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General Discussion / Spontaneous Combustion
« on: June 29, 2014, 05:23:09 AM »
This card, as a lot of you may know, is my favorite card in Ascension. I had a lot of high hopes for it and I was let down just a little. The overkill, while annoying, it okay but it doesn't seem to be working as intended. In fact, it doesn't seem to be working at all as intended.
Spontaneous Combustion specifically states that it will deal damage "split randomly between all characters your opponent controls". I decided I would test this with 4 Defense Golems. I put out 4 fresh Defense Golems out each game to ensure everything was reset RNG.
The results were as follow:
Run #  Health Remaining
Run 1: 20/10/18/20
Run 2: 17/17/14/20
Run 3: 20/20/12/16
Run 4: 20/20/8/20
Run 5: 12/20/16/20
Run 6: 20/20/20/8
Run 7: 20/10/18/20
Run 8: 8/20/20/20
Run 9: 20/8/20/20
Run 10: 16/12/20/20

40% (4/10) of the runs only targeted 1 of the 4 Golems.
10% (1/10) of the runs hit 3 of the 4 Golems.
0% (0/10) of the runs his 4 of the 4 Golems.

When the card says "split randomly among ALL characters" I would assume that it would deal atleast 1 damage to each one of the Golems seeing as how there are only four of them. I believe this card needs to be looked at further and see why the card isnt targeting all cards and dealing atleast 1 damage. I understand that 0 damage is damage and should be used when there are more than 12 characters, but if there were 12 people who all wanted pie and they didn't mind what amount, I wouldn't think about slicing it into 10 pieces and leaving two people out. RNG is okay, but this RNG seems a little focused and trying to be super random to the extent of it not hitting things correctly.

Let me know what you all think about the card and what experiences you all have had. I had a character with 1 health dodge the Combustion and it was able to attack my fortress because of it.

Trading Post / xNeosRevenges Premium Exiles
« on: June 25, 2014, 04:56:02 AM »

Welcome, everyone! My name is xNeosRevenge and I am a streamer [I have not streamed in some time but I could plan on doing it again soon!], a gamer, and an Exiles premium collector. As some of you could have guessed, this thread is to showcase my collection and let people know what I am looking for. A lot of people might know me from the Trade Channel announcing that I am always looking for Exiles of all colors but some might know me from my stream or being on the Infinity Council. I appreciate any support I get and I would not have this collection if it were not for all of you trading me and helping me grow. One day I hope to have the largest Exiles collection, but for now, I'll start go for smaller goals (even though they are quite long) and go from there!

What is/are Your Current Goal(s)?
I currently have a main goal of collecting any and all Exiles but I also have a couple more precise goals along with that. My first precise goal is to collect a premium set of each Exiles card (except for cards that are impossible to collect). A premium set consists of a Foil, a Gold, a Gold Foil, a Platinum, and a Platinum Foil of a card. Along with this, I want to have a playset of premium sets. Obviously, once (if ever) this goal is complete, I will continue to collect (even if I have 3 platinum foils I will continue to collect them.)
I have decided that I want to aim for 150 plat Spontaneous Combustion. To track these goals, check at the bottom to see my progress.

How Long Have You Been Collecting?
I have been collecting Exiles Premiums for a few months now. I started around the time I started streaming because I wanted to have something to show my viewers and have a goal for myself.

Why Exiles?
Exiles have been my favorite faction since the beginning of me playing. They were always so unique and their Lore made me so intrigued to see where they would go next. Because people didn't like them, I felt like I would try to get people to understand they can be really great and I feel that Ascension has helped that. I talk a lot with Ceces (the Master of all Exiles) and we always discuss Exiles and how to make them better. All of these have made me really excited to collect them. Collect them all. Possibly go mad doing it.

Do You Have a Favori--
Spontaneous Combustion. This is the reason I have the goal of collecting 150 platinum ones d:

*If you have any more questions you wish for me to answer, feel free to post them. I listed what most people might be curious about.

This post is to not only show off my collection and to have a place for me to update, but it is also for trading. Feel free to message me in-game (name is xneosrevenge) or post below with Exiles Premiums you have.

For Trade:
Below is my current trade binder. Posted are the Premiums and Rares - Legendaries I currently have for trade for your premiums. If you are wanting to get any uncommons/commons with your trade, just let me know. I added every single card that I have for trade but it is organized by faction like it is displayed in game so it should be easy for you to look through.
Note: I only added the cards that are for trade not the amount. If you are looking for more than one of an item, I might have it. Feel free to ask!

The Collection
The collection of all my current premium Exiles. Would a written list be good as well to include some numbers? (I apologize for the craziness of this. I cannot move them around so I have to just pile up the new ones at the bottom so it's a little unorganized at the bottom.

Goal Progression
Premium Sets Complete: 7
* Frenzied Monstrosity
* Unstable Demon
* Waste Chucker
* Gather the Weak
* Mind Splinter
* Scramble
* Spontaneous Combustion

Platinum Spontaneous Combustion: 62/150
*I'm mostly looking to trade these in bulk. Feel free to message me about trading these but please consider trading 10+ as it is easier to trade and the goal would be completed much faster ^u^

General Game Discussion / Missing Exile Items
« on: June 13, 2014, 02:29:55 AM »
Hey everyone! As some of you know, I love Exiles like a lot of others out there. The problem is, I can't sport them off as much as I'd want to because the Exiles got the short of the stick and are missing a few things. I sent this in to support a while back, but I think Ill post it here too.
The items missing are as follows:
Exile Card Back
Exile IP Buyable Avatar(s)
2nd Exile Quest Avatar (50 Games) (Used to be Gambler, I believe)

I'm not sure if there are any plans to have any of these, but I hope the Gambler is at least put back.

I need more Madness!!

Lore / Spirits
« on: April 18, 2014, 07:11:38 PM »
So far, there has been at least one spirit in each set and yet there only remains 4. Who are these spirits and why do they want to fight? In this post I will outline each spirit and then I will open the floor to you all to talk about them!
First, we have Brings Life by Passing (0/4). This spirit is humanoid looking (weird coming from Warpath where few humans are known to exist) and is obviously not much of a fighter. Why is she bringing life to the warpath? Were there humans once who cared for the now rampant beasts much like Aleta does now?
Second is the Ghost Knight (7/1). Obviously he is just a fallen soldier who may just have a grudge or two. Angry spirits are common among theories of people coming back from the dead. It isn't a surprise that he died, though. 1 health? Come back when you're actually gonna do something.
Third we have the first of the two DoD spirits: Ghost of the Ancestors (3/3). These spirits are pretty easy to guess where they come from. Anscetors of the DoD? My only question with these guys is: If Xi honors the dead so much, why does she spawn these guys as tokens for more death? These spirits are pretty weak like the other spirits so I'm sure they had no combat backgrounds.
Lastly, we have the second DoD spirit: Spirit of the Ancient Guardians (4/4). Who were these guardians and what were they guarding? Why do they instakill when going into combat? For being guardians they, like any other spirit, are weak in ways of stats. Their vigilance is obviously because they were guardians and guarded something.
So, those are the only spirit cards in the game and I would like to hear what you all think about any of them. Why did they not get infected and raised? Were they significant in their past lives? Will more spirits come with the time and will they still be used as token fodder? Can't wait to hear what you all think (:

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