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General Game Discussion / Card Interactions.
« on: March 20, 2014, 05:06:27 PM »
I just had a LONG "discussion" if you can call it that with a player in the game using a card interaction that obviously is a bug but wants to swear that I am a n00b that the cards are supposed to work that way together.

The combo I am speaking of is Demon of Gluttony and Ghost Knight. What he was doing was sacrificing the Ghost Knight to the Demon for the buff and the Knight returning from the graveyard.

His philosophy is that since the Demon's ability "targets" which the card does not say by the way, that its target is the Ghost Knight. Well technically the Ghost Knight should leave play when targeted, but the sacrifice happens in the game before the ability of Ghost Knight goes off although it is on "the stack" so to speak is the only way I can explain it in MtG terms.

In the end, the Knight still shows as targeted and returns itself from the graveyard which I do not think it should be doing as it is dead.

So can anyone on the QA team or even Teremus verify whether the Demons ability is indeed a "target ability" and therefore does interact with Ghost Knight that way, or if in fact since the Demon does not target, it becomes a bug of the way Ghost Knight reads and needs to be fixed.

Thanks all.

Title says it all. I refuse to use PayPal to make payments for anything due to their lack of Buyer protection for intellectual properties ie anything electronic. Whereas Steam Wallet is built for such things. I want to support the game and with the release on Steam it gives me a way to do it.

So when will Steam Wallet be available for use? Thanks!

Suggestions / Boost Draft/Sealed Deck format
« on: December 10, 2013, 03:25:57 AM »
I have watched the video on the new upcoming rift runs. I understand the philosophy behind it. I guess it doesn't seem like pure drafting or sealed deck. I know that Teremus has played MtG and I figure he has done both of those formats.

Why do you not implement true drafting? Pay to enter, get 3 or 4 packs that are yours to open pick your cards, pass until you have exhausted them, make a deck and then play? Is it not possible to play like that due to the back end of the system? Or is it something that is being worked on and implemented at a later date? The only issue that I see is Purity. Maybe remove the purity requirements for booster drafting since it is possible to get such a random assortment of cards that there isnt a way to make a playable deck. This is just speculation on my part as i havent opened enough packs to know exactly how random they could be.

The reason why this would be a great way to do it is that it would allow people to run their own drafts, give prizes, and such. That is the one thing I miss about MtG is 8 man drafts that could be run at any time and quickly. with a predetermined prize structure based off win/loss records.

As for sealed, there is a sealed deck with random cards, and all you would need to add is the boosters. Play with what you open. The same thing with purity would apply to this. Make the best deck you can with the cards you get and play. Every person has the same chance of getting great cards or bad ones and then it comes down to skill and a little luck.

None of this may even be possible in the state the game is at the moment. I was just thinking about it as watching the video and even though it is a great start, it seems like it can cost a LOT of money to play and keep cards.

Suggestions / Purchasable unlock for locked cards..
« on: November 28, 2013, 12:00:13 AM »
I was in chat and listening to a new person wanting to know why cards weren't tradable with the "lock" symbol on them. We know why and the reasons behind it but it started me to thinking.

Lightmare really doesn't have a stake in the after-market valuation of cards once they sell a pack. The only thing that may matter is the community getting in a uproar about the price or availability of a certain card. Even then, it does not really affect Lightmare's bottom line unless they get into the sale/trading of singles which would be a conflict of interest if they did.

So here is my suggestion that helps everyone from the game makers down to the new players who would like to trade for cards to improve but only have locked cards.

Lightmare creates a micro transaction that will allow a player to unlock card/cards from their library. I understand that it allows the company to be more generous with give-aways which is great but what it does is make an inventory of cards that you can't use or need and keeps you from trading for ones you do. The Unlock is based of the Rarity of the card not the perceived after market value so unlocking an EPIC would be the same no matter the card so you would have to decide whether it is worth the cost.

It would work like this: I want to unlock a Calamity from my inventory. I go to the store and purchase an unlock for that rarity and it costs lets say $3 American. Now I can trade it for a card I can use like and Agent Coyle or something similar that helps improve my deck.

In my opinion it is a win/win for everyone to allow a way to let players offload cards they don't need for ones they do and it gives Lightmare another source of revenue that should not hurt the game in the least.

Deck Building / My first attempt at a "combo" Deck
« on: November 19, 2013, 05:32:49 PM »
Hello all.

First I want to say that I have been enjoying playing IW since I got my beta invite a few weeks ago. It is so similar to MtG that it was easy for me to pick up and is challenging enough to hold my attention. It has made me play more than my MMO's that I enjoy  :o

Also the community seems pretty friendly which is a huge bonus to get a game like this up and running.

Anyway, when I played MtG, I have always liked reanimator and control style decks. With my limited card pool here at the moment, I haven't gotten to see a majority of the cards so I decided to take what I have and see what I can come up with. I like thinking outside of the box.

I looked at Shrine to the Heavens and decided I was going to make a deck around this card. I know, I know, at first it looks like crap because of how long it seems to take to set up as a win condition but that is the fun in it. Taking a card that looks "meh" on the surface and trying to make it competitive.

I have enclosed a Pic (if it shows up) so you guys can see the deck as I have it so far. I am using the cards I have so as I get others, I will switch out better options. I will try and explain the card choices and wait for feedback on what to add or take away. I have a thick skin so no worries on that. I know that there may be better out there to play but this is what I can come up with barring getting any other "top tier" cards in the future.

Main Theme:
Shrine to the Heavens - Main win condition. Win one it is complete. Need lots of creatures to build it and a way to draw the one I have.

Cartographer - Creature and a way to draw the shrine and to build. Also a chump blocker if needed.

Explore - Another way to get the shrine and draw cards if it is in play. Seems good barring any other card drawing.

Wealthy Noble - Whelp, nothing need to be said here

Cards to support or alternate win conditions:

Kung Ji - at first he seems bad, but as I used him in this deck he makes my invincible warrior and Jinhai better blockers against speed rush and zombies. Often time creatures end up blocking multiple times as they are moved to the back of the defensive zone and if they survive, get a small heal.

Xi - I really like this card. Creatures that serve multiple purposes both alive and in the graveyard seems like a win/win. Also with Verore Kidnapper on my own XI, when I calamity, i get a head start on either working on shrine or making 3/3 flyers to kill fortress. This card gives me an alternate win condition if I do not draw Shrine. Flyers are hard to deal with and to get them for 1 resource over and over.

Verore Kidnapper - Serves multiple purposes. Takes out a threat, becomes a target for removal instead of my others guys, or removes one of my own to survive a calamity.

Calamity - Reset button

Winds of War - Combos with the Shrine. "How you say"?  It allows me to survive my own winds of war when cast. Shrine exhausts characters which removes them from the combat zones. So I have been blocking and need to clear some threats, my characters survive to chump again.

Ghost, Invincible, Defense Golem, and Jinhai - There to protect fortress, have low morale loss, and power the Shrine.

Rift to the Old World - To take out certain locations that may stall or apply pressure to me.

I am sure this isn't the optimal build for this deck but using what I have to work with, I think it is pretty fun. Especially since my "win" condition is untouchable which I think is a great cornerstone to a combo deck.

Well, comments, criticisms, or tips on improving if possible would be appreciated. Cards to add are a plus even if it takes me to 43 cards which is the most I would run.

Edit: Well I can not post my pic. It says it is too large although it is under the KB amount. The deck is 40 cards atm.

This is my first post as I am fairly new to the game. I have always been a U/W control or reanimater control U/W/b deck player from my Magic the Gathering days. Come into play effects from the graveyard or Wrath of God affects + counter spells until you can place 1 or 2 hard or impossible to kill creatures into play were my cup of tea.

It seems that with this game, it is nigh impossible to do one or the other due to purity. I understand that this game isn't MtG but it makes it hard to think outside of the box for deck building since I am new and have a limited card pool to test things with.

So I am placing this out to those who have been playing for a long time and have had a chance to play test. Is it possible to build a control deck running a few creatures as a win or winning by morale that is somewhat competitive. I have 2 calamity so I am sure that those are a good start.

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