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General Game Discussion / I'm very confused right now... new publisher?
« on: December 29, 2015, 12:07:49 AM »
Does anyone know something about this:

New developer? New major publisher? Steam announcement but nothing here or am I just missing it?

General Game Discussion / I have an idea I want to share...
« on: December 13, 2015, 10:23:08 PM »
Hello people,

I can not brag that I know how to resolve the current situation and our problems but I think I know in which direction we should move. My problem is that with my bad English I can barely explain my idea to you and hope that you will understand correctly what moves me to say all that. Also I hope that someone might find this idea reasonable and continue with it. Because right now we're looking at each other and do nothing, at least as far as I see it.

IMHO, we need two things: 1) we need clear answers from LM (Coyle, David, Ian) about future of the game. 2) We need bring attention to this whole situation. Don't forget this isn't just our favorite game goes down. This is an example of outrageous disorder and disruption of customer's trust (I hate this word 'customer' but at the end this is who we are - not just fans, not just players, we are customers). Lightmare did not fulfill most of the kickstarter's promises that were given few years ago; at the whole time of development they weren't capable to achieve reasonable quality of the project despite all promises they made about it; they failed miserably with the deal with the foreign partner (Fabrika); and finally, when everything broke down, they disappeared like nothing happened, leaving their players to wonder how long the server will be running and what will happen with all their money they put in this game because they believed in Lightmare's promises.

I don't write all this to kick one more time the dead horse aka LM. I believe, that this whole story should be publicly discussed: RockPaperShotgun, TotalBiscuit, Reddit - you know better your popular sites and media persons who might be interested to bring more light to the whole situation. I don't want to ruin Lightmare's reputation with this - they already did more than enough for it on their own. But I hope it will force them to start answer on our questions - questions, that will be asked by people who can't be ignored as easily as we are. And more importantly - that might bring attention of big studios like Wizards or Cryptozoic or anyone else to this game. Make it clear for them, that there are people who still want to play and support this game if it will be properly developed. I'm sure they know what Infinity Wars is but maybe demonstration of active community who wants to save the game can give them additional reason to think about buying it.

I will repeat though, I don't believe that IW can change its developer and stay the same game we know and love. I'm almost 100% sure that it will be turned into cash grab and most of the unique features of the game will be cutted out because they are too hardcore (player driven economy, complicated sets and factions rotation, and so on). So, for me personally this game will be as good as dead. But if there is even slightest hope that I'm wrong or if you want to save at least those parts of the game that you love (unique gameplay first of all), then think about my idea. Try to rise some attention to this situation. Make a petition, write to sites and people who might be interested in this story. Doesn't look like you have much to lose anyway.

And as always, sorry for another wall of bad English. Wanted to share my thoughts before it might be too late.

General Game Discussion / I have a few questions for LM
« on: September 15, 2015, 04:49:48 PM »

In no particular order, just something that I have in my head long enough.

1. Russian server.
I know, for most of the players it might have secondary importance but I can assure you that for those who chose that server to play Infinity Wars, these questions are more than urgent. They were promised quality game, regular updates, communication with developers, transfer from this server to the Russian at some point, maybe even possibility to play with people from this server in the distant future.

Lots of hype, lots of promises, lots of plans, this is how the launch of the Russian server looked like back in February, 2015.

What they get in reality? Lots of bugs, more than this server had despite the same version. Rare updates which didn't help much. Zero comments from developers or publisher. After 2-3 months after the launch updates were stopped completely. After about 6 months Russian server, forum, and site were closed without any prior warning or notification. Players who spent time and money on that server, and all people who in one way or another have tried to promote it, were left with nothing but guesses and bewilderment. No game, no server, no explanations, time and money are lost. And now my questions:
  • Who was responsible for creation and deployment of any updates for the Russian server?
  • Why this process was completely stopped at Spring, 2015?
  • Any chances or plans to transfer accounts from the closed server to this one in order to compensate players their losses?
  • What will happen with the translation? Will it be updated in the future by LM, could it be given to fans as it was mentioned before the deal with Fabrika? Or we can just forget about it and have no hope to see Russian language in the game in the reasonably near future?
2. Updates' quality.
Even before the official release of the game we were promised that after the release updates' quality will be much better. Later similar promise was given again - updates will get much better testing, amount of the new bugs will be minimal, and overall quality of the game will be in the priority. Despite these promises every new patch brings new problems which exist for the significant amount of time after that.
  • Why, despite all the promises, updates' quality not getting any better? I'm not talking about the game as a whole, we can see improvements here and there and IW slowly become better. I'm talking about the fact that every new patch in particular has such a low quality that it needs new patches just to fix what was broken. Why is this still happening again and again?
3. Amount of information about development of the game.
In the last couple of months the amount of information about the game was minimal. Players had no additional info except patch notes. Mostly it could be explained by the CM's sickness and his natural desire to change his life style. My question isn't "why is Teremus not write on the forums as much as before?"
  • My question is: what LM plan to do with the fact that the amount of information about the game development was almost non-existent in the last months?
  • Will it be the new format, where players can only have patch notes and nothing else?
  • Will we see a new or an additional community manager?
4. Referral system and new reward system.
Both can be exploited. Both already exploited, and people are saying about it without any shame or fear of whatever else they might feel for "cheating the system".
  • What the thought process behind the creation of these systems? Why they were created like that?
  • If the previous system, Master & Apprentice, was closed because it had unhealthy effect on the game, and also was open for exploits, why both of the new systems have similar problems?
  • Do devs think that the current iteration of these systems has more positive effects on the game than negative, if any negative effects are exist in their opinion?
  • At what point harmless desire to have a smurf for a personal use becomes a violation of the game's rules for using lots of smurfs to generate an addition income from the exploitable systems?
I will be clear - I'm not interested to read comments from other players. Not because I don't think they can be valuable, no. But I spent enough time on the forums of the game and in the game itself to be sure that the players, even veterans, can't tell me anything new, and I'm not interested to read the same explanations which I already saw multiple times before. I want to read concrete answers on concrete questions that grow in my head for a long time. And I want to read these answers from people who are responsible for the fact that those questions started to appear in my head in the first place.

Cheers, and sorry for another wall of text with lots of mistakes.

Suggestions / "Slow" abilities
« on: August 02, 2015, 05:20:37 PM »
I might be too late with the idea but I guess there is no harm in suggestion. I want to talk about the effect that removes cards from the game, all kind of "denials of ..." and mass discard like Demonic Presence.

I know there is a reason why they work like they do, and it was described in details in one of the patch notes. This is the text I'm talking about:

So, while the Option 1 is more logical in any way, devs decided to go with the Option 2 because otherwise cards like Demonic Presence would be brokenly effective if used with priorities. And here is my idea:

Why not give to some cards keyword "Slow" or something like that? Not an old version of it which was removed from Sleepers but a new version of it. While "Preemptive" abilities always work before initiative, at the start of the resolution phase, "Slow" abilities should always work at the end of it. In that case cards like "Denial of..." and Purify will work as described in the option 1 (and as Teremus said developers do like it) but cards like Demonic Presence won't ruin the turn for the opponent because no matter whose priority it is, they will be resolved at the end, when all other abilities from both players already were used.

As a result there won't be awkward situations when a card that visually was discarded or purified still being played from the graveyard. And cards with a single target, like "Denial of ..." and Purify will be more effective and the result of their effects will be easier to understand. Because now logic says that if a card was Denied/Purified at my priority, it shouldn't be played. And in order to explain why it should be played, I was forced to write a wall of text on a Russian forum. And after that I thought about this wall of text and would be happy to read where I did mistake in my logic, why it won't work, and why everything should stay as it already is :)

General Game Discussion / Thanks, Teremus
« on: June 29, 2015, 03:40:13 AM »

In the last 24 hours I had a pretty hot conversation about TCGs on a Russian forum. By "hot" I mean, I definitely deserve a warning for some things I've said, maybe even temporary ban. I can't be banned because I'm a global moderator there and I can't ban my opponent, because he's moderator too, so we're just having a nice hot conversation and showing our readers how NOT to behave on the forum :)

But this is just a prelude to what I really want to say here which is: thanks, Teremus :)

During our conversation there I've said that for the last years I've learned a lot about the games design, especially about TCGs design, since for the last 3+ years I'm paying a lot of attention to the genre. And I've learned a lot about how to talk about games, how to compare them, how to explain them to other people. I'm not a designer, never was, never will be, but I like to talk and write about games from the different points of view, so this is pretty valuable knowledge for me. And I think most of it I've learned from Teremus :) From his topics, his way to talk with people, his approach to discussions, and so on.

And in that other topic on the Russian forum I said that I probably should someday publically express my gratitude to Teremus for that. So, here we are, thanks Teremus, what are doing for Infinity Wars and its community means a lot to me. Not only because I'm a member of this community but also because I'm learning from you again and again. I guess I owe you at least a nice slice of cheese and a bottle of pepsi but for now I can only say "thanks" :)

And cheers to everyone else, thank you for reading. This is supposed to be a public expression of my gratitude after all :)

Suggestions / Are you sure you want to quit Infinity Wars?
« on: June 14, 2015, 04:32:37 PM »

Color me moron if you wish because maybe I'm :) but can "quit" be replaced for "exit" or something else? I'm sure there are other appropriate words in English.

I never paid any attention to this text before but now I just looked at the question, thought about all the bugs in the game, and for a couple of minutes I had a thought "what the Puffy, maybe I DO want to quit Infinity Wars". I think now it will be haunting me every time I will close IW in a bad mood :D

General Game Discussion / Regional Russian server for Infinity Wars
« on: February 02, 2015, 02:59:50 PM »

Today I got a news that very soon will be started beta-test for the Russian version of Infinity Wars. This is an amazing news by itself, but then I had confirmation that Russian players will get their own "regional" server without possibility to use their accounts to play on the "world" server. Steam version of the game already isn't accessible from Russia, we cannot download it. Basically it means complete reservation for us.

This practise is well-known amongst online games developers and I'm not surprised to see it once again, although it surprises me that at this stage LM agreed to split up its community.

I won't ask any questions about the future of those Russian players who already here, and how they will be transferred to this new server (and will they have an option to stay here or not). I know that LM doesn't have all answers yet, and some of these moments have no final answers.

What I want to ask – when LM will be ready to make this announcement from their side, will we see any detailed message from developers about this decision? First of all I'm interested to know why did you decided to do this? I cannot imagine that MtGO could do something like that because in my opinion it's quite hard to be a "world-known" game, when your community splitted up between regional servers. Or the Russian version will be the only exception?

Suggestions / Community quests (an idea for a distant future)
« on: January 03, 2015, 11:21:19 PM »

Another long shot for a distant future, when there will be more players to play and more developers to implement this idea. It's quite simple – allow players to create their own quests for each other.

Options to customize a quest:
  • Name. Obviously.
  • Reward: IP, card(s), booster(s), basically anything what would be tradable in the game. Possibly, just possibly, soulbound cards could also be used as a reward. Since creator doesn't know to whom his reward will go, and card still be soulbound, it can't be used to farm and distribute cards between your own accounts.
  • Task: we have this topic which could be used to get some ideas. I also found this old topic which could be useful too.
  • Limits: only for levels from X to Y as an example, if you wish to help new players. Or only for members of a guild (whenever we will have any). Or for your apprentices (could work fine in conjunction to this idea).
  • Longevity: how long the quest will be accessible for players. Also maybe how many winners there could be. By default quest should dissapear after someone has completed it and claimed the reward but if someone wants to give 3 of his Scramble to 3 different people it's up to him.
What in it for the game? More gameplay variety obviously.

What in it for quests creators? Well, some people just like to give their cards away sometimes and this could be more fun way to do it. Maybe some sort of reward for quest's creator for every his quest which was finished by players but from the top of my head I don't know what it can be.

Suggestions / Crazy idea about Master\Apprentices system
« on: October 26, 2014, 03:31:18 PM »
Weekly decks rotation not yet in the game but I already have a thought about this feature. I'm sure developers already saw this or something like this because it's obvious idea but I want to share it anyway.

On the screen where you can choose your deck for a next match, imagine one more thing besides the list of your own decks and weekly free decks: list of your master's decks. You can use them for free whenever you want, it doesn't cost anything to you or your master.

Now a master in the game not just someone with whom you can farm IP and cards. It's a man who can really teach you something, especially if he is good at deckbuilding and has big collection.

People will fight for the privilege to be an apprentice of someone from the top of the ranked ladder! And for masters there should be some bonuses, possible calculated on the numbers of apprentices they have, or on the apprentices' levels, or on their successes in matches.

Possible bonuses from apprentices:

How many of them - bad idea, masters just will take everyone.
Sum of levels of all apprentices - better, masters will be interested in growth of their apprentices.
IP\EXP % from every win of his apprentice (maybe with some limit per day) - best. Master must be sure that his apprentice plays and plays good, otherwise there is no reason to keep him.

Next step – master's chat. The chat where only a master and his apprentices have access and where they can talk with each other to discuss decks or strategies of whatever they want. Do you see where it's coming? Instead of guilds and clans we will get something like Dojo where its master will be the center of his own community and where he can teach his apprentices exactly those strategies and ways of using them as he uses himself.

Of course there should be limitations. From the top of my head – each master has only 2-3 slots for the decks he can share with his apprentices. It's obvious limitation to force masters keep these decks fresh and not allow them to share every deck they have and give everyone lots of variations to play at the same time.

I think there should be something else, this is basically what I could imagine for about a half an hour.

What do you guys think?

General Game Discussion / Did I miss something in the patch notes again?
« on: September 08, 2014, 02:26:43 PM »

This is a reward after 39 victories in the rift run. A legendary? An epic? Please tell me since when do we have such gracious rewards? Because I didn't saw anything like that in the patch notes.

This is an amazing change but I'm surprised that I had to know about it from the screenshot of another player and not from an announcement of any kind. I thought the silent updates in the past now and we will know about everything what's going on with the game?

Lightmare? Teremus? Anyone?

Suggestions / Ability of "Xi, who honors the dead"
« on: August 27, 2014, 09:56:53 PM »
Making a bunch of tokens with her ability is a slow and annoying process. Instead of repeating whole process for every spirit individually it could work like a hybrid of Demon of Fear and Grave Rob.

When you activate her ability you should choose how much resources you want to spend (as with deployment of Demon of Fear). After that the graveyard appears and you can choose as many characters as much resources you have chosen (as with Grave Rob) to create spirits. This system should be a bit faster and with less clicking than the current one (Xi's ability need to be activated only once and as a result there is no need to open\close graveyard for every activation).

Sorry if something like that already were suggested, I couldn't find anything similar.

General Game Discussion / Can someone explain me these screenshots?
« on: June 12, 2014, 11:11:32 AM »
They're not mine but from a user from our forum. He says he saw it in a usual match on the live server, right about now. How is it possible?

Suggestions / Convert cards into cardback
« on: May 27, 2014, 02:23:17 PM »
This is a long shot since we don't know how the crafting system will work but I suggest it anyway.

Idea is simple - destroy X cards with the same name, get a cardback with the image of these cards. You can use soulbound and premium cards if you wish, it makes no difference.

The idea isn't original, I saw it on another forum but for IW it could be a good card sink especially for soulbound versions.

X can be equal to any numbers of cards and potentially it could depend on a rarity of the cards. 100 commons, 80 uncommons, 60 rares, 40 epics, 20 legendary as example.

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