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General Game Discussion / In-game Home Screen needs an update
« on: December 30, 2014, 11:44:30 AM »
Just figured I should mention that the home screen in the game still talks about pre-orders for order, and the poll for MMOBomb, which has already ended. Might need a bit of an update. >.>

Warpath / Guard + Armored Landcrawler
« on: December 17, 2014, 08:13:52 PM »
Seeing as Armored Landcrawler doesn't typically see much use, and we now have Guard, I'm curious to know if the damage reduction that Armored Landcrawler takes is reduced before or after it is transferred. What I mean is, if Armored Landcrawler takes a hit of 4 damage while under the effect of Guard, does he transfer the full 4 damage, or just 2 of it? The reverse is also something I'm curious about when receiving damage through Guard, does it drop the damage by 2. Maybe the best way to find out is to have two out at one time, and have one get damaged while the other is guarding it, at least to see if the damage reduction stacks. If it doesn't, we'd have to see when it gets reduced. I'm curious about this particular interaction because I think I have an idea of something I want to try, but don't currently have the time to test it out. :( That and I also lack Guard at the moment. I got an abysmally low amount of pre-orders this set. ;.;

Noticed a lot of decks being posted for the first week of order release. I'm happy to see the creativity that's coming out of the new cards. The thing is, I'm only really seeing decks with FD, CoV, Exiles, and possibly GI, a splash of Overseers (with Exiles), or a splash of DoD. Granted, I don't really expect to see that many new sleeper decks (only one new card that's an epic so... that's a thing), but WP is nowhere to be found. Just curious if anyone's tried experimenting with them. If they have, then my guess is that they aren't meta worthy at this time, which I guess is understandable due to how fast games go, and how short a time frame that a mid-range faction can attempt to work it's magic vs a control deck.

I'm just hoping that WP may actually stand a chance in the meta as I guess I fear they may be the next faction to get removed, but more than that, it seems that mid-range decks aren't working very well with the way the meta is. Now, I'm not a TCG expert, but I've understood that in most cases, Rush beats Control, Control beats Aggro, and Aggro beats Rush. This is because Control lacks the early characters to take out the plethora of characters that rush puts out, but it can handle the slower Aggro decks by being able to remove their big threats with lower cost removal. Rush, on the other hand can't match the survivability of Aggro's characters and runs out of steam. I'm kinda taking it that mid-range is pretty much like Aggro. If this isn't the case, then perhaps I need to be properly educated on these terms so I can figure out where WP stands, if it even stands anywhere at all. :(

Not sure where to put this, but I've been thinking about selling some of my cards, namely my excess, in hopes of getting money to put back into the game to get more cards, and so on. I'm not a collector, so I don't really value platinums, golds and foils, but I am finding that my collection isn't really growing that fast and I hadn't built up as much IP this time around (from taking a bit of a Hiatus from the game to get some other games knocked out). Thing is, I don't know how to go about starting up a shop without too much start-up funds or that great of a collection of excess cards. :( Not sure if some of those that have shops might be able to give me some suggestions, or if it's probably too late to get started with the fact that the pre-orders are live and people are likely saving up money for the new cards. :/

EDIT: Looking at my collection, I have only 18 tradable rares (that are extras) and no epics or legendaries. :( Doesn't look like I'll be able to do much with that, though many of them are platinums. Just not really anything anybody is likely searching for. *sighs*

Suggestions / Option to invite for a Bo3 match
« on: November 29, 2014, 02:55:26 PM »
Not sure if this is already in. If it isn't, it should. Player run tournaments would greatly benefit from this as an easier way to manage the whole sideboarding issue. If this is already implimented, then forgive me for making this post, and feel free to close it. :P

Suggestions / Purchasable Deck Effects
« on: November 21, 2014, 02:41:58 AM »
This is not a post requesting the current deck effects, but rather new ones (that might not be interactable as they'd be readily available for purchase, yada yada) for each of the factions. While the ones released so far (and soon to be released for Order) are fairly nice, I find that they haven't really been quite what I'd like for my deck (mostly cause I'm not a fan of undead and I don't like the overseers since they nearly wiped out my favorite faction). I understand this likely isn't going to be high priority, but I've already bought a cardback, battleground, and avatar, and would even be willing to buy a deck effect as it's the only thing left that I have as default (and my profile is sad because of that fact :P).

Suggestions / More AI decks for missing factions
« on: November 12, 2014, 12:57:46 PM »
I know this probably isn't high up on the priority, and it may already be on the plate of things to do. Still, in case it isn't, I'd like to suggest adding more AI decks for the 3 newer factions. Sleepers, Exiles, and Overseers to be precise. This also would be nice to have going forwards as new factions are introduced. It also probably means it's require yet another rework of the UI for the screen involving these decks. While I know the focus is on PvP and trying to focus on the more competitive aspect of the game, there might be some players that want to try seeing what it's like to fight against each of the factions without having to worry about a time limit for their turns.

General Game Discussion / Dev Corner: Prevent new non-dev started threads
« on: November 06, 2014, 02:37:30 AM »
Wondering if this is possible as I just recently browsed through some of the sections I haven't really visited in a while. I noticed quite a few threads that were moved from the Dev Corner that were apparently started by people thinking it was a place to report bugs. I know some forums have the ability to prevent new threads being started in certain sections while still allowing people to make replies and thought perhaps that would be something to do in regards to that section of the forums since it's all about posts/threads from the devs.

Trading Post / Darknova's Tier List (being maintained by DrayGon777)
« on: October 21, 2014, 08:58:01 PM »
So, Darknova stated that they won't be able to maintain the trading tier list anymore, at least for a while and nobody else has stepped up to take on this task. I'm not sure I'm the best choice for this, but I'm at least on the forums nearly every day and can help to add updates to the list as the trading scene ends up fluctuating (particularly with sideboards, best of 3, and Order on the near horizon).

I will warn you that I don't do a lot of trading, myself, so I will rely on the input from all of you to ensure this is as accurate as possible. I will also try not to let my personal preference interfere with maintaining this list. For simplicity's sake, I just copied and pasted the entire list that Darknova made to get it started.

P.S. Until Order gets rebalanced, please use your best judgement or ask for help when deciding to trade cards from Order. When Order gets rebalanced, I should be able to make an accurate change to this post.

Top tier:
Sol, Angel of Vengeance *****
Martyr Golem ****
Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter **
Agent Coyle, Immovable ***
Middle Tier:
Agent Coyle, Alpha One **
Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter ***
The Defiant Hermit ***
Tygris, the Architect **
Agent Coyle, Soulseller **
Vasir Demon Prince **
Agent Coyle, Zomborg ***
Agent Coyle, Hellbringer **
Princess Hinekri ***
Low Tier:
Agent Coyle, Mechborn **
Agent Coyle, Firestarter (collection starter) **

Top Tier:
The Calamity ****
Mega Unit 02 ***
Omnitron **
Dark Wish *****
Oblivion ***
Undeath Wish ***
Zombie Abomination **
Middle Tier:
Hunted Dragon ***
Prophet Karani ****
Titan of the New World **
Mega Unit 03 **
Subjugated Dragon ***
Avatar of Lingbao ***
Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom **
Surprise Defense *
Avarrach has Risen **
Tygrugh, the Insane ***
Azael ***
Low Tier:
Enyah, of the Endless Possibilities *
Call the Warpath **
Hidden by Clouds *
Mega Unit 01 **
Ultra-Unit *
The Dragon Project *
Demon of Gluttony **
Vasir, Chained Prince **
Hilderic, the Fist of Dawn **
Dragon of Summer Flame **
Aberion, the Hammer of Dawn *
Bloodbath *
Ireul, Vanguard of Ruin *
Shrine to the Heavens ***
Ju-Lin, Who Rewrites History **
Patient Zero **
The Virus of Avarrach *
Hungry Abomination **
Nysrugh, the Hungry *
Special Cases
Paladin of the Flame Dawn *****

This card is a little special. It's definitely one of the best rares in the game because of his ability. When you make a Flame Dawn deck, you will want 3 of them (in basically every deck with 1 purity FD as well). So the value tends to go higher for that reason. On sheer power, it's better than some epics but a little more common to pull in a pack. So if you really want 3 of them I would not hesitate to trade a low tier epic for it. Hope it's a little clearer.
Top Tier:
Aleta, Immortal Caretaker **
Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer ***
Annihilate ****
Mass Death ****
Demon of Fear *
Emberstarter *
Daode, Sage of Strength **
Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity *
Tome of the Dead ***
Hehkeem, the Corrupted ***
Devil of Despair ***
Descension ***
Dehumanize *
Middle Tier:
All the other Aletas **
Deflect **
Granthar, the Elder Ape **
Matriarch **
Skraar ***
Angelify ***
Lanstead ***
Mechanism **
Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot *
Summoning Stone **
Apparition **
Bromich, Field Commander **
Kali, the Flaming Blade **
Kali, the Purifier **
Kali, Ascended ***
Protector of the Dawn **
Lingbao, Sage of Discipline *
Cresill, the Mad *
Recurring Nightmare *
Lilariah ***
low tier
everything else

Uncommons worth noticing
(they are almost as asked for as some rares, sometimes more than low tier rares)

Verore Kidnapper
Veroria, The Lone Keep
Kung Ji, Master Strategist
Xi, who honors the dead
Xi, Ascended
Scouting mission
Splitter Robot
Harbinger of light
Sacullas, the Final Hammer
Lucca, Ascended
Evolving Parasite



If you want to know more about the premium market you can also look at Hitori's post wich is still fairly accurate concerning that subject. Link:

Plat Cards
Value goes from 2X the normal version (for infestation and ascension plat) to 3X-4X (for core and rise plat). It also strongly follows rarity and tier listing. Example: A plat Martyr Golem **** should be worth a little more than a plat Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter ***

Foil and Gold
People tend to value gold over Foil but it's pretty subjective. Contrary to plat cards, Gold and foil are rarer for the newest set (less time to get pulled from packs). As always they follow rarity and tier listing (my previous example about Martyr and Primal Hunter remain true). I can't really give a relative value to normal cards here... because some cards are so rare that only a few copies of the card can be found.

Gold Foil + Plat foil
Rarest of the rarest. Some big collectors don't even collect those because it might be impossible to get 3 of  the same card. For Plat foil cards, it's certainly true. Still, if you can get your hands on one, and find someone wanting to trade for it, you can probably increase your collection by a fair amount depending on what you got.

The Exiles / New card reveal: Splat
« on: August 14, 2014, 12:15:55 AM »
Looks like Splatter made a return, with a shortened name and a funny animation no less. Well, we've seen this kind of card before, but the faction has changed since so any new thoughts?

All right, I'm 6 cards short of a 40 card deck full of Uncontrolled Rifts. Still, with Recycle and Gather thoughts in the game, I feel like this is just right for the deck. Now I know there was a thread already in regards to whether people would be interested in such a tournament. I plan to go a step further and lay out the ground rules for the tournament and see how many would sign up for such a tournament with said rules. If we get enough participants, I'll edit the title of this thread and we can get the tournament started. Anyways, here are the rules I feel would work with the tournament.

1. You must play with 3 factionless commanders.
2. You cannot include any actual characters in your deck. The characters you get must be from Uncontrolled Rifts.
3. You should try to have at least half your deck as Uncontrolled Rifts, though I suppose if you can make a deck with less you can run with it, but you likely won't get enough characters.
EDIT: 4. I figure if going with standard tournament format, a week should be enough time for each round. If even during that time a match cannot be completed and both players made attempts to contact the other, a grace period of time may be added. To help alleviate some of these issues, if you sign up please also give your in-game name and the best way to get up with you.

Optional rules:
A possible sideboard, though I don't see this being that useful since you'd only be able to swap out abilities and the characters you end up facing will be pretty random.
Video recording of the match including a preview of the deck you are using to ensure no characters are in the deck, but I don't mind using the honor system and this tournament it meant to be for fun anyways.
Single or double elimination, or we could go for some sort of Swiss tournament though I think that requires there to be a lot of entrants. Anyways, if you would enter, please state which type you'd prefer, and if Swiss is the ideal, state second preference for if we don't get enough entrants (Uncontrolled Rift being uncommon can potentially mean it'd be hard to get a near full deck of them).

Now, I don't have any actual rewards for such a tournament, and the random nature of it might not lend itself to a reward type of setting. Still, if everyone feels a reward should be given out, I can always use IP to open a few packs and let the top winners have first picks from the pool of cards generated. I'd like to be able to also give every participant a reward to a) encourage people to give the tournament a try and b) offset the random nature of the tournament since one can potentially get horrid luck and not get anything playable in some of their games.

Without further adieu, let's get to gauging interest/sign-ups

P.S. I am also open to people that might be willing to donate cards for the tournament pool as well, though I'm not asking for any.

P.S.S. As this is my first time running a tournament, any suggestions or help in how to properly organize it, including how to seed it fairly, would be appreciated. Please send me a PM with such advice so as not to clutter up this thread.

Suggestions / DTF Tournament and Constructed Deck Sale Rotation
« on: June 29, 2014, 02:46:09 PM »
Ever since I found out that the DTF (Dorbyknight's Thematic Funbash) format is what was used for making the constructed decks we have now for the factions, I came up with an idea of having some of them possibly be sold in the store for those looking for a decent multi-faction deck. After further thought, this is what I came up with.

Why not have a built in Tournament system (or maybe King of the Hill) once a month where players must use a DTF legal deck to participate. After the tournament, when the first place winner is decided, their deck ends up on the Store page for the next month as a constructed deck.

Now here is where the idea starts to vary. In order to encourage people to play in this tournament, the winner, whose deck ends up on the shop, might receive a percentage of sales from the deck in the form of IP (and a very slight possibility, if Lightmare thinks it wouldn't hurt, of LP in the case that it's bought with LP instead). Option two might be less interesting, but possibly more doable, which is to give some sort of reward out to the top winners, which would benefit more than just First Place. Lastly, option three might be a combination of both.

Obviously, Lightmare gets the last say, but I thought I'd bring up this idea as I don't know if anyone else really thought about it and I think it might be really cool later on down the road. :)

General Game Discussion / New Starter Deck List Discussion
« on: June 20, 2014, 02:21:42 AM »
Nice to see the Starter decks getting an update after all these sets that have been released thus far. I kinda briefly skimmed them (or rather I checked WP to see if there were any cards in it that I need and was lacking) and found it interesting that Corrupted Forest was in the deck, but it was still using the old Aleta. Not saying that's bad, but thematically speaking, at the time of the Corrupted Forest, WP is just barely trying to survive. Rather than just discussing this one deck, however, I figured, "Hey, why not get opinions on ALL the new decks to see what everyone thinks about them." So here I am. Discuss and be merry! :)

General Game Discussion / Too many decks!
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:06:58 PM »
This happens every time a new set is released. I pre-order, get a bunch of cards and then look at my deck list to see what I can update. It's at this time that it hits me. I have 47 decks (some new deck concepts created from Ascension cards, some for weekly quests, and one for my tradable uncommons as I'm still seeking more Uncontrolled Rifts). I have to go through each one of these to determine if they need an update, and then update it as necessary. That is quite time consuming, and I end up not updating most of them for a while. I'd delete them, but I fear I may forget about the deck concept I was going for when making it. :( I also feel I have just a few more decks I want to make as it's customary for me to make a WP deck with a splash of each faction, just to see how I can make it work. :P Wondering if I'm the only person with this problem.

General Discussion / Ultra-Unit
« on: June 15, 2014, 10:59:44 AM »
When this card is played, it destroys not just characters, but also artifacts, possibly locations as well. Will test further in case this is not intended as wording just states characters.

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