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General Game Discussion / A few words and a request
« on: August 25, 2015, 05:59:50 AM »

For those of you who may not know me, I've been around for a little over a year. I haven't been particularly good competitively, haven't been top ranked, not an avid trainer, or rift runner.

What I have done, is try in my own little way to do some stuff that might be useful/enjoyable for others. My main projects are:

- My guide series on cards of IW, as well as gameplay stuff

- The Oppression ranked tier list

- Some fan art on my deviantart page

I hardly realised it, but I've started to drift away from IW almost completely. The daily routine of logging in and playing a few games has stopped completely. I hardly visit the forums anymore, except occasionally to check up and lurk.

I have some thoughts on the matter, and I think a minor hiatus would be best for me, to come back in a while and see what's changed. I think I've just burnt out, and the cumulation of grind, crashes, and exasperation at having to keep up with the meta just took its toll on me I guess. This isn't the time or place to complain, though, as I have a more pressing matter.

I'm considering handing over some of my projects to anyone who's active/willing enough to maintain them. The Oppression tier list will probably be priority 1. I will probably come in and write a small piece every time a set is released to expand on my guide series, so that isn't an issue. My fan art will probably stay as my own.

It's been fun being in this community, and I've met a lot of great people, but lately I think there's a kind of lifelessness around. Probably a subjective thing, though.

Looking back, I think the best feeling was having random people come and tell me in-game that one guide or another had helped them. Those made the effort worth it.

If anyone's interested in taking over any of these, please let me know, although I cannot guarantee an immediate response.


General Game Discussion / Windows 10?
« on: August 01, 2015, 01:02:08 AM »
I'm thinking of upgrading my laptop over to windows 10, looks worth a try.

Will IW still work on win10?

General Game Discussion / Question on the [card] function
« on: June 27, 2015, 06:56:39 AM »
Just curious, do the [card] links still go to aleta's archive for the card images?

I'm just curious because I remember the [card] images weren't getting updated for some ascension cards, and for no sets after that.

I'd like to suggest that the images be shifted over to the most updated source, which at the moment seems to be the wiki.

If manpower is needed to sift through links and stuff, I'd be happy to volunteer and I'm pretty sure there are a few people around who would be interested to help as well.

It's a functionality that is quite useful to the forums, and I think it's worth putting in some effort to.

Suggestions / Stuff I'd like to see for the client
« on: June 26, 2015, 07:17:05 AM »
I remember at the start of the year, there was mention about an IW2015 client, in order to replace all the junk code that was lying around in the current one. I've heard nothing since, except perhaps a small statement somewhere saying that the client will actually be ported into the current one. I've run through recent patch notes, and there's quite a few things related to card bugs, ui etc. but not that much in the client.

I've recently been crashing a lot on my clients. I'm just about to send the latest batch of reports in to support. My patience is wearing thin, and I'd hate to have my experience ruined over a buggy client.

This is just a list of stuff that would be nice to have.

1. A way to store, import and export decks. Perhaps a .deck file format for the game that could be transferred between clients, users etc. I often delete my decks every time a major patch comes around, since those will probably be obselete. This is just going to expedite the process, as well as make sharing decks easier. The client could then check with collections to make sure the required cards are there before allowing it into a game.

2. A reconnection function. I know this was taken out. I know why this was taken out. It still doesn't make me any less annoyed when I crash and can't rejoin the game. It's not just about the wins, but sometimes there are good and close games that just get cut short due to the client crashing.

3. A more stable client would be nice. I've read through the output logs. Something somewhere is using up a crapton of memory and I'm not sure whether it's my RAM or GPU. I suspect it's the latter. I have no idea what I can do on my end to solve this.

4. No animation/Low quality mode. IW's artists do a great job on the cards. Its a shame if my cards keep causing my system to crash. I'd be happy with a low quality mode, or the option to turn animation off, or even to make the deckbuilder load slightly more slowly so my system can find the memory and not crash 3 times when I'm building a single deck.

Yea, pretty much all I wanted to say for now. I'm just tired and annoyed.

General Game Discussion / Question about the standalone
« on: June 23, 2015, 01:05:35 PM »
I've been using the standalone for the past couple of days due to the steam client still crashing for me. I've noticed the client likes to download extra files like...


... or something along those lines. Anyway, I'm curious as to why this occurs, and it seems to download somewhere about 30 files when starting up. I'm just curious as to why this happens.

General Game Discussion / Emergency Crash, need help plox
« on: June 20, 2015, 12:06:35 AM »
Alright, I'm used to having IW crash quite often. Whether that's a good thing or not I'm not sure. Today IW crashed consistently at startup, when the Lightmare logo showed.

To put it bluntly, I'm annoyed.

Solutions tried:

Verified integrity of game cache - Failed
Re-installing IW off steam - Failed
Tried with a game booster (lol) - Failed

Solutions in progress:


Solutions that worked

Trying standalone client

The only change that's happened to my computer is windows updates. Perhaps this might be the culprit, but I'm not sure about this.

If anyone has any potential tips to offer I would be very grateful.

Edit: Based off a cursory look thru the game logs, it seems that there is some kind of a memory issue. It's not my RAM, though, as it's nowhere near maxed out when the game loads. I'm thinking it's something to do with the way my client is allocating the memory and failing to do so, or it could be graphics memory....

Deck Building / Oppression Season Ranked Tier List
« on: June 17, 2015, 07:58:27 AM »
Prepping this space for the Oppression Ranked meta. I will do my level best to keep this updated with the goings on during ranked, as well as provide some sort of a reference for interested players to comment on the state of the game etc.

Decks with a tentative placing will be marked with an asterix (*) next to their faction combo. The placing within a tier is completely arbitrary.

Tier O (for Overpowered):

Tier 1:

- (FFO) Aggro/Burn - Sacullas/Box combo
- (VVG)* "Tinker-cide" Control/midrange - Tinker, Aether Acolytes + others

Tier 1.5:

- (DDE)* Counting the Days Stall/control
- (OOO)* Flying Aggro
- (WWV)* Hermit Breeder
- (GGG) Artificial Tribal

Tier 2:

- (WWW)* Beast Tribal Ramp/beatdown
- (DDS)* Counting the Days Stall/control
- (VVF)* Aggro/Control/Combo - Demon of Dark Bargain + Siphoner finisher
- (VVV)* Control Oblivion - Ability based deck
- (SSS)* Undead Tribal - Hehkeem Revival
- (FFG)* Aggro
- (EEE)* Demon Tribal

Tier 2.5:

- (FFS)* Aggro/Control
- (DDD)* Avatar

Tier 3:


Below is a very rough guide as to how decks will be placed.

I've added tier O for this time, to see if there's such a thing that will come up. Tier O decks are ridiculous, having almost no hard counters, and almost no bad matchups. What separates this from tier 1 decks are probably the sheer one-sidedness of the games it's involved in. I hope this tier does not get any decks in it this season.

Tier 1 decks are the undisputed top of the top, with few unfavourable matchups, and many strong ones.

Tier 1.5 decks are not quite at the top, but are very solid, and strong contenders. They might have a couple of very bad matchups, or hard counter matchups, but still can do well.

Tier 2 decks are very solid decks, but might have a fatal flaw or specific matchup or archetype weakness that prevents it going higher. A deck that does well but can get hurt by a complete class of decks might go here.

Tier 2.5 decks will likely contain the decks that are on the cusp of being viable, but not quite there yet. They might have multiple bad matchups, or just a faction that doesn't have that many viable tools at the moment.

Tier 3 decks are those barely viable in ranked. They might be gimmick decks that get taken out by sideboard-worthy cards, or decks that only do well versus certain specific matchups.


Unclassified Decks:

The 3 letters in the brackets denote the faction combination. W for warpath, E for exiles etc.

(FFF) Aggro
(EES) Revival Combo - Yagron + sleepers
(DDG) Liand Midrange
(GGW) Mega Unit 02 Ramp - Orion Recruiter
(GGG) "Calamitron" Control/Artificial Tribal - Omnitron Finisher
(DDS) Stall/Combo - "Apocalypse Bunker" Dojo
(VVV) Stall/Combo - Slime + BoyoBomb Morale
(OOD) Combo - Melosia Morale Bomb
(DEF) Midrange - 2 Lives
(EFG) Midrange - Pseudo-2 Lives

and more to come...



This section provides a basic explanation of most terms used to describe a deck/archetype.

Below is a short summary on the costs of Overcharged cards and what an extra card basically provides you. This might be useful when trying to compare different effects with each other.

The list below provides a comparison to previous cards in brackets

Overcharge once, on deploy:

Adaptive scout: +3/0
Vanguard of the Bond: Attack an additional time (permanent Swift Strikes)
Adaptive Hulker: +5/5 (Upgrade)
Cloaked Operative: Shield 1 (7 res and 1 sacrifice with Junkyard)
Treasure Hunter 3000: Draw 2 cards (Candit/Research)
Adaptive Master: +0/6 (3/2 of an Aleta Caretaker, Spirit Armor)
Monk of the Second Moon: Extra life (Heavenly Wish)
Black Bind Witch: No additional effect. Mandatory Overcharge.
Neophyte Summoner: 6/6 flying demon
Adaptive Brute: 6 damage to each opponent's fortress (Half a Dark Blast)
Adaptive Ritualist: Return a card from grave to hand
Recruit of Solace: Gain flying (Give Him a Jetpack)
Adaptive Drone: Heal 10 damage from fortress (Repair?)

Overcharge multiple times, on deploy/play:

Overcharged Bot: +4/4
Overcharged Bolt: +4 damage to a single target (Lightning Blast/Firebolt)
Overcharged Storm: +4 damage to characters on battlefield

Intimidating Rally: move an additional character back to support per card (Stumble)
Vis, the Furious: Attack an additional time per card (Swift Strikes)
Subdues the Meek: -3/0 to all opponent's characters per card (3/2 of Rakarl's effect)
Karckk: +5/5 per card plus other effects (Upgrade + other effects)
Voracious Goliath: Opponent must sacrifice a card for each card overcharged
Solace's Peace: Additional 5 heal per card

Overcharge optional (does not include additional costs):

Tracks the Cowardly: Deals and receives combat damage to a character of choice in support zone (Fight).
Log-tron: Double power and health
Flux Capacitor: +2/2 to artificials (Omnimind)
Lland, the Fearless: +4/0 to assault zone characters if fortress not damaged that turn
Fortress golem: Can attack or defend (base 20/20 for 6)

I suppose I can throw Filing Cabinet under this last category too. Effect: draw 1 card for overcharge 2. (Trading Post draw)


So, thoughts on effects, numbers etc? Input is welcome, and I think the data here doesn't tell the full story. Perhaps 1 card as a cost isn't just 1 card...

Trading Post / Stranger42's Small Trading Hut
« on: June 17, 2015, 01:48:55 AM »
I'm not a major player in trading, but there are some things I do want to get for decks and stuff. If you're looking to complete collections and see something you like I'd be happy to help out too.

This is going to be where I keep my lists updated.

House rules:

- I'm not a hasty person. I don't go for unfair trades and neither should you. I will check prices and values with a couple of different sources before making any trade.

- The best way to get in touch with me is via forum PM or in-game message.

- I'm usually willing to negotiate stuff.


1x Plat Die Another Day

1x Plat Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote
1x Mecha Dragon

1x Plat Caretaker of the Swarm
1x Plat Cottontail
1x Mass Death
1x Struggle for Power
1x Pras, the Traitor of Dawn
1x Proctul, the Sniper (Plat or normal. I'm trading one)
1x Plat Terror Moose
1x Rampant Virus
1x Plat Xac
1x Lilariah


(preferably in non-plat/premium)

1x The Defiant Hermit
1x Klore, Rapier Centurion
1x Liand, the Fearless
1x Yagron

2x Omnitron
3x Stampede
3x Hidden by Clouds
2x Dark Wish
3x Corrupted Celestial Dragon
1x Hungry Abomination
2x Nix, the Justicar of Dawn

2x Annihilate
2x Tyra, the Burden of War
1x Aunissal
1x Demon of Dark Bargain
1x Cassial
2x Heaven's Bell

Also willing to trade for packs.

Guides / From Newbies to Newbies: Guide to Oppression
« on: June 15, 2015, 01:52:43 AM »
From Newbies to Newbies: Guide to Oppression

1. Introduction

Hi, everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this. For those of you who might be unaware, I have written a series of guides for each faction. In their original iterations, each faction had a section detailing their strengths and synergies with other faction's cards, and other factions in general. However, with the advent of first Ascension, then Order, it soon became too much to keep updating these synergies. Furthermore, I do understand that it is in the best interests of players to find their own synergies, for their own personal growth and to provide a healthy variety in the game.

This is the first of the new series of guides, which will address cards set by set, patch by patch, as time goes on. I will detail some particularly noteworthy cards, faction by faction, as well as give some brief comments or opinions.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my earlier guides, I will mark particularly noteworthy cards with an asterix (*).


2. The Flame Dawn

Siege Breaker

A decent pressure hitter, with pretty standard stats for a 2-drop. The additional damage amounts to a 10th of a fortress' full health, and is a significant chunk of damage early on in the game. Although he won't trade well with other characters, given a free shot he can do quite a nasty job. Probably best used with Fiery Wish or other cards to get him through to do damage.

Adaptive Scout

It's going to be interesting, looking at the adaptive series of cards in this set, what exactly discarding one card gets you. In this case, it turns a 4/4 into a 7/4, which will make it pretty much the highest attack on a 1-drop barring FD fanatic. I suppose using this card will be largely conditional upon actually being able to survive and continue attacking, or using it to trade well with other characters.

Timely Strike

There are few killspells that can hit the support zone. There's only one that hits the support zone exclusively. The card might have been playable at 3 cost, but at 4 it's difficult to see any reason why this card should be picked up. On the plus side, the art's pretty funny.

Vanguard of the Bond

Multistrike characters are decent, and 5 health puts this guy out of range of most nukes. Ideally you would, like with siege breaker, try some tricks to get him to hit the fortress, but multistrike works well with leveraging attack buffs and potentially trading with defenders, too.

Pillage the Village

FD got another location removal, and this one has decent competition in Ablaze already. This card arguably works better in a deck that relies more on overcharge and offense, while Ablaze works better with a slower, more control-based deck due to the burn damage being more effective over time, while this card gives instant benefit. As with most location removal cards, it's a direct upgrade over Rift to the Old World, and should replace it wherever possible.


Caltrops is a way of dealing with support characters in a very nasty way, by even denying them the use of abilities they might have used while in support. One of the natural combos with this is fear + caltrops, to simultaneously exhaust all your opponent's deployed characters, but it can also have other uses, such as prolonging the exhaust of Burning Prejudice targets, for example.

Frontline Warrior

FD doesn't have many 10/10 guys, I'll say that much. This is also the first FD character I've seen with a health gain effect. It's worth being aware of initiative when using this card, if you're using him as a blocker you want to have initiative so he gains health from all your characters attacking, before being hit. It's probably not likely that we'll see a purely defensive FD deck anytime soon, but this card might open up some possibilities.

Intimidating Rally

Overcharging for sending defenders back to support is quite a strong ability, and works best for a final push through. I feel this card is best used for finishers, as you're trading cards in hand permanently for a temporary advantage. Do be careful, though, this card is still vulnerable to surprise haste or vigilant blockers that you won't have any chance to target.


This guy is something else altogether, and has a decent amount of potential against certain decks. Sending the first defending character back to support helps massively against vigilant and hasted blockers, especially things like Agent Coyle, primal hunter. However, it isn't foolproof, and an opponent can get around this buy putting a small blocker in front to be sent back instead. Played well, it's game winning, but I'm not 100% convinced on this card yet.

Proctul, the Sniper

Boom! Headshot. Proctul is excellent for sniping weak support zone characters like Wealthy Nobles and Brings Life by Passing, as these are threats that won't normally enter the battlefield. However, she is negated at least temporarily by cards like Noble Protector, and is a squishy target even in command, where I expect her to be most of the time. It probably isn't worth using a movement card just to get her ability off, but she's probably situationally useful in denying certain options to an opponent.


I'm not sure about this card, but I can definitely see the appeal. I haven't tested whether the effect allows it to keep attacking as long as it's alive and hitting characters, or will only gain one extra attack. Regardless, it's a reasonably big bugger, and could trade well with some defenders. I'd probably combo it with fight as well, in order to get an easy extra attack in.

Vis, the Furious

Vis trades overcharge for extra attacks, which is fine if you get her to hit. However, her cost immediately prevents any shenanigans with Fiery Wish. 10 health is decent, and 6 attack is probably reasonable given that she's going to hit quite often. I suppose she's a viable finisher if you can get her to hit... if only.

Klore, the Rapier Centurion*

Ah, Klore, perhaps the most requested legendary card since Order release. Klore is unblockable if he didn't attack the previous turn, and gains stats everytime he attacks, much like Radariah, the Untouchable. He's quite prone to being sniped, though, and makes for a decently annoying source of damage, but can still be outscaled by midrange decks if they can get board prescence early.


3. The Warpath

Adaptive Hulker

Similarly to Adaptive Scout, Adaptive Hulker trades a card for stats. A lot of stats, in fact. If you overcharge it, you're left with a pretty beefy 14/14 that can trade well with a good amount of attackers (or defenders). Whether it will be competitive in warpath decks or not remains to be seen, and like most big characters it retains some vulnerability to removal but on the whole I think this card is decent.

Pit Brawler

Pit brawler feels a little out of place to me. I get the idea, he's supposed to trade with characters, and with 18 health he should be able to do that just fine. What I'm annoyed at is the fact that the cost is pretty high if he's meant to be used defensively, and the attack is a little low for an offensive use. I guess he's a cheaper Lumbering Goliath that trades off the raw damage for effectively the same thing versus characters, so that's nice.

Gift of the Passing*

With the (not so) recent nerf to wealthy noble, now 3p warpath is the only faction combination that can have access to a first turn resource ramp. It's probably fitting, to have warpath be the best at ramp. I suspect its main use will be in bringing back Prophet Karani, although the extent to which this does so is debatable. Still, it's probably a good enough reason to run 3p warpath now.

Docile Moose

Well, I guess the theme of moose cards is their inability to take non-combat damage. This is probably most useful against certain types of morale deck, although less useful against Verore which can use kill effects instead of damage effects. Perhaps it's worth sideboarding, but at the moment I don't think warpath has a particular weakness to damage abilities.

Tracks the Cowardly

This card effectively trades cards in-hand for a Fight ability that's apparently zone dependent. Then again, even at a base power of 7 it's pretty good at sniping most support zone targets, and that's made better by Pack Leader buffs etc.

Denial of Magic*

This is a fantastic counter card, allowing you to do two things. First, it negates the element of surprise abilities have, especially over creatures (with the exception of hasted characters etc.). The second thing this does is allow you to get rid of the worst threats an opponent has e.g. Mass Death, Calamity, or Fear.

They who Rampage

Cards like this (and scramble) beg the question of exactly how valuable positioning is in defense, and whether it's possible to actually play in such a way to maximise this. I guess it does have some synergy with getting important targets to do battle with each other, such as having an evolving parasite, black bind witch, or spirit of the ancient guardians to take out a major character, but I'm not convinced it's much more than a novelty yet.

Strikes when Struck

An interesting card, and a decent blocker as it's going to trade reasonably well if the first hit brings it below the 7 health threshold. Pack Leaders might actually have a net stat loss to this guy if putting one on the battlefield pushes this beast above the 7hp threshold, but overall I think this card is an interesting defensive option.

Hunted Down*

I like this card as a kill option, and having two characters exhausted isn't generally that huge a cost, especially if you have stuff like Brings Life by Passing in support that won't get out and fight anyway. I'd sideboard it in many warpath decks.

Ancient Aggression Emblem

I honestly am a little confused as to what this card is meant to do. I'd understand it better if it was meant to target your own characters, such as you would with Ferocity, but the main use would probably be to pull soft targets out of support to battle with a beefy defender of yours.

Subdues the Meek

Overcharging for reducing your opponent's attack power is pretty good, come to think of it. For that turn, it enables your blockers to trade extremely effectively, and allows your unstoppable attackers to make mincemeat of any defense line. A little situational for me, but it definitely has its uses.


Giving all characters haste is a pretty big boon, especially if you have Untapped Wilderness in play to toss out lots of beasts at once. Hasted Pack Leaders are pretty nasty, but even vanilla characters like One of Many are very nasty with haste included. The card does telegraph itself a little, though, letting your opponent know that there's the potential for a massive haste assault the next turn.


Probably one of the better finishing characters out there, Karckk basically makes you go all-in on one guy. With 2 cards overcharged you've got a 20/20 reach beast. With 4 cards it's a 30/30 unstoppable beast with reach. With 6 cards it's a 40/40 unstoppable, hasted beast with reach. Probably best as a finisher, when you intend to go all in on that turn.

Deck Building / (DOD/Sleeper) The Apocalypse Bunker
« on: June 15, 2015, 01:42:22 AM »
Gonna have to play around with this deck list a little, but here goes:


Gao Han
Glorious Warrior/Infected Monk
Last Sleeper/Evolving Parasite/Bloodthirsty Dead


3x Jinhai Dojo
3x Fear
3x Tome of the Dead
3x Pacifying Winds
2x Humble
1x Calamity
2x Eaten by Zombies

3x Jinhai Ambush
3x Eagle Eye
3x Glorious Warrior
3x Evolving Parasite
3x Vigil
3x Wealthy Noble

The deck list is nowhere near complete

Stuff to consider:
Monk of the Second Moon
Yuanshi's Wrath
Daode's Protection
Lance of Jinhai
Zunshen, the Resolute General
Spirit of the Ancient Guardians
Defender of the Realm (the guy that gets stats when a location is in play)

This deck centres around the combo between Dojo and board clears like tome or fear. Combo is simple, put stuff in dojo, play calamity/wait for tome to pop, then use bunker to dump them all in assault the turn after. Or, just play fear and dump everyone in assault again.

This is probably not the most optimised the deck can be, and it's VERY vulnerable to location removal. I've tested this, and if your first dojo gets removed a second dojo will NOT return the guys from the first dojo (which kinda sucks, but it's expected).

The choice of characters for this one was to get some reasonably beefy guys that can hit hard when given a free shot at the fortress. Eagle eye works better the more guys you put in the bunker. Jinhai Ambush is a decent token generator for dojo fodder.

Overall, I feel this deck is most viable in infinite, where stuff like location removal won't necessarily be around too often.

Alright, for those of you who don't want to be spoiled, stop now. If you want to be surprised come this weekend, stop now.

I'm going through the spoilers posted on the wiki right now. Just going to post some random thoughts on stuff...

Proctul, the sniper: Say goodbye to ramp and support zone weenies?

Gift of the passing: Does the resource boost only last for a single turn, or does it double your resource gain? A little confused as to how this card is supposed to work.

Aunissal: Like this guy. Might be good in warpath decks that run beefier vanillas. I can potentially see someone dropping 3-4 hasted One of Manys or hasted pack leaders into the field the turn after this guy is dropped.

Assimilation Bot: Decent effect, but I'm not sure if many genesis decks can find a space for it especially since it's competing with other 4-drops like splitter, lucca etc.

Weaponize: ... really? One resource Omnitron removal?

Denial of Flight: Feels relatively underwhelming compared to the other denial cards. Perhaps it's more sideboard material than anything else.

Disruption sphere: Great! More anti-nuking defensive power. This artifact is pretty brutal against siphoner decks.

Log-tron: No, I refuse to type the full name. Interesting effect. I wonder at which stage it becomes worth it to overcharge...

Lance of Jinhai: Good anti-flying tool. Nothing much else to say.

Find your Way: Finally, a mission searcher. Helps with Counting the Days, not sure how much it will affect other missions.

Chain Lightning: At the moment, I think the bonus artificial damage is too much. Else, I think the card is strong.

.. Too tired. Will continue tomorrow

Guides / From Newbies to Newbies: Guide to 1.4
« on: May 22, 2015, 11:57:44 PM »
1. Introduction

Hi, everyone. This is my little review of 1.4, with some comments on balance changes, and what happened with the patch. To review the full patch notes, see here:

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with these guides, I'll usually go through a short commentary on the changed cards and the effects I think they are going to have. I'll also talk specifically about their effect on deckbuilding, whether they have new uses, or whether their usage has been hampered.

2. The Cards

Note: I will mark particularly significant changes with an asterix (*).

Noble Protector*

This guy has been causing pain for various forms of control decks. I wrote a little piece on control, and how damage control affects different decks. In a nutshell, damage abilities hurt FD worse than other decks, comparatively. This guy stopped a lot of that, and still does, to a certain extent. However, now there is some option to at least take him out via damage control. With 5 hp, he is out of range of most damage abilities (that do 4 damage), but can probably still be dealt with. Overall, a welcome change.

Aberion, the Hammer of Dawn

A small buff from 8 to 7 cost. I still don't think he's that worth playing, to be honest. Still completely outclassed by his Overseer counterpart, too. Not too significant a change, but probably a deserved one.

War Machine

War Machine no longer exhausts commanders. It's a nerf, and probably a deserved one. I heard stories about how horrible a card this was in draft. Within constructed decks, its effect will probably delay it by a turn or two. It's still a potent engine once it gets running, though.

Rubble Golem

Rubble Golem now only gains health if deployed. I suppose if it was used in 2COV shrine then its harm would be immediately apparent. However, I think the reason why this might not have been a major problem before the change was simple: the prevalence of single target removal. Any deck with Verore had access to Lightning Blast. CTA and stumble were usually there as well. Probably a deserved change, though.

Agent Coyle, Immovable*

I will wait and see how the change affects his trade value. 12 health on a vigilant blocker is nothing to sneeze at, especially as Coyle has a reasonably strong 7 power. He still excels at blocking strong single attacks, but now doesn't block damage nearly as well versus swarming tactics. He's probably still worth including, but perhaps not the autoinclude he was for DoD decks.

Kung-Ji, the Glorious Strategist*

Overall, this was probably a buff to Kung-Ji. The new effect is reasonably more potent than the heal, and shows a shift more to a morale-based defense. The old effect was probably only useful in tandem with cards like the Great Wall, in order to soak as much damage as possible. This might have ridiculous burst damage potential with Lingbao's Will, though. The health and power buffs are nice, too.

Glorious Warrior

A buff from 4 morale drain per turn to 5. Not sure why this was necessary, though, as Glorious Warrior was already a good 4-drop, having nice stats and an ability to boot. Well, more glorious it is then, I suppose his armour got extra polish or something. I'd probably recommend this for all DoD decks in the state it's in at the moment.

Surprise Defense

Surprise, indeed. I suppose dumping your whole hand's worth of defenders was too powerful a use for this card. I suppose it does help in getting major blockers like Ao Shun out to do some serious damage to an enemy assault. I wonder if the cost could use a little tweaking, though.

Inspiring Soldier*

So, this guy has been changed to a mini glorious warrior. Decent stats considering the abilty, and probably a worthwhile inclusion in morale drain decks. Overall, I'm quite happy with this change, and forsee this card getting a decent amount of play.

Xi, Ascended*

I like this change. Formerly, Xi could dump 10 resources at once to create a massive army to hit for about half a person's health in a turn. The spirits were appropriately costed, but the problem was the sheer burst of spirits that came late in the game. I think the turn restriction is a welcome one. She's still playable, especially if you can use her for a few turns.

Prayer of the Dragon

A drastic cost reduction was what this card got. It was probably deserved. Whether it will be significant or not, only time will tell.

Avatar of Lingbao

An interesting change. I did express concern before the path that DoD was basically Avatar or Bust. A 15/15 unstoppable is a decently scary threat, and it's quite a big morale hit if it succeeds. An unkillable 15/15 is pretty strong in and of itself, too.

Avatar of Daode

An unblockable avatar, eh? As it's triple DoD it might be tough trying to get massive burst damage out of this, but I can see this card getting reasonably scary off the continuous health buffs and damage nukes that DoD can throw out. Blocking with this guy and having him swing for a decent amount next turn is also probably a good option.

Wholesale Slaughter*

This card no longer has an exile cost. Fantastic. I really disliked having to deal with having my guys sacrificed, more so when it can be done again next turn due to the way the discarding worked. Having said that, I do feel that the card isn't in a place I'm happy about yet, primarily because of the random, uncounterable sacrifice.

Wealthy Noble**

Yes, this one is that important. Noble warped the meta. I don't know how else to put it. Reportedly, every top deck save 1-2 ran it. Every rush deck ran it. Games were won and lost off noble draws. This was probably the simplest change, but oh so well deserved.

Overwhelming Dead, Scouting Mission, Jinhai Ambush, Eucalyptus Tree*

Most significant token spawners have been shifted to 2 purity. It's significant, but I'm not sure on their effect on the game yet.

3. The Meta and Decks

Do keep in mind that these changes were probably made keeping in mind what Oppression will contain. As such, the state of the meta will only persist for a few weeks.

First, the decks that were untouched. I feel that Hermit and COV Shrine probably didn't suffer much from this patch. Hermit usually didn't run nobles, and the dropbear change didn't affect its ability to churn out tokens and buff them. As for CoV shrine, Rita is still a thing, as long as she's allowed to create tokens from command.

FD/Sleeper decks were hit pretty hard. Between Wealthy Noble and Overwhelming Dead, I think this deck may have dropped down quite a little, but it's hard to be sure at the moment. FD/GI might overtake it now, what with having arguably more efficient characters. I think 3FD might actually move up comparatively, now that it will likely be more difficult for the above two decks to outrush it.

Pure GI and sleepers would probably be largely unaffected, barring the noble change. They will probably get out-tempo-d by Hermit though, and will likely have a difficult time against 2CoV removal. CoV/GI Genocide might be affected by the golem change as well.

Single purity shrine decks e.g. DoD/Exile/Sleeper and DoD/Verore/Sleeper will probably be hurt quite a lot by the purity increase in Overwhelming Dead. For a deck so precariously balanced, this might signal the end.

DoD Avatar morale burst decks are probably going to take a more slow-burn direction instead. Probably a good thing for the state of the game.

4. Conclusion

Overall, a decent patch. It is still less than 24 hours since this patch went live, though, so the changes might take a while to manifest.

If you've read this far, thank you. As usual, constructive criticism and feedback is welcome. Feel free to check out my other guides by clicking on the "a strange index of guides" link in my signature.

Guides / From Newbies for Newbies: Guide to Factions and Synergy
« on: April 30, 2015, 10:50:38 AM »
From Newbies for Newbies: Guide to Factions and Synergy

1. Introduction

Hi, everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this. For those of you who might be unaware, I have written a series of guides for each faction. In their original iterations, each faction had a section detailing their strengths and synergies with other faction's cards, and other factions in general. However, with the advent of first Ascension, then Order, it soon became too much to keep updating these synergies. Furthermore, I do understand that it is in the best interests of players to find their own synergies, for their own personal growth and to provide a healthy variety in the game.

With that, this guide was born. It is intended to be a starting point, a base from which players can expand their playstyles on. I will cover the basics of what each and every faction does, their strengths, and weaknesses, as well as in some cases, notable cards. These will be very brief, and I invite you, dear reader, to consult the individual faction guides for more in-depth explanations of the individual cards. This guide is focused on the bigger picture.

2. Using this guide

This guide is primarily intended to assist with deck building. Certain combo decks work based on intricate synergies between generally niche cards. However, in general a faction will be valued for some characteristic or other that makes them useful or compensates for the weakness of another faction.

An overview of the interplay between factions also helps in a more thorough analysis, and in discussion regarding balance, the meta etc. that is so valuable to this community and for the progress of the game as a whole.


Deck Building / Aleta Survivor
« on: April 29, 2015, 09:36:08 AM »
Anyone built a deck with her? I'm curious since she seems to have great toolboxing potential, especially with beasts with passive abilities like Matriarch and Protector of the Dead.

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