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General Game Discussion / Re: Infinity Wars Showcase Match
« on: May 13, 2014, 10:55:53 AM »
Winner get to showoff for a whole 5 minute!

General Discussion / Re: What are people's thoughts on Martyr Golem?
« on: December 11, 2013, 04:43:52 PM »
To first understand my point, you will need to understand what I call a boom factor, a boom factor is a very big effect that is instantly visible, they are scary, big, and instant, to give an example of a well known game, in league, stuff like malphite's ult, ammumu's ult, even blitzcrank's hook are all boom factors, those are champs that are constantly banned, but don't do that well ( exept mummy), why are they so scary? boom factors, their VERY easy to notice, and always are followed up by something else. Meanwhile some champions with much better winrates ( did you know rammus is super strong atm?) are barely looked at, why? because there's no boom factor.

What are the boom factors in Infinity wars? The obvious ones are calamity, mass death, firestarter, constructor combos (Tough I wouldn't call herself the boom factor, just the scenario she bring), skraar, ect. This include the topic of this discussion, Martyr. Lets take a look at martyr's playability.

As you can see, martyr suddenly became very popular, only to slowly weaken at each meta shift. Still, its boom factor is there, and being a factionless card, many players do run that card, lets take a look at what martyr can do and what it can't.

-It can save your ass from a counter play, yes, martyr is a counter of a  counter, this make it extremely frustrating for the player being countered. and this is its main boom factor.
-It can be comboed alongside stuff like infect and consume.
-It can be effective after the first turn its played, this make martyr a kind of spell that even if you miss, you get a good part of it still.
-It can stall one turn.
-It can be used to replace sage 1 when you don't want your characters to die from your sage 2, still, this is especially costly.

What is it that it can't do?
-It can't win the game, this is a big factor, martyr won't bring you closer to victory, only prevent the opponent from getting closer. This mean that martyr is a very one sided card, unlike most other cards. ( it can also prevent the opponent from countering your other source of win condition, ect: flamedawn rush)
-It can't block plays around mass death, exhaust. ect. Neither can it prevent the opponent from reaching a win condition such as casting call of the warpath, mega 02, ect.

If you miss-time your martyr, martyr can also be instantly killed by 1 heat wave, not bad for a 3 cost assassinate.

So, martyr must be comboed or timed, but if done so, it get a big boom factor, else, its on the weak side, a bit matchup reliant. lets compare this to the current meta card, wall of the dead.
wall of the end prevent all kind of win condition except moral ( that the faction happened to strongly counter.) and warpath, still, it does great at slowing those, better then martyr. it doesn't have to be timed, much easier to combo, much harder to counter ( a 6 cost card that very few players run except to counter wall these days) this is an uncommon(?).
lets take a look at an older meta, the flame bruiser meta, and specifically, knight of the flame dawn, back when it was a 8/8, nobody expected that card, its a common after all, has no boom factor, doesn't look even really fit with the faction that much. But one day, somebody realised just how ridiculously strong it was, and it quickly caught on, peoples would run flamedawn JUST for knight of the flame dawnm why? lets take a look at it. As a commander, its a consistent turn 2 8/8, so you deal 8 damages, what can the opponent do now?

Death ray, assuming it hit, you paid 3 to kill a cost 2 card, alongside with the 8 damages earlier, thats your lose.
block, at turn 2, no card could face knight, all of them lost, at turn 3, some few could, such as one of many and infected pack leader, this brought to players running those cards as commander only to counter knight of the flame dawn( you still take the 8 damage,) generally, only for the flamedawn player to play around since its so easy to predict. This made knight of the flamedawn a 100% effective card, its worst matchup was itself, making it worth to add as commander 100% of the time if you where at-least one purity flamedawn.

There is also a psychological part of it, a bit like how peoples still ban zed in league even tough hes weak, heres a quick history of martyr.

During the early closed beta test, martyr was very rarely played, even tough it was a very common card among the players due to the kickstarter and the playerbase ( most peps had a near full collection of core cards.), what was the focus of decks? generally, building an army, breeder decks where strong, flamedawn rush was and still is popular( it was more rushy back then), noble as commander wasn't uncommon. What about martyr? Well let me tell you, martyr was different back then. how different? IT WAS MUCH STRONGER! Back then, martyr worked in the command zone, so why would players play a noble over a martyr? simply put, clearing the board was not the meta and thus martyr could not tank a whole attack. This all changed when Aleta time traveler was released as a preview and had no +1 cost, sudently, aleta+double martyr as commander with 40 aspirants was simply ridiculous. Time traveler got nerfed to +1, and martyr got nerfed to not working in the command zone, still, this brought interest to martyr.

fast forward a bit, triple purity gluttony verore became popular, what countered that deck? Go figure, verore, so players started to stack control, and then due to the moral meta, players started to not play characters and sudently players started to make decks over 40 cards and stall, this was the birth of the 120 cards deck meta. What countered the mill control deck? flamedawn. what countered flamedawn? aoe, what countered aoe for the sake of flamedawn? Alongside with doing pretty well with stopping their agro? martyr. Martyr suddenly became a very popular card. This was when knight of the flamedawn became popular, and then later nerfed.

Fast forward to rise release, lethargy stone came out, most players adapted to a lethargy moral deck, others counterpicked with a flame/verore haste deck, once again, martyr was strong, but not as strong. Then came the warpath meta, where martyr could only block one character most of the time, still blocking a skraar's unstoppable was decent sometimes. Now were in the wall meta.

So to finish this off, as you can see, even tough martyr got a HUGE scary effect, some cards are better then it, just stealthily, may it be from pure power ( wall) or matchup (knight). Alongside with martyr's history and its high value, its simply natural martyr look a lot stronger then it is.

Suggestions / Re: Lujin, the Emperor of Balance.
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:23:22 AM »
The only problem I see with this card is he has 0 health so he dies before he can actually do anything. I suggest making his effect also move him to support from the discard that way he can jump back and forth indefinitely creating an infinite loop and cause the game to crash. Honestly I feel just changing his effect to "in 2 seconds you will lose the game" would be far more efficient then anything else though. Overall I think this card is pretty good and should be added to the Infestation line up immediately.

You just need to play with some sage 1 and a way to get him back from the grave, due to his effect, recycle get him back asap.

Suggestions / Re: Future card ideas
« on: December 05, 2013, 04:30:51 AM »
I'm gonna  do one for each faction, because why not.


Rarity - uncommon
Purity - 2
Type - Ability
Cost - 3
Text - Target character attack twice this turn.


Rarity - rare
Purity - 2
Type - Ability
Cost - 7
Text - target any number of characters you control, those characters merge together, combining all of their abilities and stats, the newly made character come into play exhausted.

Natural beauty
Rarity - uncommon
Purity - 1
Type - location
Cost - 3
Text - Opponent cannot play a location while natural beauty is in play

Forced tribute:
Rarity - common
Purity - 1
Type - Ability
Cost - 2
Text - Opponent sacrifice a character of their choosing.

Holiday truce
Rarity - Epic
Purity - 2
Type - Ability
Cost - 4
Text - preemptive, both player's fortress and characters cannot take damage or die this turn.

Spore colony
Rarity - Legend
Purity - 2
Type - Character
Cost - 6
Text - Flying, untouchable, At the beginning of each turns, this character create a copy of itself for each spore colony in play, if this character goes into combat with another character, the opposing character gain -1/0 and spore colony is removed from the game. If spore colony would die, instead, remove it from the game.

NO idea
Rarity -
Purity - 2
Type - Character
Cost - 3
Text - Charge, If a character would enter combat with No idea, then that character dies.

General Game Discussion / Re: What to spend LP on?
« on: November 14, 2013, 02:44:35 PM »
Since breeder decks don't need a lot of specific cards, I would invest into packs and see what you get from them, building future decks aroud that and trading the rest. If instead you want to play another specific faction asap, premade decks are perfectly fine.

General Game Discussion / Re: [Community Request] Prize Cupboard
« on: November 04, 2013, 07:53:46 PM »
As always, I'm a big fan of achievements, especially hard ones, so something as simple as a supper rare achievement as part of the reward always feels great, this is also something that can be later implemented into some of the stuff you said that take too long, without needing to have it rushed.

Being part of an idea. Lets face it, during kickstarters, some players where willing to pay quite a bit of money to create their own cards, having a little bit of our-self into a game always feels great. This can go from card creation, to lore, to having their names immortalized as boss npc of a faction campaign.

Unique avatar, This fit a bit into the time taking part, NORMALLY. except, you can always take them from cards that aren't already avatars yet, shortening the time by quite a bit.

Just played against you in ranked game...i don't think this is right.

4 UNIQUE characters? and why your calamity didn't remove them?

Calamity doesn't remove rewrite history, it simply remove one of his stacks, there is also quite a few ways to stack unique characters, normaly done with eve since the unique rule only apply when your sending from the hand.

since scary images seem to be the topic, here's a fun one that happened today!

General Game Discussion / Re: You're a Wizard!
« on: October 31, 2013, 07:14:28 PM »
This card is awful.  2 purity for something that does 1/3 as much as a single Packleader for a far less common creature type?  Card is unplayable now, probably will stay unplayable even after Infestation.  It should give +1/+1 each turn.  That would be worth 2 Purity.

You have to consider that this faction also got a TON of token making ability, give it more cards with the next set, and I would expect them to make tokens way faster then breeder decks can. Of course, those tokens are probably gonna be quite a bit weaker too, so its still probably will be on the weak side due to aoes.

General Game Discussion / Re: Complete Solo Free to Play account
« on: October 30, 2013, 04:32:27 PM »
Hes talking about selling to other peoples, there's no system for it so its all about trust, but the developers don't mind it at all.

General Game Discussion / Re: Complete Solo Free to Play account
« on: October 30, 2013, 01:33:43 PM »
Sound neat, looking forward to the results later.

Woot, took a while, now were one step closer!

General Game Discussion / Re: What to buy first
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:30:52 PM »
starter decks are always a great first buy, if you already got a decent deck, I would probably buy core packs for the odds of getting firestarter/paladin/bromich ect, a few rise packs for the flamedawn rise uncomons isn't a bad buy either.

General Game Discussion / Re: Patch Notes October 16th 2013
« on: October 16, 2013, 09:08:11 AM »
Love this patch note, here's to hoping using x fix the trading post issues!

I also love characters attacking all at once, much faster, especially with flame dawn in the mix. Hopefully it doesn't glitch out stuff like flame ram, but I assume its just a visual thing.

The memory leak issue fix, hopefully now I'l be able to play ranks without getting auto loses from times to times...

Draygon said it pretty nicely, to add:

DoD's strenght is their defensive power, but they don't have much of a offensive power, due to that, they have trouble against late game decks, big guys simply plow trough them, As for big guys that arn't too hard to get, heres a short list:
skraar, shikana,phase bot ( a bit more expensive then the others), rakarl, any pack leader combo,behemoth. The big epics on the other end, are even better.

DoD also got trouble against a lethargy stone deck, as they simply cannot win before lethargy widle down their moral.

General Game Discussion / Re: [Patch Day] Major Content Patch going in!
« on: October 08, 2013, 05:00:38 AM »
Could this be the fabled time where i can play a game without being against flamedawn???

I wouldn't hold your breath ;)  Agro decks have always been popular.  If it's not FD.. it'll be something else.

character agro was what was missing, now we just watch and see if it can stick!

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