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General Game Discussion / Patch 2.1.0 Hotfix "D" is on ... Facebook?
« on: August 08, 2016, 08:52:55 AM »
Quote from: Facebook
Players! Patch 2.1.0 Hotfix "D" has been deployed with a few key fixes to the game:

* Changed some behind-the-scenes values for draft matchmaking so that high-MMR players and/or players with a high current run wouldn’t face absurdly long queue times.

*Fixed a bug where Ixxi wouldn’t automatically play himself from the Command Zone.

*Fixed a bug that caused gold borders to not show up properly when drafting.

I shouldn't have to do this and I have no real obligation to either. Why is this not on the forums? I assume there's some in-game message but I wouldn't know. Maybe there isn't.

Forums are where this kind of announcement should be... I wrote up this post, and then waited an entire hour after I saw the Facebook post to be sure it wasn't coming. The Facebook post has 0 likes and 0 comments so I'm pretty sure its not being watched particularly.

I haven't played in over a year but I've been holding out on something good happening.
This sort of thing implies that what I want just isn't coming. Need to stop looking back.

Deck Building / PAUPER DECK: Swarmer Bombs
« on: July 16, 2014, 07:53:52 AM »
Requested, so I'm here. This is, strictly speaking, extremely gimmicky at best and can be countered all kinds of ways. But if its not, its absurdly fun to use.

Also not completely optimized, I'm just listing it as it is right now.

Warped Swarmer
Warped Swarmer
Glorious Warrior

Deck (45):
Survival Swarmer x16
Warped Swarmer x3
Recycle x3
Winds of War x3
Death Ray x3
Demoralize x3
Heat Wave x3
Lightning Blast x3
Lingbao's Will x3
Yuanshi's Wrath x3
Veroria, the Lone Keep x2

As one might expect, this revolves around the Warped Swarmers. Makes it easy to stop, but sometimes its just not enough. Also makes it more fun and satisfying to use than some of the 'auto-win' decks being toted these days. But once you play the Warped Swarmers, your other Swarmers basically become cheap Heat Waves that can block.

The idea is to set up shop with the Warped Swarmers and sufficient extras and make the opponent cower in terror while they try to figure out what to do. Failing that, they push through and kill Swarmers until enough of them blow up that the opposing characters go too, and then the first option with the cowering.

Once you achieve some kind of stalemate, you try to remain in control until you get the right cards for a deadly morale strike with Lingbao's Will and a couple of AOE cards. Yuanshi's Wrath or Winds of War can detonate Survival Swarmers for additional damage output, with the former leaving the Warped Swarmers intact (assuming no prior damage). Demoralize should be saved for the finishing blow if possible, once they've cottoned on to the fact that they're in potential trouble and stop playing small characters - the same can basically be said for Death Ray.

Possible alterations include Glorious Warriors in the deck, Tranquil Swarmers, and Desolation if you feel like you can use it well enough. Glorious Warriors just seem like high-priority targets though, and Tranquil Swarmers mostly a double-the-cost Swarmer that can't be vaped by Wrath/Winds when you want to. The higher volume of cheap cards does point to a need for some additional card drawing capacity; Candit is out right away since she would just put morale pressure on the deck, whereas Battlefield Scavengers could have some higher potential.

RARES to add would basically be Lingbao himself in the command zone and Mass Deaths in the deck.

The deck size of 45 is catering to the control aspects of the deck - lots of turns spent not doing much, plus a large amount of low cost cards points to a lot of resources drawing from the trading post.

A controversial addition could be found in the form of Void Split - kills a big thing, makes smaller things that get AOEed. But then you have to deal with Void Split, the unwieldy 5-cost 2-purity Death Ray that leaves behind things which still attack you. Yay for Void Split.

General Game Discussion / IW Shirts
« on: July 13, 2014, 06:08:29 PM »
Its all in the title. Who doesn't want to be able to wear some of the awesome art of Infinity Wars?

I'm not saying to get right on this, I can list reasons to wait months before even considering its implementation, but other companies get away with logos and we've got some really good material to work with here.

This could also be made to function as some kind of ultra-special reward. The possibilities are endless.

Wasn't sure whether to stick this in Suggestions, went with General for visibility.

General Game Discussion / Reconnect Visually Altering Cards and More
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:22:00 AM »
I still don't know why the bug forum got taken down, some things just need to be discussed...

Short version? Reconnect messes up the game. Or it does for me anyhow.

I've already sent in multiple bug reports about these oddities, including at least one that was several weeks ago. Seeing as this is still happening, either I'm cursed or nobody has figured out how to fix it. Seeing as I'd rather bet on the latter outcome... we may as well help gather info. (That being said, anyone who crashes as regularly as I have been lately must be cursed!)

One of the most consistent things I've spotted is that reconnecting will reset the timer that determines how much IP/EXP I get from a match. Here meaning that I've been reconnecting, finishing the game in a minute or two, and only getting the IP/EXP for a minute or two's worth of game time.

As for cards... it is important to note that the alterations are almost certainly visual only, and won't directly impact gameplay. The problems arise when you misplay due to the cards saying something else.

The first one I noticed was demons created by Summoning Stone were reset into what must be the default 'summoned demon'. What was the first one put into the game? That's right. The one from Dark Wish. So my 6/6s or whatever got turned into 16/16s. This didn't matter, because my opponent would have died to the 6/6s I had, so I didn't do anything stupid. Interesting to note that my supposedly-larger demons kept the buffs and debuffs on them (in this case, Ritual Master buffs and prior damage taken).

As of today, I can confirm that the above also happens to demons from Summoner of the Deep and Hellkeeper. And I lost a game because I didn't figure out that I wasn't actually attacking with 16/16s. Boo-hoo.

Just now, I had this happen with Tome of the Dead. This is where an issue like this would pose a serious problem. I crashed when my opponent had a Tome with two chapters. I reconnected, the turn had resolved, and the Tome read that it had ONE chapter - when it should be saying THREE. We played out the next turn, and our stuff appeared not to die on my end. But as soon as the turn after started to resolve, everything disappeared.

Soooo. Anyone else had some crazy crap happen? Or am I the one who's crazy.

Trading Post / Shimrra3's Trading Post -- Updated for Oppression
« on: June 13, 2014, 06:12:47 PM »
Updated for Oppression! Oppression everywhere! All Oppression cards are denoted by ** in front of their names for convenience, and are all Platinum for the time being.


Cards I actually actively want (Plats are preferable, normals are fine):

** Klore, the Rapier Centurion
** Yagron
Sol, Champion of Vengeance
** Die another Day

Subjugated Dragon
Zombie Abomination

  • Any Plat Core cards
  • Any Plat Foil cards
  • Some Golds
  • Most Plat Rise cards above uncommon
  • Other Legendaries
  • Other Epics

I am always interested in trading my lower cards in bulk for higher rarity/quality, so if you're missing lots of un/commons for some reason, I can help you out.

I will not be looking for any common, uncommon or rare cards outside of those specifics.



Not listing commons and uncommons, rest assured that I have them.

Excepting the above, if its not here, please don't ask for it... the amount of people who go straight for my Martyrs is ridiculous.


Card NamePlats / Normals Available
Aleta, Immortal Survivor01
** Aunissial40
Caretaker of the Swarm70
Force Against the Law40
Granthar, the Elder Ape01
** Spawn, Fierce Companion130
** Subdues the Meek50
Ancient Egg02
Cottontail VX160050
Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot01
** Logrithmatron60
Orion, Master Engineer01
Unstable Bomb-Bot04
** Disruption Sphere80
Orion's Grave130
Aleta, Immortal Sorceress02
** Demon of Dark Bargain110
Grotesque Brute02
Rita, Mistress of Shadow80
Dark Vision140
The Hellmouth03
Summoning Stone10
Ritual of Summoning50
** Struggle for Power30
Bromich, Field Commander02
Cavalry Paladin10
** Decimator60
Kali, Ascended01
Pras, the Traitor of Dawn02
** Proctul, the Sniper110
Protector of the Dawn02
Terror Moose20
Fiery Wish30
Pyr, Fortress of the Flame Dawn03
Bromich's Banner02
Tactical Retreat130
Gao Han, the Stalwart01
** Jinhai Dojo110
The Great Fortress of Xia Han140
Shifting Stone40
** Counting the Days80
Quest for Balance50
Recurring Nightmare03
** Volatile Genome110
The Demon Wastes40
Chalice of Madness11
Crystal of Madness41
Cassial, the Selfless01
** Ex, the Oppressor60
Jubalia, the Valiant70
Lilariah, Champion of Grace02
** Melosia, Champion of Despair150
** Tyra, the Burden of War110
Heavenly Wish110
Precautionary Measures01
Purge the Unworthy100
Cheryl, the Forward Scout02
Jubalia, the Messenger03
Shirazius, the Cruel01
Swarmer Broodlord130
Zuza, Angelic Siren60


Card NamePlats / Normals Available
** Karckk40
Mecha Dragon41
Mega Unit 0301
The Dragon Project01
** Flux Capacitor20
Vasir, the Chained Prince02
Ruins of Veroria30
Avarrach has Risen02
Nysrugh, the Insatiable10
Celestial Dragon20
** Equilibrium40
Silfurstar, the Fallen Crusader40


As you may have guessed, my in-game name is Shimrra3. Contact can be made in game (try this first and wait a couple of minutes), via private message, or by posting here. Times you can be available to trade would be very helpful. Expect my reply within 12 hours or less depending on the time of day.

General Game Discussion / IW Site A Bit Broken?
« on: June 06, 2014, 07:44:29 PM »
OK the below was my original post but this appears to be the same deal on the rest of the site too. Have fun with that.

I'm talking about this: (Edit: Well no, the whole thing.)

I just went to submit something (shocking as that may seem) and found the site looking a little out of shape. It loads a blank page with three (apparently very long) lines of code that start with 'Warning', then proceeds to the correct page... where those lines show up again in the middle of the page.

A less persistent individual might be thrown off by this. I tried to submit the original bug I discovered and either it worked or the site lied to me. I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt for the moment. But I figure someone might want to stop it doing that anyway.


Firstly, I've been inspired by a similar if not identical thread by chaosangel2112, which can be found here, I would not have considered doing this otherwise. Go have a look at his if you like mine. Or even if you don't. Anyway I got nostalgic since I used to write guides for DotA, way back when. I've labeled this as Walkthrough 1 because, hey, I might get the nerve to do this again eventually.

This is a walkthrough for people who don't have absolute confidence in their drafting skills, although players with moderate experience might find some useful tips too. It basically highlights some things that one should try to do and try to avoid. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (but if I'm not, I may ignore you completely). I have relatively high confidence in my drafting skills, having hit 75 wins with the deck currently linked in my sig, a milestone only a few have reached so far. But I am by no means perfect, and I fail miserably with certain factions regardless of my card selection, choices, opponents, etc.

You may have seen your scroll bar by now. Fair warning: this is a massive wall of text, with lots of detail, broken up by relatively boring screenshots. I basically explain every single thing that goes through my head here, so start reading at your own risk. Also? This took forever, so be nice or leave.

Commander 1

Common choice here. I would lean on FD or Sleepers for personal preference, but particularly now. Masked Initiate is just bad, Sleeper beats it immediately and so does the Knight. Glorious Warrior is a good pick but I'll avoid it for the following reasons:

1. I don't like DoD. Just in general. Also pretty bad in draft unless you can play them well and/or get certain commanders.
2. For him to be truly effective (instead of just big) you need a morale deck, which is hard to build in constructed let alone in draft.
3. Assuming you can get a morale deck, all morale decks are slow and annoying, so no.

Between Sleeper and the Knight, I have to go with the Knight, especially as a commander. Personal massive edge in FD experience aside, the FD Knight is quite frankly a massive character for a 2-cost. More importantly, this opens up the possibility of getting double purity FD, which enables a lot of strong FD cards that allow me to have quick, efficient wins (Harbinger of Light comes to mind).

Commander 2

Virtually no choice at all because Demon of Fear is so damn strong.

Aleta Tinkerer, while being quite powerful, is reliant (in this case) on me getting artificial characters and is best suited to getting one in the command zone, which we can't rely on happening, no matter how good it would be to roll a Splitter for the final commander. So she's out.

Dragon is an example of FD cards that are out of place. FD lives by the rule that if you have enough resources to play something like that (or Bloodbath, said anybody), you've already failed as FD because you've not killed them by that stage. Overall, big 11-cost high-priority target in the command zone? Not viable. I got stuck with one once because my other options all had Charge or something equally annoying, and my run ended due to Called Shot blowing it up.

Kali is easily second place. She is one of the harder-hitting FD cards and lacks charge, making placing her in the command zone a strong pick. Her immolation effect is arguably useless due to her already hitting for 12 damage of course. This version of her does stop zombie cards hitting the graveyard though, which is useful circumstantially, but we try to avoid circumstantial cards even if they're stronger ones. Also, securing double purity FD this early doesn't do that much for me, because the only triple-purity FD cards are basically crap, regardless of whether or not I can make a triple FD deck work.

Demon of Fear. Where to begin? If you've been around the chat long enough, you'll notice a lot of people looking for the card and basically nobody offering it. That's a generally sign that its high value. This here has the meaning of it being one of the strongest and most versatile rares in the game, trumping epics and legendaries to an extent.

To be more specific, it suits what little I have so far. Demon combos very well with FD by displacing, well, their entire defense line, while the FD press the attack. The Demon itself is no slouch either, as 10/10 fliers are always problematic. It also opens up the whole Verore arsenal of nasties - Death Ray to substitute FD's Exhaust, Lightning Blast, and Word of Command for starters. Siphoner with Word of Command and/or FD's Ferocity can be made very potent surprise attackers, so that combo is another reason just to branch to Verore; FD pressure followed by Siphoners to finish the job is a legitimate threat in constructed and ranked, let alone draft. Picking up the Demon theoretically opens up double Verore, which has a lot of nasty stuff (Dark Blast and Mass Death specifically). DEMON WINS.

Commander 3

OK so I was preparing to be blind-sided by a range of Exile/DoD/Warpath cards, but this is just amazing. I have either of the aforementioned double purity routes available to me.

Lets ignore the Infected Devil, although it is strikingly efficient itself.

Harbinger of Light was one of those good cards I was hoping to open up via double FD, however she is a bit lacking as a commander simply due to the fact that her surprise value goes out the window. General rule with charge cards is that they're wasted in the command zone. If I had no other good alternatives (i.e. the aforementioned factions I don't feel like adding to this mix), I would take it, but such alternatives exist.

Aerial Commando is one of my FD mainstays. Its flying and it hits quite hard. If they don't have removal, it will kill them, pure and simple. This, combined with a Demon of Fear, would be a potent mix, as the Demon can bounce any flying defenders an opponent brings out.

Verorian Hydra, on the other hand... quite simply, this card terrifies me. I will admit to not having used one before, but I have seen them in action and they do not disappoint. Saying they are vulnerable to removal is a misnomer, since most things are; conversely, this is quite difficult to kill through direct damage, since it heals it back at the end of the turn if it lives. Combined with my existing Demon of Fear, well, lots of options there... bounce blockers with the Demon so the Hydra can hit the fortress, use the Hydra as a wall while the Demon swings over their non-fliers, etc. Not to mention using Word of Command and/or Ferocity while the opponent has the initiative to protect the Hydra from kill spells.

Another reason to go with the Hydra is the power curve. Having this 6-cost in the command zone means that I can easily fill the deck with cheap FD attackers and Verore nukes, and then have a more expensive card guaranteed, on top of the Demon of Fear.

Also, having the Demon of Fear and the Hydra allows for some mind games - since you aren't going to play the Demon for 5, the earliest you're going to play is for 6 resources (albeit for wasted potential). But you're also going to play the Hydra for 6. So the opponent can't be sure what you're doing, and thusly can't aim a kill spell with certainty. Not to mention turn 6 is Mass Death Time... SO many mind games.

Overall, the purity granted by the Hydra opens up a lot more doors for me than the Aerial Commando, particularly Mass Death. Two purity FD only really gets me Harbingers, Call the Crusade, Protector of the Dawn, and Firestarter (the rest being nowhere near as useful). Meanwhile, two Verore gets me Dark Blast, Mass Death, Subjugated Dragon (far stronger than FD's), Vasir, Veroria (which I still think is too strong, particularly in draft) and more Hydras.

Couple more personal reasons to go with Verore (follow as applicable): I have a lot more experience AND cards in FD compared to Verore, so by leaning more on Verore here I stand to gain more in both (cards only if I go really far or grind out the IP to buy the deck, but the point stands). So yes. Verorian Hydra wins here.

1st Choice

Wow and we were doing so well. Alright these are all bad choices. ALL BAD.

The Swarmer is the first to go. We are not making a Swarmer deck. Those are reliant on other cards. Never even try to make a Swarmer deck in draft. Particularly as there are no Swarmers in FD or Verore.

Exhaust is normally one of my FD mainstays, but I don't normally have Verore death spells at my fingertips, so this is essentially a Death Ray that only kills for two turns.

Hubris is, as many have put it, basically a crappier Death Ray. It makes sure they are totally going to die, but if this is used on a blocker, its still going to BLOCK isn't it? In that case I'd rather have Exhaust. Admittedly, used on an attacker vs the Hydra, not so bad. An EXCELLENT card combo with Hubris is Infectious Zombie, which I don't have access to in this deck. For this deck, the only reason I'd want to use this instead of Death Ray is if they had Aberion. Or a flying Splitter or something.

Death Worshippers are not good to have in the deck. They make fine commanders, where they can bulk up on the blood of your enemies in relative safety without you having to use a turn to play a 2/2 for 3 and ruin your tempo. What happens when you get a Death Worshipper on turn 9? Are you really going to play it then?

End result: Exhaust. Reasons? Exhaust and Hubris are both essentially poor-man's Death Ray. But in this deck, the existing strategy indicates that I'll be attacking with large characters, so in that case it is better for the target to be exhausted and out of the way rather than a 1/1 that can still block.

2nd Choice

Word of Command wins here. As discussed, I want this very badly for shifting around high-priority cards. Getting as many of them as possible will also remove them from the card pool completely, freeing up other useful goodies like Death Ray to show up instead. Knight is still good for sheer bulk, but I have one to play from the command zone on turn 2 already. Fleeting Footman has found a niche as an unbreakable blocker, and also remains in the support zone so you can Mass Death around him, so he is good for this deck as I'll be grabbing every Mass Death I see, probably. Demoralize is the only bad pick here, as I'm not aiming for a morale victory with those massive characters in the command zone. Footman will show up again for sure, seeing as he's common, so I can afford to grab 1-2 of him later.

3rd Choice

Rita's Thrall doesn't suit this at all, ignore it. Exhaust we've been over, also ignore. Torch Bearer is an extremely effective 1-cost, while Dark Blast is a strong finisher card to back up the big creatures (and potentially allow you to block that turn as well, if its close). We're still looking at commons and we'll see them all again later. I'm going with Dark Blast.

4th Choice

As I said, we'll be seeing them. The only difference here is the Lightning Blast, which is another valuable 1-cost for us. Given the potential havoc from Siphoners if I get enough of both of these, I would place it higher than the Torch Bearer, although its not a guaranteed use on turn 1 as the Torch Bearer is. Dark Blast remains useful but I want to watch my power curve, so I'm going to grab a 1-cost... Lightning Blast.

5th Choice

No contest, Death Ray all the way. Verore's bread and butter right here. Fleeting Footman is the next choice, the other two can be ignored.

6th Choice

Choices getting tougher here. Naturally the issue is that we want the Siphoner and the Ferocity, and this is the first we've seen of either of them. Its worth pointing out that Word of Command is MUCH more effective than Ferocity though. Torch Bearer appears again, looking at my power curve its tempting to snap one up now, but we'll see them again later. Siphoner it is.

7th Choice

Death Ray hands down, moving on.

8th Choice

Another Death Ray, good! This gets them out of the card pool and allows for easier decision-making. Lightning Blast is the next priority here but Death Ray comes first.

9th Choice

Well instinct says Hydra because its badass, but the other options aren't obvious no-nos either.

Infected Purifier is a cost-effective card thats essentially two-in one. Additionally, that second portion of it remains in whatever combat zone its in (instead of Infected Monk's ability), so while it can't dodge a Mass Death that way, it can tank it and then be free to attack the enemy.

Rift is just a gamble... I had one in a draft deck before and rolled a Phase Bot with it, so it doesn't suck, but it certainly isn't a priority. If I get full Siphoners and need 1-cost spells, I'd consider it.

Lightning we'll ignore since its common among uncommons here. Having another Hydra in the deck lets me play it then use Word of Command or Ferocity on it for surprise attacks, so that wins. Also I don't appear to have characters.

10th Choice

Mass Death! OK so Mass Death or... Pras? I haven't seen Pras used but I haven't been playing much besides draft either. Admittedly, with a clear path, Pras with Word of Command or Ferocity would be an amusing way to nuke a commander, but Mass Death is so much better. Pras' viability is also conditional on them having remaining commanders. Called Shot I hate using and Reflective Shield is nowhere near as good as it used to be.

11th Choice

Ugh. This is just... sigh. No. Not happy. Thrall can be ignored completely. Perils... is often a waste of space. By the time you get it (because I'm not grabbing more at all, not a chance), their command zone will likely be empty. If its not, then theres something in there that you have to pay 5 to kill... whatever it is has done its damage by this point unless its a big 11-cost dragon.

Aether Acolyte, like the Death Worshipper from the first choice, is a card that has to be out early or be in the command zone to function - you can't afford to pull it on turn 9 or 10 or so, play it, and wait for it to get bigger, and you can't rely on it being in your opening hand. Also they're being nerfed before I can finish this deck, not sure how but they are.

Which leaves the Legionnaire... which I really don't like that much, but it beats this rabble. Also my third character in the deck. I'd just really rather have another Siphoner for that.

So this is an intermission while the server was down. Taking stock of my current picks...

1. Got a Mass Death, good.

2. Got all three Death Rays, good; this frees up the pool somewhat.

3. Currently 3 characters and 8 spells, not so good. Even with a FD/Verore slash-and-burn deck, I want to aim for AT LEAST 50/50 chars/spells, preferably more characters.

Shopping list:
All Word of Commands, Siphoners, Lightning Blasts
Any Mass Death I can get my hands on
Also some small FD characters for early pressure, (preferably Torch Bearers because they're cost-efficient)
More Dark Blasts are welcome
Siphon Structures as well due to their extra functionality with Siphoners
Veroria would be nice too

Everything I just listed besides Veroria, Siphon Structure and Mass Death is common, so that should be easy enough to do if I don't get more Death Worshippers or Acolytes in my face.

I'll also take this opportunity to move to a second post due to being owned by the forum's character limit. Has happened before.

Deck Building / Shimrra3's 75 Win Draft Deck
« on: February 17, 2014, 12:46:43 AM »
Hey all. Had requests from at least one stream to post this, and I'd already been tempted, so here it is: the deck that got me to the top of the leaderboard.

The deck is terrifyingly efficient - some examples are:

  • Splitters are going to be cost effective until they get nerfed.
  • Lucca is cost effective if there is ONE artificial in play, let alone 3-4 if I'm lucky.
  • Infectious Zombie steals creatures; Secluded Constructor can buff an Infectious Zombie to wall my defense zone and steal everything it hits.
  • Sacullas is scary and always will be. Works very painfully with stealing creatures and having Splitter offspring in play, as well as Nobles and a deck of overall cheap characters.
  • Finally, the infamous Undead Corruption + ZOM-B-GONE combo, which steals a creature and kills up to an additional two if I'm lucky, for only four resources. (I take no credit for the discovery of this.)

The deck only has one rare card. I earned 11,510 IP total for this. I could easily take this to constructed, so pay to win is a lie.

Questions/comments/etc welcome. Let me know if the picture flops or something. I also have a couple other screenies for bragging rights but we don't need them here.

Suggestions / More Direct Ways to Help Newbies
« on: February 14, 2014, 07:45:48 PM »
Suffice to say we need them, obviously. Some might be on the to-do list already. I can name at least two that aren't yet:

1. A (very large) FAQ page on the forums that we can direct people to and/or reference (and update, since its on the forums and therefore way easier to change).

2. A Help or Mentoring channel in chat. This enables people looking for/to help to either focus on that, or, instead, keep track of the chat as a whole but be able to zero in on the help thread of discussion due to it being a separate color like trade and whisper is. Also lets people filter out those questions if they don't care, but that's not the priority.
Probably redundant in some fashion with the upcoming chat system upgrade, but if not, totally add this.

If anyone can think of more, speak up.

General Game Discussion / Welcome Steam Users!
« on: February 12, 2014, 06:29:44 PM »
Message is in the title. Feel free to ask anyone in the in-game chat any questions, most of us are very helpful. See you online!

Suggestions / Reworking Regular Rewards
« on: December 21, 2013, 06:11:34 AM »
I searched vigilantly for similar - recent - topics before posting this, so don't judge me. I know this isn't all new. Anyhow... this is long now, bear with me.

This was last brought up when the level-up rewards were first introduced - essentially, its not very gratifying for higher-leveled players to get a single soul-bound Core super booster for reaching a milestone of over 100 games*. Between it being Core, which the higher players will have massive amounts of; the low-ish frequency; and the fact that they (we, I should say) can't even get rid of them due to them being soul-bound.

I have a couple of ideas to improve this for everyone:

Firstly - give players a choice of what set they want to pull their free booster from. This will be even more important once Infestation comes out, because we all know everyone is going to want as much of that as possible. Keep it soul-bound though, probably. I see no problem with this and no real reason why it can't be implemented; it would work in roughly the same fashion as the Choose Your Faction starter deck reward.

Secondly (and probably needing a bit more thought) - introduce a somewhat more regular set of rewards. What I'm thinking of is something like a super booster (again, of the player's choice) for playing 5 days out of a week (booster for logging in 5 days a week seems a little much). It will keep people interested and playing more often, boosting numbers and so on. I've seen it work on other games. Existing rewards could be tweaked to compensate, but overall, few people are going to argue with free stuff.

I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks.

*: MATH. Last chance to run. OK you were warned.

I am currently lvl42. Leveling up takes 1000exp multiplied by one's current level. So for me to reach lvl43 from 0 would take me 42,000exp. Under normal conditions (i.e. no boosts or anything), we can get a maximum of 500exp from winning a game, and 250exp from losing one (average 375exp). Assuming I have a 50% win rate and a 50% loss rate (no comment), that means I need 112 full-length games (42,000/375), which are 5 minutes each minimum. Add in queue times and breaks for human weaknesses and it takes a considerable length of time. And there are people who need somewhat more than that. I'm not saying that this is the only benefit from playing these 100+ games, just illustrating a point**.

**: Actually. A little more math. We can get 150IP for a win and 75IP for a loss (max). Average to 112.5IP per game. If we're still talking about me at lvl42 and I need 112 games, we get this: 112.5*112=12,600 = roughly 2.5 super boosters. So another booster on top of this is NOT insignificant, soul-bound or not.

Suggestions / Small IP/Exp Gain for Longer Matches
« on: October 23, 2013, 10:09:08 AM »
So. We have 150 IP and 500 Exp as the maximums, which are reached within 5 minutes (this being for a win, 50% of that for a loss). But if a game goes any longer, it doesn't earn any more. I've seen and heard about games being ended because they're 'taking too long', or even just preemptively conceded for the same reason. Not pointing any fingers ... green faction... not Warpath, the other one.

Anyway. Say the amount players earned wasn't completely halted once the maximum was reached, but reduced to 10 or 20%? Prevent 20 minute matches from feeling like a waste of time. Prevent people choosing the more lucrative option and forfeiting [otherwise] perfectly good matches.

Suggestions / Claim All Rewards Function
« on: October 16, 2013, 01:38:49 PM »
Title is relatively self-explanatory. There should be a button to just collect all the rewards in the rewards tab. Its a pain when there are a couple dozen Master And Apprentice normal boosters, let alone what I had ... There should also be a warning on it mentioning how such rewards would be unknown until discovered in the card collection or whatnot. I'm sure there are some other things that would need to be worked through. Possibly an alternative way that tallies up 'You have 6 of this reward and 23 of this reward and 2 of this reward' instead of just a massive scroll-bar.

Anyway. I was told to put this here by Teremus to speed up implementation.

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