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General Game Discussion / I may be in love with myself a bit too much
« on: August 23, 2013, 03:11:20 PM »

Or maybe its just my way to say I got plenty of friends who I can trust! (Can I really trust myself?)

Trading Post / Darkname's market of avarrach
« on: August 21, 2013, 08:34:03 PM »
(N) mean normal, aka not plat
(P) Mean platinum
(F) Mean foil
(*) Mean That I have few of them and am only willing to part with them for slightly increased value.
Foil cards are not an assured sale, but you are welcome to ask.

For a easier time searching for a specific card, use ctr+F and search for the key from this index.

F10- Characters

F11-Factionless char
F12- Warpath char
F13- Genesis char
F14- Verore char
F15- Flame char
F16- DOD char
F17- ZB  char
F18- Ex char

F20- spells

F21-Factionless sp
F22- Warpath sp
F23- Genesis sp
F24- Verore sp
F25- Flame sp
F26- DOD sp
F27- ZB  sp
F28- Ex sp

F30- locations and artifacts

F40- foils

F50- Cards I am looking for.

So lets get started!


Aleta traveler (P)
Jubalia (P)

Aleta care (P)(N)
Kraar (P)(N)

mechborn (P)(*)
Aleta Tinkerer (P)

Aleta sorc (P)
Gluttony (N)(P)(*)
Grotesque brute (P)(*)

Aberion (N)
Firestarter (N)(P)
Bromich (N)(P)
Kali (N)(P)(*)
Mark1 (P)
Protector (P)

Gao Han (N)(P)
Jialang (P)

Hehkeem cor (P)(*)




Dark wish (N)(P)(*)

Bloodbath (P)


Virus (P)

Dehumanize (P)

Great wall (N)(P)(*)
Necropolis (P)(*)
egg (P)
Aberion banner (P)(F)(*)
Tome dead (P)(*)
Chalice (P)(*)

hellkeeper (P)
verore magic siphoner (P)(*)
one of many exhumed (P)
unstoppable (P)
siphon structure (P)
gather the weak (P)
Aberion banner (P)(*)

any rise legendary
Paladin of the flame dawn
Demon of fear

General Game Discussion / 9 packs extra!
« on: July 02, 2013, 10:54:55 AM »
Since a lot of us are gonna have some extra packs, anybody is up for some drafting?

Game Rules / Darkname's rulebook
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:43:27 PM »
Infinity wars Rulebook.

   This is a compilation of words, areas and game-play action that happen during the game, I strongly suggest you do not read trough all of it, but instead use ctr+F to find the keyword you are wondering about. If you cannot find a certain keyword, try shortening it, such as using "attack" instead of "attacking", or "play" instead of "in play". If you still cannot find the keyword, Go ahead and post it on the thread as it may be missing.

This compilation Include a Glossary, a overview of the field, of the cards, of the turn order and of win conditions. There is also a list of niches.



Ability: An ability is an effect that happen once.

Attributes. Each cards have attributes, such as power and health, but also include its type, cost and abilities. See the card attributes section.

Attack (Assault): When a Character is in the attack zone, During the attacking phase, it will attack once the first (Leftmost) opposing character in the opponent's defense zone, Dealing damage to each others equal to their respective power attribute. If there is no defending Character, the attacking character will deal damages to the opponent's health equal to its power attribute. If there is multiple characters in the attack zone, they will each attack once in order from the leftmost to the rightmost.

Battlefield: Include both player's attack, defense, and support zones.

Block: When a character in the defense zone go in combat with an attacking character.

Card: A card is a object such as a character/magics/etc, and is moved around by the player or by effects. See the card overview section.

Character: A character is a card that have attributes and possibly abilities. When in play they can be moved around in the “in play” zone by the player who own that character or by an effect.

Charge: A character with charge is placed directly into the assault zone when sent to play from the player's hand. This character cannot be moved to any other zone for this turn.

Create: Create a character of specified attributes into play.

Commander: Cards that are in the commander zone are commanders. They can use their abilities but to be moved to the battlefield or support zone their respective cost need to be paid.

Combat: When an attacking character attack a defending character.

Combat Zone: A player's attack and defense zones.

Control: Characters or locations on your own  support, assault, defense and commander zones are in your control.

Damage: When a character or player take damage, it lose an equivalent amount of health. See combat.

Deck: A collection of cards that are faced down and that the player draw (By default) once a turn.

Defend: When a character is in the defense zone, they block the opponent's characters in the assault zone until they are destroyed.

Deployed: In play.

Destroy (kill): A destroyed Character is moved to the graveyard.

Draw: Remove one card from the library to add one into the player's hand. By default a player draw one card per turns.

Exhaust: A exhausted character cannot use any ability that would exhaust them or move into the battlefield while. IF a character is exhausted while in the battlefield, it move to the support zone. By default, characters entering play are exhausted.

Flying: The character can only be blocked by other characters who also have flying or specify that they can block characters with flying. If this character is blocking, it will also block non flying character.

Fortress: the player's health.

Graveyard: Cards that are destroyed (Killed) or Ability cards that are used are moved to the graveyard.
Cards in the graveyard cannot be moved or controlled but some cards (If specified) can still have some effects while in the graveyard.

Hand: A player's hand is the group of cards that they can pay its cost to send in play or use its effect.

Haste: This character does not get exhausted when it is send to play.

Heal: A character or player that is healed gain health equal to the healed amount, to a maximum of its health attribute.

Immolated: A immolated character take X damages at the start of every turn.

Invincible: This character cannot be destroyed by any mean.

Location: Location cards cannot be moved from the support zone and only one (Per players) can be in the field.

Morale: one of a player's attribute. once a character is destroyed, the player who own it lose morale equal to its cost. Characters with a cost of 0 make the player lose 1 morale. Characters that are sacrificed does not lower the player's morale.

Opponent: The player you are against. They start at 50 health and 50 morale, If either reach 0, you win.

Pay: A cost to use an ability, using resources.

Play: Such as "in play" or "to play". The play area is the combination of the assault, defense, and support zone.. When a card is put to play, they are exhausted unless specified otherwise. The commander zone does not count as in play.

Purity: A card's purity is the amount of commanders of its faction it need to be allowed in the deck. See the card overview section.

Raise: Move the character from the graveyard to the support zone, the character is exhausted. Slight note, If the character is raised during the ability phase, it is exhausted during that turn and not the next, making it skip the exhaust effect.

Remove (leave): A character that is removed is out of the game and cannot be affected in any ways unless specified otherwise.

Resource: What you use to pay the costs of characters and abilities. Base resource is the amount you get to use each turns. You get one base resource per turns until turn 10.

Sacrifice: Destroy a character you control to pay for the cost of this ability. You do not lose morale.

Trading post: Allow the player to use resources to buy effects, such as drawing extra cards and increasing the base resource.

Transform: This character take a new set of attributes. It also keep attributes gained from abilities.

Turn: A turn is a phase that start from the player drawing phase and end after the attacking phase. See turn order.

Unique: A player may only have one unique character of its name in play.

Unstoppable: During the attack phase, if this character kill the defending character, this character attack again.

untouchable: This character cannot be targeted by abilities. It is still affected by abilities that affect everything. (Such as mass death)

Vigilance: A character with charge is placed directly into the assault zone when sent to play from the player's hand. This character cannot be moved to any other zone for this turn.

Zone: There is 4 zones for each players, the supporting zone, the assault zone, the defense zone and the commander zone. each players can use ability of their characters/locations when they are in any zone assuming no other rules prevent them to. See the board section.

You: You as a player, you start at 50 health and 50 morale, If either reach 0, you lose.

+X/+Y: Target character gain X power and Y health.


   Card types


   The board:

In yellow is both player's resource and cards, as well as their portrait and their names. A portrait highlighted in green mean the player is ready to end hes turn, while when a player's name is green it mean that player got initiative this turn. (See turn order)

In Purple is the player's hand, from there the player can pay a card's cost to send a character to the field or use an ability card.

In green is the player's deck, at-least graphically.

In red is the player's graveyard. any player can click on a graveyard to see a list of cards that are currently in it.

The battlefield is any card in any player's defense and assault zone.

In play include the battlefield and the support zone.


Cards overview

In yellow is the card's name, type, rarity, and artist.
In blue is the card's cost.
In red is the card's power (Sword) and health (Shield).
In green is the card's ability.
In White is the card's purity cost.


The turn order

-Turn start

-Drawing phase: Each player draw a card and gain one extra base resource. (The resource gain stop at after turn 10) This is where most effect that say "at the end of your turn" actually happen.

-The decision phase: This is where both players simultaneously chose what action in what order to do

-The movement phase: characters are moved according to the player's choice in the decision phase.

-Ability phase of the player with initiative: ability are used in the order the player cast them.

-Ability phase of the other player.

-Attack phase: The player with initiative attack first. If a player is out of cards in hes deck during that phase, he also lose 10 morale.

-Win/lose phase: If either player reach a Winning condition, they win, If both player reach a winning condition, its a tie.

-Turn end.


Win conditions

As of version .74, there is 3 Possible ways to win.

Bring down the enemy hp to 0.
Bring down the enemy morale to 0.
Filling up shrine of victory.


   The list of niches.

When a player cannot draw anymore, he lose 10 morale per times he cannot draw.

The player who gain initiative on turn one is random.

When Mega unit is moved to the player's hand, The pilot is not removed.

General Game Discussion / List of bad wording in cards abilty
« on: February 14, 2013, 03:29:01 PM »
Agent Coyle, firestarter


Attack 3 times per turns,
pay 13, transforms into a 12/12 unstoppable dragon.

Real Ability:
Hes transformation is a 12/12 with:

attack 2 times per turns,
when Agent Coyle firestarter attack, all characters in the opponent's defense zone become immolated, taking 3 damages at the beginning of the next turn.

End of turn abilities. End of turn abilities don't actually happen during the end of a turn, but rather during the next drawing phase, which is the beginning of a turn. This has being tested with un ending drones raised as they are exhausted since they are raised at the beginning of the turn, while since raise dead raise during the ability phase, the character is exhausted during that turn. (Thus the exhaust from coming into play not having any gameplay effect)


YOU and fortress.

Some cards affect the fortress, such as Vicious ransacker, while some cards affect when the player (You), such as Reflective shield. This is confusing due to players obviously not being the fortress itself.

There is of course the good ol: destroy/kill/die, but those are minor.

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