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General Game Discussion / An untapped resource
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:12:54 AM »
One thing that I feel is an untapped resource is moral costs and it could potentially be the chosen one who brings balance to the force. When I started way back in core all the cards in the game had very deliberately chosen moral costs as a balancing tool. It was a cool and innovative feature which helped hook me on the games potential for long term balance. A great tool/counter weight to power creep. Since the very first expansion set though that has not been the case and today many sets later moral costs are basically arbitrary. When adding cards to your deck at no point do you stop and think if a cards moral cost is too high to fit into your strategy.

We could quite easily bring back individual cards moral costs as a factor with legendary cards and epic cards. If we gave legendarys extravagant moral costs they would have a drawback almost regardless of their other abilities, we could afford to give them stronger flashier powers. We could make them the feel good cards that people want without making the game pay to win.
For example Marina is super strong right now. But if she had a moral cost of 20 or 30 you are going to have to really think twice about playing a second one out if the first one dies. And if every other legendary has similar moral costs the game can never be pay to win because it would simply not be viable to pack your deck full of legendarys. You'd have to pick a couple that really help the deck and then use them sparingly. That to me is the sort of thing that emphasises quality deck building and in-game decisions

As a bonus it also makes sense thematically since moral costs are supposed to reflect your army being demoralised at your casualties. Legendary characters dieing should have a big effect from a thematic point of view.

Trading Post / Christmas Premium Sale!$!$
« on: December 15, 2016, 01:31:19 PM »
Hi Guys it is becoming a bit of an annual end of year thing to have a bit of an end of year sale of my premium cards. The spoils of war n such like. Anyone who has purchased from me in the past will be able to tell you I give extremely good deals. In fact im a little light on this year because its only been a couple months since my last insane sale.

Anyway its not to formal, make me a $ offer on a bunch of cards you'd like or even 1 or even all of them. Free Alt Art Lilariah to everyone who buys something from me while stocks last (currently have 12  ::))
Paypal is really the best way

Heres what I have available, very roughly in order of value

1 Plat Foil Martyr of Death
1 Plat Foil Marina the Selfless
1 Gold Foil Martyr Golem
1 Gold Foil Agent Coyle, Mechborn
1 Gold Foil Aberion, Champion of Force
1 Gold Foil Agent Coyle, Hellbringer

1 Gold Agent Coyle, Firestarter
1 Gold Agent Coyle, Soulseller
1 Gold Agent Coyle, Mechborn
2 Gold Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter
1 Gold Martyr of Life
2 Gold Aberion, Champion of Force
2 Gold Agent Coyle, Hellbringer
4 Plat Marina the Selfless
4 Plat Martyr of Life
5 Plat Martyr of Death
6 Plat Martyr of Chaos
7 Plat Xi, Martyr of Peace
1 Foil Agent Coyle, Immovable

2 Regular Klore, the Rapier Centurion
2 Regular Agent Coyle, Firestarter
1 Regular Agent Coyle, Soulseller
2 Regular Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter
1 Regular The Defiant Hermit
1 Regular Agent Coyle, Mechborn
4 Regular Tygris, The Architect
3 Regular Aberion, Champion of Force
2 Regular Agent Coyle, Divinedemonic
1 Regular Gao Han, Champion of Warding
1 Regular Liand, the Fearless
1 Regular Agent Coyle, Zomborg
1 Regular Sol, Champion of Vengance
1 Regular Die Another Day
1 Regular Martyr Golem

1 Gold Foil Dark Wish
1 Gold Foil The Last Sleeper
1 Gold Foil Silfurstar, the Fallen Crusader
1 Gold Foil Flux Capacitor

1 Gold Dragon of Summer Flame
2 Gold Hilderic
1 Gold Avatar of Daode
1 Gold Avatar of Yuanshi
1 Gold Subjugated Dragon
1 Gold Voracious Goliath
2 Gold Hunted Dragon
1 Gold Mecha Dragon
3 Gold Dragon Project
1 Gold Patient Zero
1 Gold Avarrach has Risen

3 Canopy Defender
2 Defiant Hunter
1 Once was Clean
1 Entangled Wilds
1 Nature's Wish
4 Passing Gift
2 Wild Hunt
2 Crazed Augmenter
1 Defiant Engineer
4 Enlightenator XT2500
1 Lil'Timmybot
2 Taiga, Combat Reconstructor
1 Dragon Collar
2 Placebotron
1 Angels Bane
3 Diseased Brute
1 Intimidating Brute
1 Rancid
1 Acquire
1 Ashes to Ashes
1 Cowardly Recuit
1 Defiant Footman
3 Rapier Fanatic
1 Bombard
1 Fiery Ascension
2 Red Tape
1 Daode's Honor Guard
1 Defiant Monk
1 Host to the Ancestors
1 Spirit Guard
2 Pacify
1 Second Wind
2 Shun Howl's Urn
2 Defiant Trickster
1 Ixxi, the Annoying
3 Lost Knight
1 Madness
1 Champion's Attendant
1 Gabrielle, The Torch in the Dark
1 Lilariah, the Rebel
2 Nemophilist Angel
2 Rhaziel, The Solitary
1 Truth Keeper of Solace
2 Counterspell
1 Daclerius's Edict
3 Evict
1 Fight another day
1 Seal the rifts
1 Strength of leadership
1 Tower of truth


1 Gold Foil The Hellmouth
1 Gold Foil The Great Fortress of Xia Han
1 Gold Foil Cyber Infested Dragon

1 Gold Caretaker of the Swarm
1 Gold Force Against the Law
1 Gold Granthar, The Elder Ape
1 Gold Shockwave Gaint
1 Gold Never Forget the Fallen
1 Gold Ancient Egg
1 Gold Logrithmatron
1 Gold Orion, Master Architect
1 Gold Distruption Sphere
1 Gold Orion's Grave
1 Gold Rita, Mistress of Shadow
1 Gold Annhilate
1 Gold The Hellmouth
1 Gold Summoning Stone
2 Gold Bromich
1 Gold Decimator
1 Gold Emberstarter
1 Gold Paladin of the Flame Dawn
1 Gold Proctul, the Sniper
1 Gold Fiery Ascension
2 Gold Brimstone
1 Gold Jinhai Dojo
1 Gold Quest for Balance
1 Gold Recurring Nightmare
1 Gold Super Infectious Zombie
1 Gold Crystal of Madness
1 Gold Cheryle, the Forward Scout
1 Gold Jubalia, the Messenger
1 Gold Radariah, the Untouchable
1 Gold Shikana, Who Demands Tribute

Happy Hunting! Also make relative haste, anyone who knows my sales knows they are value for money but also dont stay up a long time :)

General Game Discussion / 50 Rift Runs
« on: November 15, 2016, 11:04:44 AM »
Hi peoples. When rift tokens were first put into the game I bought a pack of 50 of them and kept track of my rift scores and prizes, including leaderboard prizes. My goal was to be able to compare and contrast whether its worth it to play rift or normal games. On top of the 75k IP investment at the start I also brought a few decks that I considered good value. For a start here are my run results.

13 (1st Run)
13 (Brought the deck for 21160 IP)
18 (Brought the deck for 14335 IP)
0 (25th run, half way there)
10 (Brought the deck for 25556 IP)
23 (Brought the deck for 7510 IP)
3 (Final Run)

So you can see there was quite a spread of success there. My highest run was 57 but i also had 10 runs that were under 3 wins so didn't even break even in win/loss rate in a 5th of my runs. My total wins was 466 making my average wins per run was 9.32. If you remove outliers of two of the highest runs and two of the lowest runs then my average becomes 7.76.

It cost me 75000 IP, + another 68,561 spent on decks along the way
Total cost: 143,561 IP (which is nearly enough to buy 48 packs)

In return for prizes instead of 48 packs I got:
182  Commons
85    Uncommons
47    Rares
22    Epics
11    Legendaries

16   Gold Rare+
46   Penta Packs
6     IB Cards

Total: 369 individual cards + 46 collection packs

So its pretty safe to say with a decent win rate Rift Runs can be very very good value for a f2p player trying to grow their collection. As an odd note I should add that by the time id finished 50 rift runs I still had 34 rift tokens left because Lightmare keeps handing them out every 5 days. So potentially you do not even need to invest 75000 IP into rift tokens in the first place which would increase the value a lot.

Anyway just thought id share the results of my experiment. Im keeping track of the next 50 runs as well and ill be interested to see how much it differs from the first 50 and also what the averages are over 100 runs. If anyone wants to do the same id love to see their results as well. :)

General Game Discussion / Inter-dimensional Rift Battle
« on: September 22, 2016, 07:28:23 AM »

A friendly challenge:
If been pondering this idea for a while now and I think now is a perfect time to unleash it. I hereby issue a challenge to the Development team and Player base alike. I would like to organize and host a team tournament between staff members and players. It is an open effort to unite the two with a fun event and to give both sides and opportunity to engage and interact and have some fun :)

Tournament format and rules:
It will be a 3v3 team tournament following a slightly different format to what we've seen previously. Each team will choose 3 players. Each player from the team will play their opponent in a best of 3 match. The winning team will be the team who has two out 3 of their players win.

For example
Red team player 1 VS Blue team player 1 (Red wins)
Red team player 2 VS Blue team player 2 (Blue wins)
Red team player 3 VS Blue team player 3 (Blue wins)
Blue team wins the tournament!

With this format you can have a star player but he cannot carry the entire team, the whole team must preform for the team to be victorious. This prevents for example Merlini going first and playing 3 matches and his team mates winning without ever playing a game. (hehe good job you marvelous wizard)

As a further challenge there will be a purity limit of 3 of each purity per team. What I mean by this is that if player 1 uses a deck with 2 purity Verore 1 purity DoD, that means that the rest of the team only has 1 Verore purity and 2 DoD purity left available to them. So their second player could play a 1 purity Verore deck but not a 2 or 3 purity one.
This is for 2 reasons.
The first is it adds a massive additional layer of strategy to the game. For example if player 1 uses a GI purity it means the other team knows that the other 2 players will be unable to play an Omnitron deck, so they may choose decks which would normally be scared of running into Omnitron. This means teams will have to think ahead and potentially conserve certain purities early on so player 3 will have access to certain decks necessary to counter their opponent.
The second reason is that it prevents the tournament from becoming boring with identical decks. No one wants to see a tournament where 5 out of 6 players are playing Mill decks or something like that.

No further, card restrictions or bans apply and as far as im concerned it is a no-holds barred contest, Omni cards and Star Trek cards legal as well.

If the Dev team chooses to accept this challenge they may pick any 3 staff members to represent them.

So as not to intimidate the devs with an all star line up or anything like that and to make it fair to all the players, you may put your name down to sign up however, we will be randomly selecting 3 of you to represent the players. If we run further similar tournaments you will have another shot if you miss out this time :)

If this goes ahead each player, on the player team, who participates will receive a free legendary from me (though I cannot guarantee that it wont be Die Another Day :P) and if your team manages to win the tournament you will receive another legendary each.

I struggled to think of prizes for the Dev team should they choose to accept the challenge and win the tournament. Since they make the game they kinda have everything already. So if the Dev team wins each member of the Dev team will receive a blue rectangle from me! Also a gift to help grow the game, I will also purchase 5 packs each for up to 10 new players (who I will randomly identify in global chat over the course of a week or two) to help welcome them to the game.

Date and time:
Yet to be determined, have to wait and see if this is something people would like to participate in and then we will be able to figure out a good day and time to run it and live stream it.

Sign up below for your chance to participate, and let me know if you have any suggestions, or would like to add donations to my meager prize pool. If I get enough generous donations in, ill be able to give out blue rectangles to everyone not just the Dev team.

General Game Discussion / Ranked Prizes Feedback
« on: September 04, 2016, 02:58:25 AM »
Prize list can be found here

I must say this is very disappointing for a multitude of reasons. You had an opportunity here to do something amazing, to do something creative, to do something fun. You had an opportunity to talk with the community and ask what they would want, what would inspire them to play the most competitive format in the game. The most disappointing thing is that you wasted those opportunities completely. You also have not followed through on your promise to be transparent and engage in 2 way communication with the playerbase.

Communication? Hehg!?
Earlier in the year you made that your core promise to us and not only have you failed to entertain any discussion about ranked rewards you have even failed miserably at top down communication. You were going to reset the leader board without warning or announcement. (Thanks nugs for stepping in on that one) Then you announced you were going to reset it on the 8th. Then you changed your mind and announced you were going to reset it on the 5th. This is STUPENDOUSLY unprofessional when it comes to things like ranked seasons. Can you imagine Riot games pulling shenanigans like that? They'd probably get sued.

How are you this boring!?
As for the missed opportunities, these rewards are so BORING! I can think of so many fun things you could have done as ranked rewards just off the top of my head. You could have done something tangible with real life merch for the top players, like get a tshirt made for the top 5 players. Or whatever happened to those real life IW cards you were making back in march?
You could have sent people a pack of those.
Or if you wanted to do something special in the digital space there are unlimited creative things you could have done. One idea I had after under 5 seconds of thinking could be a pack viewer power. It might work something like when you open a pack it opens 2 packs and some of the contents of each pack are revealed. Then you choose one and the other is discarded. That would be easily scalable with different leaderboard placings being able to sneak peak more cards. For example 1st place could view 3 packs in their entirety. 2-3rdth could view 2 packs. 4-10th could view 2 packs but only 3 random cards in each are revealed instead of all. 11th-25th could view 2 packs but only the cards in 1 pack are revealed and the other is blank and random so they can choose it if they really dont like the other one. You could make it have limited uses perday to avoid abuse. It would also encourage continued play by vets since they have to play each day to get max value. And you would lose the power after the ranked season ends unless you placed well on the leaderboard again.
...and thats just 1 creative idea after 5 seconds. (wheres my billion dollars amrightorisolve ;) ) Instead of doing something fun and refreshing you have decided to throw some cards at us, dust your hands off and say 'welp we now have ranked rewards'. Its not even the amount of cards thats the issue its the complete lack of effort you've put into making ranked a stand out feature of the game.
Although even the total cards are hella light considering this ranked season has gone for more than a year, didn't wanna do anything special to acknowledge that either I guess. Thats not really what im fussed about, since im currently ranked 1 it would be kind of inappropriate of me to demand more stuff, but what I do demand is a bit of creativity and fun. The only thing special about these rewards is the complete lack of creativity. Ranked is essentially now just Rift 2.0 with constructed decks. If you just multiply rift leaderboard rewards by 4 weeks you get something pretty similar.

12 seasons a year!?
Then there is the matter of time a month is too short imo. What you gonna have TWELVE seasons per year? Not much of a season. Not much of an achievement. People are going to end up winning seasons just because a couple of other players were busy that month or went on holidays over Christmas. Imo they should have done 3 month seasons and had rewards that reward you for playing continuously throughout the season. For example if you got bonus IP while playing ranked, with the amount dependent on your ranked rating. The ranked queue would be full of people playing for the entire season and the format would be vibrant and enjoyable with fast queue times and an evolving meta. You wouldn't have to use IP either there are unlimited ways you could have similar small continuous incentives.

TLDR: Its a garbage system compared to what could have been done. You've demonstrated no thought, creativity or effort. I give it a 0/5 and predict that it will not draw competitive players into the game. I will not be playing ranked next 'season'.

Trading Post / Selling Penta Packs
« on: August 30, 2016, 10:08:57 AM »
Hey peoples, dont worry not quitting, and not running a scam either. I just happened to play way too much (steam says im coming up on 5000 hours) and as a result have more IP than I currently need.

So heres the deal you can buy any pack you like off me for $1 per pack. Simply pm me and tell me which packs you want and how many and then paypal me the monies and ill gift the packs to you. You may request any pack available from the store including the Rebellion Wave 2 packs.

This deal is obviously only while my limited stocks last so get in while you can, and hope to see you on the battlefield! :)

General Game Discussion / This week on intended or not
« on: July 21, 2016, 03:29:36 AM »
Cresils discard preventing opponent from playing anything that turn.

Ever since the patch before last Cresil dying triggers hand discard which also stops you playing any cards that turn. As far as I know this is unintended since the Devs never mentioned it. It used to be fine and the cards you selected and paid resources for to play would play as usual. Intended or not?

General Game Discussion / Inconsistency in high draft prizes
« on: June 18, 2016, 05:08:43 AM »
I was looking at the Rift Run prizes a bit more closely today and noticed some odd things about the top end rewards. Up until about 45 wins everything seems to make sense with the rewards progressing in value about as evenly as you could expect. But after that things change for some reason.

40       Gold Common or above + Legendary + Epic
45       Gold Common or above + Legendary + Legendary
50       Gold Uncommon or above + Legendary + Legendary
60       Gold Rare or above + Legendary + Legendary
70       Infinity Rare + Gold Uncommon or above + Gold Uncommon or above
80       Infinity Epic + Gold Uncommon or above + Gold Uncommon or above
100     Infinity Legendary + Gold Rare or above + Gold Uncommon or above

As you can see the difference between 40 and 45 is decently significant. However the difference between 45 and 50 is extremely insignificant. A gold common+ could in fact easily be worth more than a gold uncommon+ due to rng. So going from 40-45 is a difference of 1 legendary  to 2 legendaries but going from 45 to 50 is potentially a difference of nothing.

Going from 50 to 60 is equally underwhelming especially since its another 10 wins to get any difference not 5 and once again the gold uncommon+ could easily RNG upgrade itself to a gold epic allowing a 50 win run to potentially trump a 60 win run. Doesn't make any sense.

So from 45 to 60 rewards start rapidly slowing down in games played to rewards acquired but then from 70 onwards they actually start going backwards at least in terms of trade value. If you are a f2p player looking to trade cards getting 70 wins is a big step backwards from 60 wins as you go from getting 2 legendaries to getting no legendaries and in fact only getting 2 tradable cards instead of 3.

Going from 70-80 is an increase in 0 tradevalue and most of the epics in IW are either extremely niche or completely terrible so you are actually much more likely to get a usable IB rare than a usable IB epic imo. A IB Aleta would be pretty nice but an IB ultra unit or flux capacitor that would be a kick in the teeth. So imo 70-80 is a massive chance of going backwards as well.

If you manage to get ANOTHER 20 wins you actually get a decent prize in the form of a IB legendary which would be pretty rare and nice to have though still no guarantee that it wont be Die Another Day, in which case I would definitely die that same day. Also for another 20 wins still no real increase in trade value.

So to sum up the very highest trade value you can reach in Rift Runs is at 60 wins but you've basically reached that at 45. All I can do is conclude that this is a conspiracy to have us concede our runs before reaching 70 so that the score board is filled with 69's which lets be honest is pretty lulsy and I approve :P

General Game Discussion / Congratulations toooo...
« on: June 09, 2016, 06:23:39 AM »
MERLINIX! *APPLAUSE* *things disappearing and reappearing in puffs of smoke* *flashy lights* *whistles* *cheering*

A well deserved recognition of Merlinix. Everyones favorite wizard who dominated ranked in the early half of last year, beat my whole team in the team tournament, provided countless entertaining and informative streams, served us faithfully and wisely on the infinity council, and has been an allround chilled, skilled and honorable player. Congratulations Merlinix!


Voting is concluded

Once again a reminder that this is for 2015 so save any good deeds done in the last few months for next years vote.

Criteria: It's really a personal opinion about why you think someone deserves to be named Player of the Year, but some criteria you might consider would include
Playing Ability
Deck Building Ability
What they do for the community: This can include streaming, helping new players, helping with lore, anything that could potentially raise morale of the community.

Also remember this is just a bit of fun :)

Guides / Rift Run Ultimate Tips and Tricks
« on: May 20, 2016, 08:29:42 PM »
Hey everyone, just the friendly neighborhood bear here! :)

EDIT: BIG THING TO NOTE, IP BOOSTERS DO NOT WORK IN RIFT CURRENTLY. (Unsure if its intended or not and ill update if things change.) What this means is that if you are running your 100% IP booster or its some sort of bonus IP weekend or something like that dont waste it playing rift runs. You are better off playing normal games and getting twice as much IP, and then you can go back to rift runs after the IP booster time finishes.

This is a guide to strategy and how to get the absolutely most value out of every rift run. Ill arm you with some general information as well as every dirty trick in the book. It is a bit of a compilation of my own tips as well as quality info and links I've gathered into one place.

First some links to further reading on the topic of Rift Runs
If you are brand new to drafting here is a good place to start which briefly explains what the Rift Run drafting format is and how it works. This link also contains specifics on what cards have specific restrictions in draft.
Another potentially helpful link to new players is this guide to choosing cards in Rift by Pelagoth. Its not fool proof because cards can be situationally valuable. (For example Defense Golem and Balance are really great together but only a little bit great on their own.) However its a useful little tool for new players and Pelagoth spends a lot of time on it so check it out if your interested heres the link
If you want real examples of Rift Run play and decks you can check out this thread by Crestmoor with some video's of him doing Rift Runs. Some really good players sometimes stream their Rift Runs so Twitch can also a good place to get some vicarious experience and tips and examples.
The player ES also has a thread posting Rift Decks with screen shots and how many wins the deck got its not a guide but sometimes a picture is worth 1000 wins. I mean words.

With links out of the way lets get to the good stuff... PRIZES!!! These are rewards you can earn. They are based on how many wins you get before you get 3 losses.

1   Common
2   Common + Common
3   Uncommon + Common + Common
4   Uncommon + Uncommon + Common
5   Rare
6   Rare + Common
7   Rare + Uncommon + Common
8   Rare + Uncommon + Uncommon
9   Rare + Rare + Uncommon
10   Epic
12   Epic + Uncommon
15   Epic + Rare + Uncommon
18   Epic + Rare + Rare
21   Legendary
24   Legendary + Rare
27   Legendary + Epic + Rare
29   Note: Deck becomes completely free to purchase at this point
30   Legendary + Epic + Epic
35   Legendary + Epic + Epic + Gold Common
40   Legendary + Legendary + Epic + Gold Uncommon
45   Legendary + Legendary + Epic + Gold Rare 
50   Legendary + Legendary + Epic + Gold Epic 
60   Legendary + Legendary + Legendary + Gold Legendary
70   Legendary + Legendary + Legendary + Gold Legendary + Infinity Rare
80   Legendary + Legendary + Legendary + Gold Legendary + Infinity Epic
100   Legendary + Legendary + Legendary + Gold Legendary + Infinity Legendary

On top of these you get bonus rewards if you placed well on the leaderboard at the end of the week. These are as follows.

1-3 Infinity Border cards (1 x common, 1 x uncommon, 1 x rare or above) (soulbound) + 3 Gold Rare or above + 5 Collection Pentapacks
2-5  -   2 Gold Rares or above + 5 Collection Pentapacks
6-25  -  1 Gold Rare or above + 5 Collection Pentapacks
26-50 - 1 Gold Rare or above + 3 Collection Pentapacks
51-75  -  1 Gold Uncommon or above + 2 Collection Pentapacks
76-100  -  1 Gold Common or above + 1 Collection Pentapacks

Some FAQ about drafting and costs and when you are getting good value:
If you are level 20 and have the 3 day boost activated you get 337 IP per game won. Losses are half that. The cost of a Rift Run is 2000 IP so do the math and that means you have to win roughly 5 games on average to 'go infinite'.

A pack costs 3000 IP and the most valuable card in it is the rare. In my opinion the gap in trade value between rares and uncommons is big enough that you can basically discount the uncommons when considering value. Therefore to simplify somewhat when you get to 5 wins you have effectively won yourself a 3000 IP. If you still need commons and uncommons you might consider 7 wins to be worth the 3000 IP since you get an uncommon and a common. The Rift Run only cost you 2000 IP so imo if you want to build your collection and you can get 5+ wins on average then you are better off playing rift than you would be if you played normals and spent the IP on packs.

Buying decks can be a crazy good deal in draft and this is where you can get great value. The deck becomes completely free at 29 wins however it can become good value well before that. I use the value of rares and packs as a measuring stick for whether a draft deck is worthwhile. Say you draft a deck with 5 rares and 2 epics in it. You'd need to buy probably 6 or 7 packs to get that which would cost you 21000 IP. So if you do quite well with the deck and can buy it for say 6000 IP thats not a bad deal if you are looking to expand your collection size.
Decks can even be worth while to buy if you do badly. If you draft a premium legendary (or sometimes even a regular legendary) buy that deck no matter what because you can trade it for anything you want later.
Note: You once you have finished your run you do not have to buy the deck straight away as long as you don't hit abandon you can just log out and log back in and keep playing regular games until you have enough IP to buy a deck if you didnt have enough at the time but did want to buy it.

Another thing to take note of when considering Rift Deck value is the existence of platinum cards. When a new set comes out pre-order cards are all platinum bordered and end up being about twice as valuable when trading with other players. So it can be worthwhile to save up some IP before a new set comes out. If you care about that then this means you have to weigh the value of the Rift Deck you are considering buying against the value of platinum packs rather than regular packs. Basically ask yourself "would I rather have X packs of plat cards or would I rather have this deck?" and that should serve as a solid guide to whether or not you should purchase the deck at the end of the run.

EDIT: A link to my results after 50 rift runs

Ok now on to the strategy tips and how to win as many games as possible and grab some of these juicy prizes.

Tip #1
NEVER abandon your deck!!! "Rerolling" as some people call it is not something that will make you profit. Here are 3 reasons why...
The first and most obvious one is you aren't getting ahead you are just throwing 2000 IP into the air.
The second is you don't necessarily know if your deck is good or bad until you play it out. Im an experienced player and even I don't know sometimes. A deck that I think eww this is terrible can sometimes go do very well. And a deck that I thought was epic can do very poorly. This is because sometimes the cards that you would normally think are good are not very suitable to the chaotic nature of draft. So if you are abandoning decks before you start you are throwing out potential gold mines that you already paid for.
The third reason is probably the least compelling but should be the most compelling. Playing bad decks will make you a better player. Investing in yourself increases the profit of every deck you buy in the future. When you have a bad deck but try to play it out the the very end it forces you to think creatively and to make risky but accurate plays. It forces you to get the most out of your cards and to combo them together as effectively as possible to barely scrap that win in. This will make you a much better player in the long run than lazily abandoning a poorly chosen deck.
Bonus 4th reason: Ive been inspired to make some very successful constructed decks based on whack rift decks ive drafted that I never would have thought of on my own but once I was force to try something random in rift I thought hmm this could actually work in constructed.

Tip #2
Another very practical tip for getting the most out of your rift runs. Once you have drafted a deck but before you've played any games with it go to your deck builder and build the deck you drafted. Dont worry if you cant build it identically just get as close as possible (usually not hard since rift decks usually have very few rares). Now you can practice with your draft deck and get the feel of how it plays out by playing some normal queue games with it. A lot of my longer runs have an early loss because I am unfamiliar with how to play the new deck ive drafted properly and had I practiced with it before hand could have gone further.

Draft commanders that will support your deck and draft a deck that will support your commanders. This means for instance that if all your commanders cost 4+ resources you will want to fill your deck with cards that cost less than 4 otherwise you may be left unable to play anything. Likewise if your commanders cost 1, 2 and 3, you might want to fill your deck with more expensive cards as you know you will never be stuck with nothing early in the game. Also try and pick commanders that will compliment the rest of your deck with their abilities. A lucca in command? Draft choose all the artificial characters you can get your hands on. Do not put all your hopes in your commanders though you do not need the most amazing command zone to have an excellent deck and a good run.

Tip #4
When picking cards look out for some cards which can end the game. Draft games wind up in a bit of a stalemate where neither side can safely commit to good attack and in these situations you want something that can finish that last 25 hp off and turn these games into a win for you. Cards that have or create flying are great for this but there are many others as well. Try picking up a Mortar Cannon in your rifts and i think you'll find it can pay off big time when you and your opponent are deadlocked. Another stalemate breaker is Aleta, Immortal Traveler creating a stream of death worshipers which can quickly become huge late in the game when you both have 25 characters.

Tip #5
Make sure to draft some tools. As new sets and buffs and nerfs happens you'll have to adjust what tools you think you'll need. Generally you do no need any land destruction but currently you really should get at least 1 artifact destroyer for those pesky Warmachines and Tomes of the dead and its worth getting (and holding until needed) something that can take a Parasite out of the picture. Destroying a Warmachine or tome of the dead on the turn it would be complete wastes tons of their time and hp since they probably wernt blocking or attacking with much. Likewise taking Granthar out on a turn when they were relying on killing your biggest character or flyer can really swing the game in your favor. Do not fear these cards just pack tools to deal with them.

Tip #6
Draft a good curve. If you set aside 10-15 cards for removal tools and game enders the rest of your deck can be built around a smooth and fairly low cost curve. Smooth curves consisting of lower cost characters and abilities make it easy to use all the resources you have every turn instead of missing turns or only being able to use some of your resources. If you do this well (you pretty much always should be able to) then it will win you a lot of games against opponents who haven't got a nice curve. To put it simply if you are playing stuff and they aren't playing stuff then you are quickly gaining advantages over the board and they will have to really out play you to get back into it.

Tip #7
Draft your deck for value combos and average but efficient characters. Do not draft your deck around a single combo or a single "OP" card. If the only way your deck can win is if you draw a specific card you will not have a long run with it. Even if you ALWAYS win when that card comes up it wont be long until you have a game where you didn't draw it and then you just lose and your out runs over. Therefore have a deck which can preform well in all weathers regardless of whether your strongest card is at the bottom of your deck.

Tip #8
When playing a close game in draft do not hesitate to secure draw if you have to. In Rift Runs you can get as many draws as you like but only 3 losses before you have to spend another 2000 IP so get as many games as you can. It is almost always more worthwhile to secure a guaranteed draw than it is to greedily try to get a win and risk ending up with a loss. Say your run is at 10-2 and you are playing a tough opponent. If you get a draw no biggi your run statistically will go on to 15-3 and maybe much higher who knows. But if you get greedy and things go badly and you end up taking a loss your run ends prematurely at 10-3.

Tip #9
Play from the hand, before from command. In general if say you have a Splitter Bot in your hand and a splitter bot in command in general it is better to play the one from your hand because you are building up your board. While your characters remain in command they remain a threat that your opponent has to consider. Sometimes I just leave a parasite sitting in the command the whole game and it really messes up my opponent because they have to play as if im going to play it every turn and I dont have to spend any resources but still get to mess up his strategy.
They may also waste death rays and stuff on your command zone thinking you will play it that turn.

Tip #10
This is a general tip for all matchs but is something to take special note of when trying to get the most out of a draft. Pay attention to their deck purity. This will tell you a lot about what they could potentially be holding in their hand and what their capabilities are. An obvious example is a player with 2 purity Verore could be packing mass death so watch out when they get to 6 resources. Another example is exiles. Watch out if a player with 2 purity exiles gets to 9 resources because Descension can really ruin your day. Its a good idea to save a removal spell and maybe pull back on turn 9 against an player with 2 purity Exiles.

Tip #11
If you can play Rift Runs in large batches rather than a couple games each day. This one is over thinking things a little but every little bit helps! Usually there will be a decent deck in the queue whenever you log on and start playing. If you play a couple matches in a row you are likely to run into this player which may be a tough match. Once you have beaten them however you are in the clear. You can keep playing match after match racking up wins and get on a big winning spree because no one else currently can compete with your deck and skills.
This tip is for the players that have plenty of free time and can really help you get the most out of a deck. If your time is inflexible or scarce then ignore this tip since you'll just be playing whenever you get a chance.

Tip #12
Call it a day when you take a loss. If you are on a good run and trying to steer it to a place on the leader boards once you take a loss add the player who beat you and stop playing draft for the day or until they log out. Come back later when they are gone and continue kicking butt. You do not want to take 2 or even 3 losses in a row to the same deck which may happen be set up to perfectly counter yours. Often ive had 50+ win runs ended by runs that only went 5-3 but they happened to be great against mine.

Tip #13
Leader board sniping. If you have some patience and a good run this is a great tip to secure a good spot on the leader board. Say you are blessed by all the gods and have a run that is on 40-2 but the leader board already has someone with a score of 72 on it. You could choose to stop playing rift until the next week when you wont have to compete with that monster run. Leader board prizes are based on the top score at the end of the week so wait until the last day of the week and then play out your run on a week where you know you will get #1 position and nab the prize at the last second.

Tip #14
Pay attention to nerfs, buffs, bans and bugs and keep up with the current times. This doesn't matter so much in normal games where you have nothing to lose but if you are trying to get the absolute most value out of your rift decks then it pays to be informed. So read the patch notes and be aware of changes whether they are official changes or new bugs that have appeared accidentally. I cant tell you how many times ive lost rift games because Evolving Parasite did something I did not expect :P

Tip #15
Have fun! Ignore everything I just said and stop taking things so seriously mang, its just a game enjoy it and embrace the chaos :)

General Game Discussion / Player of the Year Nominees!
« on: May 17, 2016, 02:31:28 PM »
In keeping with tradition I think we should vote for a players choice player of the year for 2015. In equal tradition the voting takes place super late.

Little late for this, but I think it would be a fun thing for the community to do to kind of honor each other. So I'm opening up Player of the Year nominations. These will be for the 2015 year.
I will give the thread about a week or so for nominations. Then start another thread with voting for the nominees after that which I will also give a week.

also please note THIS IS FOR 2015!! So ignore the last few months.

Criteria: It's really a personal opinion about why you think someone deserves to be named Player of the Year, but some criteria you might consider would include
Playing Ability
Deck Building Ability
What they do for the community: This can include streaming, helping new players, helping with lore, anything that could potentially raise morale of the community.

Format: The format for nominating will be easy. Please just state who you are nominating (in bold would be preferred) and why you think they deserve to be named Player of the Year.

Only 1 nomination per user

Only 1 nomination of the same person please. Leave the bandwagoning for the actual voting :D

Drewuniverse (has removed himself from the voting but deserves to have his name mentioned)
His excellency, the emperor Pupils, lord of flame and verbosity, long may he live!
Adorabear (aw shucks thx guyz  ::) )

General Game Discussion / Aberion and others
« on: May 17, 2016, 05:00:04 AM »
"Aberion" been in global chat recently. Is Lightmare finally going to take my suggestion of introducing faction leader accounts? Accounts that players can win the right to use for a period of time and that people can play against in pvp? It would be great to see Lightmare take up and develop some of my old suggestions like this one ahead of the coming relaunch. If it was a precursor to a faction campaign conquest map feature that would be even better. For now im just glad that they seem to be reading my stuff yay and ill see what comes next.

General Game Discussion / Spot the problem lol
« on: May 04, 2016, 05:37:23 AM »

General Game Discussion / New Demon of Fear
« on: May 02, 2016, 04:38:39 AM »
The new Demon of Fear alt art is wrong rarity in the picture. For some reason the picture shows it as an uncommon but Demon of Fear is a rare.

Also if anyone at Lightmare even remember the OTHER demon of fear alt art that was given out for following their youtube channel, I never got mine still, thanks for reminding me. Maybe I can has it now?

Also per usual I ask that you actually say what the drop rates are since thats what you are claiming justifies the higher packs price.

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