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I just found out that the tokens of Engine of reincarnation are removed from the game upon death like the ones of "Xi, who honors the dead", though there is no hint in the text of the Engine.
I suggest a new label/property for characters named e.g. transient. A character with the label transient is removed from the game upon death. E.g. the tokens of Xi then would get that label/property. So one can see just by regarding the token card that it will be removed upon death. Until now one has to remember where that card came from.

Not a big thing, but I think it could create a little more transparency :)

Game Rules / Sacrifice IS a kind of death
« on: August 29, 2015, 12:50:11 PM »
My last opened thread was about the same topic as this, but I did some new thinkings about it, changed my mind and it's not necessary to read the old thread and so I open this new one.

Yesterday I read in the Wiki of IW (
A card is moved to the Graveyard when this effect is applied to it. This effect does not count as killing, dying or destroying the card and does not check Invincibility, Resolve or Morale Damage upon resolving the effect.
I deleted the word dying because I think it's wrong. With this motivation I tested out nearly every card that has "die" or "dies" in its text* and checked if a sacrifice triggers the effect (I used the old Rita for it).

I've found that there are only some exceptions. Those I call bugs. If the actions are intended the textes have to be corrected. Here they are:
1. Resilent slime: No tokens are created upon death (probably because a sacrifice works on all lives of character at the same time).
2. Primal rage: The character's values are set to X/1, but then is immediately moved to the graveyard.
3. Fiery Resolve: It does not protect from sacrifice.

Beyond that I found two other bugs that relate a similar kind of dynamic:
4. Engine of Reincarnation and Boyos ablities do not trigger when a character is sacrificed that is immediately removed from the game like Yobo or the tokens of the Engine.
(Btw. I didn't know the tokens are removed upon death because there is no hint to that. I'll post a suggestion in the suggestion part of the forum for that.)
5. The texts of infected purifier/devil read "When [...] would die [...]". So the transformations are no deaths. But e.g. Boyo's ability triggers. I guess the system just sees it as death.

Suggested corrections:
1. Sacrifice could just cost 1 life.
2. The character survives and does not die. (Notice again the "would" in the text!)
3. Change the text from "die" to "be killed".

4. Just fix it ^^
5. Change the text or fix it :P

* These are cards I tested:
Never forget the fallen
Assimilation bot
Splitter bot
Battlefield scavanger
Blood Crazed Initiate
Resilent Slime
Subjugated dragon
Infected purifier
Adorable monkey
Echo of the battlefield
One of many exhumed
Undisturbed necropolis
Engine of reincarnation
Infected devil
Zombie Scavanger
Two face

I haven't tested:
Ritual of summoning
The Dod Avatars
Undead corruption
Nysrugh the hungry

P.S.: Either nobody understands the structure of the forum or I don't or why is this part of the forum nearly not used? :P

Trading Post / Something special: I want to trade (not sell!) :D
« on: August 25, 2015, 10:11:50 PM »
Hi community ^^
As I found it hard to find trading partners in trade chat, I'm trying my luck here on the forum.

I'm looking for
AC, Primal hunter

Legendaries I'd like to trade to get the Primal are
AC, soulseller
plat AC, ascended
plat AC, divinedemonic

Vasir, prince

Trading boosters is an option for me, too.

Beside that I'd like to trade a
plat Klore for 1x Klore + 1x (Klore (prefer) or Martyrgolem)

I'm looking for
Hunted Dragon

I'd like to trade
Vasir, the chained prince
Hungry Abomination
plat Nysrugh, insatiable

I would be looking for the last Sleeper if I had something I'd like to give for it :P

I'm looking for

I can offer
WP: Matriarch
GI: Mechanism
CoV: Aleta / Misery stone
FD: 2x Decimator  / Kali, ascended / 2x Kali, flaming blade / (plat or reg.) Proctul / 3x Protector of the dawn / Br. Banner
DoD: -
SoA: -
Exile: demon wastes
OS: Irial / plat. Jubalia, valiant
Factionless: Aleta, Traveler / 2x Jubalia, messenger / Radariah
Other: Spawn, fierce companion

I'd like to trade a Mass Death for a FD Paladin.

If you are interested, just contact me ingame :)


EDIT: updated on: see below

Trading Post / Selling Gold Alternate Art Mass Death!
« on: December 27, 2014, 05:14:09 PM »
Hi good community ;)

I'm currently thinking about selling 1 gold alt art Mass Death. (There are only 35 of them existing!)
Selling means, I want money for it. I'd like to hear your offers :)
In trade chat somebody wanted to give 100$ (USD) for 1 of those cards. Probably I'd be satisfied with this. Is there somebody with this offer? Are there other offers?
I'm planning to sell it about 1 week after I revieced an offer but not earlier than the 7th January.
I suggest using Paypal for paying. I'm looking forward to you :)


Game Rules / Sacrifice inconsistency
« on: December 20, 2014, 05:55:43 PM »
One can call it bug or just inconsistency:
I wondered what technically happens upon sacrifice.
In the "Infinity Wars: Rules Glossary (v 0.91)" it says:
Sacrifice: A card is moved to the graveyard when this effect is applied to it. This effect does not count as "killing, dying or destroying" the card and does not check Invincibility, Resolve or Morale Damage upon resolving the effect.

Regarding that a sacrified character does not "die". Consequently Tormented Thrall mustn't transform by sacrificing him e.g. with Rita.
If we do not follow the above mentioned definition of sacrifice and say that it is a death (not a kill) without moral loss (what I prefer), Fiery Resolve has to garantee protection from Wholesale Slaughter.
Note: Paladin would not be protected as far as he only is immune to non-damage kills.
I haven't looked for other inconsistencies with the meaning of sacfices but I can think that there are more.

P.S.: Is this the right place to discuss that? There are only so few posts in this part of the forum.
P.P.S.: Is this topic sth. to discuss anyway or should I simply report it?

Cult of Verore / Demon of fear's overnerf
« on: October 26, 2014, 05:44:41 PM »
I think (I hope) lightmare has seen that they have overnerfed Demon of fear. I see that it was probably too strong (10/10, cost 5), but I'd like to discuss a little how strong it should be.
Why do I think it is overnerfed?
Because a 7/7-flying drop for cost 6 is really rediculous (e.g. compare it with Aerial Commando, Soldier of purity, Champion of ruin, Lilariah) ... and moral 12.
I believe those comparisons are justified because the cost effectiveness must also be (at least a little) balanced when you don't pay any further (pay X, X=0) res. The strenght of the cards was not the buddy but its effect.
Therefore I suggest to make the card a 8/8, flying with cost 4+2X.
A 8/8 Flying character for cost 4 is not the stongest, but, regarding its other effect and that Verore should have little weaker characters, it is ok. The change from X to 2X is a better adjustment to the overpowerness of the card's effect because it hits where it the problem rises from and is still a big nerf compared to the 10/10-cost5-variant.

I'm expectant if lightmare can understand my argumentation and will use my suggestion. :)

Descendants of the Dragon / Little note to the Shrine
« on: October 24, 2014, 08:21:34 PM »
Hi everyone

It's just a little thing, but I suggest to make 'Shrine to Heavens' invincible. With the release of Ascension there a possibillity is introduced to destroy it: Oblivion. I guess it is not intended because considering this win condition destroying the Shrine is like getting full HP or Moral what is quite overpowered in my opinion.
It is just a little change and only important in quite rare situations. But that may change with new cards in new sets.

Game Rules / Order of effects
« on: August 01, 2014, 06:59:42 PM »
Hi there :)
Is there a rule for the order of effects that trigger at the same time? (sorry for the semi-good formulation ^^)
I tried the idea of the commander-combo of Shirazius + Verorian Hyrda and what I found was surprising. What effect triggers 1st? It depended on the order they have in the deck builder! So if Shirazius was on the 2nd place and the Hydra on the 3rd, it worked (hydra healed the dmg of Shirazius). But when it was the other way round it didn't work (no dmg healed).
I had the idea of changing the places before ending the 1st turn, but that had no effect.
I think the game should not be effected by the order my cards have in my deck builder as long there is an automatic sorting when logging in again (so I needed to change it back everyday if I wanted to use that deck)

So my thesis was: The one that has entered play 1st triggers 1st. I tried it and prrofed it wrong. It neither only depends on the cards (Shirazius alyays before Hydra or other way round) I had Shiraz in my support and 2 Hydras in support. I healed and 1 didn't.
I was not able to find a system/algorithm to know what triggers 1st.

Anybody with ideas how it works? Maybe completely random (don't believe that)?

Held ;)

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