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Trading Post / Selling ~10k Cards for a very Cheap Price
« on: May 28, 2017, 08:04:13 PM »
Hi, i'm selling everything in my account for 150$. Here are some highlights of the cards that i have

Normal Legendaries:
AC Primal x3
Martyr of Life x2
Hermit x2
AC Mechborn x3
Tygris x2
AC Soulseller x1
Martyr of Death x2
Klore x3
AC Immovable x3
AC Zomborg x4
Yagron x3
Marina x3
Martyr Golem x4

Prem Legendaries
Gold AC Soulseller x1
Plat Martyr of Chaos x1
Plat Princess Hinekri x1
Gold Sol x1

Prem Epics
Plat Dragon of Autumn Wind x4
Plat Hidden By Clouds x3
Plat Hunted Dragon x3
PlatFoil Hunted Dragon x1
Plat Karckk x3
Plat Prophet Karani x3
Plat Titan of New World x3
Plat Stampede x3
Plat Humans are Dead x2
Plat Regicide x1
Plat Last Sleeper x1
Gold Last Sleeper x1
Plat Calamity x1
Gold Calamity x1

Prem Rares
Gold Aleta Caretaker x1
Gold Taiga x1
Gold Demon of Dark Bargain x1
Gold Death Blast x1
Gold Ritual of Summoning x1
Gold Jialan x1
Gold Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity x1
Gold Tyra x1
Gold Shikana x1
PlatFoil Shockwave Giant x2
PlatFoil Nature's Wish x1
Plat Aleta Caretaker x2
Plat Aleta Survivor x3
Plat Aunissal x3
Plat Caretaker of the Swarm x3
Plat Force Against the Law x3
Plat Granthar x3
Plat Helix Worm x4
Plat Matriarch x3
Plat Shockwave Giant x4
Plat Skraar x3
Plat Spawn x3
Plat Subdues the Meek x3
Plat Sydern x3
Plat Untapped Wilderness x3
Plat Ancient Aether x3
Plat Ancient Egg x3
Plat Rita Mistress of Shadow x2
Plat Annihilate x1
Plat Gao Han x2
Plat Aleta Sufferer x3
Plat Alt-Art Lilariah Rebel x1

Yagron x1
Martyr Golem x1
Rita Mistress of Shadow x1
Calamity x1
Taiga x6
Death Ray(new one) x2
Plat Noble Protector x1

I also have a lot of other plats. My IGN: TheiLLusionisT
Message me ingame or on Discord to have a look.

any replacement for the painstone? :3

General Game Discussion / Re: [Patch Notes] Version 1.5.0
« on: April 04, 2016, 06:04:35 AM »

I have a lot of dota 2 sets and immortals. Msg me on IW, id = theillusionist

Trading Post / Re: Looking for Dota 2 items (all ratities)
« on: March 21, 2016, 12:40:21 PM »
Msg me ingame: theillusionist

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