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General Game Discussion / Re: Favorite card in Order?
« on: December 14, 2014, 06:17:20 AM »
I love Overcharged Bot. I run a 2 Genesis/1 Exile deck with him in command. I like using all of my Gather the Weak turn eight and then playing him with Angelify turn nine for a nice surprise (that I am now spoiling).

Deck Building / Re: Demonic Divinity
« on: December 14, 2014, 05:35:58 AM »
I've been trying to use him too. I run Devil of Despair instead of ritual master. In my experience you aren't going to have much more than four characters so Coyle is usually better by virtue of not exhausting and not automatically being killed by any direct damage. Devil of Despair gets really big with constant use of Coyle too and because Coyle doesn't exhaust, the enemy doesn't really know how big he'll be when the combat begins. If you can I'd also try and get another Descension. Coyle guarantees you can use it turn seven if you are willing to dump your hand for it.

Have you been loving Higher Calling Hungry Abomination as much as I have?

Edit: I would really recommend finding a way to fit a set of Mark of the Demon in. It helps keep your Devil of Despair alive by weakening the character the opponent thought was going to kill it and then they just end up feeding you their offensive line. I also just find it an auto include in general with how versatile it is.

Sleepers of Avarrach / Re: What will you miss most about Sleepers
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:50:55 AM »
FD Sleepers have been one of my favorite deck types since the beginning. Just having Aleta, Immortal Sufferer as a commander gives decent staying power to FD. Overwhelming Dead and Aleta work great with Bromich's Banner. Overwhelming dead and Aleta also really feed strength in numbers. Strength in numbers or infectious transfusion are really nasty on Emberstarter. It all adds up to a really scary mid game that is unfortunately completely helpless against aoe.

I've also done some playing around with two purity sleepers and one purity verore. I run three Risen of Avarrach, three infest and two recurring nightmares. The deck basically tries to play the long game and get the most value out of the above cards. It does decent. The always hated fear/desolation combo along with boomy and all of Verores other one purity removal can keep you pretty safe while the endless tide of zombies eventually wears the opponent down.

General Discussion / Re: Titans killing intelligent gameplay
« on: September 24, 2014, 05:21:24 PM »
Paladin of the Flame Dawn dies to Calamity despite it not being a damage source.
What you even talking about, Calamity is remove from the game effect and works as such. If Titan of new world died to Oblivion it's a bug, everything else you saying doesn't make sense.

I did explain myself pretty poorly. I was mainly trying to respond to this line,

Some of the people in this thread don't even understand how the cards work according to what they posted.

How a card works and its text don't always match up. Go and read the bugs forum and you'll find throughout the life of the game there has been a long stream of threads amounting to "is this a bug?" that ended up just being terrible wording. I know why cards that don't die to non damage sources or aren't supposed to die period are removed by calamity. Like Rawr said it doesn't die it gets removed. I didn't know if Oblivion killing Titan of the New World was a bug because destroying might be different from killing like removing is. I know that sounds like splitting hairs but, to a lot of people so does removing being different from killing. I haven't heard of it happening to anyone else so I'm pretty sure it was a bug but, I only know that in hindsight. There is a lot of ambiguity and people will interpret card wordings very differently is pretty much what I was trying to say.

General Discussion / Re: Titans killing intelligent gameplay
« on: September 24, 2014, 04:01:24 PM »
This may be make me horribly unpopular but the amount of misinformation in these posts is alarming. Oblivion is a destroy/death effect meaning anything with shield or that must be killed with damage/combat damage is immune to oblivion. Second: Graveyard hate extends the time you have to win before they can play oblivion. If they are buying resources for Oblivion to make up for the loss of abilites in graveyard you are also winning. Triple Purity CoV you can bet they are running Oblivion so no it isn't OP.

Then you have Cataclysm. It can not be cast if Cataclysm is in the graveyard. If you can not beat someone by turn 10 and you don't have a backup plan for boardwipes then the fault isn't Cataclysm.

I have played this game for only a couple weeks. I have won and lost. I win more than I lose, because when I lose I analyze the loss and learn from it. Oblivion is not OP neither is Cataclysm. If you struggle with them you need to analyze your deck building and your strategy. Too often people lose to something and rather than adapting to it they decry it as OP. Some of the people in this thread don't even understand how the cards work according to what they posted. If you struggle with a card analyze what makes it hurt your deck so bad and how can you make the deck more effiicient.

Paladin of the Flame Dawn dies to Calamity despite it not being a damage source. I've seen it recently and I've seen it quite a few times before. Its been a long time since I've seen it used on Ao Shun but I know he at least used to die to Calamity too. Maybe the time I saw Titan of the New World die to Oblivion it was a bug but I assumed not because of the above points. I figured if Calamity removing from play didn't count as dieing for the sake of those cards then destroy was probably different enough to get around it too. It might have been a bug but, yeah people aren't going to understand how some cards work when you have a lot of interactions that don't work how you would think and you don't know if the wording is off or something actually is a bug.

General Discussion / Re: Titans killing intelligent gameplay
« on: September 22, 2014, 09:39:31 PM »
The only one that has caused me any great trouble has been Oblivion. I used to do pretty well against triple purity Verore with warpath. I would hold back roughly half of my attack force each turn and randomly switch out who was attacking. Their health would whittle away and there was never really much they could do about it as their spells missed. Now that strategy will pretty much inevitably lead to oblivion hitting. If I can top deck a solution I can usually stabilize in time to get hit with a second and if I'm really lucky I can manage to make it to getting hit by the third or even the rare fourth from recycle. On the subject of titans the only time I've ever gotten out Titan of the New World I was hit with Oblivion the same turn and he died. After that I just kind of put him away and never bothered trying with him again.

I've played a lot with Zombie Abomination and I don't think I've ever actually managed to hit the fortress with him. I've gotten him in the hundreds for stats and still his only utility is usually his effect which does win games. It also loses them if your opponent has aoe or it causes a crash. As for omnitron you have to spend a lot of resources and turns playing artifacts that either have no synergy or actually make each other redundant. Most of them also do very little for your board state so you really have to earn omnitron.

Warpath / Re: Infested Hulker
« on: September 18, 2014, 04:23:27 PM »
I've played with him a lot and pretty much the only times I've ever really gotten value out of his enrage is if I've gotten a few overwhelming dead out. If you plan on using his enrage and having it be worth the resources he is very slow. So slow that If you are alive at that point you've probably either already pretty much won or are facing something with enough control to deal with him or the opponent has some giant flying creature too big for your damage based removal.

General Game Discussion / Re: Balance discussion
« on: September 15, 2014, 06:31:58 AM »
Can people stop whining about Wholesale Slaughter please? The card has existed for months and it only started getting attention ever since "mill". Why didn't I hear about nerfing Wholesale Slaughter before ascension? Because it doesn't need to be changed. You want Wholesale Slaughter to get changed, then how else would people kill your Mega Units in command? You just want to win every game with no counter to your deck? Not only does Wholesale Slaughter kill Mega Units, but it also kills cards which can't be killed such as Avatar of Lingbao and Aoshun. Wholesale Slaughter is a great card by design in my opinion, because it also harms the player using it. I can't say the same for Mad Monk.

I think Wholesale Slaughter needs a slight change though. Sacrifice should kill characters with two lives indefinitely, such as Sol and Infected Characters. Their second lives should not activate, if it goes through card effects such as Invincible and Shield.

Well Exiles weren't really considered viable in general before ascension so very few people used them. Those who did were also generally running them with Xi or Hunted Dragon decks that relied heavily on commanders and couldn't chance them dieing to rng. A card in a faction rarely played that also goes against what was the conventional style of play for that faction found an archetype it excelled in. That discovery is one of the great things about card games but, it is also what makes them a balancing nightmare. You list it killing Ao, Shun and Avatar of Lingbao as good things but, this is a three cost solution to cards that you pretty much have to build your deck around getting out at great expense. As stated above a deck that has access to wholesale slaughter also has access to demonic corruption and with how well exiles pair with DoD there is a pretty good chance they also have access to humble which I'm pretty sure also makes him shed both shield and artificial typing. That nullifies the Lanstead Mega Unit combo and well if he actually sees the field played from command that win is pretty deserved. Anything else with doesn't die to removal effects (except Aberion apparently) still falls prey to calamity and is slow enough that you should have no problem using it.

When you make creatures that don't die to removal to combat rampant control you really shouldn't follow it up with stronger removal to nullify those creatures. Even after saying that I'm still going to keep using it. I have an Infested Abomination deck it works well in and that deck barely has any teeth as it is. It is also pretty much the best counter to Oblivion. With it in my hand I can live to possibly see Oblivion played a few more times like back in the days where Calamity wasn't Unique.

General Game Discussion / Re: Balance discussion
« on: September 15, 2014, 01:12:39 AM »
There is a noticeable bias towards the cards people favor versus the ones they don't like. The Exile faction has cards that are random in nature and a few players are in an uproar because instead of being able to make their decks formulaic it forces them to adapt to situations that they did not account for. It is the differences between tactics and strategy. One is good for planning and one is being able to adjust to an unfavorable situation. Tibat, Wholesale, etc., are fine. They're not annoying, They're not broken, it is a novel play style that some veteran don't want to adapt to. It is beatable consistently if you try just a little.

However, we have on the other hand things that are blatantly problematic. Sol being absurdly strong, Precautionary Measures, Uncosted flying (Angel faction) as another user stated, lack of flying defense and other painfully obvious imbalances. Yet we don't have any "What about those Overseers" threads with "research" videos of how broken they are.

The reason is because the players who complain about Tibat will shamelessly use Sol and other cards that are much stronger than Tibat can ever hope to be. Yet due to ceaseless whining he is getting nerfed while the real problem cards are remaining untouched.

We had about half a dozen Overseer op threads with the launch of Ascension, you missed out it was pretty fun. There are two bad match ups against AoE Stall decks, Lanstead (which some people debate) and Omnitron.  The Overseers also have two bad match ups from my experience. Those are Warpath any purity and any deck running Yuanshi/Yuanshi's Wrath. I also want to say Genesis would be pretty bad for them with Tinkerer and scouting drone, Defense Golem or any of the many ways they can grant flying. Unfortunately I have no experience with that match up so thats just speculation. One big difference in those bad match ups is that as far as I know Omnitron decks are played almost solely to combat AoE spam while all those other decks are played by choice (I'm not saying people can't or don't like playing Omnitron decks but if you are playing something to counter something else it isn't about fun anymore).

Plenty of people have complained about Precautionary Measures and yeah it can get absurd I have no argument here. I do however disagree with uncosted flying when the faction as a whole has low stats and high morale as a cost for their access to flying. As for Sol versus Tibat. Tibat does his thing on coming in to play with no possible interaction other than a Zunshen if the other player has priority while Sol has a chance to be hit with all kinds of hard and soft removal. I'd say Sol is still stronger but they aren't that far apart. On the topic of Sol does anybody know if controlled temporal anomaly gets rid of ascended or not?

As for Wholesale Slaughter while the randomness might be a big thing to some people as far as I'm concerned it is the sacrifice thing that is a big deal. There are a few doesn't die to removal cards and as far as I know this sacs every one of them. This does bring up something that really annoys me. I've seen Paladin of the Flame Dawn die to Calamity and Titan of the New World die to Oblivion. On the question of Sword that can cut anything and Shield that can't be cut it seems like Lightmare has pretty firmly come down on the side of sword. In a game that gets a bit of flack for being too control oriented with very little viable big creatures I think doesn't die to removal creatures being casually brushed away is kind of a big issue.

On the topic of Mega Unit 02 I've never got to try it but I think demonic corruption gets rid of the original type leaving them only a demon so it should stop Lanstead from being able to use him.

Deck Building / Re: [WeaK] Aberion's Secrets (Flame Dawn Tips)
« on: September 11, 2014, 08:47:23 AM »
Admirable really. I used to spend time trying to figure out how on earth a late-game FD deck could exist, especially a deck that somehow uses Hilderic. I long gave up, but the idea always lingered in my mind alongside making a decent Enyah deck. I still playing Enyah here and there when I get a creativity spark; not so much in PvP, but still. It's fun to Dehumanize a Humbled Avatar of Lingbao into 30 demons that also buff Master of Demons to heights of absurdity.

For a while I played a deck focused on Bloodbath and fliers that was pretty late game. It never really had a good win/lose ratio but winning with three aerial commandos, a shikana or dragon of the summer flame attacking twice was always worth the losses. Heck even if you only have one commando out three turns in a row of bloodbath pulling all of the enemies in to defense and flying right over them makes for a fun loss. I doubt the deck could do anything at all nowadays with all the AOE flying around but, I'd love to be proven wrong.

Deck Building / Re: [WeaK] Aberion's Secrets (Flame Dawn Tips)
« on: September 10, 2014, 07:20:14 AM »
That defense counting toward attack tip is pretty cool. I also never considered Strength in Numbers on Defense Golem so thanks for that too. I'd probably put in Call of the Crusade over Pyr. It takes three turns for Pyr to crank out as much and they don't make each other dead draws. You do however lose the ability to pull the tokens back to safety so it is still more personal preference. I've always loved the Herald of Shikana combo mentioned above and it works well with Call of the Crusade. You can clear the field with Shikana and the tokens will spawn after.

General Game Discussion / Re: Ultimate Miss Infinity Wars 2014 [Polls Added]
« on: September 02, 2014, 03:58:40 PM »
Soldier of Solice or Aleta the Immortal Traveler get my vote.

The Overseers / Re: Auxilary Angel
« on: August 28, 2014, 10:21:08 AM »
So first thing I saw was another four cost which annoys me a bit. Next I see a redundant ability at that redundant cost. Now a I see a support drone in command and hopefully one in the hand for some fun times with Genesis. On the topic of another four cost creature I do want to post some interesting numbers I found with the Infinite Network card filter.

Cost = Characters with that cost (across all factions)
     1 = 24
     2 = 43
     3 = 60
     4 = 60
     5 = 40
     6 = 14
     7 = 9
     8 = 5
     9 = 2
 10< = 12

I know those numbers don't mean much for individual factions but, It is still something to think about with every reveal.

Warpath / Re: Mountain Giant
« on: August 22, 2014, 10:37:40 AM »
It is really nice seeing some mid cost reach but, it is also pretty annoying to see another four cost card. I kind of wish Lightmare would step back from the 3-5 cost range for a set. Warpath is the ramp faction and yet it somehow only has five creatures at six cost and above. When I saw the preview of for this card I thought he would be really strong. I certainly didn't think two flame dawn footmen would kill him. It is unfair of me to judge him based on that though and overall he is a pretty good card that should definitely find a place in a lot of decks.

Descendants of the Dragon / Re: Agent Coyle, Immovable
« on: August 20, 2014, 10:41:26 PM »
I used to occasionally get him evolved in a DoD/Warpath deck. Aleta, Immortal Caretaker and balance make for great fun. You also have brutality and primal rage on vigilant chars. Getting off a calamity and immediately hatching three ancient eggs is the best. We must all bring back 2 Dod/Warpath for extensive testing until the card is fixed and totally not just because it is where I want the meta to go.

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