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General Game Discussion / ExtraCredits streamer analyzes IW
« on: July 30, 2014, 12:01:51 AM »
ExtraCredits is a group that is well known for their Youtube videos covering all different aspects of game design, and they also have a streamer who used to be a card designer for MTG.  Today, he streamed his first impressions of IW, you can view it here:

Starts at about the 10 minute mark, goes on for about an hour.

Suggestions / Known bugs list?
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:28:56 PM »
We used to have this, what happened to it?  It would really be nice to have a list to refer to so we could know, particularly in regards to older bugs that have lingered so we know they still are being worked on (Like Fleeting Footman losing morale to Invincible Defenders, for example).

Any word on this?

Suggestions / Kali the Ascended
« on: July 01, 2014, 01:50:14 AM »
Not sure if people haven't caught on yet to this or not, but the new, flying Kali, a 12/8 for 4 cost with flying is the definition of power creep.  It would be fair for it to be a 10/8 with flying, or a 12/8 without flying - but compare this card to literally any other card and even in terms of raw stats (ignoring her three abilities), she is above them all (considering the purities).  Then remember that she is also flying...and has immolate 5 (trades with Vasir, the Chained Prince for example). 

My suggestion is simple- This is power creep.  Power creep is bad.  Please change her to be a 10/8 instead of 12/8.  (Or even better, make her a 9/8 since she has three abilities)

Suggestions / Hilderic should make attackers invincible
« on: June 22, 2014, 08:02:29 PM »
Other titans "undo" their drawback once they actually come out - Azaelia will heal you for the 35 dmg you took.  Zombie Abomination will recur all the guys you let die while trying to bring him out.  If all your characters died while trying to deal a huge amount of morale damage, Avatar of Lingbao can serve as your one-man army in that he won't die himself.  Hilderic?  All your weenies die in a bloodbath, then Hilderic comes to the party and it's too late.  He should at least make the few that survive into invincible attackers.

Deck Building / Splashing with Angels
« on: June 22, 2014, 07:18:20 PM »
You see a lot of people going 3-purity Overseers, and occasionally 2x Angels + 1x FD for stuff like Banner, Warcry or even Bromich, but if you're building a deck that is 2x Angels, are there any other factions that you want cards from? At all?

I could imagine GI + Angels being okay with War Machine (since Angels make so many tokens), and GI gives you a nice variety of answers at 1-purity (Cannon, Laser, Anomaly).

With Zombies, Aleta in command could be okay for the swarm approach, making more zombies and with Overwhelming Dead, except this somewhat defeats the strength of Angels being flying.  Infectious Transfusion is kind of neat with fliers.  Tome could be okay as a sort of weird board wipe - discourage them from answering your cards since your cards will die anyway and set up again quickly post-Tome.  Wall of the Dead actually sounds okay too, buying time for the fliers to kill them.

Exiles with Demonic Presence could be interesting, unloading your hand and reloading.  Ritual Master could be good, but Angels can clock so quickly anyway, do they even want to discard for mass +1/+1 buffs? 

For DoD, you get...uh...shrine.

For Federation, Make It So + Lilariah could be interesting.

So...going 2x Angels + 1x any faction doesn't really seem justifiable (outside FD).  Anyone have any other ideas?

General Discussion / Warped (Verore) Swarmer outside of Swarmer decks
« on: June 18, 2014, 08:58:07 PM »
This guy is a 2 cost Heatwave by himself!  I didn't think of it until now, but this guy would be great in Verore (especially if you're already using damage-based removal like Heatwave, Lightning Blast, Winds of War, etc), not to mention that a 5/5 for 2 is decent (esp. considering Verore's low-drops are weak).  This guy is pretty awesome, and I'll definitely be picking him up when I see him in rift runs too.  Are there any other cards that are oddly good outside of the decks we'd normally see them in?

General Game Discussion / How many packs did you preorder?
« on: May 30, 2014, 04:20:48 AM »
Just curious.  :P  How many did you/will you get? 

"This card can only be used if you have a factionless commander."  It could be a keyword ability, named something like "Mercenary" or something.  Just a reason to actually justify having a factionless commander without it being somewhat of a waste - something like that would be cool.

Deck Building / Star Trek Decks
« on: May 02, 2014, 04:45:59 PM »
Nova mentioned some in his podcast, like the Cowron combo with Firebolt (and Lightning Blast, Yuanshi's Wrath, and so forth - you hit your own Cowron and suddenly you have a turn 1 10/11 card) which can make for some cool decks - Cowran rush, Cowran control, and so forth.  Captain Kurn makes for a great commander with FD decks, too, given his stats.  He also mentioned Tribble + Shrine, which...could be a thing.  ;)

Riker seems good with GI for Jetpacks...or Riker + FD seems quite nice.  Play the Riker in command, use stumbles, exhausts and so forth to keep him hitting and buffing the team.  Possibly splash Verore for their Death Rays and other kill cards to ensure you keep landing damage through.  Riker could also be completely insane with Warpath.  Packleaders in command, Rakarls and Riker means you will have some serious buffs over them, and using unstoppable characters and just the natural size of Warpath's characters means Riker should have no problem hitting your opponent.

Another card I like is To Boldy Go.  2 cost to "draw" 2 cards (from your opponents deck) is really insane, especially at 1 purity.  Useful, I suppose, if you have a deck that runs out of cards quickly and can really use it to refill (40 aspirants the deck).

I've been playing around a lot with Enya.  Enya+Patient Zero+Star Ship Enterprise combos well with Diplomatic Exploration.

Any other ideas for Star Trek decks?

General Discussion / The Power of Alpha One! (in-depth analysis)
« on: April 11, 2014, 05:43:39 AM »
Decks he belongs in:
*A deck without lategame, such as an aggro deck which is heavy on one-drops.  If you find yourself using the trading post a lot, then Alpha One can go instead.  Buffing him twice=Superior to drawing a card.  He'll serve as another one-drop for your aggro plan, but also buff himself and become useful in other situations.
*A deck that wants Mechborn!  He'll be your extra copies of Mechborn, since both cards are cheap (useful early-drops) and can keep attacking, becoming more powerful over time.
*A deck that wants to slowly buildup and lacks a decent "win condition" which can benefit off of his general utility.  This should not be the main purpose for the card (since each faction have better cards for late-game finishers), but the versatility of the card can be quite beneficial.
*If you use him with Genesis, making him fly (Jetpack, Angelify) then using the Firestarter is a neat combo.

In terms of his raw stats...
*He costs one.  This is great if you deck lacks one drops.  The game is highly limited in terms of the number of turn 1 plays.  Alpha One is a little odd because you must keep investing resources to make him useful, but at any rate, Adora has already stated how important one drops are in general in the interview with Chess.
*He costs zero morale, although he is awful against Verore.  Sometimes we don't really think about morale costs, but on a card that can grow infinitely large, zero morale cost is a big deal.  (I am a huge fan of Subjugated Dragon for this reason, even though the card isn't 'competitively' viable right now, as a card it can be very strong.)
*He is a 3/4 for one.  Buffs aside, his base stats are actually okay.  Granted a 4/4 for one is still awful (Soldier of Fortune) but anything even slightly beyond that is very strong (such as Aspirant, a worse Soldier of Fortune that also has haste.)  But with his buffs, he is mediocre against Verore.  Buff him over time, but he might get Kidnapped, Hubris'd, Death Ray'd, etc, so do not spend too many resources at once or it could just be wasted.  Conversely, he is that much stronger anytime your opponent cannot deal with him via a destroy effect.
*Additionally result, he can be excellent as a tool against Warpath - once he gets too big for Fight range, you can use his Immovable ability and continue to buff him to turn him into a Veroria effect.

As for his abilities...
Mechborn Ability- This is the main ability.  Use it whenever, because it is cheap and efficient.
Firestarter Ability- Great when he's already big, and either needs to kill two blockers or kill a blocker & hit them directly.
Immovable Ability- Absolutely incredible once he is "big," since he can completely annihilate your opponent's entire line of attackers.  This is incredible against Warpath.
Primal Hunter Ability- This is the worst ability, but its useful when he is small and you are certain they will attack/block with a certain character, and it is also useful against deathtouch (Spirits of the Ancient Guardian) and infect.

He will allow you to gain board presence without wasting cards from your hand.  This is invaluable, such as if you have cards that you are saving for the right situation but want to spend your resources on something useful (something more useful than the trading post) OR if you have built your deck intentionally using situational cards that are strong in narrow situations, but can potentially lead to dead cards in hand.  (This will happen if you try to build your deck to beat everything.  Erlaya is excellent at accounting for all possible situations he could run into, as he will run cards like Purify - which is potentially amazing or just mediocre.)

Deck Concepts
I decided to build a couple decks around him.  The first is an aggressive tempo deck built to just kill whatever they play and (try to) stay one step ahead.  Coyle is great for this role since you can ignore card advantage as a tempo deck would want to focus solely on the board.

The second deck is a tempo/control deck (that may be a contradiction), but it seeks to go for an early aggro plan with Coyle and if (when) that fails, you can overpower your opponent by "going big" and having your (much larger and literally unstoppable) characters to win by having higher card quality.  You gain card advantage and board position through Mass Death and Veroria and deal with their cards on a 1-for-1 basis via Death Ray.  Again, Coyle is your "plan A" and you can (and should) use him to gain as strong of an early advantage as you can and put your opponent on the defense.  Use all your cards to keep him alive and kill their blockers.  If they are defending, then (hopefully) that means you're not being killed.  Which is great to set up for the deck's overwhelming amount of lategame cards.

General Discussion / Frenzied Monstrosity
« on: April 09, 2014, 05:36:54 PM »
Frenzied Monstrosity is now quite good:
*Fills the 3-drop slot for Exiles
*Rarity is common (for draft)
*Same stats and cost as One of Many with an ability

This guy makes Exiles much more viable in draft.  Before, it was easy to draft an exiles deck that got clogged at 4 (wanting full sets of Demonic Mercenaries, Alpha Demons and Hungry Devils), but now with this guy, Unstable Demon and Infected Devil at 3, they'll curve out much better.  It will also make it easier to build around discard in an Exiles (with MindSplinter, Demonic Disciple, Unstable Demon and Gather the Weak being commons), especially if you have Hungry Abomination in command.

The question is, though, would you rather have Frenzied Monstrosity or Unstable Demon?  One has an Exile cost, one enables Exile costs.  Higher attack vs. higher defense.  Frenzied Monstrosity is more flexible though.  He can block 3 Aspirants by himself, or he can buff himself up to 12 power (or higher) if you don't mind discarding, making him more useful for combat math.

General Discussion / Bury
« on: April 01, 2014, 05:33:03 PM »
T1 Bury for Risen of Avaarch = turn 4 Risen of Avaarch (which is fine value considering you only paid 1) which is why I like to pick them up in draft.

Bury + Aberion + Awaken = early Aberion.  (Also good to get a 2nd Aberion out if you already have one in play)
Bury + Aleta = Aleta comes out several turns later (also useful if you want to play around with getting multiple Aletas out in a slow control deck.  Can you imagine 4 Tinkerers being out? or 4 Sufferers?)
In triple zombie decks, no need to play Hehkeem in command.  You can just play 3 Main, 3 Bury, 3 Awaken, 3 Raise Dead.

Bury into Recurring Nightmare is can be better than dropping Reccurring Nightmare (and allows you run only 1 Nightmare) since it'll start out buffed.

Can you imagine playing a Vasir, then Bury+Awaken to bring out another Vasir? Make your opponent pay 10 resources a turn, or unleash the Demons!

Suggestions / Change Poision to make the target slow
« on: March 27, 2014, 08:13:13 PM »
Acid Rain and Poision are both pretty unexciting cards, but if they made the target slow, then they would be effective against smaller targets (killing them via damage quickly) as well as against bigger ones too (delaying them so the damage can kill them off).  This fits well with the overall plan of the zombies - to slow the game down.

Deck Building / DoD in draft
« on: March 25, 2014, 12:55:55 AM »
I've been reading a lot of these "draft guides" and "live drafts" and most people hate DoD, even when offered an excellent commnader like Glorius Warrior.  Personally, I think DoD is fine in draft - Verore + DoD = excellent morale deck.  If it's 2x DoD, you get Xi, who is insane.  Not to mention that Lingbao's Will is completely insane in draft if you combo it with Yunashi's Wrath.  If it's 2x Verore, you get Veroria for all your Glorius Warriors to hide behind.  DoD + Exiles gives you nice synergy with Consume abilities with the DoD healing effects.    What's your thoughts on DoD in draft?  Are they good, or bad?

Suggestions / Change Wholesale Slaughter to reflect the rework
« on: March 14, 2014, 06:00:29 PM »
Change Wholesale Slaughter to read Each player discards two cards at random!  This would make the card much more usable (Exiles wanting to discard now, instead of sacrifice their guys) and it would also serve as useful disruption.

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