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General Game Discussion / Stupid or sublety question as you wish
« on: June 18, 2014, 09:42:13 PM »

The deck is a part of the game or not? When you mean "leave the game"...

General Discussion / Enyah Sharing how i feel it
« on: February 23, 2014, 11:13:57 AM »

First time i saw something about Enyah was on a topic:

What she give one purity of each faction? It is really overpowered.

Since i have got the card:

What can't use more than one different card? It is really weak.

I am ok that allow all purities is too strong (without any nerf), but this limit of numbers... I don't understand how to do a good deck with at all.
Varyus, master of choice do not resolve the problem, i think.

What do you think about this card?

General Game Discussion / Any french skills arround?
« on: February 16, 2014, 01:57:32 PM »

Could do that on steam forums, but i need some litle guarantees about the people, here is the best.

Since friday i am working on a Wiki for new french players and some who feel bad with english. (Steam / Infinity Wars / Guides français / Wiki francophone)

I have done already many things, but i know i can not do everything alone. Infestation coming soon, it will take me a lot of time to translate them and polish what i have already done.

Is there some French, Belgium or else french writers who wanna help to do something big for french communauty?

No care about the size of the work, only need to do something good as possible, be polite and a few skills of english.

Thanks for attention.

General Game Discussion / Good thing to know sometimes with steam
« on: February 08, 2014, 05:45:19 PM »

I don't know if this issue shall happen with Infinity wars game or not. I am not at all from lightmare staff, so i don't know at all how they will deal with steam.
But anyway that's good to know when you play steam games.

That's more for new players than the others i guess. Because PvP games may not get this problem. Maybe i wrong.

When you play a steam game, it stay conected to steam's host.
If you are disconected for any reason while the game, steam have done 2 differents  saves of what you have done in the game.
One in your PC somewhere i don't know. And one in steam's host.

So when you will restart the game, steam will ask you wich save file to use (if you have been disconected before).
Always be carrefully to look at the latest save, or you can loose something, and have to do it a new time.

You can guess that's always the save that is in your PC, but i don't know why sometimes not. Check the date, always.
It happened to me one time to choose the PC save, and the last one was steam. Trust me you feel bad.

For example in this game, what maybe it can happen:
_ :) Finnaly finish all campaigns, cool. Now i can begin PvP...
Next start:
_Puffy, i have to do a new time all campaigns :(

Suggestions / An alarm for games begin
« on: January 17, 2014, 03:36:19 PM »

Saw many times players afk like a lot of players i guess.

Thought if they put off the music and doing something else, they don't see that the game began.

I think an alarm with a "clic to off" may fix that.

General Discussion / Combo tome of the dead + resolve of the dragon
« on: November 13, 2013, 11:27:37 PM »

Just wanna know what you think about this combo.

I did it a few minutes ago.

1)played Tome of the dead
2)Tome of the dead took his 3 chapters.
3)Resolve of the dragon.

I tried to move Gao han to make him die first 'like with Ferocity, you can choose if the character go first or last).

I was ewpecting maybe i could choose the character who will survive to the Tome of the dead.

Finnaly compunter said that all my characters were dying exactly at the same time, so all my army survived  ;D , and enemy army died ofcourse.

That's not a litle bit  too much strong? Or is ok?

Trading Post / JackSlater's TradeCafé (updated for infestation)
« on: July 03, 2013, 04:33:37 PM »

I'll edit each trade sure, and new cards.

Whisper me if you want some business.

So, what i don't care :


1 Shikana R

1 Radariah R

3 ALeta traveller (2plat)

5 Cheryl, foraward scout (plat)

5 Enyah, the endless possiblities (plats)

2 Varyus (1plat)


10 infested dragons (plat)

1 heikhem the corrupted (plat)

5 recurring nightmare (plat)

3 raise

1 virrus of avarrach (plat)

10 hydrallic, origin of the virrus (plat)

7 Decrepit crystal (plat)


3 Sydern R

2 aleta, caretaker

4 Granthar (plats)

2 Matriarch

2 Prophet karani

3 Skraar

3 Never fogot the fallen

3 untapped wilderness

7 Ancient aether (plat)

1 Ancient egg



1 aleta tinkerer R

8 aleta , the searcher (plat)

2 Mega unit 03 (plat)

1 Dragon project

10 Mechanism (plats)


3 Vasir the chained prince

5 aleta sorceress

2 Demon of fear

3 Rita, shadow priestess

1 mass death

2 stones of misery

4 summoning stone (plat)

 Flame dawn

2 Bromich

2 Kali, the flaming blade

6 Kali, the purifier (plat)

7 Batle Tanks (1plat)

2 Pyr

10 Brimstones

 Dragon faction

3 yuanshi, sage of ferocity

5 Daode sage of strenght

8 Eagle eye (plat)

1 Surpirsed defense (plat)

2 great wall

1 shrine

2 heaven bells (plat)

3 shifting stone (plat)


2 Cresil the mad

1 Nysrugh the hungry

3 Dehumanize (1plat)

2 Demon waste (plat)

3 Chalice of madness (1plat)

8 Crystal of madness  (plat)

Looking for many epic end legendaries, got already all rares

I guess all is in the title.

Happened to me a few times, until now the game ended like usually. But if it happen,no one play characters for do not loose morale, how the game will end?

I remenber one time, i haven't any cards in my deck and the game had continue, so i don't know.

General Discussion / Single Card Discussion: Aleta tinkerer
« on: June 30, 2013, 12:37:31 PM »

I think Aleta Tinkerer is too leak.

Right now: "Exausht: get +1/+1 on atifcial charact".

I think it should be: "Exausht + pay 1 : get +2/+2 on artificial charact".

I guess she would become more usefull, but not too much.

General Discussion / Undead killl card and unique characters
« on: June 18, 2013, 11:11:59 AM »

If i use the undead kill cards (cost6, the charac come under your control) on a unique charact that i already have in game, what happen?.



Read all the post.

I get a post by steam for infinity wars by someone named "admin".
Maybe i wrong, but i guess seriously, that's a phishing web site.

I am not an expert,, but... You should not try to login on this site.

Steam lauched me a message from "admin";

They ask you to join a steam group of infinity wars and you have this

"Admin: Hello you are welcomed by administration steam. You immediately should inspect the account online-anticheats . If you do not execute it, the account will be disconnected in a current of 5 hours. For disconnected and ban accounts steam responsibility does not bear!"

As you can see the that's writen "" => when you search by google you find this: ""

1)No https, that is a http (no secure). Strange for steam.

2)"storenpowered" not "store.powered"

3)In the first link you can't go for another thing than the screen of loggin, ofcourse you can try to clic on join steam, but it dispay a web error...

4)they ask email + the name of account

5)When you search by google, you have writen in green Valve corporation (US), not on with the first link.

Should be a fake, for steal your steam account. Be carrefull.

Wish this gonna be usefull.

Suggestions / An idea for made something usefull with useless cards
« on: June 04, 2013, 05:31:54 PM »

I have got a not so good english, if you do not understand anything, ask. I'll try to check for explain in another way.

I guess like a lot of people, i have some cards that i do not care. Got 6 golem 1/10, but can use only 4 with comanders, what i will do with the others? I will get more golems with time, so?

First i thought about trade, but noone will want of my golems. Everyone got some, so?

So, trade with myself, i loose one comon i get one another comon of my choice.

No, because it would break trade with others players, so?

So, i loose 10 comon, i get one comon of my choice, i loose 25 comon i get 1uncomon of my choice. Loose 25uncomon, i get etc.

Ok but if i have the choice, will easy get almost cards, may all. And lightmare won't be able to sell anything, that's not cool for them. So?

I guess we could trade with ourself 10 comon for one random comon. 25 comon for one random uncomon. So hight numbers?

Yes, it would be too easy to get everythng with low numbers.

I wrote 10 and 25, that's just an example, i don't really know exactly wich numbers it should be.

What do you think about that?

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