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The Exiles / Kidnapped by Demons not working at deployment speed
« on: June 28, 2015, 04:03:50 PM »
Just had a game where I tried using Kidnapped by Demons to remove a hunted dragon, only to have my opponent save it with deflect. Seems inconsistent that KbD's ability doesn't work during the deployment phase like the abilities on characters do, considering that it is a permanent visibly in play during deployment like they are.

Suggestions / Allow hybrids to contribute to the "Too pure for you" quest
« on: December 30, 2014, 04:08:04 PM »
I just recently found that the "Too pure for you quest" won't progress if your deck has hybrid cards in command, even if all 3 of its purity symbols are the same. Feels a little silly that a deck running both Azael and Heavenly Wish apparently doesn't qualify just because I've got one of the ascended girls in command. Of course they'd obviously only count if they were actually set to the right purity.

Had a bit of trouble with trade recently where we sorted out the cards we wanted to trade but I forgot to actually click accept on the ones my trading partner had brought up with the request feature. They apparently didn't doublecheck before clicking finalize and only realised after I'd logged out. Been trying to get them the stuff I owe them but its been awakward with us rarely being on at the same time and not remembering all the cards we'd agreed on.

While this is admittedly user error on our part, I feel it would be for the better of the community and improve players' feelings of security if a trade couldn't be finalized while there were still requests that hadn't been either accepted or denied. Adding buttons to accept or deny all of the current requests at once could help prevent this from slowing down trades where a large amount of cards have been requested.

With the game going gold I was rather disappointed to see that there still isn't a faction quest for the Overseers. Considering quests get added on a regular basis this seems like it should be incredibly easy to implement. As it currently stands, it feels like wins with my current favourite deck are partly going to waste as they aren't giving me as much quest progress as I could get with another faction. Its also odd that the exiles still don't have an avatar as part of their reward for earning 50 wins when all the other factions do.

Finally, something that I've submitted as a bug report is that faction quests don't really work as they properly should with decks that use a hybrid card as a commander. When playing a 1 Warpath, 2 Verore deck I receive progress on the Warpath quest rather than the Verore one. This is because I use Caretaker Aleta, Verorian Hydra and Defiant Hermit, with the Hermit representing Verore. In spite of this the Hermit is still counted as a Warpath card, which I can understand as he is listed as a Warpath card in the deckbuilder but which feels counter-intuitive nonetheless.

General Game Discussion / Rate of progress in ranked past 1000?
« on: August 23, 2014, 02:38:40 PM »
I've recently been playing ranked mode in Infinity Wars and just reached 975 points. So far I've been receiving a simple 25 points per win and 0 points per loss. However I know that past a certain point the rate at which you gain points decreases and it becomes possible to actually lose points for losing games. However I've no idea what the rates for point gain and loss are beyond my current ranking and although the profile border for reaching silver rank looks pretty cool, I actually find myself vastly preferring the look of the iron border to the bronze one and would rather not wind up passing bronze rank only to find that my win rate isn't good enough to reach silver in what I'd consider a reasonable amount of time. So does anyone know the rates at which points are gained and lost past 1000 points? Is it influenced by the ranking of your opponents? And does your profile border reflect your current rank or the highest rank you've ever managed to achieve?

Anyone else find it irritating that the chat box for your current opponent disappears as soon as the game ends unless you talked to them beforehand? When an opponent pulls off a surprise win (or concedes or unexpectedly loses because they didn't block when I expected them to) I often don't have a chance to even type in GG before the game goes to the results screen. I know it hangs around if you said something in the match, but I often prefer to focus on actually playing during the match and not to start every single match with a greeting unless my opponent does so first. Having the chat box hang around until your next match would make it far easier to congratulate someone on a well played game in the aftermath.

Anyone else feel that Titan of the New World's cost reduction mechanic is a little dull compared to Ascension's other titans? In its current form you'll always need at least 13 max resource to play it and going above that makes relatively little difference. I think that in order for it to properly fit into the cycle of titans something should be done to make its ability more interesting. Here are 3 ideas that stick to the current focus on resources but do it in slightly more exciting ways than the current form.

1) Bigger rewards for going above the minimum requirement. Currently TotNW costs 12 if you have 13 max resources, 11 if you have 14, 10 if you have 15 and so on. This change would make it so that you still need at least 13 max resources to play him but his cost goes down far more at 14 and up. For example he could cost 24 and have his cost reduced by 4 for each max resource you have above 10. So at 13 max resources he costs 12, at 14 he costs 8, at 15 he costs 4 and if you somehow manage to get your max resources to 16 then he becomes completely free.

2) Base his cost off the number of bonus resources you have from cards like Wealthy Noble and Brings Life by Passing. For example a 16 resource card that costs 1 less for each bonus resource you have. Got 3 nobles? He costs 13 resources so you'll need the full 10 base resources to go with your 3 extra. Got 3 nobles and a BLbP? Now you can play him on turn 8 when you have a total of 12 max resources.

3) Warpath are meant to be the best at ramping up their resources, so reward players who get ahead of the competition by reducing his cost according to how many more resources they have than the enemy. For example a 15 resource creature that costs 1 less for each max resource you have and 1 more for each max resource your opponent has. With 3 nobles you should be able to play him on turn 9 for 12 resources as 15-12+9=12... but of course, that's only if your opponent hasn't played any resource boosters of their own. Also serves as a deterrent to cards like assassinate and ascended xi.

So, what do people think of these suggestions? Have a favourite? An idea of your own? Think he's fine as he is? Let me (and, more importantly, Lightmare) hear your opinions!

General Discussion / Parasite v Parasite
« on: July 02, 2014, 03:12:58 PM »
When two Evolving Parasites face off against one another, what determines the winner? Is it random? I'd have expected it to be based on who has initiative, with the initiative player's parasite triggering its ability before the other has a chance, but watching this video ( at the 7:22 mark that doesn't seem to be the case.

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