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Suggestions / Spectating - Specifics and Speculation
« on: April 18, 2014, 03:01:44 PM »
Many of us are excited as puffy when we think about the fun that Spectating will bring to Infinity Wars, so I wanted a thread to collect our wants and woes. 

Here are a few of my thoughts as to what might work well:

- If a game can be Spectated or not would be displayed in the game invitation pop-up
- Normal games would be open to Spectating by default with the option to turn it off
- Ranked and Draft games would be closed to Spectating by default with the option to turn it on with both players consenting. 
- It would not include the cards in the players hands by default
- It would allow the graveyard to be examined
- A viewer would choose which side to view (eventually with the option to switch between them, side view, top-down, etc.)

Suggestions / Artifacts and sub-types.
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:02:55 AM »
We have characters who can be affected by various abilities according to their sub-type (artificial, undead, etc.) but there is only one current Artifact with a sub-type, the Misery Stone with Magic.

To expand the possible future Artifact protection / destruction / enhancement / suppression, they could be sorted into three or four types, such as Magic, Spirit and Artificial:

Misery Stone
Ancient Aether
Summoning Stone
Crystal of Madness
Chalice of Madness
Tome of the Dead

Ancient Egg
Aberion's Banner
Shifting Stone
Decrepit Crystal
Heaven's Bell
Wall of the Dead

Low Orbit Ion Cannon
Shield Generator

Game Rules / Attack Ability vs. Buff Ability
« on: April 13, 2014, 11:59:52 PM »

I started playing Sleepers and noticed something I don't really understand as a game mechanic (much like I don't get why temporal anomalies reset characters), if you have a 2/2 character such as those produced by Overwhelming Dead buffed to 3/3 by Plaguebearer and an opponent plays Heat Wave, all the 3/3 characters are destroyed instead of being reduced to 2/1.  This seems odd as the attack is affecting all the characters at the same time, rather than removing Plaguebearer first and then hitting the rest.


General Game Discussion / Exile, Explained!
« on: April 13, 2014, 05:23:11 PM »
I notice several questions every day about the Exiles and how they work in Global Chat so hope a fresh answer will help some newer players.

The Exile cost is the cost to "return from graveyard after discarding". 
When a character has been discarded you are given the option of paying its Exile Cost to bring it into play at the start of your next turn. 

There are artifacts like Chalice of Madness and characters like Ritual Master  which facilitate discarding. 
A slower method is to allow your hand to grow larger than its maximum of 8 cards. 

Characters like Demonic Disciple and Unstable Demon have different advantages when being played from the graveyard. 
The Demonic Disciple costs the same amount, but is more powerful at 6/6.  The Unstable Demon has the same stats but costs only 1 resource to play.

Suggestions / UI Enhancements
« on: April 12, 2014, 04:08:48 PM »
Some slight tweaks to the UI that I would like to eventually see:

I'm using the word "focus" to mean "enable interaction with"

  • allow cursor/focus in text fields by clicking anywhere in them
  • automatically focus on the text entry area when opening a personal chat with someone
  • focus on the entry field after clicking the plus sign in the friends list
  • allow enter to act as clicking the add button after typing the name in the add friend sequence
  • have a setting to play out the turn sequence at a set rate rather than having to click through it
  • with graveyard interactions like Xi's, allow multiple characters to be selected without having to exit the cards side scroller
  • when selecting commanders in merged games, have a confirmation button rather than launching as soon as three are clicked on (this could simply be a Start Game button below the list)
  • add a Start Game button and audio queue when an opponent is found
  • include the name of who you are trading with on the trading screen
  • bring back the in-game actions log
  • move the timer up into the top bar region of the game screen
  • allow copy to clipboard in whatever complete overhaul or total replacement is in the works for the horrible, horrible chat interface
  • have Hinekri wink rather than smile when you click normal game
  • have the slaughter demon lick the screen when you click on ranked
  • if you have already selected a deck, don't ask which deck you want to play with when entering the game queue
  • remove the additional/advanced options button and have the options visible on screen
  • stop the rain

there are other threads that cover the cards interface in depth so I'm not including any here.   

It needs to be moved away from the [X] and have a confirmation dialog.   

Perhaps the list of users you have blocked could be available under the settings page?   

The new bigger timer is nice, but could easily live up in the top bar of the screen.  (And would actually be more apparent there as the visual noise from battlefield animations would be absent.) 

It's still raining!  :) 

Suggestions / Quest Ideas
« on: April 06, 2014, 04:06:19 PM »
A few suggestions for fun / difficult / silly quests:

Quest NameChallengeReward
Don't Cry For Me   Win 50 PvP with 5 morale or less   Yobo Avatar
Living On The Edge   Win 50 PvP with 5 health or lessTitle "The Bruised"
Fishing for GoldMake Puffy win in Less than 12 turnsPuffy Avatar
Puffing PuffyLose to Puffy with 0 HealthTitle "Ahab's Cabin Boy"
No Stinking BadgesWin 25 PvP without faction cardsA Blazing Saddle
Breaking the CurveTop the Draft list with 2x the wins of #2   Title "Who the RNG Loves"
Friends Like ThesePlay 250 games with ApprenticesTitle "The Teacher"
The ProletariatWin 100 Pauper deck gamesTitle "The Bourgeoisie"
One to OneWin 100 Singleton deck gamesVaryus Avatar*
Can't Touch ThisWin 35 PvP with 100 healthSacullas Avatar
Madness? This is!Win 150 with Tri-Pure ExilesCresill Avatar
CyclogenesisWin 150 with Tri-Pure GenesisScouting Mission Avatar
SorcereristismWin 150 with Tri-Pure VeroreWord of Command Avatar
SkraarpathWin 150 with Tri-Pure WarpathEnraged Dropbear Avatar
InflammableWin 150 with Tri-Pure Flame DawnKali, The Purifier Avatar
Restless DeadWin 150 with Tri-Pure SleepersBoomy Avatar
Lizard BreathWin 150 with Tri-Pure DescendentsAo Shun Avatar
Even StevenPlay 35 Merged ending in a drawTitle "The Unending Drone"
United NationsWin 100 Merged deck gamesTitle "General Secretary"
Mutually AssuredDraw 250 PvP gamesTitle "The Warmonger"
N.I.M.B.Y.Destroy 300 ArtifactsTitle "The Werewalrus"
RegentrificationDestroy 300 LocationsTitle "The Terrorformer"

* - Varyus needs to quit smoking!

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