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Community Events & Contests / Re: Card Design Challenge: the forum game
« on: January 17, 2016, 02:21:44 AM »
Well, I forgot to check back here in a while. Yeah, I like to redesign Hilderic. Sort of something that comes to me from owning him. Here's hoping I can remember to check back when the next challenge starts.

Community Events & Contests / Re: Card Design Challenge: the forum game
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:09:05 AM »
Hilderic, The Fist of Dawn
3 Cost, 12 Morale
3FD, Epic
Unique Character - Human



Hilderic's cost is increased by 1 for every character in your Assault Zone. When you deploy Hilderic, he gains +2/+1 for each character in your Assault Zone, and characters cannot be moved to the Assault Zone this turn (Charge characters will instead be exhausted in the Support Zone),
While Hilderic is in the Assault Zone, if he was deployed for at least 6 resources, characters in your Assault Zone have +2/+0. If Hilderic was deployed for at least 8 resources, characters in your Assault Zone instead have +5/+0.

Well I mean, this technically counts. Reviving Hilderic will give whatever bonus based on when he was played. If he was moved into play without being deployed before, he will not give any kind of bonus. Using CTA or dying will not remove his buff, though being sent back to the deck or hand will. Worth mentioning is while you cannot manually move characters to the Assault Zone, cards like Ferocity will still force a character to move. In addition, cards that spawn characters like Call the Crusade will be unaffected by Hilderic the turn he is deployed.

It's always been my personal belief that Hilderic shoudl be playable by either turn 6 or turn 8. In his current form, he can technically hit the field by turn 6, but it requires some very specific card draws, which usually requires some help from 0-cost characters. While it is possible to bring him out by turn 8, either you've won, or most of your characters died trying to actually bring him out. This design will allow you to bring him out turn 6 with 11/8 stats, with +2/+0 for 13/8. If you play him turn 8, he'll have 15/10 with +5/+0 for 20/10. In the first case, he'll be a bit of a secondary Bromich with Charge. In the second card, he's a bit weaker than his old self, but I want to say he's more usable like this than his actual card is. Regardless of which version of Hilderic you play, the other characters in the same zone will still benefit from his boosts, so you may choose to put the Emberstarters, Duelists and Firestarters for when you play him, so that you can make the most of his increase in offense. Alternatively, you could just put forth a whole bunch of Aspirants to clear the path for him to actually hit the fortress.

General Game Discussion / Re: The [WeaK]est Analysis Buffs (Power & Health)
« on: November 14, 2015, 01:33:10 AM »
but all claiming that they are right.

I'm not. If you're referring to me, I can assure you, I've been careful to make sure I throw in somewhere in these posts of mine that I probably don't have a full picture and perhaps what I'm saying is completely wrong. Of course, if you didn't actually read anything I wrote it would be understandable if you skipped past that somehow.

General Game Discussion / Re: The [WeaK]est Analysis Buffs (Power & Health)
« on: November 13, 2015, 09:25:58 PM »
I wouldn't be surprised if I'm missing the point again, but how are the characters you picked any less arbitrary? How is his rating system any less arbitrary and why is health more important that power?

Charge characters would benefit from high attack because they're assaulting the fortress.
Vigilance characters benefit from high health because you're defending home.
Either one can benefit from the other, but circumstances would need to be evaluated for that one.
Haste characters benefit from stats period.
Unstoppable characters need both to work. They need power to keep killing and they need health to make sure they don't die in the process of constantly killing. Without both, the character will either hit a brick wall or die trying. If you just want to smack characters, then you only need enough power to kill and then enough health to eat through them. If you want the fortress to die, you do still need enough power to kill, but any extra will transfer to the fortress and make sure it isn't wasted if you get a shot in. However, you need health, or else your Unstoppable will die, and all that extra power truly will be for nothing.
Multistrike characters take any attack power buff or debuff and multiply it by their Multistrike. As Multistrike does nothing int he defense zone, it truly only benefits from increased power. Sure, health is always needed if you want a character to live, but I don't imagine you normally put the Multistrike character at the front of your assault to kill a few characters unless you're splashing FD in for Swift Strikes.
The opposite to Multistrike may be Extra Lives. If a character has Two Lives, then it effectively has double its health. Plus, it takes the full force of the killing blow, then lives at full health. An additional benefit is that you don't die to the first death attack that hits you. That's just good.
Balance can be used on a high health character to make it high attack. It can also be used on a low health character to make it low attack. Balanced Warrior is based solely on Health.
Shifting Stone swaps power and health, so a 0 power character will die if the stone swaps its stats. Not to mention, if you excessively power debuff to when a character has 0 power, it does no damage. Even if it's just acting as a brick wall, it's still a character that is vulnerable to removal, and even if said removal is to just ram head-first until it dies, it still won't hurt anything.
Bloodthirst inherently cares for nothing because its own ability to a boost in power and health against characters. In practice, this means they deal X extra damage to characters and negate X damage dealt by characters. If they take any less than X damage, it's not like it's going to heal or anything.
Then there's Consume which likes power and health with some evenness. It needs Power to kill and Health to survive said kill. However, Consume gives a buff which means it gains its own Power and Health as it kills. Consume X effective negates 2X damage to the character, and anything else is bonus health, healing, or both. If a Consume character were to block a huge line of small characters, or gain Unstoppable and eat through a defensively line of a bunch of small characters, then it'll practically buff itself to huge numbers.

Again, I have no idea why you value health over power. I have no idea why DoD's character design values health over power, or why FD values power over health. I have no idea why WP wants the best of both worlds and just makes everybody cost so much. I have no idea why anybody would inherently value one over the other with this game.

Why would a FD player want more health on his guys? It's not like he'll be blocking with most of them. Why would a DoD player want power? I know there's aggressive strategies that focus on fortress destruction, but if they're just doing their whole defend the wall thing, then why would they want power? Why does Precautionary Measure not buff health? Depending on how the assault goes, that can mean the difference between Lilariah flying everybody over the defense zone and dying, causing everybody else to die to the opposing defense. Granted, they'd all die by the end of the turn, but with the way Champions buff, having a character survive on 1 extra hit point so they can make use of 3 extra power is something that can happen.

The problem I see with LiliumAtratum's argument is that the point system arbitrarily assumes that health and power are equals at all times. They are not. Above all other factions, FD generally value power over health and most of their keywords enforce this idea. DoD tries to value Health over power and most of their cards are designed around this. What I've gathered recently is that the meta doesn't too heavily agree with this, but that's what they try to do despite the meta. To assume that FD puts the same value on health and the DoD do, and the inverse with power, is quite wrong. It's an interesting crunch of the numbers, but that's still just putting a general guess on things.

I happen to own both Orion, Master Architect; and Tygris, The Architect. Both of these character have a design philosophy that seems to line up with what Weak_Wolf is saying. Tygris is 1 to activate his effect, but then making the character is 1 resource for +2/+2. However, he starts at a base of +2/+2, and would thus be inefficient compared to just playing a 1-drop. This means that to reach the curve, the actual cost is 2 to activate his ability. Furthermore, giving characters charge, vigilance, hast and Flying all cost a huge amount. If these are the actual costs of these keywords, then dragons are massively efficient. Yet, to me, Weak_Wolf seems to value the whole Flying + Unstoppable thing being worth what, one or two resources? Tygris says that's around 6 or 7 resources. Orion pays the cost of the character to make a character with +2/+2 for each resource spent. However, this stat curve also implies that 0-cost characters are worth 2/2 with -1 resource as -2/-2. The only 0-cost character that has 2/2 stats that I can think of, is the Angel token. If Orion tries to make a 0-cost, it automatically dies. The regular 0-cost characters have 1 health and some special trait that makes it worth playing despite a 0/1 body being useful only to tank one hit in most situations. You would think there's no reason to attack, but Distraction Drone lets you knock back the defense so the rest of your guys can keep attacking. Cannon Fodder is in this buff faction, and gets away with all kinds of buff shenanigans to make it more powerful. Tribble is a joke character, but it spawns copies of itself in your opponent's deck, so it still does something else.

I find that a buff in health triggers "effectively Two Lives" as being a very strange idea. Two Lives characters effectively have double their own health, and can survive one kill shot. If you're trading with stronger characters and you go from trading with one character to two characters, and no more, sure I understand the idea. When the difference is between 1 character and 3, or 4, or more, then it's no longer as if they had Two Lives, it'd be more than that, would it not? Plus, if your 10 Health character has +1 Health, survives a hit from a 10 power character and then dies to a 1 Power character, it might seem like Two Lives, but in reality, it should have 9 health left. Even if the buff is to specifically double the health of a character, it's not the same thing. A Two Lives character with 1 Health can survive two attacks form literally anything. A 2 Health character, is a 2 Health character. I get what you mean, but Two Lives is a whole other set of variables and situations to just having more health.

Another thing about Power and Health. Splat cares about Power. Fight! mainly cares about Power. Attacking the fortress cares about power. Rakarl and Corrupted Forest care about Power, because otherwise they wouldn't debuff them as they do.

Harahel is not only Unique, but a champion. This means you can't get the mass flying to all angels that Lilariah gives, and Harahel's buffs to power. That's assuming you pick either and don't just go for another champion altogether. Putting Harahel on a similar level to Pack Leader is like saying Shamba is on the same level as Pack Leader. Shamba is not. Shamba's buff even costs "2 resources" as opposed to Pack Leader's 1. I have a feeling that Pack Leader won't return for the Foundation cards they intend to keep ranked legal at all times. Shamba might, but they've acknowledged Pack Leader effectively forced them to create the Giant subtype around the same time they previewed Forced Against the Law. I feel like Hidden By Clouds should be of this subtype so it can't search itself, but that's another discussion.

If you're playing Call the Warpath, the Pack Leader is almost redundant. He helps the Unstoppable charge break through the front lines, but that's about where it stops. The rest of it is just adding overkill to a strategy that is based on overkill. I did see your deck, so don't think I don't know it's an option in token decks and decks around lower-cost WP characters. I saw the decks you were playing against in those particular screenshots. FD has Monster Hunt now, but it can't hit Pack Leader. They have Timely Strikes, but they basically need to Stumble into using that. FD isn't very well known for their hard removal. DoD have the Spirit, but WP have the ancient Aggression Symbol. There's also Primal Rage. Now that Fight! does non-combat damage, you can even use that against the Spirit. DoD have the Disarm+Shifting Stone combo, but that relies on an artifact the WP can easily break by using Growth. The DoD have Humble, but then it's still a 10/10. Maybe it's a bit under the curve, but it's not like the WP will be hurting for resources by the time they reach their end-game. Heck, Untapped Wilderness makes his buff completely free given the way you're measuring buffs. As for the Overseers, it's not triple purity. They have Banish, but that's not going to kill a Pack Leader. Maybe there's something I'm forgetting, but I don't think there's that much hard removal in 2P Overseers outside of maybe Agent Coyle, Ascended. You might have to deal with Ex, but he's a massive debuff to huge characters period.

Precautionary Measures only buffs Power. It doesn't buff Health anymore. Furthermore it's temporary, like Warcary, and almost nobody uses Warcry. Maybe they use it in draft, but it comes across to me like a lite version of Hilderic. It can be useful, but you almost have to build around trying to use it. Chances are, you could've played something better anyway. Precautionary Measures is 1 resource cheaper, but you also need to have had some deaths. Not that it's hard to have had some deaths, but it does gives your opponent some countermeasures by allowing them to empty your graveyard to completely defeat the point of Precautionary Measures.

I'm not sure what to say about the rest of them, personally. I don't know. I don't even know if anything I said is relevant to this discussion, but I felt like bringing it up. I think the point system is highly arbitrary as it always assumes Power and Health are of equal value at any given time. However, I don't understand why you always value Health over Power. Power can be more important if you build your deck around the concept of Power being more important. I also think that buffing 5 characters is arbitrary. I get Plaguebearer. The Sleepers spawner card creates 5 tokens. Maybe you could argue WP have Stampede, but that lasts a whole one turn. Though, I suppose that doesn't stop Precautionary Measures from getting on this list. The rest don't inherently have 5 people to buff. The Overseers have their token spawner, but that is based on the opponent's characters and that can be worth way more or almost nobody. However, The Angels also have a large morale cost behind them. If any sort of AoE damage starts killing them, they can morale out for just fighting against a faction trying to punch through their defenses.

I'm sure Wolf would just feel like he's repeating himself if he has to explain that again, though I don't know if I've ever read his reasoning why, so I'm probably more in the dark about this than others that have kept up with him all this time.

Also, why isn't Master of Demons in that list? Last I checked, with 5 demons on your side, it would be 16/16 for 1 resource. You don't have a problem with that? I know the character itself is 1/1, but that's effectively +12/+12 for free. Why didn't that make this list if you're on about buffs being too effective?

General Game Discussion / Re: The [WeaK]est Analysis Buffs (Power & Health)
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:56:54 PM »
Power buffs and how they help smaller characters trade up into larger threats. You pretty much gloss right over power buffs as being straight up worse than health buffs.

I was up against this Raa deck that ran Bromich and his banner to make 5/1s if my characters died. Since they were 5/1s, chances are, my characters died. Power buffs can matter.

General Game Discussion / Re: Straw Polls! Tell me the truth!
« on: November 10, 2015, 07:51:11 PM »
For expanding upon PvE, I wish there were multiple decks for each faction. I tend to play against the bots when I want to test a new idea, and see where it goes. I noticed Genesis, Flame Dawn and Verore are just called that. Warpath's AI is called Beasts, but DoD's AI is specifically named after Daode.

Perhaps for DoD, each AI is named after a sage, has that sage in command, and has that sage's avatar in the deck. Daode would focus on healing and would probably play similar to how it currently plays. In addition, it would also include cards like Shieldbearer or Immovable, as they would get the most out of a health buff. Spirit Armor would probably also be added to the AI's card list. Yuanshi would focus on, well, blowing up characters. Maybe Daode or his ability card would be in the deck, but that would basically just be because Yuanshi is going to be hitting his own guys so much. Jinhai Wall would be a must for this deck, as Yuanshi needs to not accidentally blow up his own guys all the time. Lingbao would focus on major morale drain. Maybe he'd feature Phalanx Commander and an AI that actually knows where to put him. He might feature the Shifting Stone plus Disarm combo as well, to add to his constant morale drain on the characters.

GI would probably have one centered around Aleta, which would be similar to the current one; one based on Lucca; and one based on either Orion, or maybe both Orions. Aleta's would be similar to the current GI AI, but maybe it would use Mega Unit 3 instead of Mega Unit 1. Lucca's deck would involve Lucca, and ways to reuse her like CTA. Mega Unit 1 can be thrown in to let her pilot it, freeing space for another Lucca, and if MU1 goes away, Lucca comes back. Orion Engineer would probably focus on pulling Mega Unit 2 out. There could also be an Ultra Unit deck, an Omnitron deck, a Landstead deck, and maybe one of the first three could have Dragon Project and actually be competent enough to use it.

Verore has Aleta, Candit and Rita if you want to make a deck themed around a character. I wouldn't know the specifics of how they'd play, but Candit is built around card draw, so that could be a thing.

Warpath has Rakarl, Hehkeem, Aleta, Skraar, and probably some others it could use as the named face of the faction. A Karani deck would be a Karani deck. Any of them could run Call the Warpath for anybody that doesn't stop them from doing that.

Flame Dawn has Aberion, Bromich, Klore, Vis, Nix, Hilderic, Kali and maybe some others I'm forgetting about. I wouldn't recommend Aberion, Vis or Hilderic get their own decks, but you could put them in there if you wanted. Klore could make good use of Bloodbath. Nix is Nix. Nix doesn't need much explaining. Bromich could basically be the current FD deck, but maybe with some updated cards.

An Overseers AI could focus on literally any of their champions and many of their Uniques that aren't champions. There's a whole slew of options an Overseers AI could use.

If a Sleeper's AI was to be made, one built around Hehkeem, Corrupted would probably be in the mix. One built around Zombie Abomination and/or Cyber-Infested Dragon could be in there. Could also throw in Zomborg into the pot if you wanted. I know that draft has access to a Sleepers AI that has Immortal Sufferer and Patient Zero in command. That could also be included as one of the available AI.

It would also be nice to see a Roulette AI that contains a massive mesh of various Faction purities. Sometimes it's 2FD/GI, or 2FD/SoA, or 2GI/SoA, or 2OoS/SoA, or GI/FD/WP or whatever combinations get put in. This would have each faction spliced in at least once, whether it's only single, only double or both. It would be really random as for what would come out of it, and you would be able to pick the option several times and run into a myriad of decks.

Perhaps even have an AI that plays with some of the available Weekly Decks. Not all, but some of them.

Community Events & Contests / Re: Card Design Challenge: the forum game
« on: November 10, 2015, 06:42:57 AM »
The Destroyer of Worlds
5-Cost, 14-Morale
Factionless, Epic (Or maybe Rare?)
Unique Character - Artificial
In addition to playing CARDNAME, destroy target location you control, or, pay 5 extra Resources. You cannot play other locations the turn you play this card.
When CARDNAME attacks a player's fortress, destroy any locations they control.
When CARDNAME destroys a location, its controller takes 10 damage.

The Destroyer of Worlds cares not for friend nor foe, only to consume.

For reference sake, the design and name of this character is loosely based on the Destroyer from Terraria.

I wanted to make an artifact or character where its additional cost to play was that you had to blow up your own location card in the process, and it would gear around being anti-location. The idea being that this creature comes out a rift that is right in the middle of your location and absolutely wrecks it in the process of coming out of said rift.

That you have to target your location prevents you from using the Shrine. Cheaper locations mean the overall resource cost of pulling Destroyer out is lowered. However, while not directly stated, since it deals damage to the controller of a location, this means that destroying your location also means smashing up your own fortress to get this thing out. Thus, its cost is either 10 resources, or 10 health and a location card of your factions. The damage to your fortress working with the theme of it breaking the location as it exits. The part about not allowing you to play another location means your current location will be destroyed, and you can't just play another copy to replace it the same turn you play Destroyer.

There is the Rift if you want a factionless option. You can potentially get Destroyer out by turn 4 if you're using Warpath. It has Artificial support, so it can make use of GI. However, to play it in GI, you'd have to first either destroy Lanstead or Dragon Project, or pay 10 resources and 10 health.

I tempted the idea of giving it Consume or Bloodthirst, but that would probably make it all kinds of broken given it already has Unstoppable.

I thought of maybe also giving it artifact interactions, but then I felt it was doing too much, so I left it as anti-location and giant character.

In the off chance they make a location with Shield on it, what this card can instead do is do 10 damage whenever it "kills" a location, and you have to sacrifice your location instead.

General Game Discussion / Re: The [WeaK]est Analysis Buffs (Power & Health)
« on: November 10, 2015, 04:45:35 AM »
I dont talk about debufs because most single target debuffs all pretty balanced. And AOE debuffs can be thought of as AOE buffs. What is the different between all of your characters having +2 health and all of your enemies having -2 attack. Very little from a logistics stand point.

The difference is when they hit your fortress. Would you suggest that for every opponent that hits the fortress, you instead treat it as 2 healing to your fortress? This may not matter in character vs. character that much, but when they're hitting your fortress, and especially when they hit it more than once per character, it can make the difference between 50 damage, and 40, or 30, or 20 and it mostly depends on how large their swarms are and of what power to character ratio they have going on.

Furthermore, When Rakarl meets a character with 2 power, it instead goes from Rakarl effectively having 2 extra health to that character simply being unable to hurt him whatsoever, and the same goes for your fortress. It's not so much that your characters have 2 more health, but that your opponent has 2 less power. A character with 4 power against Rakarl and the Jinhai Wall cannot hurt a defender, whereas a character with 4 power can do 2 damage to Rakarl if he simply had 2 more health, and that would negate the difference for the rest of the characters. If Rakarl is hit more than once, then it goes from being +0/+2 to being +0/+4, or +0/+6 and it goes up and up each time he gets hurt. Thus, a de-buff to power is worth more and more depending on how many times it comes into effect, whereas a simple boost to health goes down once and it's gone. For health, I dunno, but for power specifically, the supposed "buff" given by a debuff goes up times the number of times a character's power comes into question. Wouldn't this actually be more powerful than a buff? This is why I'm asking. I've been on both ends of how powerful a broad debuff is.

General Game Discussion / Re: Straw Polls! Tell me the truth!
« on: November 10, 2015, 04:05:29 AM »
I'm writing this after answering the polls and then having enough time to forget my answers. Bare with me. This will be more elaborate thoughts than my vote.

1. Start off with an easy one. What do you feel is your favorite faction?
My PvP faction loyalty would dictate the DoD. Something about their morale mechanics is something I quite enjoy playing with. However, if it isn't Soulbound, it's in either FD or GI. I used to have a bunch of WP epics, but I traded them away for FD around the time I was switching factions like mad. I like the Mechanics of DoD, FD, GI and WP. I currently have a 3P deck for each of these factions, even if they're a bit iffy. I like most of the other factions, but I have to think of reasons to use them with these four, or I'm not likely to use them.

2. Favorite feature thats already in the game? Or rather which of these features are most important to you? They might not be your favorite but they'd be your favorite if they were done right if that makes sense.
Something about the Morale system and the original deck building UI have my interest. That you can win by killing off your opponents and just holding fort intrigues me. The old deck building UI ordered the cards the way you put them into the deck, and not the current system. I don't mind  he current system, but I'd like to have an option to view it the old way, As somebody that loves to poke around and see how different cards interact when they resolve in different orders, it would be helpful to know what order they're going to resolve in.

3. Similar question to the last but for features we dont have yet. What features would you most want in the future?
I don't care how it works, but please give us the Auction House. We already get an allowance of 750 IP and 50 LP every 5 days, plus some cards. Using either to run the auction house would be fine, in my eyes. Using LP would give Lightmare some money while people trade, and the 50 LP allowance we get allows us to take a shot at it once in a while, even if only for a lower-tier card. I wouldn't mind if the way the Auction house works was it's a tab, and you can search to see all the cards available for auctions. It could work like eBay where you can reserve your bid and wait, or maybe cards go away quickly and you have to alert people you're doing an auction over Global or Trade chat. Either way, it'd be nice to have the Auction house.

I would love Spectate, but moreso replays. There are some moments too glorious to not want to be able to replay them. My only complaint would be that replays would get broken if the cards contained there-in get patched. They'd need to have a system implemented to let them work the way the older cards did, or this could break real easily. If you could link to replays so that others can watch, it'd be great too.

I've heard a lot of this crafting system. I don't know how it'd work. I don't know if I'd care too much. I just want to know I can bury all these excess Wealthy Nobles I got back when every starter deck had them.

I would love to have a Hall of Fame. Maybe only the staff can change it on the servers and why, and maybe even pair with a replay if it's because of one notorious game.

I'd like more PvE. I know you need to get people into being able to play PvP, but the AI are garbage and the campaign is only really worth playing the one time. I want the AI to make use of 3P cards. I don't care if they're the useless parts of 3P, I just want them to actually start using them. If they're going to be 3P, let them actually play 3P. Dark Wish is the only card I can think of where the AI plays a 3P card. Better yet, randomize it. Make three or so decks for each AI, and make it so that each time you play, you are randomly given one of these decks. If we're going to do that, maybe throw in an option to do a Best-Of-3 against the bots since you won't inherently know what you're up against.

4. Set size/Regularity.
Would you like smaller sets to come out more often?
Would you like sets to come out less often but be better tested?
I'd rather wait and see that nothing is bugged upon release, than to open up cards and find out they don't work. I like the idea of implementing them early and making sure they work. Maybe let some of those with access to the test server, try them on the main server using some dev console or something, so they can access what the main players don't have access to. Maybe make a card that's banned in all forms of gameplay except against puffy, or maybe against others with such card, and it's there just to test out new stuff.

I don't know what you mean by smaller sets. I mean, if we get about 3-5 well-tested cards for one faction, and it rotates every week or two, I guess. You don't need Epics, Legendaries or even Rares. You can save those for larger sets, but if you want to do something like that, then sure.

If you ever feel like bringing back the weekly quests, perhaps these are something the weekly quests can give out. I think it could be neat to have one weekly quest that gives you 5 cards for playing with double or even triple purity to some given faction for a few games. There could be dupes if there's fewer than 5 new cards. Maybe, have the weekly quests come back and have one each week that gives a free Blister Pack. You could stock up until a new set comes out, open them all, and hope for something new. You could also just open them then and see what happens.

Basically, if we're going to have new cards added in smaller chunks, perhaps the weekly quest system could help give them a teaser, or a taste for something new, that you can then charge for in its own Blister Pack that costs around 750-900 IP for 3 of the new cards.

5. What do you think about buffing and nerfing cards for balance purposes?
The Warped Swarmers were the stuff of Legends. Perhaps in-game there should be a library which contains all previous versions of the card so you can read the legacy of the card. This would help if replays were added, so that it can just pull from which version of the card is being used.

As for whether they should be buffed or nerfed, I think a little bit of both. Be very, very cautious about buffing a card. If you do the whole new cards in small sets with some frequency, then perhaps you could use it to add in a character that's meant to be a buff to an existing character, and if it's truly too strong, you can nerf it, just be careful to make sure you don't have duplicates from doing so.

I do hope they address balance and change old cards. Nerf cards that are obviously too strong. I feel buffs should be applied maybe to the most recent set, but be very cautious about older sets. Personally, I don't mind about interfering with trade value. Interfere all you want. If a new errata of a card comes out, its trade value changes. What matters is balance. Though, sometimes it's fun to have cards like Vis that most people won't use, because when they do secure a victory, you get the rare honor of saying your opponent lost to X or that X won you a game, and not too many people would believe you.

6. Do you think the factionless faction is a good idea?
Yes and no. I like that there are cards that can fit into any faction, but something about how they operate right now just plain bothers me. Radariah and Cheryl are neat. Haven't played much with factionless Jubalia, but she gets used against me sometimes and I appreciate her spot in the roster. These cards can fit into a multitude of decks. Shikana can even fit into a morale deck if you build around blowing up her at the right time, but you need to be careful about your opponent suddenly retreating into support. Shikana Rockets speaks for themselves. You could even put her in a GI buff deck if you can figuring out a way to mechanize and then fuse her onto somebody without her exploding first. One crazy idea I have is to use the Jinhai Dojo on her so that I can pull her out with a big giant flier to suddenly rage on my opponents when I open the Dojo doors. She can fit into a lot of spots, and I like that factionless characters can do that.

I've always wondered what if they made a factionelss card which required a factionless commander to use it, but then that just felt ironic. I feel like factionless cards that benefit from other factionless cards through more general means instead of "Oh, this character gets power from copies of itself" that they already have two instances of. Maybe a character with, I dunno, an 8-cost that gets reduced to 4-cost if there's a location out. Maybe make it so that having a factionless commander in come way affects the card so that it's easier to use if you're silly like me and make a pure factionless deck. Not all of them need this, but maybe, say, Vandalize has its cost reduced by 1 for each factionless commander you have. It still wouldn't be the best artifact removal, but at least it's not a 6-cost. Maybe these ideas would better fit in another faction, but you could start with a simple idea that maybe some other faction could make better use of. I don't know. I'm probably just rambling now.

7. What alternate fun game modes would you most like to see in the game?
Impure and Ruling Elite sound like a combination for mass disaster, and I love it. Would Glitch in the Rift allow multiple Uniques out? Because I can only imagine that would be broken. I also liek Choose Wisely and Sky is the Limit.

Impure would have all the Dark Wish plus whatever combinations that madmen like me can only dream of. Can you imagine Playing Gift of the Passing on your Avatar of Yuanshi?

Ruling Elite can lead to have two sets of triple purity with Enyah. I imagine nothing is going to have higher than three purity, but that means you can mix two sets of double with a single, or triple with a single, or triple with two singles. The possibilities for absurd is funny. However, it would need to be a separate deck type to your normal deck, and thus would only be able to see play in that mode. Pauper can at least see play in all other mode types. Even Impure they can just let you add cards that don't work in other modes, but this one specifically requires an UI alteration.

Choose Wisely I just love the concept of. I will screw myself over a few dozen times, but it'd be worth it.

Sky is the limit I just love the concept of. Eventually you reach the point where you're spending resources to draw cards to spend excess resources. Cards could be flying everywhere.

I like Command Swap, but I can't imagine how to implement it.

8. What are some of your favorite card mechanics in currently in the game? Pick a couple
Healing. No seriously. I feel this mechanic isn't expanded upon enough. Bloodthirst and Consume both play into healing, and allow a character to survive longer than it could by negating some damage they receive. Armor is similar, but it's not quite the same.

I love that morale damage is a thing. Period.

I like regenerating the fortress health. Sometimes I wish there was more of this, but then I remembered my current Dugg deck. That's probably exploiting a poorly implemented card, but still, it exists.

I like cards that affect card costs, but I feel like there should be more of these that work differently. Maybe a card that's technically 2 cost, but you can either choose to remove the top card of your deck from the game to play it, or you could pay 2 extra resources instead. Maybe more cards like Siphon Structure where it's real power comes from you inputting your own resources into it, though you can use it practically whenever. I like the way Charge, Haste and Vigilance interact, but I kind of wish there was one where the character deployed is exhausted like charge or vigilance, but cannot be in the support zone the turn you play it.

I love removing cards from the game. I wish there was a faction that focused more heavily on it. Like their version of Firebolt would hit the fortress for 3 damage, for 2 cost. However, activating it simply causes it to remove itself from the game to activate its effect, and removing it from the game through other means would cause its effect to go off without normally play its cost. The only problem I see with this is Overcharge cards, so maybe they'd have to be removed directly from the deck, or from the graveyard, or maybe they can't be targeted for Overcharge, or maybe they only work if they weren't targeted, kind of like how Ghost Knight hauls himself out if you target him. I want this to become a thing.

I like the wishes. Still wait for DoD's or GI's wish card. Maybe even a WP wish card that gives you resources as one of the options.

I like alternate win conditions. I just wish the weren't either too good or too useless like most of them tend to be.

Stats/cost being based on hand size is an interesting mechanic. Expanding this to other horizons is also nice, but I think one idea for a character is that your maximum hand size reduces his stats, but you can use his ability to lower your hand size to make up for it. This goes away if he dies, but I think it'd be interesting. Maybe make a character where his cost goes up with more cards in your hand, but so do his stats, so playing him are full strength makes him more costly, but playing him early makes him weaker. Maybe when you play him at certain resource costs, you can also opt to give him Haste or something. Might make for an interesting factionless card.

I also like Immolation and Poison. I just wish they were easier to apply and a bit more helpful. I know the poison cards are pretty good, but it's pretty hard to Immolate something and then not actually kill it afterwards. Kali tends to do this a lot. Would love to see a high Immolation character with just some stats, or maybe it's similar to Distraction Drone and pushes characters back to support, so that they're both out of the way and on fire.

General Game Discussion / Re: The [WeaK]est Analysis Buffs (Power & Health)
« on: November 10, 2015, 02:39:35 AM »
Now that I think about it. If 1 resource = 2/2 then literally every character in that stat curve is over efficient because they all have +2/+2 what their resource cost is. 1 drops would feel this the most, and thus 1 drops would in general be broken compared to the rest of characters in terms of raw stats. Is this true?

Also, I remembered my question from earlier! This is about buffs. However, what about debuffs? You don't seem to have mentioned much abotu debuff cards like Rakarl and Mark of the Demon (is that what it's called? I forget). There's also Disarm, Hubris of the Strong, Subdues the Meek and Pacifying Winds. There might be others, but I'm forgetting them. There's also Ex and Oppress. What about those? Are those under-costed? If we're going to talk so much about buffs, I want to know about debuffs too. please.

General Game Discussion / Re: The [WeaK]est Analysis Buffs (Power & Health)
« on: November 09, 2015, 05:26:45 PM »
Been reading through this. Some decent arguments from either side. You all seem to agree that buffs are strong in this game, but also seem to disagree over to what extent.

My thoughts: Buffs are hard to make use of. I'm pretty sure the only reason I get nearly as many characters out as I do is because my PvP endeavors usually involve crazy people like me who make decks are trash cards like Hilderic. Sometimes we win due to trash like Vis. It's a weird thing to say, but we're crazy, so we make it work if only against each other.

I do have to ask, if a buff isn't cost-efficient, what's the point in playing it over another character? It would seem to me that Weak_Wolf's rant is most focused on board-wide buffs that affect everybody, and not specific targets. Yes, some honorable mentions go to a few of them, though for some reason, health seems to be valued over power. I've been on the receiving end of a +0/+1 being the difference between my army living and dying, so I know it's useful, but I don't understand why that's seems to be more important than +1/+0 being the difference between punching through an enemy line and getting your whole team slaughtered.

As somebody who currently plays a lot of FD, I find it incredibly amusing that FD isn't brought up here. Aberion's Banner is super specific and cost-inefficient, sure, but this is the faction that has Ireul and a firm grip on Multistrike. They  can make use of a single attacking character. Furthermore, according to this chart, Bromich is 4 cost for 10/10, which is on curve. Thus, given your metric of 5 characters receiving the buff, that makes his +10/+0 completely free. I'm not trying to speak against or for Bromich, but I just find it odd you left him out when given the resource curve you listed, Bromich's buff is completely free even if he's buffing only one other character. Even by himself he'd be an on curve character. Bromich's Banner is an artifact, so there's some lenience you can give to it for not having a body attached to it, but then it's an artifact and everything that comes with that can of worms. Strength in Numbers isn't that great with a low count of characters, but this faction still has Firestarter, Emberstarter, Duelist and Ireul. They'll make use of it anyway. FD may not use that many buffs, and I'm not saying they're used often because I have no idea, but they've got buffs too; don't completely leave them out of this discussion.

I once wanted to go on a rant about all the cards in FD is geared around +2/+0. Of which are Sacullas, Bromich, Bromich's Banner, I forget his name that power sinks the +2/+0 into himself and Ferocity. All of these are based on doing 2 extra damage in different ways. Are we going to pull the illusion of choice thing here, as all of them end up accomplishing the same thing anyway? Because the difference between Bromich and what's his name is where the power goes. One has the +2/+0 pool onto one character while the other gives to everybody else in his assault. Sacullas skips the buff and attack part and does the 2 damage directly to the fortress without even going through the assault zone. I find it fascinating how many ways FD have to to deal 2 extra damage per each character in their army, with Ferocity being the only one to target a single character.

I've got to ask though, how come artifacts aren't factored into any of these? I had a better question, but I forgot it while I was writing the previous paragraph...

I have no idea if I've added anything to this discussion. Still, these are question I felt like I didn't see get answered, as well as some of my own ranting that's loosely related if at all.

General Game Discussion / Re: [Weak]est Changes
« on: November 07, 2015, 11:26:26 PM »
Have I ever mentioned my problem with clarity? Because I'm really bad when it comes to clarity. I was referring to how Death Ray let in the Thunder Apprentices. I wasn't talking about the Oblivion card. Are you referring to the deck? Maybe I wasn't clear enough in what I meant, but it would seem that Death Ray defined the game in some way. I don't know. I'm a mid-level player at best. I don't usually understand all the finer workings of any single game and latch onto a particular highlight over the rest of things. Probably one of the only more advanced mechanics I keep on my mind is the Deck Order oddity and that's because I was one of the first people to really make known what was going on and how a number of cards reacted to each other due to the way programming handles card resolution. Outside of that, higher level intricacies often go past me because I haven't learned to recognize them yet. I just found that particular moment odd, but again, I probably just latched onto something in particular over other things  I could've been focusing on. I even stated I skimmed some of this so if I missed the overall point I wouldn't be surprised.

I said in my second paragraph my previous few posts were trying to be more of a contrasting experience to yours. I have no idea why I kept going about what I've bee playing lately, but I guess you were too, so I felt like following suit. Though, that's also probably missing the point.

Basically, I probably missed the point and I probably have no reason to actually be here. Excuse me.

General Game Discussion / Re: [Weak]est Changes
« on: November 07, 2015, 04:43:17 AM »
FYI The oblivion user ran 2 Thunder Apprentices in command, deathray'd my first defender and was able to land a few hits before I could defend..

Ummm, wasn't one of your complaints before about how Control isn't cheap enough to be effective, but here you seem to be royally destroyed by early Control that branches into later Control? I dunno, I think I skimmed page 2 or 3 of this discussion, so I might be forgetting something.

Personally, I'm just relaying my experience as somebody who's never hit close to the high level of play you have; more something that somebody else can read as a contrasting experience than a critique of your own. I recently got back into GI with Omnimind. It's a thing. It's definitely a thing. Originally my deck was based on my 2GI/WP deck, but Phase-Bot needs to either somehow get out earlier in the game or get ramped into, and the 3GI cards I have don't offer a good way to do either. I instead tried something else. Now it's something. I don't know what, but it's something. Currently the best combo contained therein is Reborn + Overclock. I don't know if it matters that I put Overclock in first, but for some reason, when Overclock tries to kill the character, Reborn just forces it back to the Support Zone, with all its current stats intact. This means that you can get a massive buff out of Overclock so long as the character didn't actually die that turn. It's one of the only reasons I consider running Cottontail, given its large starting stats.

General Game Discussion / Re: [Weak]est Changes
« on: November 06, 2015, 04:56:25 PM »
And please don;t misunderstand my rantings, I still enjoy putting together a decent deck from time to time and I did say that there are some cards in this game that get it right, and I enjoy forming strategies around those cards and impressing myself and my opponent with them. Its just when I come across some brain-dead strategy like hermit or oblivion or omnitron or whatever, it just highlights the glaring problems with this game. And after years of being a devoted fan and seeing no change, I just came to the conclusion that it was probably not worth expecting change. Ill just play, save up IP and never spend another dime on this game. Everybody wins!

Speaking as somebody who's only ever owned Oblivion of this group, which part of it is brain-dead? I know dropping Oblivion doesn't require any real though, but what about building up to it? I imagine I might've missed that part, but when I was playing Oblivion, building up to it was a huge pain. Then again, Thunder Apprentice wasn't in the game when I last played Oblivion, so I dunno.

My experience with Omnitron is that the card itself is a bit mindless, but building up to it requires a well-crafted deck. I'm not saying you can't just Net Deck, but as somebody who would rather lose than Net Deck, I can appreciate the effort it would take to build a deck that actually can pull that off.

I've played against Hermit before. That's about all I can say about him. I never really formed an opinion on him because I knew going into those fights that the deck I was running was grade C rubbish.

As for the buff game, to this day I'm still making decks around buffing one character and going for a One-Turn Kill. I'm still using Extended Operation against all forms of better judgement, and finding that, oh hey, it only breaks Operation if the character isn't there during the end of the turn. I'll just put it on my Fleeting Footman, and if my opponent defends, more power. If not, then it does a boatload of damage when it finally hits. Heck, gave him Shield 1 one time just to make him annoying.

I don't know about high levels of play because I've never reached that far up. However, from what I've gathered, decks that reach the high level of play are often optimized to the point where every card may have several uses, but they're all exact and calculated while still retaining flexibility to react. I try, but I know I can't reach that level of optimization. The closest I've come is my FD rush deck that has since had Bromich removed in favor of being a Pauper deck, and my Ascension Avatar of Lingbao deck. Nowadays, due to the lack of optimization in my decks, I usually have to actually think about what my next move is. It can take me a while to put together my current turn. I might just not think as fast as you though. That's also possible.

To be fair to my current endeavors into 3FD and 3DoD, the former relies on attempting to aim for a later game with Hilderic, or Bloodbath. My current 2FD/Exiles experiment tries to make use of Vis. Ironic thing is after all the trash talking we did on Vis, she actually won my first PvP match. She either didn't show up, didn't get used or probably cost me the game every other time we tried out of probably a dozen matches, but that's still one more win than either of us were expecting from her. Weird things can happen during lower levels of the game. I know my decks aren't automatic, but perhaps that's because I only vaguely optimize them due to the fact that proper optimization would often compromise the concept of the decks I make.

I'm not saying this game can't run on autopilot. My old Avatar of Lingbao deck from Ascension practically played itself. By Pauper Flame Dawn deck had this problem of doing what it wants to because it's designed to play itself. Usually my choices were between the FD Fanatic and maybe also a Torch Bearer, and playing a Fleeting Footman sort of situation. However, most of my recent creations are either built around rubbish cards and thus I have to brainstorm answers on the go, or they're built around an interesting concept that might even be good if somebody else made it, but the sheer lack of proper optimization requires brainstorming answers as I'm playing the game.

Again, it's entirely possible I just don't think as fast as you do. I don't know how fast you think at this game.

Descendants of the Dragon / Re: Your thoughts on avatars
« on: November 05, 2015, 08:42:22 PM »
The only avatar I have right now is Lingbao. However, from what I've been reading, Daode can either be offensive or defensive. His increasing attack means that he can kill bigger creatures as he defends, but it also lets him do massive damage if he hits the fortress after he's taken a lot of damage. I'm pretty pleased with this idea, since Daode is naturally the defender of the three.

Lingbao is an interesting creation. That the DoD finally have natural Unstoppable pleases me. He's a decent way to kill enemy characters, and if he can hit the fortress while he's at it, then he's gonna wreck morale.

Yuanshi seems fun. He's offensive, but gains a bonus if you've managed to survive defensively for a while. I'd play him, if I had him.

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