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Title: Order of effects
Post by: Held on August 01, 2014, 06:59:42 PM
Hi there :)
Is there a rule for the order of effects that trigger at the same time? (sorry for the semi-good formulation ^^)
I tried the idea of the commander-combo of Shirazius + Verorian Hyrda and what I found was surprising. What effect triggers 1st? It depended on the order they have in the deck builder! So if Shirazius was on the 2nd place and the Hydra on the 3rd, it worked (hydra healed the dmg of Shirazius). But when it was the other way round it didn't work (no dmg healed).
I had the idea of changing the places before ending the 1st turn, but that had no effect.
I think the game should not be effected by the order my cards have in my deck builder as long there is an automatic sorting when logging in again (so I needed to change it back everyday if I wanted to use that deck)

So my thesis was: The one that has entered play 1st triggers 1st. I tried it and prrofed it wrong. It neither only depends on the cards (Shirazius alyays before Hydra or other way round) I had Shiraz in my support and 2 Hydras in support. I healed and 1 didn't.
I was not able to find a system/algorithm to know what triggers 1st.

Anybody with ideas how it works? Maybe completely random (don't believe that)?

Held ;)
Title: Re: Order of effects
Post by: Qfasa on August 10, 2014, 09:59:05 PM
Here is what you need to read about hydras: