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General Discussion / Devil's Bargain
« on: December 07, 2013, 02:44:14 PM »
New card.

General Discussion / Mehcanical Overseer
« on: December 03, 2013, 03:19:15 AM »
Interesting card.

General Discussion / Taunt
« on: December 01, 2013, 09:54:42 PM »
For those looking for the card.

It's word of command, but for Warpath. (without the choice of where the character moves to)

(for the record, I was getting 15 "resources" per game at most, even though I was winning on turn 5, if you do the math it took me roughly 133 games)

General Game Discussion / To New Players: what are we missing to help you
« on: November 04, 2013, 10:27:19 PM »
Lightmare is doing an awesome job trying to make the new player experience as good as possible, and many of us are trying to help as well.

If you aren't already aware I made the Newbie Guide: (to be renamed but right now, it fits!), so the question is what ELSE can I do to help people?

I was thinking of launching a youtube channel where I plow through the campaign levels and show how to beat every one, with an explanation of what I am doing, but I am sure there is that already existing.

I was also thinking of opening a "New Player Academy", where players who haven't played online TCG's before, can meet up with people who are happy to become masters, and spend the time to teach them how to play, and get card donations from the community, so we can get the new player's decks into a bit better shape.

I was also thinking of doing a "Newbie Challenge" tournament a bit later, where players who are low level (like levels 1-5) could compete in a pauper tournament for fun, and everybody gets a prize. The prizes won't be anything too huge, to prevent veterans abusing this.

Let me know! I am trying to take some of the burden off of Lightmare, they are doing an awesome job, and just trying to do my part to help.

General Game Discussion / You're a Wizard!
« on: October 31, 2013, 03:15:09 AM »

Guides / New Player's guide version 2.0 need help
« on: October 26, 2013, 09:09:13 PM »
So the guide's beginning is here:

LINK BROKEN I KNOW! Rewriting in progress as the game has changed so much. Thanks!

ETA: end of Friday. (EST)

General Discussion / Damage over time effects in game
« on: October 25, 2013, 06:17:10 PM »
Working with Hungryhippocampus (his idea to test these things) here's some findings about Dragon of Summer Flame, Kali the Flaming Blade, and Princess Hinekri's damage over time effects

-Princess when targeted by fight won't die but the enemy character still takes damage and is poisoned

-Armored landcrawler does decrease the damage from damage over time effects

-Great wall seems to sometimes reduce the damage, sometimes not (not even sure if it reduces the damage from DoT effects)

-Ju-Lin, who rewrites history can be STOLEN by princess and gains a chapter when attacked and "killed" by Hinekri. See: (end of my support zone, he's there I don't have any DoD purity it was 2 FD 1 Exile)

-Matriarch heals don't seem to be stacking  when multiple are out, seemed like they were only healing for the first, and would not take priority over damage over time effects, even when the Matriarch player had turn priority (green name)

-Deflect does not seem to prevent immolate damage (was not able to test a direct attack we missed it slightly), not sure if it is supposed to.

Damage over time log:

Seems like Great Wall is not decreasing damage properly, will decrease damage AFTER great wall is put in play, but the ones damaged after great wall is in play will not decrease the immolate damage.

Also would it be possible to get the logs set up so that it will show the source of the effect? Even after the source character is dead.

**EDIT**: also after turn 23, the log no longer shows actions for that turn. Even cuts off part way through turn 23. I think it's line based.

General Discussion / Let's talk Sleepers
« on: October 20, 2013, 01:26:49 AM »
This is meant as feedback after playing the sleepers faction for a while, and these are merely my opinion, if you wish to build on this or provide counter points, please do so in a constructive manner thank you.

+Swarmy Characters
+Tons of spot removal (killing single creatures off)
+Your power characters, become MY power characters

-Curve begins at 3 (not many 1-2 drops, 1’s being non-existant, and 2’s being very uncommon)
-If you can’t get stabilized before turn 5-6, you die before you can get anything going, which is a big problem against many decks
-No real power characters, nothing hits the table and makes your opponent fear it above all else.
-No board wipe besides a 3 turn book of the dead (by the time this goes off, you die), and Virus is a 14-drop

Discussing the Pros:

-Swarmy creatures is what playing from the graveyard is all about, what is killed will come back, and it will come with a vengeance.
-Good single target kill potential, and can take control of characters quickly and easily (eaten by zombies, patient zero)

Discussing the Cons:

-It’s very slow to get going, and by the point you are getting started, most decks have you on your heels, and going on the offensive is very very hard until you can fully stabilized, by which point you are sitting at nearly no fortress health. Having some quicker stall tactics (besides fear), or smaller creatures to hold out would be great.

-It can feel you are either hit or miss with a lot of the draws you get, either you get a fear and you can stall for one more turn and eat (-en by zombies) the right guy, and be able to start pushing back, or you can get stomped rather quickly. (LOOKING AT YOU FD!)

-No “power” characters compared to some of the other factions:

Flame Dawn: Aberion, the hammer of flame, Agent Coyle, Firestarter, Bromich, Field Commander
Warpath: Pack Leader, Hunted Dragon, Skraar, Syndern, Rakarl, Hehkeem
Genesis: Agent Coyle, Aleta, Lucca, Combat Mechanic (less so now), Overloaded Soldier
Descendents: Ao Shun (less so now), Daode, Yuanshi, Xi (this one has seen some play to devistating effects)
Verore: Subjugated Dragon, Verore Death Worshiper (YES THESE THINGS!), Demon of Gluttony, Demon of Fear
Factionless: Martyr Golem
(Note: exiles left out as they are not complete yet, and they have a decent power card Hinekri)

The power card is Patient Zero, which is almost always assassinated, Perils of commanded, bolted, or kidnapped out of existence. It is very strong don’t get me wrong, but currently, if you are playing 2+ purity Sleepers, you have Patient Zero and Aleta locked in those two commander slots.

Not having some way to stall or quickly start removing characters is very harsh. With the power curve being 3 currently, need something to hold off, or something which gives a giant boost at 3. The power spike happens around 6, when you get Eaten by Zombies, 8 when Patient Zero starts eating people, and 6 when you can get Undisturbed Necropolis and start throwing zombies in front of the enemy.

Suggestions / Commending a player after a game
« on: October 18, 2013, 09:30:06 PM »
I would love to be able to send my opponent a gg, without spamming up their tells or global chat. When we get into having more people playing the game we might encounter the problem where things get a little too spammed with more important things to see all the gg messages.

After the game when you hit the score screen, I would love to see more than just your XP/IP gain, how about stats in the match, like characters killed, abilities played. And the ability to send someone a +1 for a well played game.

Notification of a +1 would be seen in chat after you leave the score screen, and you can see how many you have in your profile. There could be rewards tied to this, but let's start with a simple +1 for being awesome :)

If you face someone multiple times, you get the point for the first time you are +1ed by someone, after that you still get notification that you get the +1, but won't count it towards your profile totals.

General Game Discussion / Getting started in IW (for new players)
« on: October 17, 2013, 07:17:13 PM »
First thing you want to do is complete the tutorial, after you complete it do every single campaign mission. These do get EXTREMLY difficult, even for experienced player. These also give you all of the basic starter decks which is a good starting point.

Optional: read the rulebooks

Mostly you want to figure out which faction you like to play, and focus on that. For a brief run down of the factions:

* denote recommended
= denotes NOT recommended


***Warpath: aggro

-Big characters, lots of characters, all about overrunning your opponent
-Key abilities: unstoppable, token creation, block flying

Good for the newer players, as you can attack and defend with the numerous characters which usually don't have any drawbacks.

*Genesis Industry: aggro/combo

-Combo focused, can create a giant character, or a ton of smaller characters.
-Key abilities: flying, pump, token creation

For those players who like comboing into a giant character.

=Cult of Verore: control/aggro

-Control focused, big characters, magical abilities
-Key abilities: flying, abilities

This faction can be hard to play, because if you pick off the wrong character, you can be in a world of trouble. Not very forgiving as they don't have the ability to just "1-shot" your enemy. Does have a defensive location, your opponent can only attack with 1 character per turn which is useful when stalling. Best with comboed.

***Flame Dawn: aggro

-All out aggro, hold nothing back
-Key abilities: charge, flying

This is the "burn" faction, all out aggro, not good at defending but good at winning in the first few turns of the game unless they are stopped. Also very good for the newer players as it is very fast and very aggressive.

***Descendents of the Dragon: defensive

-Defensive, grind out your opponent
-Key abilities: vigilance, flying, morale drain, defensive pump abilities

This faction is very defensive, which can be a bit frustrating to some players, the faction relies on alternate win conditions, like draining out an opponent's morale, while keeping their characters in a defensive posture.

===The Sleepers: control, graveyard play

-Huge amounts of character control, using the enemy's characters against them
-Key abilities: reanimation effects, character killing

This faction has a harsh learning curve, not recommended for the new players. Can be very easily brought down, and is rather hit and miss if they just get countered just by your own draws.

===The Exiles: chaos, random effects, sacrifical, aggro

-Sacrifical effects, aggro with specific characters, pump
-Key Abilities: consume, random character removal

This faction isn't complete yet, but what we do have is very difficult to use and nobody has been able to use them correctly. You have to use these with another faction to be able to get their semi-close value out of it.

Game Modes:

First you want to decide if you want to play ranked or not, typically wait on this mode until you have a very powerful deck.

Starting out, you probably want to play unranked, standard speed, and merged mode. What this does is it squishes together your deck, and your opponent's deck into one really big deck. You get to choose between your now 6 total commanders. This doesn't just let you learn the other cards in the game, it gives you a better chance to win because you are using the same cards as your opponent.

Pauper format is a format which only allows commons and uncommons, this can also be useful for the new player to play, as you may not have the card pool to have those rares or better, which can really make your deck tick. This also gives better players a very creative outlet for some really unique decks.

Getting more cards:

There are a number of options for getting new cards. If you have a lot of IP, or want to spend some LP, and really know which faction you want to play, getting a pre-made deck can be useful. Depending on the faction it will give you a decent starting point of a deck.

After that booster packs should be bought in SUPER BOOSTERS ONLY! (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) Super boosters will give you at least 1 GUARINTEED rare or better each time you get one. If you get normal boosters you get 3 random cards, at least 1 uncommon. Save up and get the good ones.

Trading for dummies: stay within the tier, legendary for legendary, epic for epic, rare for rare, with some exceptions. When in doubt, ask other people. The value of cards will be varying wildly for a while, and until we get a good price list going, check around.

Don't be scared of asking questions, testing decks and most importantly, LOSING ISN'T ALWAYS A BAD THING. As this is a TCG, sometimes you can't control which cards you draw.

Who goes first?

Since you both play basically at the same time, someone still needs to take priority first and have their abilities play first.

For this, please refer to the following screenshot:

As you will see my name is in Green, this means that my abilities and abilities will go first, followed by my opponent.

You can see Puffy's icon is in green, he is already hit End Turn before me, and is waiting for me to be done. Don't worry about this too much, it's more or less if you hit end turn but nothing is happening, your opponent might still be taking their turn. Regardless if who hit end turn first, whoever has their name in green will go first.

Attacks complete basically at the same time, and will always complete. Can result in a draw!

The Trading Post:

Another secret thing that people don't mention, is the trading post.

This will allow you to spend resources to do different things. Note: the first option is on your FIRST TURN ONLY, if your hand is completely garbage, this can be a good option.


If you want to add a commander please see my post over here:

Decks need to be at least 40 cards, no more than 100, NOT including 3 commanders.

So the question is how big should it be?

If you want more options, you want a bigger deck. If you want more specific cards when you need them, you want a smaller deck.

Being unable to unlock some rewards!:

These are sometimes bugged and are being worked on right now. Basically if you encounter an error, and after relog doesn't work. Give it a few days, there will be a fix for it.

Suggestions / Key Bindings!
« on: October 16, 2013, 06:17:35 AM »
Would love keybindings to make my turns a bit faster (at least for me), would give me more time to think and less time trying to move all 600 zombies to the field.

Turning it off by default, and then you have to turn it on (by choice, prevents accidentally turning it on and not knowing what you are doing), and customizable keys.

Such as:
-End turn
-Open the Trading Post
-Move moused over character to Attack Zone, Support Zone, and Defensive zone
-Most importantly: UNDO (control Z is pretty universal)
-Activate ability of moused over character would be nice
-Quick way to cancel targeting

Some of these might already be in game but haven't found them in spamming random keys.


Looking for basically friends who we can talk about the game with.

Test out new strats, build some crazy things, and do what we do. Please check the ego at the door, not interested in people who are douchebags. I don't care if you are new just be mindful of other people's opinions and you'll go far.

In game name: Nerfles. Let me know through pm, post here or in game. Depending on the feedback might create a community around it.


Trading Post / Nerf Trades - ISO: Exiles/Cult + more
« on: October 16, 2013, 06:06:51 AM »
Please see my spreadsheet:

(Note: they go to the same place, just one is easier to remember)

In game name is same as my forum name :) let me know through pm, in game, or just post here. I am pretty flexible just let me know.

I am looking for lots of things, if you are interested in something, and you don't have something on my list, feel free to talk to me, we can work something out!

Thanks for looking!

Suggestions / Would like my apprentice to be able to use my deck
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:52:00 AM »
I would really like it if my apprentice (or friends) could play a match against me, and I could have them play my deck against me playing something else, or a mirror match.

Would help with new players learning the game to have something that can really pack a punch, or I can design something that can teach them a really important part about the game.

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