.  We replace Lightning with Fire, the Worshipper with a Scavenger and then upgrade in general.  With Inevitable Dead now available as a guaranteed turn 2 play, RoA can leave command.  Fill the Graves is better than Bury for piling up corpses to fuel the Horde, and it can provide free RoAs.  Evolving Parasite is an amazing card to have in command or support.  It turns a lot of placement into a mind game and provides a real answer to big critters of all sorts.

Continuing with the Sleeper concept that “what’s yours is mine”, Eaten by Zombies is a wonderful way to bolster your own attack and defense, especially played on fliers.  And since we now have access to both land and artifact removal, it’s time to toss those in.  Fortunately, Corrupt Machinery is a lot of fun and more folks are playing Artifacts these days.  Rift is basically there to handle Veroria, the Lone Keep though most locations are worth removing if they show up.  If Best Fiends gets fixed, it belongs in this deck as another way to keep recycling cards out of the graveyard.  I’d replace the Zombie Scavenger in command and three of the Endless Horde.

NOTE: This original post has been edited to stay true to the Endless Horde theme at levels Rare and Up


Aleta, Immortal Sufferer
Hehkeem, the Corrupted
Diseased Zombie

15x Endless Horde
3x Risen of Avarrach
2x Inevitable Dead
1x Hehkeem, the Corrupted
1x Cyber Infested Dragon
3x Raise Dead
3x Fill the Graves
3x Firebolt
2x Eaten by Zombies
2x Drag Down
2x Tome of the Dead
1x Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus
1x Corrupt Machinery
1x Rift to the Old World

This is the level where so many good options start showing up that it starts to get hard to choose among them.  We will continue evolving with the Endless Horde, but I should point out there are a bunch of great options at this point with the Sleeper of Avarrach instead.

Hitting Rare for our Endless Horde Deck means adding Aleta for token generation and Hehkeem to bring everything out of the graveyard.  Diseased Zombie is still a great turn 1 play, only now, after it dies, it will in essence get resurrected for free every turn by Aleta.  We're still burying things rapidly into the deck to buff our Horde, and now we have some more interesting ways to manipulate the graveyard.  Tome of the Dead is a wonderful early play to grab all your opponent's cheap stuff and toss it in your graveyard to be recovered later with Hehkeem.  Raise Dead ensures the ability to get him, even if he's killed out of Command.

Kyrallic is situational, but it's rarely bad to capture everything you kill.  Just be careful against other undead decks.  Decrepit Crystal is a good alternative as well.  The dragon has a good chance of getting played with Raise Dead from your graveyard and synergizes well with the Horde.


Aleta, Immortal Sufferer
Evolving Parasite
Diseased Zombie

15x Endless Horde
3x Risen of Avarrach
3x Inevitable Dead
3x Zombie Abomination
3x Overwhelming Dead
3x Undeath Wish
3x Firebolt
2x Drag Down
3x Tome of the Dead
1x Corrupt Machinery
1x Rift to the Old World

All aboard the Zombie Abomination Express!  The early game still manipulates Diseased Zombie and Aleta to keep a stream of tokens added to the cheap Overwhelming Dead.  Tome of the Dead fills the graveyard and Undeath Wish replaces a Eaten by Zombies, Raise Dead and Fill the Graves to be used as needed depending on what is in hand and on relative board strength.


Aleta, Immortal Sufferer
Agent Coyle, Zomborg
Diseased Zombie

15x Endless Horde
3x Agent Coyle, Zomborg
3x Inevitable Dead
3x Zombie Abomination
3x Overwhelming Dead
3x Undeath Wish
3x Firebolt
2x Drag Down
3x Tome of the Dead
1x Corrupt Machinery
1x Rift to the Old World

Zomborg’s too much fun not to toss into the deck.  I find that opponents sometimes fixate on him to the exclusion of making other smart plays.  At a cost of 2, you almost always get more out of him than you put into him resource-wise.  Plus, he comes out of the graveyard when Zombie Abom dies!  If you only have one, he’s still great as just a commander, leaving the Risen of Avarrach in the deck.

Wrap Up

Hope this has been fun, interesting and/or useful for someone.  This is a process I’ve experienced in a way, moving from decks where I was still missing a ton of uncommons and even a few commons to ones where I’d acquired some of the rares I needed and so on. I sometimes find I get too focused on all the cool options that are available and I try to shoehorn too many of them into a deck, so this is a good exercise in focus as well.

I knew that pose looked familiar!

General Discussion / Evolving Parasite: What's yours is mine!
« on: June 17, 2014, 05:16:15 PM »
I love Evolving Parasite so much.  It hardly has any bad plays.  With 7 defense it isn't subject to a single iteration of any of the cheap and easy killers.  And when it does well, it does REALLY well.  As in "last night I had one become a buffed Hungry Abomination and eat an entire assault force" well.  It turns the placement of units in a zone into a major mind game, which I love.  And in defense?  The worst it can do is stop one character and then use that character's value to try to stop the next one.  Not bad for a 3 point play.

As a single purity it's splashable.  Wanna Give him a Jetpack!?  Go for it!  Feeling like a Fight!?  Step right up!

You can have your Coyles and Titans, my favorite new card at the moment is Evolving Parasite.

General Discussion / Artifact Killers
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:39:41 PM »
So, having seen the showcase match between WWKnight and Cthulhugirl I thought a list of artifact killers might be useful:

Old School:

Vandalize Cost 6. Pure, basic single artifact removal with no additional benefits.

Annihilate Cost 4. Triple purity card that is flexible enough to remove any single card.

Overload Cost 3. Single purity card from the artifact faction which has the added benefit of causing damage as it goes.

Growth Cost 5. Double purity which knocks out ALL artifacts and boosts resources.
Wreckful Walrus Cost 4. Single purity character with free artifact removal that boosts stats.

Corrupt Machinery Cost 5. Double purity that figures, "why kill it when I can have it?"

So under the existing set of cards, Dragons, Flame Dawn and Exiles all need to either eat a really expensive factionless card or splash Warpath or GI.  Verore has a great answer in Annihilate... when playing at triple purity.  Sleepers will probably start including more Corrupt Machines now that artifact based decks look to become more common.

New School:

Consecration Ability card that removes artifacts and locations

I'll add more as we know more for new school stuff.  Suffice to say that the Angels have some nice multi-purpose artifact removal and I suspect some other factions (Flame Dawn, Exiles) will get new cards that help too.

Weird School:

To Boldly Go Cost 2. Single purity that could theoretically steal an artifact before it made it to the opponent's hand.  But mostly I just wanted to have a "Weird School"  ;D

General Game Discussion / So... Angles, hunh?
« on: June 12, 2014, 01:30:58 PM »
That Lillariah seems to be acute one.

Game Rules / Can an Ascended character "un-ascend"?
« on: June 12, 2014, 01:23:53 PM »
I'm specifically thinking of Angel of Virtue (I think that's the name), but I suspect he won't be the only one like this.  I see he Ascends when there are 7 Angels, but is he still ascended if he HAD seven but now has five?  Also, when an Ascended card leaves the game and then returns, is it still ascended or does it unascend?

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